Trucker Strike – Supply Chain Collapse

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UPDATE: 09/26/2021; 2:12:42 PM – Support Them/They Support US!

The ruling elite are playing us from all sides.  There is no way to win in the natural.  They have been planning the collapse of our society for ages.  The “cards” are stacked against us.  We are damned if we do and damned if we don’t.  Those who are protesting in the streets are unwittingly playing right into the hands of the controllers.  At the same time, if we do not protest, if we just surrender our rights, we have no one to blame but ourselves.

We must stand for something or fall for anything.  If we are ever going to stand, it has to be NOW.  Tomorrow will be too late.

Though in the natural, we can’t win this fight.  With GOD all things are possible.  When we stand up for what is right, true and GOOD.  GOD steps in.  The Battle Belongs to the LORD, but we have to make a stand.

The Full Armor of God

Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might. Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high placesWherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand. Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with truth, and having on the breastplate of righteousness; And your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peaceAbove all,taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked. And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God:

For at least twenty years now, they have been doing everything they can to destroy our food supply.  Killing off livestock, polluting the seed of plant and animal life, killing off the birds and bees that pollinate everything, filling the soil and the air with poisons, manipulating the weather to destroy the crops and disrupt the growing seasons.  They have been cutting back the supplies to our stores and warehouses so that there are no reserves to fall back on in emergencies.

If you have been paying attention at all when you go shopping you have to admit that every time you go shopping the stores have less and less on the shelves.  I noticed this happening at a frightening level about three years ago.  I started asking questions, and I was told that there is nothing the stores can do about it.  They put in the orders but, they don’t get the products.  They are being rationed, controlled.

It is all part of the scheduled collapse of our country.  Of all NATIONS.  To clear the way for the global take over.

They are going to blame the destruction of our supply chain on anti-vaxers, patriots, and christians.  These are the very groups they have been targeting all along.  These are the people who are standing in the way.  The ONLY people still willing to fight for FREEDOM.  To fight for TRUTH, JUSTICE, and ALL THAT IS RIGHT and GOOD.

Where do YOU Stand?  What will you do in this critical time?  Which side do you CHOOSE?



If you can’t physically get to the protest, you can still hit your knees and pray.  Join your FAITH with those who are STANDING!   


Ladies and gentlemen, the American Council on Trucking is organizing an event to be held in Washington, D.C., and at state capitals across the country. We need participants in our endeavor in order to accomplish our goal. The objective is to get everyone willing to send the ACT Announcement letter to all of our members of Congress, the White House, Governors, State legislators, media, and your employers. You may find the ACT Announcement Letter at We are holding the event to create awareness of the issues in regard to the mandate for vaccinations, trucking issues, and our Constitutional  rights.
We need participants that can rapidly move to create state teams, send out the ACT announcement letter or be in Washington, D.C on October, 4th.
Items that are needed:
Cell phone
cell phone portable power bank
U.S flags
Any signage that you may wish to createOur affiliates are:
Truckers United For Freedom
Big Rig Sisterhood
Sovereign Roads
Truckin with BabyDoll
Truckers Independent broadcasting Network
Trucking Across America with the Schmitts
The Back Row
Stop the Tires 2020
Save the Flag
Natural Born Truckers
Todd McKinley CommentariesPlease contact Cheryl Pollard at for additional information on the event, to be a team leader, participant or to become affiliated as a group or business.Please copy and paste the entire letter below and email it to your elected officials there is a PDF at the bottom of the page. Thank you for participating.

                                       American Council on Trucking
118 Central St.
Hudson, N.H. 03051
978 912 0709

To whom it may concern,

The American Council on Trucking is an affiliation of independent trucking groups that work collaboratively to better the trucking industry. The below statement is regarding the COVID-19 Mandate to force vaccinations and our grievances with the U.S. Department of Transportation for poor regulatory practices.

We, the truck drivers of the United States of America, have determined that we can no longer support or condone the egregious behaviors from some of our members of Congress and the Biden Presidential administration.

We have watched as our elected officials have conducted themselves in the capacity of teenage adolescence while ignoring the concerns and grievances of the American people. Our ability to tolerate the Machiavellian behavior of President Joseph Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, Senator Charles Schumer, and many other members of the Senate and House, has come to an end.


