WOW… we live in a country full of space cadets.  The fact that they cannot recognize the insanity of all that has gone on in the last 4 years.  Democrats incited Hillary and Barach have wiped themselves up into a crazed frenzy and behaved so violently to Trump, his family and his supporters across the nation, as well as the police and anyone else that they found to be offensive.  Conservatives have been reserved and self controlled for the most part.  Taking everything in stride, they continued to have faith in the system.  BUT our system is totally corrupt and dysfunctional.   OUT OF ORDER.  Now that those who love our nation and our constitution have reached the end of their tolerance and are rising up to preserve what is left of the UNION, Democrats want to throw the blame for the fall of our government onto the patriots.

What is troubling is that apparently there are large numbers of people to braindead to see the farce for what it is.  WAKE UP AMERICA!  We are at the precipice…TIME IS UP!


The “Standard Bearers” Coup Against Americans – See the Truth in this Complete Archive

So there is no misunderstanding:

The Right Wire Report unequivocally condemns the lawlessness and violence we all witnessed at the Capitol building in Washington D.C. on Wednesday (January 6, 2021), as we have done so for each episode of BLM/Antifa rioting in our country the last year.  

Please review our recent articles addressing the January 6th protest and subsequent riot at the US Capitol, here, here, and here. As we foretold, in the days that have passed since the riot, additional information has provided a more nuanced understanding of the events that transpired. However, the reactions and immediate reprisals of those who wield institutional power in our country have been nothing less than ghastly, farcical, grotesque, and malevolent.

In less than 72 hours, America’s “standard-bearers” have declared war on a significant number of fellow Americans. Those targeted find themselves waking up in a surreal Potemkin-like village that once was the bastion for truth, justice, and liberty. The depths of denial, duplicity, hypocrisy, double standards, and gas-lighting are spine-chilling.

The Right Wire Report queries, what is really going on here?

Why this facade that separates reality from a carefully crafted narrative? What are the absurd assertions they are making to justify such herculean efforts as they try to sell their case in the court of public opinion? Let us review the list thus far:

  • The New York Times“Trump Incites Rioters.”  All media outlets followed in suit with minimal variation.
  • ‘Speaking to reporters on Thursday, U.S. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi accused U.S. President Donald Trump of inciting ” … an armed insurrection against America, “adding that Trump committed a ‘seditious act’ in her opinion by instigating and directing the angry mob which descended on the Capitol building.”
  • The Washington Post“Democrats, Republicans, blame Trump for inciting “coup” as mob storms Capitol.”
  • The Hill: “Democratic lawmakers call for Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment, remove Trump from office.”
  •  ABC News: “Pelosi: House “will proceed” to the impeachment of Trump.”
  • Twitter bans The President of the United States, the free world leader,  the official office of the presidency account, permanently citing a risk of further violence.
  • Facebook and other social media platforms followed Twitter’s lead. Even Shopify pulled down Trump Campaign merchandise.
  • Conservatives are purged in the thousands – off social media platforms.
  • Apple and Google remove (blacklist) Parler’s social media platform from their App.
  • Amazon de-platforms Parler from its web hosting site.
  • Some Americans who attended the Jan.6th peaceful rally but did not participate in the Capitol riot are being targeted and fired from employment.
  • Wall Street Banks moving to freeze political donations after Capitol riots, threaten Pro-Trump politicians with blacklisting.
  •  One of the largest talk radio company threatens to remove hosts who state the election had fraud.
  • Americans who attended the Jan.6th peaceful rally but did not participate in the Capitol riot are being targeted and harassed, read a sampling here and here.
  • Former CIA Director John Brennan calls for Mao- like public humiliation of all Trump supporters (75 million-plus Americans) and those who worked in the administration, read here.
  •  The House Committee on Homeland Security (Democrat) chairman calls for TSA and FBI to put Trump protesters on the no-fly list. Watch video of peaceful protesters thrown off planes.
  • Anti- Trump political action group( The Lincoln Project) claims to be building a database of officials and staffers who worked in the Trump Administration to deliver accountability and blacklist them.
  • News reporters(ABC, CBS) delete tweets calling for the “cleansing” of 75 million Trump supporters.
  • Speaker of the House, Pelosi stated:  “It has been an epiphany for the world to see that there are people in our country led by this  president, for the moment, who have chosen their whiteness over democracy,”

