Getting There Could Kill Us All – Type 1

The Ruling elite want CONTROL/DOMINION/POWER and they want it NOW!  I would be bad enough if they were only claiming dominion over the human race as in GLOBAL GOVERNMENT.  Their avarice reaches far beyond that. Not satisfied even with the concept of ruling the hearts, minds and bodies of all the people on earth, as … Click Here to Read More


I have been laboring to share the truth with people most of my life.  Many years ago God showed me what was coming.  NO ONE WANTED TO LISTEN.  Those who did listen were not able to believe.  NOW, it is HERE.  All the things that GOD warned about, is happening NOW. STILL, people are just … Click Here to Read More

Entering the DARK WINTER – Are You Ready?

The Dark Winter is upon us.  It may turn out to be the DARKEST possible on EVERY LEVEL.  The people have never been in a more vulnerable position, nor have the vultures that rule been in a greater position to wreak havoc on us.  It is not likely that they do not intend to take … Click Here to Read More


Updated: 08/17/2021/ UPDATED 4/25/23; RESTORED 6/23/23; RESTORED 7/19/23 We should be fully aware of the fact that the elite consider themselves to be high above the common people.  As high as humans are above pigs and cattle and all lowly creatures.  They have no concern for the life of a commoner.  They have “HIGHER” considerations … Click Here to Read More