We feel that COVID-19 is not the crisis that it’s been made out to be by our elected and non-elected officials. While we are not denying the existence of COVID- 19, we have witnessed tremendous amounts of contradictions in the statements of our elected and non-elected officials. The American people are being held hostage by an erroneously declared State of Emergency through Executive Orders (Mandate requiring COVID-19 vaccinations) by President Joseph Biden when statistics show that the disease has a mortality rate of 1.6 percent in the United States, allowing us a survival rate of 98.4 percent. Furthermore, doctors have stated that hospitals are being financially compensated when a patient dies while being infected with COVID-19. This has allowed an avenue for false statistics in the number of fatalities within the United States. Doctors have stated that many doctors are being silenced through their Accountable Care Organizations regarding how they may inform and treat their patients. This creates mistrust in the doctor/patient relationship. According to Johns Hopkins University, a typical vaccine development takes 10 to 15 years or longer. COVID-19 vaccinations were produced in a fraction of that time frame. We feel that there has not been enough time in clinical studies to determine if these vaccines will have long-lasting adverse effects on our members of society. There is a history of vaccine recalls determining that hastily creating a vaccine may not be in our best interest, especially when the FDA approves vaccines based on the data that a manufacturer (that is immune from lawsuits for adverse effects) presents. Which means that the data may be inaccurate or flawed. Evidence has shown that breakthrough cases have occurred on vaccinated people. This reduces the validity that vaccines are being productive.

With this type of information, we feel that the COVID-19 crisis is overstated and has been a vehicle for mass hysteria. This has led to policy errors by government officials, economic depression, mental health crisis for members of society, and a loss of individual rights and freedoms. Mass hysteria will cause irrational behavior among people. Through fear, depression, and anxiety many people resort to suicide, which has shown to increase since our members of the government have perpetuated the COVID-19 crisis
JACOBSON V MASSACHUSETTS resulted in a Supreme Court ruling that a State may require forced vaccination on members of society. However, the court concluded with a caution:
“The police power of a State, whether exercised by the legislature, or by a local body acting under its authority, may be exerted in such circumstances or by regulations so arbitrary and oppressive in particular cases as to justify the interference of the courts to prevent wrong and oppression”.

We feel that is where we are today. Our government bodies are being swayed and swaying members of society to irrationally accept decisions that are unfounded by government entities on a federal level. A patient is supposed to have the right to seek the treatment that best serves them and their healthcare needs and that is supposed to be the doctor-patient relationship. Government has no business intruding in that relationship and forcing people to take a vaccine that may or may not cause serious health effects for them in the future. Doctors have spoken about many other alternative means to safely treat COVID-19 but they have been silenced or overshadowed in their attempts to do so.


We want a fair and balanced government. We feel that may be achieved with the resignation of President Joseph Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and Senator Charles Schumer. We recognize that there are many other members of Congress, Republican, and Democrat, that has disrupted the peaceful course of government. We contend that the aforementioned members of the government have committed political warfare on the American people, and we may see normalcy restored once they have been removed.

Department of Transportation (DOT)
Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA)

For many years, truck drivers have attempted to appeal to the FMCSA regarding poor regulatory practices that have led to an increase of accidents and fatalities, which truck drivers receive the blame. We have been disregarded for the sake of organizations that have little to no experience within the trucking industry. Therefore, in contradiction, truck drivers are being regulated by people that have no idea how the industry works, nor do they have to work and live with the adverse outcomes of those decisions. We see that the U.S. DOT spends large sums of money on non-essential concerns such as grant money for the introduction of autonomous vehicles, while they put little to no effort into creating more available truck parking spaces to accommodate the number of trucks traveling on America’s roads. upon request, the Secretary of Transportation has refused to meet with truck drivers that wish to voice their concerns. While we feel that the FMCSA has ignored many of our concerns, misled, or misdirected truck drivers. We have witnessed the FMCSA violate laws in the Administrative Procedure Act with no consequence for their actions. As the people that move America, and the world, we want our grievances addressed.

Our grievances are as follows:

⦁ The forced use of the electronic logging device.
⦁ Cybersecurity issues
⦁ Privacy issues
⦁ Violations to the Small Business Regulatory Enforcement Fairness Act
⦁ Violations to the Unfunded Mandate Reform Act
⦁ Broken Hours of Service rules
⦁ Increased job-related stress
⦁ Insufficient Parking Issues
⦁ Inadequate Hours of Service rules
⦁ Inadequate Training Standards
⦁ Autonomous Vehicles
⦁ Cybersecurity
⦁ Privacy Issues
⦁ Public interest in safety
⦁ Preservation of Jobs
⦁ Substandard Rates when the market dictates such
⦁ Unpaid detention at shippers and receivers
⦁ Poor broker practices

We are requesting a meeting with the U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation and we are requesting a meeting with the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure.

Our final point of issue is that our legislators and regulatory agencies disregard our Constitutional rights, usually for the sake of public interest. Our Constitutional rights are not negotiable. Our natural rights are absolute and not all our rights are listed within the U.S. Constitution. Therefore, our founders listed the 9th amendment. The ability to claim our unlisted natural rights. Just because someone chooses to live in a civilized society does not mean that they surrender their natural rights. Therefore, we claim the right to choose our medical treatment, including to be vaccinated or remain unvaccinated, because no one should be subjugated to the risk of decisions made for them by a government body. We claim our right to be an essential part of the legislative and regulatory process in which laws and regulations impact our lives.

