And all this has been accomplished before AI was fully unleashed.  GOD help the world now.  
 Luke 23
 31For if they do these things in a green tree, what shall be done in the dry?


Let’s take a look at the “Gateway Project”.  As you do, bear in mind that GATEWAYS are very important in the realm of the spirit. 

A gate is an exit or entry point. There are two types of gates, the physical and the spiritual gates; every physical gate has a corresponding spiritual gate! Before a physical gate can be conquered, the corresponding spiritual gate must be breached/broken down/removed. Upon every gate, there are strong men! It’s very possible for a gate to be opened  but the strong men prevent anything from entering.  
Gates are where we win or lose.  There is warfare at the gates. This is where we must overcome. The Hebrew root meaning for threshold, gate or door is “caphaph” and means “to snatch away or terminate”. The other word for threshold is “pethen” and means “to twist as a snake”. It even sounds like python and may be where the name of this snake originated.
When  we participate in activities that are rooted in darkness, we lose our hedge of protection, we let down our guard and the enemy breaches our spiritual gates.  That is EXACTLY what is happening today.  The enemy forces are breaking through the protective veil that GOD placed to keep them from you.  Sadly, most people are not even trying to resist and in fact, are inviting the enemy in.  
The soul without the HOLY SPIRIT, is UNABLE to discern TRUTH.  Without the covering of the BLOOD of Jesus, we have NO PROTECTION from the enemy.  The battle is for our minds, and through our minds to gain control of our spirits.   Guard your hearts and minds.  Resist the Devil.  Seek the Lord while he may be found.  For the NIGHT cometh when no man can work.  The Days of Darkness are at the door.  Believe me, oh please, believe me.  If GOD opened your eyes, you would see so clearly.  But, you think that you have spiritual eyes, because you experience spiritual things.  But, you are dealing with the WRONG spirits.  The DEVIL is a LIAR, and comes disguised AS as Angel of LIGHT.