70 Nations to Serve Israel

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WOW… I am telling you, we are going to see the LORD in the clouds anytime!!
I have to say that I am blown away but what I have learned in the past few days.  I have always had a soft spot in my heart for the Hebrew people.  God has brought me through so many things in my life that help to nurture that in me.  However, about 20 years ago, I stopped sending any money to any cause in Israel.  I just had the feeling that evil forces were at work.  OH MY!!  ARE THEY EVER!
I can see now why ALL THE WORLD WILL COME AGAINST ISRAEL!   There are people in Israel who love the LORD, and/or Love GOD ALMIGHTY.  However, the powers that be in ISRAEL are completely EVIL!!  Seed of SATAN and the FALLEN ANGELS.
THIS NEW WORLD ORDER is HERE.  They have access to all the documents, writings, prophecies, bloodlines, artifacts, and the evil spirits.  THEY KNOW THE TIME IS VERY SHORT, that is why they are pushing hard to get this done NOW!!
I am convinced that this represents the Great Falling Away and the Great Deception.  So many Gentiles have been caring for JEWS and Sending Money, Studying Hebrew and the Jewish teachings to try and understand the Jewish people.  Gentiles have poured out their love on Israel because we love the Almighty. Many Christians have fallen away from their first love because of their love for our roots.  How sad that the Jews are so blind and so many of them are so heartless.  Possessed by demons.
Watch for things to escalate even faster than they have been.
ANY Christians sending money to ISRAEL, needs to STOP!!  DON’T even end money to “send food boxes to Holocaust Survivors”  all that stuff is a scam!!!   They are collecting funds for the promotion of their plan.
If you want to do something for GOD’s people in Israel… PRAY!!!  That is what GOD said to do.  PRAY for the peace of Jerusalem.  PRAY for their eyes to be opened!  Pray for them to be set FREE!!
Hundreds of protesters from the Kurdish community in Lebanon, hold a placard as they chant slogans, during a demonstration against Turkey's military operation in northeastern Syria, in front of the United Nations Headquarters in Beirut, Lebanon, Friday, Oct. 11, 2019. (AP Photo/Bilal Hussein) ** FILE **
Hundreds of protesters from the Kurdish community in Lebanon, hold a placard as they chant slogans, during a demonstration against Turkey’s military operation in northeastern Syria, in front of the United Nations Headquarters in Beirut, Lebanon, Friday, Oct. 11, 2019. … more >
– The Washington Times – Tuesday, March 10, 2020

The United Nations’ special rapporteur on freedom of religion or belief said in a report presented to the Human Rights Council that faith must not be used to justify violence or discrimination, and that when religion seems to provoke acts of violence or discrimination — particularly against women and gays and transgenders — then the global body’s own equal rights’ protections must take priority over the religious teachings.

On the one hand, that’s a no-duh remark. Discrimination in all its forms is bad. So is violence. We get it. On the other hand, though — and this is where it gets dicey — this is the United Nations’ way of setting government over religion, of prioritizing government over God.

Read carefully. Think critically. This is a U.N. step toward supplanting the religions of the world.

“States have an obligation to guarantee to everyone, including women, girls and LGBT+ people, an equal right to freedom of religion or belief, including by creating an enabling environment where pluralist and progressive self-understandings can manifest,” said Special Rapporteur Ahmad Shaheed, in his annual report, LifeSiteNews wrote.

That’s the no-duh.

Here comes the dicey.

From the U.N.’s news desk: “In his report, the UN expert urges States to repeal gender-based discrimination laws, including those enacted with reference to religious considerations that criminalize adultery; criminalize persons on the basis of their actual or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity; criminalize abortion in all cases; and facilitate religious practices that violate human rights.”

Shaheed didn’t call out religions by name. But that in itself is problematic.

After all, it’s Islam that breeds violence; Islam that sets women as second-class citizens — or even lower, below the dogs; Islam that tosses gays off rooftops; Islam that rewards suicide bombing martyrs-slash-murderers for Allah with virgins in heaven.

If the goal of the United Nations is to address the root causes of violence and discrimination as it pertains to religion, then the better path toward truth and effectiveness would be to speak boldly and clearly on the dangers of politicized Islam, and the fuzzy boundaries that separate the so-called religion of Islam from the radicalized political beliefs of Islam. And that’s “boundaries” in quotation marks.