John C. Grosvenor
COVID-19 and the Political Economy of Mass Hysteria Risk in the COVID-19 Pandemic Development – 101 of Vaccine Recalls Vaccine Breakthrough Case Investigation and Reporting Positve COVID19 Test HOPKINS UNIVERSITY OF MEDICINE HOPKINS UNIVERSITY OF MEDICINE

Miami Herald- Why did CDC change definition for vaccine


UPDATE: 09/26/2021; 2:07:12 PM
DON’T LET OUR BRAVE AND HEROIC FIRST RESPONDERS STAND ALONE!!   DON’T HANG THEM OUT TO DRY!!   Where would we be without our TRUCK DRIVERS???  We would have nothing.   AND our First RESPONDERS are always there for US!!  PRAISE GOD!   They lay their lives on the line everyday.  We OWE IT TO THEM TO BACK THEM UP!
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September 13th, 2021.

Firefighters in CA & WA against vaccine mandates!



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video image 

Video taken from Thomas Trepnau TV. – People are waking up worldwide to [their] nefarious plans. The Great Awakening!

Pictures from Australia, France, Great Britain, Italy and Netherlands.

Telegram:    2 months ago


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2 months, 1 week ago


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Tim, Ian, and Lydia join frontman of metal band All That Remains and outspoken libertarian Phil Labonte to discuss Canada’s reaction to authoritarian lockdowns.

From Ep. #263, Monday, April 12th, 2021.

Podcast available on iTunes and Spotify, coming soon to all podcast platforms!  5 months, 1 week ago


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‘We’re not gonna take it!’ WWG1WGA

Millions of Freedom Fighters Around the World Protest COVID Lock-downs and Forced Vaccinations, London, Sydney, Paris, Rome, Some Clashes Turn Violent

There is a vast industrial complex behind this encompassing Big Tech and a wide variety of questionable interests. Their goal is clearly to transform the way that ‘healthcare’ is organised on a global scale. But for whose benefit?

Nuremberg Code Against Nazi Experiments Should Stop Further COVID-19 Vaccinations:
This report examines COVID-19 vaccinations in light of the principles established by the Nuremberg Code, an ethical standard for scientific research developed by the judges in the Nazi War Crimes Trials after World War II.

Courageous Dr. Simone Gold, founder of America’s Frontline Doctors speaking at Dr. Reiner Füllmich’s legal investigative ‘Corona Ausschuss’ in Germany. She talks about her legal action against the vaccine roll-out and her personal assessment of the level of vaccine adverse reactions from visiting many US locations and receiving reports of cases.—CA-54:6

Follow the Corona Investigative Committee for legal remedies to end the covid tyrrany.

The world is awaken to the insanity a few elite are pushing upon the rights of free people. We aren’t going to take it!

Pray for the whole world’s liberation!!!   2 months ago’


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Josh Sigurdson reports on the ground at the massive protests in Milan as around 50,000 people protest in the streets against the incredibly illegal and tyrannical vaccine mandates.
The Green Pass has been in place for over a month now and Italians are not having it.
We reported on the ground from the protests and marches kicked off around the famous Piazza Duomo in Milan.
While one protest was organized, another march was planned at the same time against the Green Pass. As the march passed by, we followed. What resulted was amazing. Thousands filled the streets for nearly a kilometer as square after square was occupied by the protesters demanding an end to the tyranny and technocracy.
In this video, we follow the protest, the confrontations with both police and political opponents including politicians and we talk to one of the main organizers, Danilo Amici, a composer who works in London, Hollywood and of course Italy who has had enough of the criminality he sees taking over Italy and selling it off to the highest globalist bidder.

Stay tuned for more videos from throughout Europe as the revolution begins!

JOIN US On BitChute:    3 weeks, 5 days ago

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From Tunisia to Italy to Greece to Thailand and all parts beyond, humanity is pushing back against the botched overreach agenda into fundamental individual rights. The police are standing down and joining protesters in some protests. While delivering the brutal totalitarian bidding in others. Meanwhile, the leaders of the crackdown on human freedom reveal their own incompetence and detachment. Back in the United States the message from the Biden Administration has driven those expressing their First Amendment to be beaten in the street by the zombies of Marxism.    2 months ago

 2 days, 5 hours ago

I’m not sure what to make of this, it looks like the truckers are planning something big in America. Apparently October 15 the government is planning to seize everyone’s bank account…September 27 the truckers are doing something…
2083:03  TO Watch the Video on BitChute:  Click Here

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November 13th, 2020.

10 months, 2 weeks ago
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1 month ago

We being fed a hopium hit that will give us a hangover?

Dunno. Don’t really care either. When a government shuts down the country and you fight this by… shutting down the country, I’m left wondering.

Still, if it works, great. If it doesn’t, also great, because maybe the only way through this sewer is to wade out deeper.

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This next video is from last year, HOWEVER, listen to the full video.  It is full of relevant and vital information.

Trucker Strike and Coming Food Shortages.

