New Age Indoctrination via the Yoga Health Fad

By Cynthia Pawl

RESTORED: 5/14/22

HELLO OUT THERE!!! IS ANYBODY HOME?? Honestly, this is not a joke. I am very concerned for the minds, hearts and souls of people. Especially people here in the United States. Take a real long, serious look at what is happening here. Can you really not see, not recognize, that evil has taken over our land? Every day we hear of family members killing each other, sexual perversion, drug abuse, children being abused, tortured and murdered, rape is rampant, violence in the streets, senseless killings, witchcraft and satanism at an all-time high, destruction of property, bullying, vandalism, chaos and mayhem. The WORLD seems to have lost its way. Don’t you even wonder why??? What is the underlying cause of all these changes?

Well, the honest to God truth is that DEMONS are running rampant. People are driven, controlled and even POSSESSED and they don’t even realize it. The WORD says, “My people perish for lack of knowledge” There are a substantial number of ways that these demonic entities are gaining access. Today I would like to focus on one very important stronghold, and that is EASTERN RELIGION AND PHILOSOPHY.

It began to work its way into our system way back in the 1800’s and it has been gaining ground ever more aggressively ever since. It comes with a promise of enlightenment, peace, self-control and even GODHOOD. IT IS A LIE straight out of the pit of HELL. They have been forcing this garbage on Americans first in the Corporate World, where it was introduced as a way to increase productivity, it moved from there to our school system, another captive audience. Now, it is in our homes and our churches. People are so hypnotized they can’t even think. If you cannot think properly, you cannot discern and if you cannot discern you will not resist. You are putty in the hands of these evil entities. More on this topic can be found in my series {Do You Believe in Magic (k)? here, here, here, here and here.}

Believe it or not they have not only polluted our school aged children, but they have taken over our infants!! And they have done it with the permission and participation of the parents!!! INSANE!!

Just GOOGLE Youtube Yoga for kids, you will be AMAZED at all the videos you will find. Watch the following video and see the bizarre behavior of the parent as they put the tiny infant through torturous manipulations in the name of yoga.



I am ashamed and aghast by the fact that this evil spirituality has crept its way into the body of Christ. Woe, Woe, Woe unto us. If you have no knowledge or understanding of Kundalini, I strongly urge you to find out. Your life and the lives of your children depend on it.

I often wonder how much Americans really understand about the spiritual aspects of Eastern Religion. I know that they have been convinced that what they practice when they do Yoga, has been separated from the religious aspects of the HINDU and BUDDHIST Religions. THIS IS A LIE. ASK any true Hindu or Buddhist and they will quickly declare that it is impossible to separate Yoga poses from the RELIGION. That is why you see people in the US who practice this discipline for very long will have statues of Buddha or Shiva or any of the hundreds of other Eastern gods in their homes and their yoga studios.

If you are someone who is currently involved in Yoga, Martial Arts, Meditation or any other related activities, you owe it to yourself to investigate the Eastern way of life and the gurus you see as “enlightened”. There are many documentaries filmed in those countries, following the practitioners of these faiths as they go through their daily lives and their religious rites, ceremonies, and holy-days. If you can watch them without feeling ill, I feel sorry for you. Here are just a few, just to give you an idea. I warn you that they are graphic and not suitable for children.

Kings with Straw Mats – Yogis and Sadhus of the Kumbh Mela Festival
Is this really who you want to emulate??? Seriously??