The absolute truth is that America is at war. This is an information war waged by skilled propagandists involved in one of the most sophisticated PSYOP events to date. There are many opinions as to the true motives and objectives of those pushing this battle out of the shadows and into public view – but for this article, we shall link to a video presentation of a fair summary of the converging opinions here. We also strongly suggest you watch journalist Sharyl Attkisson’s expose on Big Tech Censorship – see here. 

Now, back to the list of assertions. No, this is not about “what-about-ism.” This about separating fact from fiction and exposing the veneer of false premises.


1. The sitting president of the United States did not incite a riot or encourage violence in a speech he delivered on Jan.6th or any other time.

The president’s speech is online to watch, and here is a complete transcript. At no time did President Trump tell his supporters to become violent or break the law. President Trump was explicit:

“We’re going to walk down. Anyone you want, but I think right here, we’re going to walk down to the Capitol-And we’re going to cheer on our brave senators and congressmen and women, and we’re probably not going to be cheering so much for some of them. I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard. So we are going to–we are going to walk down Pennsylvania Avenue, I love Pennsylvania Avenue, and we are going to the Capitol, and we are going to try and give–the Democrats are hopeless, they are never voting for anything, not even one vote but we are going to try–give our Republicans, the weak ones because the strong ones don’t need any of our help, we’re try–going to try and give them the kind of pride and boldness that they need to take back our country. So let’s walk down Pennsylvania Avenue.

I want to thank you all. God bless you, and God bless America. Thank you all for being here. This is incredible.  

2. There is precedent for large political movements marching in DC to end their rallies by processing to the steps of the US Capitol. . Remember the “Kill The Bill” rally where Pelosi made that defiant, and dare we say, an inciting display with her gavel and cohorts?

3. A sea of Americans, hundreds of thousands of them, gathered and were peacefully redressing their government and remained lawfully assembled. Any online promotion of the event did not encourage violence and stated a lawful and peaceful rally was planned for the date. Reviewing the video of the masses gathered at the Ellipse of the Washington Monument to hear Trump’s speech, you will not observe “black block “types dressed in black helmets, padded clothing, or carrying weapons in that crowd. Although there are such “types” that suddenly appear at the steps of the Capitol to engage law enforcement.

4.There are no grounds for invoking the 25th amendment or impeachment.

5. Censorship, punitive retaliation, shaming, ostracizing, financially damaging, or restricting liberties to any person who did not commit the unlawful violence at the Capitol is fascist, possibly criminal, reprehensible behavior on the part of those engaging in such witch-hunts and blacklisting. Guilt by association merely for being one of the 75 million who voted and supported Trump is antithetical to being an American. This psychopathic trait on display is an example of the worse in human nature.

6. The social media platform, Parler, was targeted solely for political reasons. Read here and here. 

7. The “mob” who became violent at the US Capitol included elements of those associated with groups other than MAGA supporters see herehere, and here. While there were also MAGA supporters that made their way up the steps and inside the Capitol too. There must be distinctions between those individuals who unlawfully acted violently and those who followed through open doors and capitol police invites. No, making your way into the Capitol without breaking in but proceeding into offices or roaming around congressional chambers is not justifiable, and should face charges. There was a set – up, and Capitol Police were part of that set – up on some level – see here, here, and here.

8. There is a large body of evidence that alleged fraud took place, and there have been no transparent audits to date or evidence to be allowed through discovery judicially. The Media has suppressed all information about this alleged evidence to date. There must be an independent commission to review all substantial claims and evidence. Read about the fraud here and here.

