UPDATES ADDED AT THE END: 4/17/22 You know, the Lord works in mysterious ways.  He is always in control.  No matter how things look.  We don’t need to get all frantic and worked up about what we see going on around us.   If anyone was ever in doubt about who is “acting” as President and … Click Here to Read More


UPDATE: 10/19/2021; 9:14:46 AM FINALLY, the world is starting to see what many of us have known for a long time.  OBAMA NEVER LEFT OFFICE. He merely moved his office down the street.  The guys who have been acting out in the White House, are merely part of the show.  Both Trump and Biden.  They … Click Here to Read More

Bell, Book and Candle – Black Magic at the National Mall

RESTORED 1/27/23 What started me on this post was the FLAGS.  I was puzzled by what was said and what wasn’t and what was shown and what wasn’t.  What were the flags all about anyway.  Was it really just to make Biden feel better when he looked out over the National Mall.  Was it just … Click Here to Read More

Biden says the Darndest Things

Just some videos I thought that you should see.  I have said from the beginning that we knew Joe Biden was not the real candidate.  This entire election has been a farce from beginning to end.  It is no surprise that Obama has been at the wheel.  We know he is not in control, he … Click Here to Read More