UPDATE: 12/08/2021 With everything that is happening around us, it is my prayer that people finally recognize truth and turn back to GOD.  If there ever was a time for repentance it is NOW!!  Who knows maybe if enough of us truly turn from our wicked ways and bombard heaven with prayer and fasting, GOD … Click Here to Read More


TAGS: FAITH, TRUTH, OUTREACH, MINISTRY, HARVEST FIELD, HEARING GOD, ENDTIME, REVELATION My dear brothers and sisters in Jesus/Yeshua.  I am sorry to say that this website may soon be gone.  The owner of the website is out of money.  He does not even have enough to support his family.  He just advised me today.  As … Click Here to Read More


TAGS:  GIANTS, DRUIDS, SHAPESHIFTERS, Ireland, BRITAIN, China, GREAT WALL, Pooka, IMAGE, Hero, Supermen, EndTime, Revelation Wow, I don’t know about you, but I was late in learning about this.  I thank one of my readers for sending me a video that contained information on this topic.  You likely will find this post to be lengthy … Click Here to Read More