Dec 19, 2017
A place considered dreadful by others is home for Aghoris – The Hindu cremation ground. Do not confuse the Aghori sect for Hinduism which covers a more straight-forward arc between Sanatam Dharm and Arya Samaj and a lot more conservatism in between. Out of the various sects found in India, the most extreme and most feared of all are the Aghoris. The word Aghori in Sanskrit directly translates to “non terrifying”. The term Aghori is derived from the Sanskrit word Aghor which has various meanings. Aghor means “not difficult” or “non terrible” in one perspective and on the other it means absence of darkness. Aghor implies a simple and natural state of consciousness, in which there is no fear or disgust but on the contrary, the Aghoris have rituals that are seen as being disgusting and are feared by common people. As per the Aghori sect, the true meaning of the term Aghori is one ‘who is fearless and who does not discriminate’. Aghori sadhus are associated with cannibalism and rituals using human skulls and animal sacrifices.The practice of cannibalism and animal or human sacrifices are mostly related to Tantric rites of the Sakta worshippers of Devi, the Mother Goddess in any of her various forms be it Kali, Durga or Chamunda. The Kamakhya Temple situated on top of the Nilachal Hill, in Guwahati in North-East India, is the centre of widely practiced, powerful tantric or black magic cult in India. Legend has it that the Temple of Kamakhya Devi, consort of Lord Shiva, came into existence when the Lord was carrying the corpse of his wife, and her Yoni, or female genitalia fell to the ground at the spot where the temple now stands. The Ambubachi mela, the second largest religious congregation of people in the world, is held at the temple every year during the monsoon season as the devotees believe that the Goddess Kamakhya goes through her menstrual cycle at that time. Therefore the temple remains closed for 3 days. On the fourth day the temple reopens and thousands of devotees and sadhus of all sects make a mad rush to receive the unique and highly powerful Prasad which is comprised of small bits of cloth, supposedly moist with the menstrual fluid of Goddess Kamakhya. Many of the Aghoris come here during this time before starting their initiation, for the blessings of Goddess Kamakhya. The life of an Aghori Sadhu is not easy. There are certain rules one must follow to become an Aghori… • Firstly, an Aghori must find a teacher and do what the teacher tells him to. • An Aghori must find a human skull known as a ‘Kapala’ and use only this as his food bowl before initiation. • An Aghori must apply the ash of a pyre to his body during meditation. The final part of the ritual requires eating of rotten human flesh, and also meditating while sitting on a dead corpse, symbolizing the rise from ‘Shava to Shiva’. Many of the Aghoris roam around naked, representing the true human form and their detachment from this world of mortals who according to them live in a world of illusion or “Maya”. These Aghoris eat things like rotten food, leftover food from garbage dumps, and more… The more they blur the line between clean and unclean, holy and unholy, good and bad, the more powers they obtain. The Aghori gurus believe that a true aghori should break all ties with family and friends and all earthly possessions. He should live his entire life at the cremation ground and eat and drink only through the kapala. The Aghoris – feared by others, they embrace their own outcaste status.The Aghoris of India – with rituals and powers beyond the human imagination, with mysterious practices but also with the philosophy of a simple, unfettered and uncluttered life…By sacred india


Aghoris National Geographic Documentary
Oct 4, 2014



Aghori Documentary


7 Places In India Where Black Magic Is Still Practised 

(I apologize for the language barrier.  I believe the visuals are strong enough to convey the message.  If you are practicing eastern spirituality, these are the spirits you are inviting in.)

No matter how much you will hear them protest that Hindus and Buddhists do not practice blood and even human sacrifice…the truth is they do. Not all practitioners but the Religion does include both animal and human sacrifice. The demons behind the religion, the ones  you are inviting in to your body, hunger for blood and will drive you to sacrifice.

Hinduism Beliefs About Sacrifice | Synonym
In some parts of the Hindu world animal and human sacrifice still exist: The majority of Hindus disapprove of both these practices, and the latter is a criminal act.

India ‘human sacrifice’ Arrests over 10 year old’s death

Oct 1, 2015 … A suspected witch-doctor severed the head of a 4-year-old boy in southern India in an alleged case of human sacrifice, news reports say.

Oct 3, 2015 … Four-year-old boy beheaded in human sacrifice in southern India ... from nursery and killed him in a ritual dedicated to the Hindu Goddess Kali.

Human Sacrifice in India – The True Hinduism

Amazing human sacrifice/Self torture in India

If you went through the effort of watching those previous videos, I ask you – Are those the kind of people you want to emulate??? Is that what you call enlightenment? Would you be proud to be associated with those practices?? Do you believe they know the way to GOD??