9. Americans who identify as Trump Supporters, Conservatives, Constitutionalists, Republicans, or any combination of the four, are NOT Insurrectionists, Racists, or Domestic Terrorists! They are AMERICANS whose right to redress their government and have different cultural and political views is protected under law. This is an excellent take on the above declaration.

False premises:

1. A fair question to the so-called standard-bearers, what is your definition of inciting violence?

 Did you charge that President Obama was inciting violence too?

  • Five Dallas policemen were assassinated, and six injured at a Black Lives Matter Protest hours after Obama delivered a divisive and racially charged speech.
  • Racially agitating speeches with false statistics that police were killing blacks at alarming rates, and calling police systemically racist following the deaths of Martin, Brown, Sterling, Castile, Gray, and others, and Ferguson and Baltimore riots followed.
  • Was there condemnation when Obama attended those officer’s memorial and defended BLM’s violence at their rallies as somehow justified?
  • Obama told his supporters that “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun.”
  • President Obama tells his supporters that “we need to punish our enemies.” He frequently labeled critics ‘Enemies.”
  • President Obama likening the GOP to Iranian Revolutionary hardliners who chant “death to America.”

What about Bernie Sanders’s “Bernie Bros” problem? 

  • 2017 GOP baseball shooting almost killing Rep. Scalise and injuring multiple lawmakers/staff/security detail was committed by a” Bernie Bro.”

What about elected Democrats advocating for violence? What about the fact that violence was then perpetrated on Trump officials and supporters?

Resources for reviewing the violent attacks against Trump supporters:

  • 389-hate crimes/violence against Trump supporters documented. DC Caller list here.
  • 19 Videos of violent attacks on Trump supporters leaving the RNC Convention. 
  • The links to Trump supporters were violently attacked by Antifa and BLM at November DC Rally. read more here with videos.
  • 14 examples of Republican officials and Trump administration harassed, and violent threats to safety after Democrats demanded it. 
  • Entertainment personalities/ high profile Democrat donors call for violence against Trump, his family, Republicans, and his supporters, here, herehere, and here.
  • Media rhetoric that flamed violence against Trump, Trump’s family, and supporters, herehere, and here.

In August 2020, the Speaker of the House, Pelosi, labeled republicans and Trump supporters domestic Terrorists and enemies of the state. See the video here. Did Pelosi incite violence by using her position to tell Americans such a falsehood? Seditious in nature?

2. A fair question to the so-called standard-bearers, what is your definition of insurrection against the country? Who is allowed to express their redress violently and unlawfully, and who is not?

Frankly, All those so-called “standard bearers” ginning up the feigned outrage and calls for conservatives heads at the moment are the vilest examples of morally bankrupt, dangerous hypocrites. Take a moment and observe what they all championed and justified:

There were no declarations of insurrection or sedition when this mob violently besieged the White House a few months ago, forcing the President and others to retreat to a secure location under threat to their safety. Why not? Read about the glaring double standard here.

Sixty Secret Service members were injured in this attack.

Why no calls for shaming and prosecuting the Occupy movement (occupy congress protest) who in 2012 became violent in DC?

How did Pelosi and other elected officials/media react when protesters affiliated with Democrats stormed and occupied the Wisconsin State Capitol? Hint no calls of sedition or insurrection then.

In Portland, a Federal Court House was violently attacked with over 70 law enforcement injured trying to protect those inside, and the “Standard Bearers” were silent. Watch videos here.

Protesters took over parts of the Capitol and stormed the Supreme Court steps during the Kavanaugh hearings, remember that was “cool” back then. Protesters interrupted hearing in progress constantly.


3. A fair question to the so-called standard-bearers, what is your definition of criminal behavior, and who should be arrested and convicted in protest/riot events? What is local and state obligations to secure the public from harm in such events – why did you condone and enable lawlessness in BLM/Antifa Floyd protests?

