RU 486 – DIY Abortion

As the world loses its mind and spiritual darkness is exploding all around us, we are seeing the price that evil demands of those who enjoy the pleasures of this world in exchange for their soul. Those who love sin, love death.  Their are Temples to death all over our world.  Some are dedicated to … Click Here to Read More

It’s That Time Again…

OK FOLKS, we are in the MOST EVIL TIME OF THE YEAR.  I am flabbergasted that we still have to convince believers that they should not celebrate Halloween.  Really? Seriously?  In this time when evil is no longer hidden and the darkness is flaunted openly, are you still not able to discern right from wrong, … Click Here to Read More


TAGS:  Hollywood, Movie Stars, Hip Hop, Rap, Rock and Roll, Manson, Helter Skelter, Beatles, Beyonce, Ray J, Whitney, Brandi, Gucci, Runway Models, Twerking, The Devil, Blood Sacrifice, Contract, Signs, Symbols Sigils, Satanic Elite, Magic, Image, Wealth, Fame, Industry Slave The signs these folks flash over and over again, are there to demonstrate to those who … Click Here to Read More


Here it is, October again.  My heart breaks the entire month of October.  Once anyone comes to understand the truth about this season they can never erase it from their mind.  WAKE UP PEOPLE!   I understand there are millions of people across the Earth that are into Paganism, Witchcraft, Voodoo, Santeria,Satanism, Wicca, and a slew … Click Here to Read More

THE HUNT – NODENS – The First will be Last.

This is a continuation of the series entitled “THE HUNT”  I have been trying to get this series finished since the Wuhan VIrus was made public.  Just so much going on.   This post is primarily about one deity.  It is important to dedicate a post to this guy with all that is going on right … Click Here to Read More


In my research on the CoronaVirus I discovered some very interesting connections between the Virus, the Pangolin and THE HUNT.   If you have not seen that article, I suggest you look at it before you continue.  You can find it HERE: COVID 19 – PANGOLIN CONNECTION – THE ELITE & THE HUNT The information that … Click Here to Read More