10 months, 2 weeks ago
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Truckers are once again trying to rally fellow drivers in a strike for medical freedom

Online trucking groups are attempting to organize rallies across the country.

Rumors of a trucker strike are once again circling the internet as online trucking groups work to speak out against medical mandates.

From Facebook groups (such as the now-private StopTheTires2020), to Tik Tok accounts, truckers appear to be attempting slow rolls, full stops, and protests across the country in response to COVID-19 vaccine mandantes – particularly the new employment-related vaccination requirements set forth by President Biden earlier this month.

Although projected dates seem to vary slightly from event to event, multiple trucker protests appear to be scheduled between September 26th and the beginning of October, all in protest of COVID regulations and mandates. The largest and most popular of these appear to be scheduled for September 27th and September 29th, partially in coordination with the Ten Four DC rally on the 29th – many are using the hashtag #patriotshutdown.

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Truckers, citizens, and more are attempting a rally at the Minnesota State Capitol on September 26th, while even more trucker slow rolls and full stops are scheduled for September 27th. These September 27th slow rolls are apparently planned for a a few specific times and locations such as:

Nashville, Tennessee: eastbound I-40 at mile marker 175; eastbound I-24 mile marker 39; southbound I-65, mile marker 93; northbound I- 65, mile marker 57; westbound I-24 mile marker 75; westbound I-40, mile marker 235; 7 a.m.

Henderson, North Carolina: east and westbound I-85 at mile marker 205 and 217; 7 a.m.

Dayton, Ohio: eastbound I-70, mile marker 32; westbound I-70, mile marker 45; northbound I-75, mile marker 40; southbound I-75, mile marker 62; 7 a.m.

Cinncinatti, Ohio: eastbound I-74, mile marker 4, southbound I-75, mile marker 17, southbound I-71 sb, mile marker 18; 7 a.m.

Columbus, Ohio, northbound I-71, mile marker 98; eastbound I-70, mile marker 90; southbound I-71, mile marker 120; westbound I-70, mile marker 111; 7 a.m.

St. Louis, Missouri: eastbound I-70, mile marker 223; eastbound I-64, mile marker 20; eastbound I-44 mile marker 270; northbound I-55, mile marker 194; southbound US 67 at the Lewis Bridge, 7 a.m.

East St. Louis, Illinois: westbound I-64, mile marker 13; southbound I-55, mile marker 22; westbound I-70, mile marker 22; north SR 3 at the intersection of I-255 at the southeast corner, 7 a.m.

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania: northbound I-83, mile marker 37; eastbound I-76, mile marker 235; northbound I-81, mile marker 60; southbound I-81, mile marker 73; 7 a.m.

Salt Lake City, Utah: southbound I-215, mile marker 25.5; northbound I-15, mile marker 293; southbound I-15, mile marker 313; westbound I-80, mile marker 131; eastbound I-80, mile marker 101; 7 a.m.

In addition to these slow rolls and stops, many drivers appear to be planning their own protests at the Ten Four truck driver event in Washington, D.C. on September 29th. Although the organization itself claims to be neutral on trucking issues, Ten Four D.C. founder Todd Campbell is encouraging truck drivers to show up to the event and speak out on whatever trucking issues matter most to them.

“Whatever your issue is with the industry is what you come and tell the public,” Campbell said in a recent interview with The Disrespected Trucker, a truck driver who recently went viral on Tik Tok for promoting a late-August protest against vaccine mandates for truckers, and was subsequently banned from the platform. (He has since started a new account).

“Event organizers do not have a planned deal,” Campbell continued.

“It’s all up to you. Freedom, medical choice, it’s all up to you.”

In addition to the Ten Four rally, drivers, citizens, and more also appear to be planning a medical freedom rally outside of the Arkansas state capitol in Little Rock. Meanwhile another group, Truckers United for Freedom, is attempting to organize a nationwide rally at each state’s capitol for October 4th.

So far, Ten Four D.C. appears to be the only trucker event with registered participants, permits, sponsors, and all other required paperwork for such a large-scale event.


“If you’re shopping for the holidays, start now”: Supply chain issues worsen as California ports face record backlog

A backlog of cargo ships waiting to get into the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach are helping drive up the cost of goods and services during the pandemic. A record 70 cargo ships — carrying everything from furniture and electronics to toys — are facing delays at the ports, which handle 40% of the nation’s imports.The backlog is likely to inject more chaos into the holiday shopping season.Shipping traffic is up 50% from pre-pandemic levels, Port of Los Angeles director Gene Seroka said. “The American consumer’s buying strength is so strong and epic that we can’t absorb all this cargo into the domestic supply chain,” Seroka said. “That means you’re not going to find the product you want as quickly as normal. If you’re shopping for the holidays, start now.”A shortage of trucks and drivers to transport the goods from the ports is adding to the concern that some store shelves may be empty during the holiday shopping season.”There are really on average about 16 available truckload shipments for every available truck to move product out of there,” said Bob Biesterfeld, the CEO of shipping logistics company C.H. Robinson.He said major retailers are paying for planes to fly in goods from overseas and some are chartering entire container ships.“That’s something that, frankly, we’ve just never seen before,” Biesterfeld said. “We expect there will be more bare shelves for the holiday season this year than people may be accustomed to.”Tony Jabuka, owner of The Bike Palace in San Pedro, is still waiting on the 100 new bikes he ordered last year after buyers wiped out his inventory.”I imagine some of them are on the ships right out here in San Pedro,” he said. “It is frustrating because you can look down into the harbor and see all the containers that are stacked five or six high.”

