It is ALL About to Come to A HEAD!

TAGS: America, Chaos, Collapse, Covid, Deep State, Election Fraud, False Flag, Joe Biden, Voting, Voter Fraud, Covid Tyranny, Death Camps, Quarantine, Torture, Australia, Supply Chain, Food Shortages, Fake News, Genocide, Catastrophic COLLAPSE of America, BIO-Weapons, Extinction Protocols, New World Order, Chinese Totalitarianism, Persecution, Christian Community, Chinese Churches, God’s Promises The Enemies plan for you and … Click Here to Read More

GOD prefers TRUMP to BIDEN!

We all know that TRUMP is not a perfect  man, not even a godly man, and he is still one of the elite…  However, GOD can USE whoever he chooses.  Though TRUMP has his faults, he openly praises GOD and seems to be continuing to make choices that are right and just.  While BIDEN is … Click Here to Read More


RESTORED: 08/31/2021 IF you examine all the evidence included here and are not shocked and infuriated recognizing the truth of the illegal activity perpetrated during the 2020 Election… than you are choosing to be blind and deaf, and your guilt will remain.   There may still be hope for reversing the situation in Washington, DC.  There … Click Here to Read More


WOW… we live in a country full of space cadets.  The fact that they cannot recognize the insanity of all that has gone on in the last 4 years.  Democrats incited Hillary and Barach have wiped themselves up into a crazed frenzy and behaved so violently to Trump, his family and his supporters across the … Click Here to Read More


SORRY, CAN’T HELP BUT BE PROUD OF THE STATE WHERE I LIVE!!  GO, TEXAS!! What is happening this week on this issue is the most important matter we have had to deal with as a Nation.  IF our election system cannot be trusted, than we have no nation.  Everything that our Country stands on depends … Click Here to Read More

Do YOU Hear War Drums??

Things just keep getting crazier.  The elite rulers of this world want their NEW WORLD ORDER. I believe there are different factions fighting each other for supremacy.  It truly looks like President Trump is working for the GOOD of America.  More importantly, he seems to be doing what GOD wants done, especially in the Holy … Click Here to Read More


INFORMATION YOU NEED TO KNOW, SUNDAY 11/29/20 BREAKING! PA Judge Rules Election UNCONSTITUTIONAL! Effectively Gives State to TRUMP!!! Dr. Steve Turley Streamed live 11 hours ago spacer CNN Super Mad Trump Is Going To Win Using The Constitution Salty Cracker Nov 28, 2020 Website: spacer A-T-F demands Trump concede by November 29 or conservatives … Click Here to Read More


If America will ever survive, we MUST clean up this mess.  The corruption is out of control and with computers and AI there is no way to trust the Election System.   I have been holding off on posting anything about the election primarily because I wanted to see how things developed.  I know that the … Click Here to Read More

Obama’s back and he’s EVERYWHERE.

Barry Soteros (aka Barack Hussein Obama) singlehanded did more to destroy our nation than all other politicians over the last 244 years combined.  He is evil…  IF he does not prove to be the ANTICHRIST he is without a doubt an ANTI CHRIST.  There is not enough room on this website to go over all … Click Here to Read More