What will come of all of this?

We are living in the LAST DAYS.  Folks if you are not aware of that truth, get with the program.  Because we are living in the Time of the END, there are GREAT FORCES at work.  We are seeing manifestations on a daily basis.  These are very exciting and at the same time very scary times.

People are being affected without their knowledge, not only by the mind control efforts the world has at play but POWERFUL SPIRITUAL FORCES of both good and EVIL.  GOD is in CONTROL.  He is bringing everything to pass just as he prophesied.  Anyone who has not accepted HIS precious gift of salvation through the blood of Yahushua is just along for the ride.  They will be tossed about by every wind and manipulated by demonic forces.

A great portion of what is going to play out before our eyes will be centered on Jerusalem/Israel.  Why?  Because this is the time when God turns His focus back on Israel to bring everything to fulfillment.  How exactly that will play out no one knows for certain.  However, you can get a pretty strong idea of the major events by reading the WORD OF GOD.

There are things happening in Israel that you might want to look at.  Some of them will be presented in this post.