Hebrew ALEPH BET tools

Here is some helpful information for those who like me do not know Hebrew.   I hope it blesses you and assists you in your own research and study.  I beleive that Hebrew is the language that GOD gave to the people in the very beginning.  I believe it is the first language and a holy … Click Here to Read More

Georgia in the NEWS! More than you know.

UPDATE ADDED: 2/24/23 ; RESTORED 5/2/23 The Georgia Guidestones are in the NEWS today, which opens an excellent opportunity to share some amazing TRUTH. You know my posts are very rarely ever just fluff.  I know they are long, but hopefully a blessing.  Stay through to the end.  The last video is the most important. … Click Here to Read More

One World – One Language

RESTORED: 2/28/22 It is not hard to see why the elite want to silence all who oppose them.  Infact, they are doing their best to silence all of us.  That is the real reason for the masks, to muzzle the masses.  One mask has not been doing the trick.  Yes, it makes it hard to … Click Here to Read More