MAMMON over The Great I AM in USA

I am 70 years old!!  I have seen America go through so many changes.  As the baby boomer generation we were very blessed.  We got to experience the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA at its very best.  We grew up in a Christian environment, for the most part.  Safe secure, happy and blessed.  Even the poorest … Click Here to Read More

Who Rules the WAVES??

These are the most important days the world will every know.  We are living through the culmination of all things.  EVIL is being given license to create as much evil as they possibly can.  At the same time, GOD’S people are receiving revelation knowledge at breakneck speed.  Darkness is being exposed.  Soon, God’s people will … Click Here to Read More

ONE NIGHT ONLY – Tsunami Concert

God never lets me miss anything that is important! I have a terrible fault.  I get too focused.  When I am researching or creating something… I am so intensely focused I often forget to eat or sleep.   Yet, God always make sure that I stay up on what is going on and He leads me … Click Here to Read More

Do You Believe in Magick? Part 23 – NEW AGE – The Magical Mystery Tour

Originally Posted 1/30/16; Updated 12/16/18; RESTORED 2/24/22  The Magical Mystery Tour Peace, Love, Joy, Happiness, Brotherhood Promises, promises, promises. ALL empty. There can never be peace on earth until the Prince of Peace brings it. Man’s heart is wicked and evil. And mankind has an adversary that is working diligently to deceive and destroy all … Click Here to Read More