Democrats condoned the Anti-Trump violent riots in 2016 across cities after his election and Inaugural day violence. Democrats refuse to pass a resolution against mob violence.

Listen to the media to defend violent Floyd riots.

Democrats refuse to condemn Summer of Rage violence, describe police as storm troopers against rioters, even bail out criminals. There is a long list of cities where Democrat politicians refused to prosecute violent rioters, herehere, and here. The FBI seemed impotent to identify violent actors yet already have wanted posters up with pictures of Capitol rioters. 

Again, what is really going on here? The left and the media are selective in their outrage and support of free speech even when it becomes violent. They flamed the embers and let the “Summer of Rage” – rage. Leaving behind over a billion dollars of property damage, 96 deaths, and thousands of injuries. They advocated the defund the police movement resulting in a destabilization of safety in our cities. They have propagated a rolling Coup against a US President (definition of sedition) for four years and fomented hate for that president through false narratives. Now they project everything they are onto the Americans who do not support their actions or policies. Again why?

The Right Wire Report believes this is why:

Individual freedom is the greatest threat to the Leftist’s goals.

Don’t you see they cannot afford a unified citizenry who share a common American bond and values? Going forward, they will seek to label anyone who is to the right of socialism as radical and extreme as they display unprecedented brute demands that all must conform and kiss the ring of this ideological fascism.

They will achieve this brute will by continuing the cognitive dissonance, erecting more Potemkin village-like narratives for us to surrender under the fear, intimidation, and weight of scorn and perceived shame. My ancestors fought, and many perished in every war America has ever waged for my right to be free! I will never be made to cower while my feet touch the soil of my homeland nor wear the proverbial red star or letter on my chest with the insignia MAGA. I warned about this storm on the horizon and the historical roadmap of catastrophic consequences to dehumanization as a political power tool. Read here.

For the time being, I will fight this injustice, this persecution, lawfully and peacefully standing tall with the 75 million-plus (growing in size from the recent crackdowns ) organizing, raising our American voices to defend freedom. Over the next month, The Right Wire Report will be addressing specific strategies to address elections integrity, censorship, lockdowns, media propaganda, and more. The goal has to be awakening others to what is really going on here.

American’s hubris always bristled, “it could never happen here.”

It is happening here.

 RWR original article syndication source.

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Author: Bekah Lyons


‘This was NO surprise’: Obama slams Trump-inspired MAGA riot as ‘a moment of great dishonor and shame’ for America and blames the president’s ‘fantasy’ about election defeat

The former president wrote in his statement ‘History will rightly remember today’s violence at the Capitol, incited by a sitting president who has continued to baselessly lie about the outcome of a lawful election, as a moment of great dishonor and shame for our nation’

As Obama released his statement, all three other remaining living presidents also released their statements on the matter.

Former Democratic President Bill Clinton released a statement in a four-part Twitter thread.

‘Today we faced an unprecedented assault on our Capitol, our Constitution, and our country,’ the 42nd president wrote. ‘The assault was fueled by more than four years of poison politics spreading deliberate misinformation, sowing distrust in our system, and pitting Americans against one another.’

He continued: ‘The match was lit by Donald Trump and his most ardent enablers, including many in Congress, to overturn the results of an election he lost. The election was free, the count was fair, the result is final. We must complete the peaceful transfer of power our Constitution mandates.’

‘I have always believed that America is made up of good, decent people. I still do,’ he said.

‘If that’s who we really are, we must reject today’s violence, turn the page, and move forward together—honoring our Constitution, remaining committed to a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.’

Former President Jimmy Carter released a statement late Wednesday night, as Congress voted on whether to accept the Electoral College results.

‘This is a national tragedy,’ Carter said of the ‘violence at the U.S. Capitol.’

‘Having observed elections in troubled democracies worldwide, I know that we the people can unite to walk back from this precipice to peacefully uphold the laws of our nation, and we must,’ he added in the statement.