But if the goal of the United Nations is to draw moral equivalences between the religions of the world, as if Christianity is Hinduism is Islam is Wiccan and so forth — and then make the case that all are equally prone to discriminate and and subjugate and further acts of brutality and violence — well then, congrats to the special rapporteur.

Lumping the world’s religions together is a tool of confusion and deception that allows the global body to shake its scolding finger in the general direction of “religion,” instead of at the real sources of religious intolerance and violence.

It also subtly casts Christian teachings about the sin of homosexuality, the sin of adultery, and the satanic nature of creating chaos with the God-ordained definition of family as akin to, say, Islam’s open persecution of gays, or Islam’s brutal public punishments of women for adultery.

And when the messaging is complete, when the message of Christianity equals Islam equals any other religion of the world is imprinted on enough mindsets, then watch and see: There will come the United Nations with the solution for all this religion-based discrimination and intolerance and murder and mayhem government regulation of religion.

Government, over religion.

It’s historical truth that socialists, communists, tyrants, despots and autocrats seek worship of government, not God; seek a secularized society in order to exert greater influence and seize greater control. And if you can’t wipe out religion, what better way to make religion irrelevant than by casting all the religions as the same? The better to break the faith, my dear.

If any government had a vested interest in plowing forth a secularized society, it’s the power-hungry bloated elites of the United Nations.

Beware the “wolves in sheep’s clothing,” the Bible teaches. Beware the United Nations’ teachings on religions.


The Sanhedrin seduction and Third Temple temptations—A warning to Christians!

Recently a pastor contacted me to see if I was interested in covering, for GOD TV, a concert in Jerusalem. The event was sponsored by a group called The Sanhedrin. You will recognize that name from the New Testament. The Sanhedrin was the Jewish high court and police system, overseen by 71 judges from among leading Sadducees (priests), Pharisees and Scribes. The Sanhedrin survived the second Temple’s destruction and made it all the way to the fifth century. But, because of persecution, it was finally disbanded.

Over the past year, I have heard more than one person refer to the supposed rebirth of a modern day Sanhedrin. Some have even confused Israel’s religious court system with being a new Sanhedrin, which it is not. Instead, it is a group of Orthodox Jews who are seeking to re-establish the ancient Sanhedrin.

But do they have authority to simply decide that they are the ruling Sanhedrin? Of course not! They have no judicial authority whatsoever. By this standard, any group of 23 or 71 Jewish men could claim they are the new Sanhedrin.

So, if Israel already provides for an Orthodox religious court system, why are these men seeking to re-establish the Sanhedrin? And why would all of this be of interest for Bible-believing Christians? The answer to both these questions is that the main item on their agenda is not one of every day justice, but one which stirs great controversy among both Jews and Christians: they are preparing a renewed priesthood (including the high priest), for the rebuilding of the Third Temple in Jerusalem.  

The Biblical Sanhedrin in Jerusalem was a gathering point for universal cooperation and justice. The high-point of the concert came when the foreign representatives went up to the stage to sign an agreement with the Sanhedrin.

By signing, the nations acknowledged that they were answering a call by the Sanhedrin of Israel to accompany the people of God, as peoples, nations, and individuals toward establishing the Temple in Jerusalem as a house of prayer for all nations as prophesied in the Bible.

Breaking Israel News

Evangelicals and the New Sanhedrin

This new Sanhedrin, just like the [Third] Temple Institute, is looking to the evangelical world for support. They even have a Gentile Christian spokesman for the Sanhedrin. I know this man and he is a sweet individual. But, sadly, it appears that he has greatly compromised the great commission in his efforts to be a blessing to Israel. And what is considerably concerning is that he believes this new Sanhedrin “will play a key role at the end of days.” (Read his interview here) Let me be clear, there is no prophecy whatsoever that points to an end-time, God-fearing, God-appointed Sanhedrin.

As a Jewish believer, I am deeply conflicted: One the one hand, I love that Christians are seeking friendship with Jews. On the other, I am deeply concerned that it is in an effort to affirm a Yeshua-less Judaism.

