US POWER GRID Under Attack

UPDATE ADDED: 2/26/23 Most of you are probably already aware that our power grid has suffered attacks intended to do some serious damage or maybe even to take out our system.  Just another way that this world we live in is not anything like the world in which I grew up. Truly the world is … Click Here to Read More

Entering the DARK WINTER – Are You Ready?

The Dark Winter is upon us.  It may turn out to be the DARKEST possible on EVERY LEVEL.  The people have never been in a more vulnerable position, nor have the vultures that rule been in a greater position to wreak havoc on us.  It is not likely that they do not intend to take … Click Here to Read More


UPDATE: 10/12/2021;11:26:50 PM –  Affects will continue through Wednesday Ok folks, HEADS UP!  This could be the BLACKOUT they have been threatening.  It may be nothing at all.  BUT, BE READY, BE ALERT!  I personally believe this is manufactured, and I hope that you will agree with me once you finish reviewing this post.  However, … Click Here to Read More