Former President George W. Bush, specifically, lashed out at Trump’s loyalists in Congress, claiming they are the ones who caused the president’s biggest supporters to storm the Capitol building.

‘It is a sickening and heartbreaking sight,’ the 43rd U.S. president said in his statement.. ‘This is how election results are disputed in a banana republic – not our democratic republic.’

Utah Republican Senator Mitt Romney joined in on Bush’s sentiment.

Romney, who has been an outspoken critic of the president from his post as Utah senator the last two years, said the chaos on Capitol Hill was due to a ‘selfish man’s injured pride and the outrage of his supporters whom he has deliberately misinformed for the past two months and stirred to action.’

He also blamed his Republican colleagues in the House and Senate for agreeing to object to the Electoral College results and giving supporters false hope that there is a way to overturn Joe Biden‘s victory.

‘The objectors have claimed they are doing so on behalf of the voters,’ Romney said in a statement released Wednesday. ‘Have an audit, they say, to satisfy the many people who believe that the election was stolen. Please! No Congressional led audit will ever convince those voters, particularly when the President will continue to claim that the election was stolen.’






Obama Encourages Violent Anti-Trump Protesters

Outgoing President Barack Obama had encouraging words today for the anti-Trump protesters, who for the past week have been wreaking havoc in many cities across the nation. “I would not advise them to be silent,” he said.

“I’ve been the subject of protests during the course of my eight years,” Obama said at a joint news conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Thursday. “And I suspect that there’s not a president in our history that hasn’t been subject to these protests. So, I would not advise people who feel strongly or who are concerned about some of the issues that have been raised during the course of the campaign, I wouldn’t advise them to be silent.”

Obama had nothing to say to say about the anti-Trump protests that devolved into riots in cities like Portland, where 108 protesters have been arrested — 71 in one night. And he had nothing to say about the violent attacks on Trump voters — including a vicious mob attack on a man right in his hometown of Chicago.

He also forgot to mention that the tea party protesters at least waited until he was in office and beginning to implement his agenda before they started protesting his policies. And when they did, he mocked and ridiculed them.

The anti-Trump protesters (most of whom are brain-washed high school and college kids) started protesting/rioting the day after Trump was elected. Anti-Trump forces also plan to disrupt his inauguration on January 20.

Obama enjoyed two peaceful and grand inaugurations with no protests and a swooning media ecstatically cheering for him. Those of us who didn’t support his far-left agenda took it in stoically and hoped for the best. But the spiteful, intolerant left will not allow Donald Trump to be sworn in peacefully. They want to make sure the whole world sees how much he is despised. They did the same thing to President Bush on his first inauguration day.

Obama knows all of this. And he approves.

FLASHBACK: Democrat Leaders Have Encouraged Political Violence, Beginning With Barack Obama

Democratic National Convention via AP

Looking at the state of our political discourse, it is hard to pin down where exactly the rancorous division started. Words are violence, but rioting, looting, and arson are not. Hectoring, menacing, and crowding supporters of President Trump is shrugged off, but insults to the media are a threat to democracy. If that sounds insane, it’s because it is.

Indeed, in my lifetime since Ronald Reagan, the media has been critical of Republicans. However, through the Clinton era, and through the aftermath of September 11, 2001, it seemed we were able to come together across the aisle.

Whether it was to pass legislation or agreeing to defend America’s interests, bipartisan agreement was possible. This video from Business Insider is a visual display of this breakdown. By 108th Congress, 2003-2005, it was nearly impossible and stayed that way.

Shortly after 2005, criticism of George W. Bush and his administration had reached a fever pitch. “Bush lied, and people died,” became a mantra on the left. It discounted the bipartisan support for the Iraq War and blamed the president personally for the failure to find large stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction. Judith Miller outlined the intelligence failures that were the root of the problem in her book The Story, but the narrative was and is something else altogether.