First of all, the Sanhedrin that are reaching out to evangelical believers would never reach out to a Messianic Jew, because

  1. We say you can be Jewish and believe in Yeshua, just like the first believers did and
  2. We, with compassion, seek to share Yeshua with other Jewish people.

They think we are a cult because we believe that Yeshua is the Messiah, and, yet, they are seeking partnership with evangelical Christians—who believe the exact same thing. If Jesus is not the Messiah, then every Christian on earth is deceived. If He is, then let them embrace Him too. But, rejecting Him, while accepting His gentile followers—and their donations—seems hypocritical.

Not only would they not fellowship with me, they would most likely persecute me. While I love the fact that evangelicals are establishing relationships with Orthodox Jews, it seems that some of it is coming at the cost of compromising our most holy commission—to spread the message of Yeshua to all nations (Matt. 28:18-20). And, of course, that includes Israel!

A Mystic Fascination

Many Christians are fascinated by their new Jewish friends. One pastor wrote of a meeting between Orthodox Jews and evangelical Christians, calling it the greatest expression of the “Ephesians 2:15/One New Man” that he had ever seen! While it is great that they were reaching out to Jewish people and expressing the love of Yeshua, the “One New Man” of Ephesians 2:15 is all about the reconciliation of Jews and Gentiles together in the Messiah, not Jewish unbelievers and Christians. The “One New Man” of Ephesians 2:15 is not anti-Jesus, Orthodox Jews and pro-Jesus gentiles, but Messianic Jewish and gentile believers coming together in Yeshua. 

Christians, while absolutely having a calling (Rom. 11:11) to reach out with love to the Jewish people, should never assume that Judaism without Yeshua is acceptable. He is the “the Way and the Truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through [Yeshua].” (John 14:6) The entirety of the Old Covenant pointed to Messiah. This is why Paul, the learned Jewish rabbi/apostle could write, “Messiah is the end of the law/Torah for all who believe.”(Romans 10:4)

Jesus wept over Jerusalem’s rejection of Him (Matt. 23:37-39; Luke 19:41-42) and the Bible is full of prophecies of the Jewish people embracing Yeshua in the end-times (Zech. 12:10, 13:1, Hosea 3:4-5, Matt. 23:37-39;  Romans 11:26, Rev. 1:7). Paul said that the Gospel is to the Jew first (Romans 1:16) and, yet, many of these well-meaning Christians will not even speak to their new Jewish friends of their need for salvation.

For us, who live here in Israel, we risk life and limb to plead with our people, as Paul did, to accept Yeshua as MessiahIt is stunning to see evangelicals compromise by giving religious legitimacy to a body that, outright, rejects Yeshua as the Messiah, and then persecutes Jews who believe in Him. They shun their Messianic bothers and embrace those who vehemently oppose the Gospel. Many Christians attended a concert, flinging themselves with a fictitious Sanhedrin.

“Last night, nations came together in Jerusalem to praise God, aligning with the Sanhedrin.”

Mordecai Persoff, head of the Mikdash Educational Center

There are quotes from believers speaking of God “doing a new thing”…”an historic event…the establishment of the Sanhedrin…The potential is enormous.” One believer said, “It is clear that we need the Sanhedrin to act as an interface between faith and politics in order to spread this blessing even further in the world.”  (SO DECEIVED!)  As you will see below, the New Testament Sanhedrin was anything but a blessing to the fledging Messianic community. (Acts 5:40) !!!

So that I am clear, evangelicals should absolutely continue building bridges with the Jewish people, but should never compromise the Gospel. My dear friend and associate, Ward Simpson, the CEO of GOD TV, stood before group of Jewish-Israeli government officials and Christian media leaders a year ago and said that GOD TV has

“A job to the proclaim the Gospel of our King to the ends of the earth … and part of that Gospel message is Israel. Without her, without the Jewish people, where would we be today?” 

He went on to say that GOD TV would always stand with Israel. And the Israeli government posted His speech. Watch here! You see, you can love Israel and love the Gospel. It is both/and, not either/or.

Remember the Sanhedrin?

