Truth seems to be the hardest thing to find in these last days.  Deception is the rule.  God’s Word is being diminished, slandered, re-written and mocked.  His LAND is being ravaged, bombed, cursed and divided. BUT, though the enemy is very good a fooling the world, he cannot fool the people of GOD.  REMEMBER THIS, … Click Here to Read More


UPDATED 3/6/22 “thou art come to the kingdom for such a time as this”  Esther 4:14 Every one of us was born at this time for a purpose.  AND WHAT A TIME TO BE LIVING.  Those who have gone before us would have given anything to be in our shoes.  We are the generation that … Click Here to Read More

Notre Dame – Part 2

RESTORED 8/8/22              Well, this entire thing is getting weirder all the time.   Turns out that one day before the fire at Notre Dame, there was a fire at St John the Devine Cathedral in New York.  Not only that but on the very same day as the Notre Dame … Click Here to Read More