It would be difficult to convince me the 2008 election was not a turning point in our political discourse. During the 2008 election, candidate Barack Obama said the following during a Nevada campaign stop:

In Elko, Obama tried to anticipate his critics and called on the crowd of about 1,500 to sharpen their elbows, too.

I need you to go out and talk to your friends and talk to your neighbors. I want you to talk to them whether they are independent or whether they are Republican. I want you to argue with them and get in their face,” he said.

Obama to GOP: I Find Your Lack of Faith Disturbing
Get in their face. This comment came after Obama referred to his grandmother as a “typical white person” who had fears about black men. Then he characterized his political opponents as “bitter clingers.” In 2009, the Department of Homeland Security put out a baseless memo regarding threats from “right-wing extremists.” To be characterized as such, you simply needed to be organizing against abortion or immigration, or in support of federalism.

In 2010 Obama refined this characterization by calling Tea Party activists “the teabag anti-government people.” His attorney general, Eric Holder, called America a “nation of cowards” on race discussions. By 2012, Obama said he would have been seen as a moderate Republican in the 1980s after winning reelection. He said this in order to contrast himself with the Republican House, led by notorious squish John Boehner. The goal was to cast the modern Republican Party as far-right.

The next four years were absolutely divisive. It seemed the Democrats were confident they had some national mandate for their ideas and were shocked when Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump. By then, she had already called Trump’s supporters a “basket of deplorables,” and the media cast them as uneducated, backward, and racist.

Hillary Calls Real Americans a ‘Basket of D





May 30, 2020
Democrat Psy-Op to overthrow Government Montage (George Soros/Antifa/BLM/MSM Fake News Media/Democrats) #StormIsHere WWG1WGA!




House to vote Wednesday as Pelosi gets the votes to impeach Trump

Momentum to impeach the president a second time has only grown since last Wednesday’s attack.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi holds a news conference on the day after violent protesters loyal to President Donald Trump stormed the U.S. Congress, at the Capitol in Washington, Thursday, Jan. 7, 2021.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her leadership team informed members on a private call Monday they will need to return to the Capitol — for many, the first time since the Jan. 6 attacks — on Tuesday night. Impeachment is scheduled for consideration at 9 a.m. Wednesday, if Trump refuses to resign and Vice President Mike Pence won’t initiate other procedures to remove him.

It’ll be precisely one week from the day that a pro-Trump mob stormed the Capitol and sent lawmakers scrambling for cover, while Capitol Police struggled to hold off the violent crowd. Five people, including a Capitol Police officer, died as a result of the riots. The episode sent Democrats into a furious rush to punish Trump for what they’ve described as “willful incitement of insurrection.”

“Because the timeframe is so short and the need is so immediate and an emergency, we will also proceed on a parallel path in terms of impeachment,” Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) told reporters Monday. “Whether impeachment can pass the United States Senate is not the issue.”

The impeachment effort itself will dominate the final week of Trump’s presidency, and is almost certain to come to a historic result: the first time in history a president has been impeached twice.

After the House vote, the articles are expected to move immediately to the Senate, where Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has indicated a trial — presided over by Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts — likely won’t start untilthe upper chamber returnson Jan. 19.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, however, is looking at reconvening the chamber under emergency powers granted to Senate leaders in 2004, as a way to move immediately to an impeachment trial. But this would require buy-in from McConnell, who is unlikely to agree to it.

Some top Democrats, including House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn (D-S.C.), had been privately discussing the idea of holding onto the impeachment article for a few weeks to fast-track the confirmation of Biden’s national security team, but are now rallying around the idea of sending them immediately.

“I think we should pass it and the Senate should take it up immediately,” Rep. David Cicilline (D-R.I.), a lead author of the impeachment resolution, told reporters Monday. “This is urgent. This president represents a real danger to our democracy.”