Here are a few more thoughts you should consider before aligning with or supporting the so-called Sanhedrin or Third Temple builders:

  1. There is no such thing as a modern Sanhedrin. They are just a group of men claiming, without any Biblical authority, to be the Sanhedrin. They have no power or authority—governmental or religious. God has not reestablished the Sanhedrin. And teaching that they are end-time agents is simply deception. They need Yeshua—just like you and me.
  2. The last significant thing the Sanhedrin did was to add the 19th benediction to the Jewish prayer book late in the first century, declaring all Notzrim—Jewish believers—to be heretics. Since no Messianic Jew could recite this, it was used as a tool to root out Jewish followers of Yeshua from the Synagogue. Before that, they oversaw the martyrdom of Stephen—a Messianic Jew. Prior to this, they persecuted the apostles by beating them with the cat of nine tails; and before that, they missed the coming of Messiah and conspired with Pilate to have Yeshua crucified. They were not exactly a peaceful group promoting a Messianic or Christian dialogue.
  3. If this group one day becomes recognized as the Sanhedrin, it seems they will make a deal with the antichrist for the rebuilding of the Temple (Dan. 9:27). So, I guess in that sense, they could have an end-time role.

Third Temple Fascination

Many Christians, with a love for Israel and Biblical prophecy, seem mesmerized by this whole idea of the rebuilding of the Temple, convinced by their view of prophecy that it must be rebuilt before Yeshua’s Second Coming.

Christians who send money to the Temple Institute, or who join in worldwide prayer meetings with a renewed “Sanhedrin,” need to understand that this third Temple will be defiled by the antichrist (2 Thess. 2:4). This is where he will set up his image and claim to be God. Is this something Christians should be encouraging or supporting with prayers and finances? Should believers be backing an antichrist agenda? Brothers and sisters, this is nothing but a recipe for confusion and deception! We need to warn the Jewish people of this, not help them to align themselves with the future antichrist!

A Great Deception

I believe that one of the great deceptions of the end-times surrounds this theme of Christians naively aligning themselves with Orthodox Jews. It starts with a love for the Jewish people, but then comes a fascination with their traditions and customs (all fine and good). But then comes all kinds of reasons why we shouldn’t be sharing the Gospel with them, etc. We’ve seen more than one case where this ends up in the denial of faith in Yeshua and a wholesale conversion to Judaism!

We have been fighting a battle against replacement theology, calling out the false teaching that the Church has replaced Israel, and that God’s judgment is on Jewish people for the killing of Jesus. However, we cannot go so far in the other direction that it ends with the defacto (or outright) denial of Jesus, in the name of preserving Jewish-Christian dialogue or relations. Remember, the last thing He told His apostles was to “take the gospel to Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and to the ends of the earth.” (Acts 1:8) That is our solemn commission.

Yes, the church is called to love Israel and absolutely seek peaceful dialogue. The persecution of Jews from Christians is one of the greatest and bloodiest oxymorons in history. God had called the church to “provoke the Jews to jealousy” but, instead, she attacked them, stole their promises and called them cursed. Thank God, things are changing! More and more believers are expressing affection for Israel. But part of loving them is gently, with sensitivity, and a broken heart, sharing the Gospel with them. I am a believer in Yeshua because my Gentile best friend loved me enough to tell me an uncomfortable truth.

Willing to go to Hell for Israel

Rabbi Paul’s burning passion was to win the Jewish people to Yeshua, not merely to foster dialogue (by the way, a dialogue that delegitimizes their Messianic Jewish brothers). He speaks clearly about the Orthodox Jews of his day:

Brothers and sisters, my heart’s desire and prayer to God for the Israelites is that they may be saved. For I can testify about them that they are zealous for God, but their zeal is not based on knowledge.  (Romans 10:1-2)

He is clear on two things:

  1. He longs for the Jewish people to know Yeshua.
  2. That their zeal (like the new Sanhedrin) is not based on the Word of God, but on a desire to obtain righteousness through their own actions—not by the grace of God.

Paul did not seek humanistic dialogue. With a broken heart, he pleaded with the Jewish people of his day to receive Yeshua. And many did! He was so broken over the state of Israel that he was willing to go to hell if it meant they would be saved.

