Ray and Friends – CLUES that cannot be denied!

Additions: 12/9/22 Ok, this is a topic that obviously is touching on a lot of other areas that GOD wants to shine a light on.  That is why he had me working on the last two articles.  The Epstein Story is far from over.  It is a spring board that is causing so many rats … Click Here to Read More

Who Rules the WAVES??

These are the most important days the world will every know.  We are living through the culmination of all things.  EVIL is being given license to create as much evil as they possibly can.  At the same time, GOD’S people are receiving revelation knowledge at breakneck speed.  Darkness is being exposed.  Soon, God’s people will … Click Here to Read More


Updated: 08/17/2021 We should be fully aware of the fact that the elite consider themselves to be high above the common people.  As high as humans are above pigs and cattle and all lowly creatures.  They have no concern for the life of a commoner.  They have “HIGHER” considerations and regard themselves worthy of indulging … Click Here to Read More


RESTORED: 02/20/22– WAKE UP!!  The truth is finally coming out.  OPEN YOUR EYES.  I know it is horrifying to believe that these things are happening around us…but it is TRUE.  The Epstein story is not just about horney old men using young women for sex.  As disgusting and unforgivable as that is, there is a much … Click Here to Read More

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