Truth seems to be the hardest thing to find in these last days.  Deception is the rule.  God’s Word is being diminished, slandered, re-written and mocked.  His LAND is being ravaged, bombed, cursed and divided.

BUT, though the enemy is very good a fooling the world, he cannot fool the people of GOD.  REMEMBER THIS, GOD  is not mocked.  He knows exactly what is happening and why.  He knew from the beginning.  He is in control and will have the LAST WORD.

EVIL must be allowed to flourish until all who belong to GOD have been come in and received his MARK.  THEN THE END WILL COME.

There is a lot going on in the world today, especially in the land of the Bible.  It is my prayer that this post today will help many people get a better understanding of the TRUTH.


See How Jerusalem Looked 2000 years ago!


For years, the enemies of Israel have been working hard to erase any evidence of the existence of the Hebrew people from the Holy Land.  They have been waging a psychological war to vilify the people of Israel and turn the world against them.  All while they have been bombarding the land with missiles, running terror attacks against the citizens, bullying the people of Israel at every opportunity.

They and the world need to recognize that the LAND of ISRAEL and the especially the CITY of JERUSALEM belong to YHVH, The Creator of ALL THINGS.  HE is the one who determines the outcome of every encounter.  He raises up nations and HE brings them down.  It is by HIS POWER and HIS Authority that the Land of Israel exists, that the Hebrew People still exist, that JERUSALEM continues to exist as a HEBREW CITY.

HE will determine when the Temple will be restored.  He is the one who will determine when the Muslims are removed from HIS Mountain.  He is the one who keeps Jerusalem in the face, the eye and the hearts of people all over the World.  It is HIS City. HIS HIGH PLACE, HIS TEMPLE.

It is only by his grace that the Muslim goyim are currently trampling on it.  He foretold this long ago.  It is also foretold that the World will turn against Israel.  Why?  Because the world worships the Beast.  The World HATES GOD.  The WORLD belongs to Satan and will join him in HELL.

God has people, all over the Earth, who love HIM and know that He is in Control and the Land of Israel and the City of Jerusalem are in his hand.

Right now Jerusalem is a HOTSPOT.  By the design of the Lord.  Everything is proceeding as He planned.  Jerusalem has become a “CUP OF TREMBLING”.




There are many voices calling out for the Jews to take control of the Temple Mount and start building the TEMPLE.  Here are a few:

Cry for Zion
WE ARE A MOVEMENT OF JEWS AND CHRISTIANS FOR JEWISH SOVEREIGNTY AND FREEDOM ON THE TEMPLE MOUNT (ZION).​The Temple Mount is the holiest place on earth for the Jewish people and all of biblical history. Since 1967, the State of Israel holds full, legal rights to the Mount, but handed over administration to the Muslim religious Waqf. The Waqf now attempts to monopolize the site.
Today on the Temple Mount, non-Muslims are discriminated against and are not even allowed to move their lips in silent prayer. They are routinely harassed and abused—forbidden from bringing a Bible or prayer book, and even their access is severely restricted. At the Western Wall, which is under Jewish sovereignty, everyone can respectfully pray.
We appeal to the ruling bodies of Israel to exercise their full, legal sovereignty, guaranteeing Jewish rights on their most holy place. Let that flag of Israel fly in the heart of her capital!
The group’s petition for “full sovereignty” for Jews, one of Cry for Zion’s several actions, has earned more than 8,760 signatures. Its YouTube presentation challenging Islam’s claim to the site has had more than 55,500 views.

 International Fellowship of Christians and Jews
International Fellowship of Christians and Jews | Support Israel Today Help Ukrainian Jews Now Stay Informed Jerusalem — My Highest Joy When celebrating Jerusalem Day, we thank God for the reunification of His Holy City, and pray for its full restoration. Read More Have You Seen Us on TV?

Christians United for Israel
Our Mission As the largest pro-Israel organization in the United States, with over 10 million membersChristians United for Israel (CUFI) is the foremost Christian organization educating and empowering millions of Americans to speak and act with one voice in defense of Israel and the Jewish people.

 “The Returning to the Mount,”
The Israeli Jewish colonial fundamentalist group which advocates the construction of a “Third Jewish temple” announced this week that it plans to sacrifice animals as part of the Jewish Passover.

The Temple Mount Faithful | Working to Rebuild the Temple on the Temple Mount
The goal of the Temple Mount and Land of Israel Faithful Movement is the building of the Third Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem in our lifetime in accordance with the Word of G-d and all the Hebrew prophets and the liberation of the Temple Mount from Arab (Islamic) occupation so that it may be consecrated to the Name of G-d. .

The Temple Institute Jerusalem
Over the past six months the Temple Institute has greatly expanded its efforts to raise a red heifer in Israel whose ashes can be used to achieve the highest level of biblical purity which will enable kohanim and ordinary Jews to enter into the areas on the Temple Mount where the inner Temple courtyards and the Temple Sanctuary are located, a prerequisite for the renewal of the Divine service in the Holy Temple.

Rebuilding Of The Temple. –
The Sanhedrin calls upon the Jewish people to contribute towards the acquisition of materials for the purpose of rebuilding the Holy Temple; the gathering and preparation of prefabricated, disassembled portions of this building to be stored and ready for rapid assembly, in the manner of King David.

Those who want the Jewish Temple Rebuilt
What is even weirder, is that there are other groups out there invested in rebuilding Solomon’s temple, the freemasons and templars are among them. Freemasonry has always planned to gain control of the Temple Mount so they can rebuild Solomon’s  Temple.


The Muslims do not all agree about the Temple site.  Saudi Arabia and Morocco among others feel that the Temple Mount is irrelevant to Muslims.  They admit the Jewish History with Jerusalem and the land of Israel.