For I could wish that I myself were cursed and cut off from Messiah for the sake of my people, those of my own race, the people of Israel.  (Romans 9:3-4)

Shockingly, one of the leading pastors in the Christian Zionist movement loved the Jewish people so much that he embraced a false theology called Dual Covenant (which teaches that Jews do not need Jesus for salvation, but are saved through the Old Covenant). What nonsense! Jesus came to the Jewish people and the Gospel is to the Jew first (Rom. 1:16). He was crucified, buried and resurrected in Jerusalem. The apostles preached Yeshua exclusively to Jewish people for the first decade. And this fellow suddenly says,

“Everyone else, whether Buddhist or Baha’i, needs to believe in Jesus. But not Jews. Jews already have a covenant with God that has never been replaced.”

And, yet, God says through Jeremiah that he will make a New Covenant with Israel! (Jer. 31:31)

After being confronted by scholars, he was forced to rewrite portions in his book on the subject, but still thinks sharing the Gospel with Jews is futile. In his efforts to love Israel, he has taken the most  uncaring  position.

We have to discern between genuine love for Israel and a false empathy that seeks to silence believers from sharing the Good News with Jewish people. In fact, we should love the Jewish people so much that, with tears, we have to share Yeshua.

God does have an awesome plan for Israel, but it does not include the glorification of a new Sanhedrin, but massive awakening to Yeshua that ends in “all Israel” being saved, as Romans 11:26 says.

This article originally appeared on Messiah’s Mandate, September 19, 2018, and reposted with permission.




By Debbie Rosenzweig

The number 70 has significance as a source of both disunity and harmony in the world.

While there are almost 200 countries on the map today, Jewish tradition refers to global humanity as the “70 nations.” This enumeration comes from the biblical story of the Tower of Babel, when the people of the world gathered together to build an enormous structure that would reach the heavens and challenge God.

The Tower of Babel (1594 painting by Lucas van Valckenborch at the Louvre)

As punishment for their rebellion, God destroyed their powerful unity by spreading them throughout the earth and “confusing their language” (Genesis 11:1-9). According to rabbinic tradition, this act led to the development of the seventy nations – each with its own language.

While this division and dispersal may be viewed as the source of disharmony in the world, the separation of humanity into different nations is not inherently bad. Perhaps each nation has a unique role to play in human history, with no need for hierarchy or competition.

According to the prophet Isaiah, the purpose of the nation of Israel is to be a “light unto the nations” (Isaiah 49:6). From David Ben Gurion to Benjamin Netanyahu, the leaders of the State of Israel have used this language when describing their visions for the country. Likewise, religious and community leaders in Israel and abroad charge the Jewish people throughout the world with this tremendous responsibility.

Unfortunately, we oftentimes find ourselves confused and divided, just like the generation in Babel, arguing over what it truly means to be a “light unto the nations.” Will we fulfill our purpose by learning the holy words of Torah? By inventing technologies that improve the world? By building a just society?

When our forefather Jacob descended to Egypt, the Bible says that he travelled with all of his offspring, numbering “70 soul” (Exodus 1:5). Our sages explain that the word “soul” is written in singular form because, while the family was made up of 70 individuals, they functioned as one, united body. Before his death, Jacob blessed each of his sons – the leaders of the tribes of Israel – to succeed in his own path. Among the tribes were those destined to be political leaders, judicial authorities, warriors, scholars, and businesspeople. In order for Israelite society to function, each tribe needed to serve its own unique purpose.

While disunity entered the world in the form of the number 70, the ultimate unity also takes the form of 70. Only when each nation recognizes its own role and appreciates that of the other can true unity be achieved.

On the State of Israel’s 70th birthday, we marveled with amazement to see how Israel has managed to grow far beyond the diversity of “70” in such a short time, with Jews, Muslims and Christians from over 100 countries and speaking over 80 different languages. May the vibrant diversity of this great country continue to grow, and may we all be blessed with the wisdom and humility to work together, as one, for the good of our nation and the world.


Israel adopts divisive law that declares only Jews have the right of self-determination

Although the law is largely symbolic, critics say the legislation is racist in origin and verges on apartheid.

JERUSALEM — Israel passed a law on Thursday to declare that only Jews have the right of self-determination in the country, something members of the Arab minority called racist and verging on apartheid.

The “nation-state” law, backed by the right-wing government, passed by a vote of 62-55 and two abstentions in the 120-member parliament after months of political argument. Some Arab lawmakers shouted and ripped up papers after the vote.

This is a defining moment in the annals of Zionism and the history of the state of Israel,Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told the Knesset after the vote.