Ok, I can already hear your protests… “but I don’t practice the religious aspects, I am only using the physical exercise, or the mental exercise, or the therapeutic relaxation methods.”  Well, you will probably not accept this, but the TRUTH is that you are participating in the “Spiritual” aspects whether you know it or not.  The demons don’t care whether you ‘know’ what you are doing.  In fact, they prefer that you remain ignorant.  It makes their job much easier.  But there is the reality of guilt by association.  Believe me the designers of the course, or the program or the ‘training’ you are actively partaking in, KNOW full well the fact that these are SPIRITUAL/Religious activities.  So, besides the fact that you are opening yourself to demonic activity, you are WORSHIPING FOREIGN gods!  Every move, every sound, every breath, every meditation, was designed thousands of years ago, to conjure spirits and to worship them.  When you join in these activities you are turning your back on the TRUE AND LIVING GOD, and giving yourself over to serve demonic beings.  That is the TRUTH, plain and simple.  Deny it all you want, it won’t change a thing.

I will share with you what GOD told me when I was questioning whether or not I could continue to celebrate Christmas.  Historically, I was the BIGGEST FAN OF CHRISTMAS ever!!  From the time I was very young.  I went all out in every way to enhance the holiday. I was always the one who battled it out with the tree light strings, not only for the Christmas tree but for the entire outdoors!  lol  I decorated the house and all the trees and shrubs in the yard.  As an adult, I even went to work decorating other people’s homes.  Just could not get enough.  I bought more presents than anyone I ever knew.  I wrapped more presents than anyone I know.  I not only wrapped my own, but I wrapped presents for other members of my family.  I even volunteered to wrap presents at the mall for my son’s basketball team. Ahh… the joy of giving.  But, as God began to open my eyes, and I began to understand how we had been duped and lied to all our lives, one by one the holidays were falling off my calendar.  Christmas was my hold out.  I could not see anything wrong with celebrating the birth of Christ.  Then one day, my very best friend was visiting and she said: “you know, you can’t celebrate Christmas”.   WHAT??  I threw her out of my house I got so angry.  Then I turned to GOD.  I told him that I knew that Rosemary loved me and she was only trying to help me.  But, I was not going to give up Christmas, unless I heard it straight from HIM!  I said “you know how much I love Christmas, but I don’t want to do anything that offends you, GOD.  So, you tell me.”   Here is what HE said “Cynthia, (I love when he calls me by name), if there is EVER ANYTHING that you are not sure you should participate in, FIND THE ROOT.  The ROOT is the only thing that matters.  EVERYTHING ELSE IS A LIE and a COVERUP.”   Wow!  That is all he said.  I set out to find the ROOT.  BOY was I blown away.  Needless to say, Christmas immediately become part of my past.  

I am very glad that GOD answered me in that manner.  Rather than only addressing the question of Christmas.  He set me on the straight path for ALL THINGS going forward.  ALWAYS FIND THE ROOT!   The devil does not care if you know the truth about what he has you doing.  All you need to do is align yourself with what he is doing.  That is all that matters to GOD as well.  Whose plan are you lining up with?  Where do you stand?  What spirit are you under?  Whose spirit lives in you?  



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 Video – Ex-Kundalini Yoga Teacher Reveals All

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The Lord our Righteousness

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This dangerous Hindu practice is not just exercise.

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Take it from someone who knows. The following videos feature people who have come out of these practices and want to share the truth with those who might be considering them or who are already caught up in them. Please head their warnings!

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That very last article gave a very clear and concise reason why all of the practices mentioned in this article are not good for ANYONE.

All Eastern Disciplines are based on the existence of a life force energy that pervades all of nature. This belief is known as pantheism and is not compatible with Christianity.

“This is very different from the Christian understanding of God as the maker of heaven and earth and the source of all personal life,” they write. “God is in himself personal, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, who created the universe in order to share the communion of His life with creaturely persons.”

“The idea that the physical world comes from dualistic principles, which in turn come from an ultimate force, cannot be reconciled with the idea that the universe was created by an all-good, personal God. Furthermore, the attempt to channel and direct spiritual forces and the use of talismans violate the First Commandment.”

All PAGAN religions worship deities or “forces” that are in direct conflict with the TRUE AND LIVING GOD. Whether you believe in a Creator God or not, does not change that fact that He is real and alive and in Control. You need to understand that the DEMONS KNOW HE IS REAL! When you begin to practice those things that are forbidden in the bible, you open yourself up to demonic spirits. They will influence you, eventually they will control you, and finally they will possess you. BEWARE!!!