One has to wonder.  Is the 2023 DAVOS meeting just a place holder, made up of “B” listers just there to have a physical presence in the MOUNTAINS for the Magic Workings?  Are the main characters meeting secretly in MUNICH?  What EXACTLY are they planning there?  WORLD WAR III? One thing we know for certain … Click Here to Read More

He ain’t no Santa Klaus!

These folks who hold their meetings behind fences guarded by men with big guns really have no right to hand down mandates or devise plans to resolve the worlds problems, or create any kind of treaty or constitution.  They are just men and women with enormous egos who have been educated in the schools of … Click Here to Read More


UPDATED 3/6/22 “thou art come to the kingdom for such a time as this”  Esther 4:14 Every one of us was born at this time for a purpose.  AND WHAT A TIME TO BE LIVING.  Those who have gone before us would have given anything to be in our shoes.  We are the generation that … Click Here to Read More

Entering the DARK WINTER – Are You Ready?

The Dark Winter is upon us.  It may turn out to be the DARKEST possible on EVERY LEVEL.  The people have never been in a more vulnerable position, nor have the vultures that rule been in a greater position to wreak havoc on us.  It is not likely that they do not intend to take … Click Here to Read More


To all who seek to know the truth, I pray that you will receive from GOD today, what you need to know in a way that you can understand and accept it. I am here to give you urgently needed information.  The whole world is in a chaotic upheaval.  The shaking is going on.  We … Click Here to Read More

11/3 – Day of the DEAD – ENTER THE DRAGON!

RESTORED: 3/25/22 Well, ok… I had a trip down an interesting rabbit hole today.  Got so much more than I was prepared for.  This article is actually about the possiblity of a  FALSE FLAG event predicted to occur on or near November 3, 2019.  There is overwhelming evidence that signals such an event.  So much … Click Here to Read More