Largely symbolic, the law was enacted just after the 70th anniversary of the birth of the state of Israel. It stipulates that “Israel is the historic homeland of the Jewish people and they have an exclusive right to national self-determination in it.”

The bill also strips Arabic of its designation as an official language alongside Hebrew, downgrading it to a “special status” that enables its continued use within Israeli institutions.

Israel’s Arabs number some 1.8 million, about 20 percent of the 9 million population.

Clauses that were dropped in last-minute political wrangling — and after objections by Israel’s president and attorney-general — would have enshrined in law the establishment of Jewish-only communities, and instructed courts to rule according to Jewish ritual law when there were no relevant legal precedents.

Instead, a more vaguely-worded version was approved, which says: “The state views the development of Jewish settlement as a national value and will act to encourage and promote its establishment.”

Even after the changes, critics said the new law will deepen a sense of alienation within the Arab minority.

I announce with shock and sorrow the death of democracy,” Ahmed Tibi, an Arab lawmaker, told reporters.


Israel’s “Jews-Only” Marriage Laws Explained

It is one of the most commonly-used tricks of Jewish Supremacists to deny that Israel has racially-based marriage laws—but the full and final truth has finally emerged from an organization within Israel itself.


The “Freedom of Marriage World Map” is an annual report produced by the Hiddush-Freedom of Religion for Israel organization that examines and compares the status of freedom of marriage around the world.

According to that organization, the “main and original purpose of the map was to investigate Israel’s standing on freedom of marriage in comparison to world standards.”

The conclusion of that organization is that Israel “ranks among some of the most fundamentalist countries in the Islamic world on this issue.”

Hiddush has the following to say about Israel’s marriage laws:

  • Only recognized religious marriage ceremonies are allowed.
  • For Jews, only weddings that are held according to strict Orthodox standards are accepted.
  • There is no option for civil marriage or interfaith marriage.
  • 300,000 citizens are defined as ‘without religion’ and they are unable to get married in the country.
  • Israeli law permits only religious marriages held by religious testimony, and does not allow civil marriages.
  • Among the Jewish population, the Chief Rabbinate, which operates according to Orthodox Jewish standards, has a monopoly over marriage.
  • Only those who are recognized as Jews according to Orthodox Jewish law can get married in Israel.
  • Members of other religions can only marry spouses of the same religion and only by their own recognized religious authority.
  • The result is that no interfaith or non-religious marriages are allowed.
  • The Law of Return which allows up to second generation descendants of Jews and their spouses to immigrate to Israel and receive citizenship, but prevents them from getting married.
  • This also applies to individuals whose fathers or grandfathers are Jewish but their mother or grandmother is not. They are excluded due to Orthodox Jewish law which stipulates that Judaism is determined by the mother.
  • There are also individuals who are Jewish according to Orthodox law, but who lose their marriage rights in certain circumstances.
  • Those defined by the rabbinical authorities as illegitimate (born to a women who conceived a child with a man who is not her husband) are considered ineligible for marriage.
  • Divorced women are not allowed to marry men who carry any of the traditional “Cohen” family names (denoting families who are considered to be the direct descendants of the ancient Israelite priests and who, by law, are forbidden from marrying divorcees and converts).
  • The State of Israel only recognizes Jewish marriages that are officiated by recognized Orthodox rabbis.
  • Marriages conducted by rabbis of any other Jewish affiliation (Reform, Conservative, Reconstructionist, Renewal) are not recognized.
  • The Law of Return recognizes converts who converted in a non-Orthodox ceremony. They are allowed to receive Israeli citizenship, but the Chief Rabbinate does not recognize them as Jews and does not consider them eligible for Jewish marriage.
  • This creates a situation in which converts who joined Judaism through progressive movements and in some cases, Orthodox converts who converted by moderate Orthodox rabbis, cannot get married in Israel.
  • Due to Israeli Supreme Court rulings from the 1960s, the Ministry of Interior registers and accepts civil marriages held abroad.
  • The question of the validity of civil marriages that were held abroad has yet to be decided in Israel, and there are many contradicting opinions and rulings on this matter.
  • Israel was the only Western country that received a grade of “0” by the Hiddush ranking, putting it in the company of Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Sudan with regard to marriage laws.