Anti-vaccine-mandate protest in the works for US truckers, drivers claim

It is unclear who started it, but StopTheTires2020 has gotten involved.

 Read the August 31, 2021 Update: Here’s what’s happening so far…

A trucker-founded anti-vaccine mandate protest is seemingly in the works for the end of this month according to several trucker social media groups.

If carried out, the demonstration will be an alliance between healthcare workers, truckers, military members, and other citizens across the country, and will protest the requirement of the COVID-19 vaccine for employment, travel, and more. The demonstrators, seemingly headed by Tik Tok trucker @thedisrespectedtrucker3, will gather at various locations across the country August 31stthe same day that the Australian trucker protest against COVID lockdown and restrictions is being held.

In addition to the nearly-viral Tik Tok videos put out by @disrespectedtrucker3, the Facebook Group StopTheTires2020, a group that attempted to organize a nationwide demonstration against the election results and COVID19 lockdowns just last year, has gotten wind of the potential strike and is calling for all drivers to stop their trucks for just one day.

“When I say it’s not about the trucking industry, it’s not about the trucking industry,” disrespected trucker says. “We just have the power to shut the country down.”;is_copy_url=0

“On August 31st, on Tuesday, we’re asking that everybody not go to work,” disrespected trucker explained.  “If they’re out on the road, shut your truck down. There are guys that plan on putting their trucks across the road. There’s guys who plan on parking on the side of the road, parking at home, and at truck stops.”

“I’m not telling anyone how to do it or what to do,” he continued.

“I’m just telling people to shut your trucks down, and nobody go to work at least for Tuesday. Maybe for the rest of the week. Until we get their attention in DC, we’re going to have to keep putting up with bulls**t mandates. What’s going on with the nurses and the military right now isn’t right. So, we’re going to stand up for Freedom.”;is_copy_url=0

Based on these sorts of videos, it would appear that bikers in Australia plan on joining the trucker protest on August 31st, and a few thousand medical workers in Minnesota also plan on holding their own demonstration. Additionally, regular citizens looking to join in are urged to stay home, not go to work, not buy anything, make signs, and protest in a very visible, public area.

“I know that people are going to have to suffer over this, including myself,” disrespected trucker says in response to people’s concerns over supply chain disruptions as a result of the protests. “I don’t ever wanna make a decision or choice for somebody else and make them suffer for a decision that I make. However, we’ve protested numerous times. Me myself I’ve been to three state capitols, Washington DC, Joplin Missouri for a protest. We’ve tried. A lot of my friends have had meetings with senators, congressmen… We sat on Constitution Avenue in DC last year for three weeks. They don’t listen to us. We have to do this on August 31st so we can change things once and for all.”

Are you guys going to stand firm this time or back down at the last second?” one StopTheTires2020 member questioned.

“I am with you with this mandatory vaccine for us troops. Can’t wait to see their faces when I say no,” added another.

In addition to details surrounding the protest, disrespected trucker offers some tips on how company drivers can participate in the protest without risking their job.

“So when I first started this page, yes it was a place to shoot the sh*t about incoming policies,” wrote StopTheTires2020 founder, Jeremy Rewoldt.

“I was called a fraud, a joke, you don’t know what you’re talking about, you’re just a conspiracy theorist. Well, I told you it was about future policies and how they would affect every American. Remember without any consumers all of us drivers are useless. Without us, products don’t get to the people. It’s a circle.”

“I have said it from the start it’s not about me. It’s not about you ( yes you reading this), it’s about every hard working American in this great country,” he continued.

“It affects everyone. Our over regulations affect the people we serve. Our mandates affect everyone. I don’t care if you are fine with this regulation and not fine with some others.”

“Now do you believe me?” Rewoldt asked.

“Now is it time to wake the hell up!”




channel image

Hugo Talks


August 21st, 2021.

AUSTRALIA PROTEST Against Tyranny ENOUGH IS ENOUGH / Hugo Talks #lockdown
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81 Comments on “AUSTRALIA Protest Against Tyranny Enough Is ENough / Hugo Talks #lockdown”

      • Checkout john overkills channel ,he exposes the paid crisis actors and agent provocateurs.they are always on the front line ,same faces.