Biden told reporters Monday afternoon he has spoken to members in both chambers about a potential plan to “bifurcate” the Senate proceedings, with senators potentially holding the trial in the morning and working to confirm his Cabinet nominees in the afternoon.

Unlike Trump’s 2019 impeachment — for abuse of power and obstruction of congressional investigations — several House Republicans appear to be willing to support this effort. Only Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.) has said publicly he could vote in favor,though House GOP Conference Chair Liz Cheneyof Wyominghas privately signaled she may support impeachment, according to multiple sources. But there are as many as 10 House Republicans who are seriously weighing it. 

Democrats are directing their attention at several GOP members: Reps. John Katko of New York, Brian Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvania, Fred Upton of Michigan, Cheney, Jaime Herrera Beutler of Washington and Peter Meijer of Michigan.

The move to impeach Trump comes as Democrats continue to mount an eleventh hour pressure campaign for Pence to intervene and remove Trump by invoking the 25th Amendment. The House will also take up a measure on Tuesday night urging Pence to step in and initiate procedures to declare the president unfit and remove him without congressional action.

At a brief House session on Monday morning, the House formally accepted the resignation of Sergeant-at-Arms Paul Irving, who was partly responsible for security arrangements on Jan. 6. And moments later, Rep. Alex Mooney (R-W.Va.) blocked unanimous consideration of the resolution from Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md.) that would have urged Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment process to remove Trump from power.

The House will take up the measure on Tuesday night, though it’s not clear when the Senate, which will hold pro forma sessions on Tuesday and Friday, would take up the Raskin resolution. In theory, a senator could try to pass the House resolution by unanimous consent, but as of now it appears unlikely that it would pass.

Although some Democrats have voiced worry that impeaching Trump with just days left in his term could hamstring President-elect Joe Biden’s early weeks in office, momentum has only grown as new and disturbing footage of the violence wrought by the rioters has emerged. That footage included the beating of a Capitol Police officer, yanked out of the building by a crowd of Trump supporters. The officer in the video has not been identified, but it surfaced after the news that at least one officer, Brian Sicknick, died of injuries sustained during the onslaught.

Every new indication that the rioters included a more sophisticated contingent of insurrectionists has inflamed the House anew, even as Republicans have continued to express wariness, if not outright opposition, to impeachment.

“We need to take very seriously what happened … Hours and days matter,” Rep. Chrissy Houlahan (D-Pa.) said in an interview. “I wish we could just hold our breath” for 10 days. “But I don’t think we should or can afford to. I think we’ve seen that our nation and our homeland is in danger.”

“I’ve heard a lot of people say, Is it the right thing politically to impeach this president? … Will it harm the Democratic Party?” Rep. Dan Kildee (D-Mich) said in a press conference Monday. “In terms of whether it could harm the Democratic Party, I could not care less.”

Democrats’ effort to pressure Trump to resign or force him from office come just nine days left in his term. But Pelosi has argued that Trump is “unhinged” and a threat to America who warrants immediate removal. Some of her allies say acting to remove Trump could box in his worst impulses ahead of his departure and is simply the right thing to do, given his monthslong campaign to undermine the legitimacy of the 2020 election, which led to the violent riots.

“In protecting our Constitution and our Democracy, we will act with urgency, because this President represents an imminent threat to both,” Pelosi said in the letter to Democrats on Sunday night laying out next steps.

Across the Capitol, at least two Republicans — Sens. Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska — have called on Trump to resign. On Saturday, Toomey told Fox News, “I do think the president committed impeachable offenses,” but told CNN the next day that he does not believe there is enough time to impeach.

Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Neb.) has also said he would consider articles of impeachment.

Olivia Beavers and Marianne LeVine contributed to this report.


Trump Says He Is ‘Not Concerned’ About Released Impeachment Inquiry Testimony | MSNBC

Nov 8, 2019
President Trump told reporters that he is “not concerned” about the testimony that has been released from the House’s impeachment inquiry. Aired on 11/08/19. » Subscribe to MSNBC: