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TAGS: Pope Francis, Franciscans, Bridge to God, Mark of the Beast, anti Christ, Unity, World Religion, FIREGEDDON, President Putin, Patriarch Kirill, Spy Network, Chosen People, Palestinians, Jerusalem, New World Order, ziggurat, Sunday Law, Arrest Warrant, End Times Prophecy, Encyclical Magisterium, Nazis, Esau, Ishmael, Third TempleIt is a sad commentary on the state of humanity that people continue to not only accept this man but embrace him as their spiritual leader.

You know I used to tell people that we could not be at the end YET, because we had certainly not reached the fullness of evil.  God’s Word says that the last days would be the darkest and most evil time ever on the face of the earth.  There would never be a time as bad and there never will be in the future.  I used to point to Sodom and Gomorrah where the WORD says  “EVERY MANY” demanded that the angels be sent out so that they could “KNOW” them.  We had to reach a time when everyone would be perverted.  WELL, friends, TAKE A LOOK AROUND!  Except for the TRUE Believers, who belong to GOD and are under the blood… the world is perverse.  It is getting worse every day!

People are so evil that they cannot even recognize evil any more.  They love the lie and hate the truth.  They embrace every ungodly thing presented to them and NO ONE cares what GOD wants.  They HATE GOD.

Now, it is EXTREMELY OBVIOUS that Bergoglio is the worst of them all.  It would not be hard to believe he is the spawn of Satan himself.

He is Pope in a WORLD where most people have turned their back on GOD and have no faith in anything.  A world of self centered, rebels who want to live by their own desires.  That is why he is loved by the world.  NOT BY TRUE BELIEVING people of GOD.


More Reports Of Francis’s Imminent Retirement Swirl

Aug 26, 2021
Here come the reports of Francis’s imminent retirement, again.


Premiered Aug 23, 2021

The truth about Pope Francis