Wow… you may already be aware of this issue.  I was not.  Watch all these videos to get a fuller picture of what is going on.

In my opinion, this was all part of the plan.  The virus was introduced in Wuhan because Wuhan was fully set up for 5-G and could experience the full impact.  The Chinese government was selected because whey were the only nation that is fully Totalitarian and yet part of the global club.  The CCP was able to FORCE all of its people into submission.  They dutifully followed all mandates wearing the masks, submitting to vaccines, and remaining in their homes/apartments to comply with quarantines.  Those precious people found themselves sold down the river by their fearless leader.  They were locked/barricaded in their homes, denied food and water. Starved to death. Those who were unfortunate enough to be hospitalized, were locked in cells and carted off to incinerators even before they were dead.  In recent weeks, the people had suffered more than they could bear and the found the courage to revolt, risking life and limb the demanded relief.  Even as the CCP began to lift their demands, we learn now that the Vaccines the people were given were FAKE.  No remedy for their disease at all.  Today we learn that the CCP has lifted the travel ban and people are fleeing CHINA as fast as they can.  My heart goes out to them.  However, this poses a TREMENDOUS risk to the rest of the world.  We don’t even know how many new strains have been introduced in China or what other surprises have been added.  As these people pour out of China, it presents a perfect opportunity for WORLDWIDE INFESTATION.

As RIDICULOUS as it may seem, CHINA has been praised for their handling of the Pandemic.  The United Nations considers them the ideal model for ALL to follow.  The Chinese People are conditioned to be obedient.  They did everything that was demanded of them.  Did any of those mandates help in any way?  NOT A BIT!

As you look at the videos below, notice one particular thing.  This is what I have been telling people throughout this “Pandemic”.   THERE HAS BEEN NO PANDEMIC in the USA so far.  If there was a true pandemic, you would see hospitals overflowing, streets full of dead bodies, morgues unable to handle the demand, you would see funerals non stop.  YOU SEE THAT IN CHINA!  From the very beginning of the onset.  China was the guinea pig and the tool used to spread the fear and the final product.

There are some very harsh and scary times ahead.  There will be millions or even billions that will die between the plagues, the wars, the persecutions and the lawlessness.  This is a time when you cannot stand alone.  If you do not know the Heavenly Father, if you are not covered by the Blood of the Redeeming Savior, I am sorry for you.

Maybe now, people will understand why BORDERS are important and why IMMIGRATION must only be allowed through legal channels. I live in Texas, and we know first hand, people think that Texans have no right to defend their borders… wait until this threat reaches your home.  Sadly, by then it will be too late.


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