In Israel’s official portrait, only Jewish lives matter

A new government report published on the eve of Israel’s Independence Day only concerns itself with infant mortality statistics and life expectancy of Jewish citizens. What does that say about Israel’s attitude towards non-Jews?

An Israeli child waves an Israeli flag in the Muslim Quarter of Jerusalem's Old city during a march celebrating Jerusalem Day, May 12, 2010. (Gili Yaari/Flash90)

An Israeli child waves an Israeli flag in the Muslim Quarter of Jerusalem’s Old city during a march celebrating Jerusalem Day, May 12, 2010. (Gili Yaari/Flash90

It is not all that uncommon for nationalist Israelis to accuse anybody politically to the left of them of supporting, or attempting to transform Israeli into “a state of all its citizens.” The idea being that a state which sees, counts, serves, and protects all of its citizens equally, irrespective of ethnicity or creed, would destroy Israel as we know it — Israel the Jewish state, which belongs only to its Jewish citizens.

It should be no surprise then that a state which values its Jewish citizens over anyone else would measure its successes using metrics that include only its Jewish population, excluding one in five of its total population.

For instance, an annual official demographic report published on the eve of Independence Day (Hebrew), comparing infant mortality rates in Israel “then and now,” only includes the statistics for the country’s Jewish citizens. The infant mortality rate in Israel is an impressive 2.2 per 1,000 live births, according to the press release published by the Central Bureau of Statistics. But if you read the fine print you learn that number is only for Jews. (See note at the bottom of this article.)

According to the full data found on the CBS’s website, the infant mortality rates for Muslim citizens of Israel is 6.5 per 1,000 live births, nearly three times the rate for Jewish citizens, and 6.2 per 1,000 for all Arab citizens. The national rate, including all Israeli citizens irrespective of race or ethnicity, is 3.1 per 1,000.

Is this an attempt at inflating statistics in order to make the country look good? Is it a more sinister statement that Jewish lives matter more than non-Jewish lives in Israel? Perhaps both? It’s pretty sickening either way.

Several other figures in the CBS document, sent to the press last Thursday, also give data exclusively for Israel’s Jewish population, which comprises 74.7 percent of all Israeli citizens. Many of the other figures for which data pertaining only to the Jewish population was published, like average life expectancy, also hide significant disparities between the Jewish and non-Jewish populations of Israel.

According to the document published last week, life expectancy in Israel is 80.9 for men and 84.5 for women — Jewish men and women, that is. A quick search on the CBS website reveals that life expectancy for Arab citizens of Israel is 76.9 for men and 81.1 for women — significantly lower, and which brings the national average down.

Israel is not unique in that different population segments have access to better healthcare, which leads to better health, life expectancy and infant mortality rates. What is unique in Israel is that it measures its progress and health primarily as it relates to one ethno-religious group. If the question is whether non-Jewish lives matter in Israel, the statistics presented by the state do not provide an encouraging answer.

Erasing Palestine, and its Palestinians

In addition to hiding statistics about Palestinian citizens of Israel, the map included in the yearly statistical publication also erases Palestine. The map excludes the Gaza Strip, but makes no distinction between the recognized borders between Israel and the West Bank or Golan Heights. Israel often accuses the Palestinians of “erasing” Israel by publishing maps of Palestine that exclude the Green Line and do not show the State of Israel on the other side of it. This is far from the only instance of official Israeli maps claiming all of the territory from the river to the sea as Israel’s own.

Furthermore, as noted in Haaretz editorial on Sunday, the population statistics include Jewish Israelis living in the West Bank but not their Palestinian neighbors living in the same land, even in the same streets of the same cities.

The purpose and effect of hiding the Palestinian population of the West Bank while claiming the land, is to mask the one-state reality we are living in.


Jun 15, 2018

In a rare act, the Presidency of the Knesset (a ten-member group representing most parties) last week disqualified a bill moved by Israeli Palestinian parliamentarians from coming to a debate or vote. The bill in question was named “Basic Law: Israel [is a] State of All Its Citizens.”

Rabbi Zvi Idan – President of the Sanhedrin Rabbi Yeshayahu Hollander – Court of Bnei Noach Rabbi Eliyahu Birnbaum – World Rabbi