Update 3/31 We kill babies, Now we will kill the Mentally Handicapped… who is next?

WOW…. here you go… we are rapidly moving toward Euthanasia!  First babies after they have been born, now the Mentally Ill,  next will be all the handicapped and the elderly. 

Everything is escalating so fast.  Gay Agenda, Gun confiscation, Pedophilia, legalized drug abuse, elimination of Parental Rights, Robots to replace every job, the destruction of our forests, food supply, and homes, the threat of the loss of our power grid, Censorship of Truthers, Murder of Holistic Doctors, Medical Researchers, Astronomers and CDC workers, and antivaxers who speak the truth, man-made pestilences being released on the public, Surveillance Cameras EVERYWHERE, Blood drinking, Blood Baths, Blood Facials, Blood Injections, Genetically modified Humans and Animals,  Cannibalism, Torturing and murdering children for Adrenochrome, Chemtrails, RFID Chipping Humans, Women bragging about sex with demons, Witchcraft becoming the religion of the day, Satanism blatantly displayed and glorified, Ritualistic Murder a fast-growing fact, MK ULTRA Mind Control, Super Soldiers, Weather Modification War, Directed Energy Weapons, HAARP, Man made hurricanes – Tsunamis- Earthquakes, Fake Sun and Moon, Holograms in the sky, BAAL Temple glorified and set up all over the world, UN troops on US Soil, Russian ships on our coast, CERN and all the related mechanism reeking havoc on our Earth, the SPACE Hoax, the GLOBE Lie, false flags, contrived wars, political games, and false religion. GOOD HEAVENS, how can people remain oblivious to their own demise??  This is a world gone to HELL in a handbasket spiral towards self-destruction!

You know I am baffled.  All these loonies preaching “LOVE WINS” promoting every kind of evil, they won’t allow us to put murders and rapists to death because their sensitivities find that offensive… but they rejoice over the fact that we can now kill full-term infants,  and now they want to kill the mentally disabled. And just who gets to define the “mentally disabled”?  There are those today who are calling ANYONE who supports TRUMP, anyone who owns a GUN and anyone who believes in GOD and/or THE BIBLE as mentally handicapped.  Who gets to make the determination?  What do they base it on, since they are GODLESS… oh, but they are not godless, SATAN is their GOD!

My advice to ALL… you better watch out.  I work in the Healthcare industry and I can advise you that the NEW WORLD ORDER is all about CONTROLLING EVERY ASPECT OF YOUR LIFE.   Every detail of your life including what you talk about in the privacy of your home and what you tell your doctor or counselor are in the computer system and accessible to those who are calling the shots.  YOU will not have an income in the future unless they approve of you.  If they decide you are undesirable they can easily make any change in your online record they please.  They can erase you all together, they can take steps to show evidence in YOUR record that prove you unfit for work, mentally ill, a criminal or any other disqualifying classification they chose.  YOU will soon find yourself on the wrong end of these new rules, laws, and policies. 

UPDATE 3/31/19

They are working very hard to make anyone who does not conform to be declared  “Mentally Disabled”.  Don’t believe me? Just Watch...