One has to wonder.  Is the 2023 DAVOS meeting just a place holder, made up of “B” listers just there to have a physical presence in the MOUNTAINS for the Magic Workings?  Are the main characters meeting secretly in MUNICH?  What EXACTLY are they planning there?  WORLD WAR III? One thing we know for certain … Click Here to Read More


UPDATE ADDED 9/21/22 The World has gone mad.  How on earth has the USA come to the place where the people are so ready and willing to give up their rights?  They are so blind they can’t even see that they are surrendering to oppression.  We cannot allow government to become so powerful that they … Click Here to Read More

No Monkeying Around – The Medical Take Over Off To A Strong Start

UPDATE: Video added 5/22/22 Brothers and Sisters, we are coming into some dangerous and scary times.  The next six months will see our world completely changed.  If you are not aware there is a World Health Assembly meeting starting tomorrow and ending on the 28th. In that meeting they plan to transfer power from the … Click Here to Read More


I was blessed by God to view the original posting of this leaked Pentagon video at the general time of its original posting.  God NEVER lets me miss anything that is important.  He is so awesome!! I am telling you folks this FUNVAX/VMAT2/GOD GENE VAX is absolutely real.  Infact, it is coming to you today … Click Here to Read More

Long, Cold, Dark Winter

UPDATE: 10/13/2021;9:00:42 AM – PARTS OF USA COVERED IN SNOW! The Long Winter has begun! FRIGID and VERY SNOWY WINTER TAGS: JANUS, Operation Dark Winter, bio-terrorist attack, Longest and Coldest Winter,  Farmer’s Almanac, Telltale Signs, Walking Dead, COVID ZOMBIES, TEXAS FREEZE, Fake Snow, ELFVLF, HARRP, Weather Modification, Weather Warfare, FROZEN, Predictive Programming, Gatekeepers, Bill Gates, … Click Here to Read More

What you don’t know… WILL KILL YOU!

IN LOVING MEMORY AND HONOR OF ALL THOSE WHO DIED IN THE FALSE FLAG THAT WAS 9/11/01 Posted: 09/11/2021 TAGS: King of Elements, Carbon, Graphene Oxide, Nanotubes, Teslaphoresis, Bio-Medical Industry, Hydrogels,  DARPA, COVID 19, Vaccines, Viruses, Military-Funded Biosensor,  blood brain barrier, LUCIFEROUS-bioluminescence, cytotoxicity, La Quinta Columna Report, TEM Microscopy, Nanodots, Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson and Johnson, … Click Here to Read More


RESTORED 6/4/23 TAGS:  RFID MICROCHIP,NEUROLINK, VeriChip, GRAPHENE, NANOTECH, 666,  FOREHEAD OR HAND,  Forced Implants, Internet of Things, BiChip,  Satanic Church, Satanic  Temple,  government officials, tech industry leaders, scientists, biohackers, transhumanist figureheads, Genetic Ancestry, Vaccinations, Clinical Trials, Adverse Effects, ASTRAZENECA, God Gene, VMAT, New World Order, Bill Gates, ID2020, Luciferase, FUNVAX, COVID19, Conspiracy, PFIZER VP Greetings … Click Here to Read More


Restored 2/19/22 Remember when they said the Masks would only be for a couple weeks?? That was the beginning of last year!  They never had any intentions of returning to normal.  They are already telling you that even with the herd immunity level vaccines, you will still need to wear the masks and you will … Click Here to Read More

It Happened In Texas – It WILL HAPPEN TO YOU!!

Restored 6/23/23 What happened in Texas is a WARNING to ALL of the USA.  You may have already forgotten all about the recent Winter Nightmare in Texas.  I want you to revisit it.  WHY, because I don’t think you realize the severity of the event or the imminent danger it portends.  Wake up folks and … Click Here to Read More


Personally, I am encouraged.  At least a little bit.  Because the elite seem to be frustrated, even baffled to find that things are not coming together as easily as they expected.  I believe this is thanks to the Holy Spirit and the willing hearts of the TRUTHERS who are bringing truth to light.  People are … Click Here to Read More


WOW… things are just happening so fast.  There is so much going on it is hard to stay on top of it. The RULING ELITE want everyone injected with their nanotechnology and they want it now.  This has nothing to do with any disease.  IT has nothing to do with caring for your health.  This … Click Here to Read More


A COMPILATION OF INFORMATION YOU CANNOT AFFORD TO MISS.  Prince Charles is now selling his ‘eco-fascist fantasy of the Great Reset’ Sky News Australia Nov 21, 2020 Prince Charles is now selling his “eco-fascist fantasy of the Great Reset” to the Germans themselves, according to Sky News host Rowan Dean. spacer The Kung Flu Global … Click Here to Read More


The Great Reset will be the end of America.  Our once great nation, will no longer exist as we knew it.  YOUR FREEDOMS will be gone.  Completely gone.   And on top of that, you will literally made to eat SHIT.   I used to listen to the stories about the elite and how they would eat … Click Here to Read More

Monster, Madman or Medical Messiah?

The Wizard from Microsoft is fiercely fighting to restore his control over the masses.  He is not happy that people have been catching on to the truth and have turned on him.  He can’t argue the facts that have been revealed about him, so all he does is DENY, DENY, DENY.  Just what every abuser, … Click Here to Read More

DAVOS – World Economic Forum – WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW!

Photo Credit: The Economist We have put our faith and trust in leadership.  Leadership of our nations and the world.  We thought that the people we elected were actually making the decisions and taking action.  We were so wrong.  The people who make the decisions regarding our lives, our resources, our future, are not elected.  … Click Here to Read More