UPDATE: 10/19/2021; 9:14:46 AM FINALLY, the world is starting to see what many of us have known for a long time.  OBAMA NEVER LEFT OFFICE. He merely moved his office down the street.  The guys who have been acting out in the White House, are merely part of the show.  Both Trump and Biden.  They … Click Here to Read More

It is ALL About to Come to A HEAD!

TAGS: America, Chaos, Collapse, Covid, Deep State, Election Fraud, False Flag, Joe Biden, Voting, Voter Fraud, Covid Tyranny, Death Camps, Quarantine, Torture, Australia, Supply Chain, Food Shortages, Fake News, Genocide, Catastrophic COLLAPSE of America, BIO-Weapons, Extinction Protocols, New World Order, Chinese Totalitarianism, Persecution, Christian Community, Chinese Churches, God’s Promises The Enemies plan for you and … Click Here to Read More


This intel came from the Dave Hodges newsletter I received in my email.  Please read it.  Take it seriously, and PRAY that TRUMP finds the support he needs to accomplish what needs to be done.  Right now, TRUMP is the only thing standing between the DARK FORCES and the rest of the world.  LIFT HIM … Click Here to Read More


It is about time that OBAMA is called out for the lying, treasonous, treacherous scumbag mercenary that he is.  If they execute him for treason, my faith in government may be restored. ENEMIES WITHIN! Electi0n C0up 2O2O: 0bama, Blden, Brennan, the [DS], Fox News – C0mmie lnfiltration! Whole Armor Of God Dec 10, 2020 🔥🌿 … Click Here to Read More

Do YOU Hear War Drums??

Things just keep getting crazier.  The elite rulers of this world want their NEW WORLD ORDER. I believe there are different factions fighting each other for supremacy.  It truly looks like President Trump is working for the GOOD of America.  More importantly, he seems to be doing what GOD wants done, especially in the Holy … Click Here to Read More


Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign… CAN’T YOU READ THE SIGNS? DEAR WORLD!  Listen UP!  GOD is CALLING!  This present age is coming to an END.  It you are one who truly is seeking UNITY, PEACE, FREEDOM and a SAFE AND PRODUCTIVE ENVIRONMENT… TURN TO THE CREATOR!  Now, before it is too late.  Grace is ENDING … Click Here to Read More

It’s About TIME – Part 5 -Time Travel is Possible. The Mandela Effect is Real. The earth is FLAT. The DEVIL is a LIAR!

The devil and his minions are out to COMPLETELY CONTROL us or WIPE US OUT!  They believe that by changing the TIME, they can defeat GOD’s purpose and WIN the right to keep their dominion over the earth forever.   Remember now, you must give yourself over to sin, lust and temptation of your free will.  … Click Here to Read More