        • John overkill is a lying git and a complete tosser

      • I live in Greater Sydney, didn’t attend the previous march the month before unfortunately, this time the police were onto us, blocked all roads in. I was running late, made it into the venue by going a long way and walking up, wasn’t stopped, but unfortunately the protest here ended up being a non-event, so disappointing and deflating. It was a 2 hour journey to get there which made it even more of a let down.
        So much pressure here on particular industries to get vaccinated, I feel Australians need to rise up now before it’s too late but some people are feeling the need to feed their families is too strong to resist. It’s going to get messy here.

      • My fb “friends” are posting “How dare they fight for freedom in Australia after seeing what’s happening in Afghanistan?” I despair. I am actually starting to feel scared.

        • I am with you on that score. The sheep are so frit-scared that they would jump off a cliff if Doris Johnson told them there was a Convid-Free beach below. I put REAL videos on FB and then never read a comment…..I dont want to read abuse and flak that my truthful videos will bring upon me. So the next time, I post another bit of truth…. and hopefully, some sheep may start to think for themselves, but I have grave doubts that will happen. I have stocked up on tinned and frozen products…… I am scared too. Be strong, please.

        • I had to delete fb because I was going insane reading the comments, it’s just full of New Normals virtue signalling, or completely coming down on people who dare to question the narrative.
          Yep, I’m scared of them, only talking with a small group of people these days, trying to avoid most of society, very hard.
          Recently an awful woman put a comment on fb that she was only going to allow vaccinated at her horse training/lessons established (all outside and we don’t even have any vax mandates in that industry or even a passport, yet)! I was advised of her comments by a friend still on fb, let’s just say she deleted them the next day after I paid a visit to her property and left some messages for her letting her know she was supporting medical apartheid and I didn’t like it!

        • I couldn’t give a toss about Afghanistan.

        • The time to feel scared was when the public first let them put people under house arrest, also k own as Lockdown, we were warned then but people let them get away with doing it.

        • You should be scared, these are the very people who will by their compliance kill freedom loving people, notwithstanding the vaccinated
          are no longer represent the human species. The spike protein is designed as a sleeping killer. It also breaks your RNA in half, meaning you are longer human. Vaccinated people will infect the unvaccinated, which is the real tragedy. The majority of them will be dead within 5 years.

          My opinion is that protests will not work on such people, they have the advantage, to which words and protest have no affect, in light of the multi-faceted propaganda machine. Something of more substance is required………

      • The book of Revelation 13 is unfolding before our eyes as Prophecy is coming to pass. The Bible is 100% correct and inspite of the lockdown off and on and the mass protests world wide the Mark of the Beast in Revelation 13 18 is this Vaccines that are being rolled out all over the world In France it’s now mandatory and one can’t be able to buy or sell. There is a time soon there is going to be a One World Ruler called the Anti Christ who will demand worship and those that refuse this Mark will be put to death. Please read Revelation 14. and. it warns us not to take this Mark.

    1. Shame the uk dont man up and protest more than the normal folk have done….
      Never seen such a spineless nation….
      Like there proud to be bloody lemmings and be jabbed on a regular basis

      • I’ll second that.. Pathetic bowing down to Boris n Blair.
        I’ll die on my feet before being ALLOWED to live on my knees.

        • It amazes me how the police are allowed to grab and drag off a protester.
          They are outnumbered, get stuck in and take your fuckin country back!

      • Bob sit down. You’re obviously not paying attention or your stupid. The UK has done more than all countries on earth combined. LMAO

      • Bob, if they start bringing in the same measures here in the UK the public will start to react exactly in the same way. They’ll be civil war breaking out in most countries if these restrictions are applied.
        I don’t think it’ll be long before the Aussies begin arming themselves either.

        • Besides India. They are begging for the jab!

    2. The obviously insane government of Australia have declared war on their citizens rights and freedoms. There comes a point were everyone’s patience snaps, and I think the Aussies have finally reached it. We all need to push back, but what we really need is for the media to be forced to tell the truth. Don`t storm your parliaments as they will use this to justify marshal law. Storm the press, let them know what fear is, real fear not the pretend porn they have pushed on the public for nearly 2 years.

        • Well done bothers and sisters in Australia. Believe!

      • We protested in Perth WA today.. peaceful and respectful. Even had a minutes silence for our war veterans and the bugle.

        West Australian Newspaper reported that “we were dancing on soldiers graves, banging drums”
        and only 1000 people attended…
        Head of the RSL , Mr McCourt called us ignorant and stupid. Police helicopters flying over every time a speech was made.

        Well there were at least 3000 people. All
        passionate about retaining our human rights and more so OUR CHILDREN’s

        • Agreed. I was there too. No such desecration of graves occurred. It was profoundly respectful of the setting, we paid tribute to the fallen Anzacs, thanked the police who were fine, and it was a peaceful, family-orientated rally.

      • I wouldn’t care if some geezers went all Charlie Hebdo on the MSM fuck em.

