Hopefully everyone is aware that PORTALS have been opened all over the Earth.  Portals that allow spirits to move through the veil into our realm.  Really this happens every time there is an Industrial Revolution.  This is generally because people have lost faith in GOD and feel helpless.  They are looking for some control over … Click Here to Read More


The world has come to disdain the Word of God and to dismiss it as fantasy or worse.  This is not something new.  Pride has always been the downfall of humanity.  Satan knows this well.  He loves to puff humanity up and make them believe that they are so far above those who came before.  … Click Here to Read More

Scientists have Redefined Planets and Asteroids

Meteor Shower Captured While Asleep  – Jul 15, 2019 –   Caters Clips There has been quite an uptick lately, in sightings of falling stars, shooting stars, comets, asteroids, and various other lights in the sky.  We see almost regularly now, orbs in the skies, day or night. spacer Here is a cool video of meteors/falling … Click Here to Read More


RESTORED 3/4/22; 4/18/22 TAGS:  Giants, Hybrids, SEED, Endtimes, Bloodlines, Nephilim, Fallen Angels Thanks to all the fools and idiots around the world, especially those who call themselves “Scientists”, all who are CALLING IN/INVOKING the entities and inviting them into our realm, we are now seeing the manifestation of the same FALLEN ANGELS and their offspring … Click Here to Read More


IF you have any remaining doubt that this COVID 19 was planned and orchestrated PLEASE review ALL of the articles listed in this POST.  THIS PLANDEMIC, was created by the ruling elite.  They have come to the fulfillment THE WORK they have been laboring toward for centuries, nay MILLENIA.  They have everything that they need … Click Here to Read More

Mt Hermon Part 1 -GOD’s CREATION or PAN’s EVOLUTION?

People today are being lead down the path that leads to eternal damnation and HELL FIRE.  I know no one believes in that anymore.  The reason you don’t believe is because you do not understand TRUTH.  You do not understand TRUTH because it has been kept from you.  You have not learned TRUE History.   Those … Click Here to Read More


Here it is, October again.  My heart breaks the entire month of October.  Once anyone comes to understand the truth about this season they can never erase it from their mind.  WAKE UP PEOPLE!   I understand there are millions of people across the Earth that are into Paganism, Witchcraft, Voodoo, Santeria,Satanism, Wicca, and a slew … Click Here to Read More

Halloween A Matter of Life or Death – FOR YOU!

HALLOWEEN –             A MATTER OF LIFE OR DEATH By Cynthia Pawl, Originally Posted: 10/31/15 – Updated 10/31/2018 What are you celebrating? During the month of October, it seems the entire nation goes insane and outrageously giddy about the celebration of DEATH. Yes, that is what HALLOWEEN is all about. … Click Here to Read More


COMPLICIT IN OUR OWN DESTRUCTION New Age Indoctrination via the Yoga Health Fad By Cynthia Pawl RESTORED: 5/14/22 HELLO OUT THERE!!! IS ANYBODY HOME?? Honestly, this is not a joke. I am very concerned for the minds, hearts and souls of people. Especially people here in the United States. Take a real long, serious look … Click Here to Read More

SAMA – Part 2 of 2 – The Pagan Influence on Society

Destroyed from the Inside Cynthia Pawl,   December 11, 2015, update 6/24/18; 4/27/19 UPDATE: 8/30/22 – added to part 1 and part 2 so no one misses this information. Well, well, well.  Lo and Behold.  In researching Wandering Stars, I found the following insight on SAMA.  It is SUN WORSHIP.  SAMA is the Ancient Name of … Click Here to Read More

SAMA – Part 1 of 2 -The Pagan Influence on Society

UPDATE: 8/30/22 What on earth is SAMA? Samaveda is believed to be origin of Indian music.  It gives us knowledge of various chants that have divine effect on our body, mind and soul according to different times of a day.  Source –Pagan Influences on American Society Cynthia Pawl,  December 11, 2015, updated 6/24/18 I work … Click Here to Read More