COVID 19 – Wuhan CoronaVirus – Biological Attack on Humanity?

**** MOST of the VIDEOS and Documents that were available when this news first hit have been CENSORED!!!  Even those who are very computer savvy and had found ways to get around the censors have been blocked, deleted and removed.  People have gone to jail, been threatened, assaulted, tortured and/or KILLED for letting the information … Click Here to Read More


For those who are not aware of Agenda 21 or The Rewilding, here is a group of old posts that will lay it all out for you and demonstrate how the agendas of the UN and the World Elite have been playing out EXACTLY as they were laid out. There are many brave souls who … Click Here to Read More

Update 3/31 We kill babies, Now we will kill the Mentally Handicapped… who is next?

WOW…. here you go… we are rapidly moving toward Euthanasia!  First babies after they have been born, now the Mentally Ill,  next will be all the handicapped and the elderly.  Everything is escalating so fast.  Gay Agenda, Gun confiscation, Pedophilia, legalized drug abuse, elimination of Parental Rights, Robots to replace every job, the destruction of … Click Here to Read More