      • I’m in Australia and have been saying this for ages, we need to force our way in and make a broadcast!

    3. Good for the Aussies! How dare these b******s behave like this? Footage of kids being seized from their parents to be jabbed and all the MAD rules the idiotic politicians have brought in – I’m amazed that it’s taken this long.

    4. Where are the UK protesters? NOTHING, just wearing their masks and taking the jabs like good little sheep

    5. I cried watching those clips . And the poor horses who like the people of oz didn’t choose this. What’s going on in oz is so shocking .. if only more will rise up .. God bless us all especially the Aussies .

    6. Controlled opposition!
      These people hate the restrictions so much, they go to protest wearing a mask!
      Masks that are visible evidence that a person is in support of the restrictions, and believe in the covid scam!
      And what will these protests achieve?
      All the Authorities will do is increase restrictions, and make life even more difficult!

      • The mask wearers in the protest are in the minority.
        So Tony, what are your suggestions as an alternative to protests ?

      • Perhaps the masks are for anonimity, or for some protection against the spray. What will they achieve? More than you sitting at home doing sod all…. Your sort of comment always come from those who do nothing. I wonder why.

      • Protests against the government are allowed because are controlled by the government itself.
        I fear that if a protest goes out of control they will bring in the army and declare martial law.

      • Actually, there were even more severe restrictions planned for Melbourne, which so far have not gone ahead. The protests are having an effect. It looks as though Dan Andrews’ government have realised that Melburnians will not put up with any more of it.

    7. Uk will ne er do this obviously 98% sheep but hopefully they reverse it then we can seek asylum there 🙂

      Mexico and India and parts of Canada are about our only options so far.

      You out number the police, don’t kill any, hospitalise so there are no police to back the leaders yes indeed.

      • What are restrictions like in India like Testing to get in etc n quarantine? I’d like to go… currently in Mexico

    8. Remember it takes 2 police to carry away one injured policeman. So one injured is three out of the game.

      • Why our army use 5.56s injure don’t kill, why also no use against Taliban, they just ignore there wounded and carry on fighting.

        • Yes. The Insurgent force in question are usually equipped with with 7.62, Russian made armaments. This calibre causes lot more damage than said calibre of 5.56 (Nato), like you say, basically a pin prick in terms of damage output.

          Many of the Taliban are seen pictured with Western armaments however, have you seen? So West and East are providers of weapons to their enemy insurgent.

          We’ll soon see more of Western weapons and technology in the hands of the enemies.


          Who the fuck do Politicians think they are, we all know this is a scam, is there a virus, yes but that is dose not provide authority to treat people like cattle.
          This virus is about Vaccines, The vaccines are about the Vaccine Passport, The Vaccine Passport is about changing the system to one of total control and early death via the same vaccine agenda. It is Genocide and the police are now becoming part of this Genocide NWO agenda, but they to will die.

          • This agenda is all about control…
            Nothing more nothing less

            • ITheir endgame is One World Religion ( satanism) and create a new hybrid as the image of their god Baphomet, androgynous. Yes they want to control people but the real agenda is Transhumanism. That’s why the injection will modify people DNA.

    9. The media will just have protesters down as trouble makers, they are showing arrests because they don’t want families to attend marches, if it’s a load of young men they will become easy targets for the 1%. I hope these protests become common place all over the world.

    10. Hates restrictions but still go to a protest wearing a mask? Come on. i’m shocked by how long this has taken tbh. We need more of this. People are beginning to snap

    11. To Tony McNamara ; Stephanie,

      Why are you so stupid? They are wearing masks to hide their identity. Police wear facial recognition cameras and drones fly overhead with the same cameras to arrest the protesters later. How dare you kick a nation down when they are still recovering from a brutal day that is not over as yet. Yes no doubt the CHinese social credit score system is coming to you also soon, sadly. But we won’t call you stupid, our manners are far better than that.

    12. I’m glad there have been arrests it maybe proves people have snapped and are actually doing something Instead of just mouthing off and wearing a t-shirt or holding a banner.
      It’s obvious peaceful protests dont work so bring on the mayhem and take back our freedom the freedom we where born with ,sadly its the only way now. Govt puppets you have not listened for 18 months so now we are have to take your medicine and its going to taste awful.

      • I always proof read my posts ,yet the end of this don’t make sense .Are word press in on the scam to discredit ,especially as there is no option to edit after posting 🙄

    13. One day this world will blow up, then God help the msm etc then. As for the fines don’t pay them


    15. Australia and France: low vax uptake = severe lockdowns. High vax uptake = minimal lockdowns. That’s why we have it relatively easy here – so many jabbed up sheeple. No matter, their state control of us all is inevitable and UK too will in time have to grow a pair and take to the streets. Sadly, it cannot end peacefully to my mind. But I believe there will be a better world at the end of it.

