UN Immigration Compact

Truthers, researchers and Whistleblowers all across the Earth have been warning for decades that there is a global agenda run by a small group of persons who believe themselves to be the Enlightened Wise Ones.  They have been meeting in secret for longer than anyone could conceive or believe.  They have been feverishly working behind … Click Here to Read More


Why on earth would ANY NATION TOLERATE THIS??  Especially in these times when the threat of WAR is all around us.  THIS IS A SERIOUS BREECH OF SECURITY!!  IT MUST BE ELIMINATED IMMEDIATELY!!!  THIS IS NO JOKE! How did they get here??  How are they moving about freely in our Country??  SO much for Homeland … Click Here to Read More


Truth seems to be the hardest thing to find in these last days.  Deception is the rule.  God’s Word is being diminished, slandered, re-written and mocked.  His LAND is being ravaged, bombed, cursed and divided. BUT, though the enemy is very good a fooling the world, he cannot fool the people of GOD.  REMEMBER THIS, … Click Here to Read More