For all of you who think that Truthers are just crazy fanatics making stuff up… I wanted you to see that now they are coming right out and telling you… this was all about bringing in the NEW WORLD ORDER.   I know most of the  snowflakes will still be too blind to recognize the truth.  … Click Here to Read More


I apologize.  There has been so much happening and God has been revealing so much new information, I can’t keep up.  Apparently, I never got back to finish this article that I started back when the virus first came to the public arena.  Sorry.  I will make more notes/notations later when I have more time.  … Click Here to Read More

Fire Updates 10/26/19 – What is Happening in October?

Updates 10/21/19 LIVE: Pacific Palisades brush fire threatening homes ABC7 October 21, 2019 Firefighters are battling a brush fire that is dangerously close to homes in the Pacific Palisades section of Los Angeles. Details: Update 10/26/19 Officials provide update on Kincade Fire in California Global News October 26, 2019 Officials provided an update on … Click Here to Read More

Update 8/24/19 – Events Happening NOW – in the Month of August – News Updates and Vital Information

Well, it is another new month.  Another new article is required.  I am not sure how all this is going to progress but, IT DOES NOT LOOK GOOD,  NOT for AMERICA, Not for THE WORLD.  So many different things have symphonized to bring disaster it is frightening. Our food supply has been all but wiped … Click Here to Read More

China- Welcome to the Future – China the MODEL Government

If you don’t believe we are headed down this path, take another look at what is already happening to individual rights in this country.  Parents no longer have any rights to decide what is best for their children, individuals have no rights to freedom of speech, our rights to keep and bear arms are disappearing … Click Here to Read More

Update 4/14/19 It’s in The Blood – Part 4 of 11 – Dark Side of Transplants

– THE DARK SIDE OF TRANSPLANTS Originally posted: 7/10/16; updated 2/27/19 Though admittedly, many lives have been saved or prolonged through organ transplants, yet, I have to wonder, at what cost? Most likely the majority of those organ recipients are not even aware of the changes that have occurred and indeed are occurring inside of … Click Here to Read More