UPDATE: 10/29/2021; 2:21:05 PM –  HEADS UP!!  ALERT!  CME – Austrian Government Warning of Blackout TAGS: Apple’s Apocalypse Reset, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Energy Catastrophe, unusually cold winter, International Energy Agency, Bank of America, Bloomberg, oil prices, higher aviation demand, potential gas-to-oil switching, power generation, green lobby, ESG investor community, coal plants, natural gas power plants, solar … Click Here to Read More

It Happened In Texas – It WILL HAPPEN TO YOU!!

Restored 6/23/23 What happened in Texas is a WARNING to ALL of the USA.  You may have already forgotten all about the recent Winter Nightmare in Texas.  I want you to revisit it.  WHY, because I don’t think you realize the severity of the event or the imminent danger it portends.  Wake up folks and … Click Here to Read More