Georgia in the NEWS! More than you know.

UPDATE ADDED: 2/24/23 – Dark Secrets Revealed The Georgia Guidestones are in the NEWS today, which opens an excellent opportunity to share some amazing TRUTH. You know my posts are very rarely ever just fluff.  I know they are long, but hopefully a blessing.  Stay through to the end.  The last video is the most … Click Here to Read More

It is ALL About to Come to A HEAD!

TAGS: America, Chaos, Collapse, Covid, Deep State, Election Fraud, False Flag, Joe Biden, Voting, Voter Fraud, Covid Tyranny, Death Camps, Quarantine, Torture, Australia, Supply Chain, Food Shortages, Fake News, Genocide, Catastrophic COLLAPSE of America, BIO-Weapons, Extinction Protocols, New World Order, Chinese Totalitarianism, Persecution, Christian Community, Chinese Churches, God’s Promises The Enemies plan for you and … Click Here to Read More

What is the TRUTH on KABUL?

TAGS: CHAOS, Kabul, Rebellion, Judgment, Biden Administration, 25th Amendment, False Flag?, Weapons LeftBe hind, Taliban, Terror, Deception, Nuclear Sabotage, INVASION US, RAINBOW,  Sexual Perversion, NO MEAT We have looked a t the recent events in Kabul as another sign from GOD of the eminent event for God’s people.  Today we are going to look at … Click Here to Read More


Remember:  Politicians, News Anchors, Actors, Medical Experts, Scientists, Tech CEO’s, Billionaire Philanthropists, Corporate Heads, Elected Officials, Freemasons, Lawyers, Professional Witnesses, Royals, Used Car Salesmen, Insurance Companies, Press Secretaries, Campaign Managers, Community Organizers, etc…   IF THEIR LIPS ARE MOVING… THEY ARE LYING.   Photo Credit: What will it take for people to recognize that there is … Click Here to Read More


THERE IS A LOT OF INSANITY GOING ON RIGHT NOW.  Many of the people who were at the Capitol during the protests are being harassed.  They are keeping track of who shows up where.  They are refining there red, blue and green lists.  Nothing can be accomplished now by protesting.  It is too late.  Showing … Click Here to Read More


RESTORED: 3/17/22 THOUSANDS of FRONTLINE DOCTORS. HAVE RISEN UP FOR TRUTH. WHAT WILL YOU DO NOW? WE ARE IN A BATTLE. IT IS THE TRUTH AGAINST THE LIE. This Post is LOADED.   Hard to introduce to you.  No way to put it in a category.  YET it is all related, and all vital information.   YOU … Click Here to Read More

FAKE NEWS – Who do you Believe?

RESTORED: 3/8/22; RESTORED 10/9/22 It is no wonder that the Corporate Establishment hates the Truther Community.  They are losing their grip on the masses because of intelligent, honest researchers who are exposing their lies.  They love to use the magic words “Conspiracy Theorists” to discredit those who are earnestly seeking the truth.  But, the people … Click Here to Read More