    16. Keep going Aussies, the pigs have decided their fate and as for the politicians, they will go to hell.

    17. And dying in yoir beds many years from now would you not trade all the days from then to now to come back here and tell our enemies they may take our lives… BUT THEY WILL NEVER TAKE OUR FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!

    18. The media is the virus. Time to drag it out and inject it with a dose of it’s own medicine.

    19. Crisis actors are worse than government..Need stringing up ..I have grown very fond of the Australian people ..God bless

    20. Yep, looks like the chaos in it’s swirl is reaching up against us in the world, but they can’t go past a borderline, that’s set in time.

    21. Don’t understand why some protesters are wearing masks. Crazy but well done peeps.

      • The may be trying to protect themselves from the spike protein from the vaxed! I don’t know, just saying

    22. All those brave police who were 6 a piece beating the sh1te out of individual protestors; they ran like the cowards they are when the lines were broken!

    23. Happiness depends on being free, and freedom depends on being courageous. ”
      Thugydides c 455-400 BC, History of the Peloponnesian war.

      C’mon people more of us need to be courageous, the war is coming!

    24. Well done to our Aussie, (and French), cousins. Keep going and never stop.

    25. People have a right to protest. The police cannot stop a protest taking place if it is peaceful. But more protests should take place without informing the police they are happening. I think the Trafalgar Square protest was known about by the police before it took place which was a mistake. On a needs to know basis the police do not need to know

    26. what will this change exactly. I am sick and tired of protest they do fuck all. Yes you heard me correctly they do fuck all. People should just get on with their lives, people have already made their mind up.

      • I agree to a point my friend. I attended the April 24th London March. As you say, it didnt appear to change the war that we are in. However, personally this was the most exhilarating day of my life! It was good for ME and possibly good for the 200,000 others who attended on this lovely sunny day. I was surrounded by like-minded folk, all laughing, hugging, kissing and shaking hands. I had not been in the presence of these kinds of ( normal ) people for months and months and months. Everyone that I know is frit-scared of breathing fresh air and want to ‘fking elbow-bump when you meet! FFS!!! So! The march didnt advance our fight, but mentally it was a massive help. Be Strong against this Tyranny.

    27. It will be here in the UK soon enough. Prepared yet? It’s time to get so.

    28. Well done to the protestors. They realise that the Police (who will lose as much as the rest of us) stand between them and their basic human rights. One day this will end, life will not be worth living for Australian Police who are nearly as bad as Adolf’s henchmen, people will not forget.


Viral TikTok shows empty grocery store shelves—viewers say it’s due to trucker protests

Truckers were reportedly protesting COVID-19 vaccine mandates.


Samira Sadeque



Published Sep 1, 2021   Updated Sep 1, 2021, 7:45 pm CDT

A TikToker’s video has gone viral for showing what an anti-vax truckers’ strike would look like on the ground:empty grocery store aisles.

TikToker Mickeli Francisco uploaded a video in early August showing empty aisles on a grocery store with a note claiming the store was not able to receive any truck shipments.

“We are unable to receive truck shipments until further notice,” read a part of the note, stuck on an aisle empty of food. “Sorry for the inconvenience!”

The video has since garnered more than 655,000 views. Comments under the TikTok attributed the empty store to an impending trucker protest against vaccines, and many stood in solidarity with the drivers.

Truckers across the U.S. were reportedly planning a strike against vaccine mandates on Tuesday. This follows a similar protest held by Australian truck driverson Aug. 29. One of the most vocal U.S. protesters, “The Disrespected Trucker”, previously posted TikToks calling for trucker protests against the vaccine, according to The Trucker.

The Disrespected Trucker previously tweeted for fellow truckers to “turn off those keys on Aug. 31. Several of his other tweets use the hashtag #MedicalFreedom, which has been used by anti-vaxxers around the country to rally against potential vaccine mandatesas well as the COVID-19 vaccine in general. His TikTok was shut down on Monday, the user said.

Censorship is real, folks,” he says in a video posted to Twitter. “I just got banned off of TikTok for absolutely nothing.” A TikTok representative confirmed with the Daily Dot on Wednesday that his account was shut downover violations of TikTok’s Community Guidelines around misinformation.

Regardless, he has received tons of support for the protest, on TikTok and Twitter. Many anti-vaxxers, in addition to spreading common misconceptions about COVID-19 vaccines, claimed that such a strike is what’s needed to uphold individual freedom in the country.

Misinformation regarding COVID-19 treatment and vaccines has been rampant across social media, prompting President Joe Biden to claim in July that it’s “killing people.” The Centers of Disease Control and Prevention has issued a guide on how to address misinformation and disinformation in one’s community regarding COVID-19 vaccines.

Despite the social media support, it’s not immediately clear how many truckers participated in the supposed protest. The trucking industry has faced no such vaccine mandateas of August 25, but according to the Commercial Carrier Journal, most drivers have said they would defy vaccine or testing mandates.

The Disrespected Trucker did not respond to the Daily Dot’s request for an interview.