In this post, as in ANYTHING I post, I am not attacking anyone or any group.  I am not encouraging ANYONE to hate ANYONE.  I am certainly not encouraging any type of violence.  I do not receive an remuneration for anything I post.  My work is strictly for the spreading of TRUTH and sharing my … Click Here to Read More

BILL GATES is EVIL! Don’t let anyone tell you different.

Praise the Lord Brothers and Sisters!  The masses are waking up.  It does not take much.  One tells one and that one tells one and the TRUTH spreads.  I encourage everyone to do their part.  Speak the truth at every opportunity.  Share sources, websites, truthers, documents, videos… spread it around. I also encourage you to … Click Here to Read More

The MEAT of the MATTER!

Folks this is very serious.  Much worse than our worst nightmares.  The New World Order is HERE, and it is much more sinister than we thought.  Through the new technology (which really isn’t new) the coming World Ruler (Antichrist) will have COMPLETE CONTROL of every aspect of your life and every function of your body… … Click Here to Read More


RESTORED 5/24/23 TAGS: NEW WORLD ORDER, Joe Biden, Age of Scarcity, Poverty, Famine, draconian measures, simplicity, Constitutional System of Government, New Age, Technology, redistribution of wealth, death of civilization, Fuedal System, climate change, private property, Environmental Crisis, Middle Ages, Black Death, medieval elites, Marxist-Communist Rule, Federal Reserve, Klaus Schwab, Great Reset, Tax Burder, IMF, UN, … Click Here to Read More


Personally, I am encouraged.  At least a little bit.  Because the elite seem to be frustrated, even baffled to find that things are not coming together as easily as they expected.  I believe this is thanks to the Holy Spirit and the willing hearts of the TRUTHERS who are bringing truth to light.  People are … Click Here to Read More


If America will ever survive, we MUST clean up this mess.  The corruption is out of control and with computers and AI there is no way to trust the Election System.   I have been holding off on posting anything about the election primarily because I wanted to see how things developed.  I know that the … Click Here to Read More

Do You Get it Yet??

UPDATE:  VIDEOS ADDED AT THE END;  1/9/2024 There was a time when we hoped that we could get enough people to wake up and have a chance at stopping this from coming, or at least slow it down.  NOW… there is no stopping it.  Our hope is that we can wake you up and PREPARE … Click Here to Read More