The KOBE Bryant Story – The Devil is in the Details that you probably missed. – Part 1 of 2

RESTORED: 3/21/22
Since the Garden of Eden humankind has been seeking immortality apart from GOD.  Not surprising, for those who do not know GOD, immortality is really the only thing that seems to be a worthy endeavor.  Life is meaningless without relationship with GOD.  The one who created us is the only one who can enable us to reach fulfillment.  It does not take a genius to figure out that this world has nothing to offer.  All our ambitions, dreams, goals, desires come to naught in the end.  

It seems so unbelievable to me that people would find the idea of seeking GOD to be so repugnant that they would do just about ANYTHING ELSE to find a way to live forever.  Even if it is just as a memory in the hearts and minds of others.  When I say they are willing to do ANYTHING, I mean that they will do the most repulsive and unimaginable things.  Sell their eternal soul, sacrifice their first born or some other loved one, humiliate themselves and perform disgusting and horrendous acts of violence and/or sexual perversion.  They will even drink blood, eat poop or eat human flesh.  We may never know what the evil ones do behind closed doors… personally I would rather not know.  

Now, this article is about the Kobe Bryant/Gianna Bryant passing.  Let me be clear, I do not claim to know what happened or what they were into, or who or what was involved.  I am not accusing anyone, or defaming anyone’s name or belittling their efforts.  

I am simply trying to demonstrate that there is SO MUCH MORE to this story than immediately meets the eye.  It is so worth investigating for yourself.  I hope that this article raises enough questions that people are moved to questions what they think they know and look for further truth to be revealed.  

We live in very dark times.  Darker days are at the door.  It is time to be wise and stay alert.  Deception is the rule of the day.

Name Numerology by Alphabet

Note that those who believe in and practice Numerology (the ILLUMINED ONES, THE ELITE, those who rule the WORLD) believe that there is NO GREATER NUMBER THAN EIGHT.  It seems that as long as Kobe has been playing sports, the NUMBER 8 has RULED HIS LIFE or at least played a VERY SIGNIFICANT ROLE!  If you think that it could just be coincidence that the number 8 appears so frequently around KOBE BRYANT.  Just count the times it appears in this article!!!  NOT AN ACCIDENT.  Not even something that the ELITE can TOTALLY CONTROL despite their efforts to do so. We are dealing with forces that ARE NOT HUMAN!!! 

“To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die.”
― Thomas Campbell

Terry Pratchett

“Do you not know that a man is not dead while his name is still spoken?”
― Terry Pratchett, Going Postal


James Dean

“If a man can bridge the gap between life and death, if he can live after he’s died, then maybe he was a great man. Immortality is the only true success.”
― James Dean

Throughout this article you will see the numbers and dates highlighted.  I have made a concerted effort to supply substantial information about the hidden/occult meanings of those numbers and dates.  I have also tried to point you toward other signs and symbols that point to some sinister forces at work.  Websites and sources have been provided as well. Hopefully I have revealed enough to make you search out the truth for yourself.

Sunday, January 26, 2020.

Kobe won five NBA championships over the course of his stories career

Kobe was an 18-time All-Star and five-time NBA champion

Kobe Bryant retired from the NBA in 2016Credit: Getty Images

The helicopter ascended the helicopter reached 2,300 feet before it began descending plunging 1,000 feet into a hillside , with wreckage was found at 1,085 feet.

Helicopter hit the mountain at 185 mph

The Pilot was told to follow Hwy 101

Ara Zobayan, 50, was flying the helicopter that crashed in California Monday

Bryant, 41, and Gianna, 13,

Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gigi and seven others were killed in the crash bringing the death toll to 9.

The Daily World

Smoke rises from the site of the helicopter crash that killed nine people, including NBA legend Kobe Bryant, Sunday morning in Calabasas, California. (Richard Winton/Los Angeles Times/TNS)Smoke rises from the site of the helicopter crash that killed nine people, including NBA legend Kobe Bryant, Sunday morning in Calabasas, California. (Richard Winton/Los Angeles Times/TNS)

From the look of the photo, it sure does not seem like that pilot “ran into the hill”.  Looks more like the remains fell from the sky.

Kobe Bryant’s sudden, tragic death sends sports world reeling, but immortality is his
Sun Jan 26th, 2020 4:57 pm
By Greg Cote
Miami Herald 

You hear it and your first thought is cannot be true. It just can’t. Hoax. Cruel joke. Awful mistake. Unconfirmed. Something will come out to make it not real. 

It was real, and the NBA and all of sports mourns. The news hit Los Angeles like an earthquake on Sunday but Kobe Bryant was bigger than any one city. He was one of the most iconic, electric stars of all time, any sport, any time. His first name was all you needed.

Bryant died Sunday in a private helicopter crash in Calabasas, California, TMZ Sports first reported at 2:24 (2+2+4= 8) p.m. Eastern time. Eight (8) others reportedly perished as well, including 13year-old daughter Gianna, with no survivors. Victims reportedly did not include wife Vanessa Bryant or their three (3) other girls, Natalie, Bianka and infant Capri.

We use the word tragedy too freely in sports, applying it to knee injuries and big losses. This is a tragedy.  (as in GREEK Tragedy)

The crash, its cause being investigated, happened in L.A. County, in hills west of the San Fernando Valley. Bryant, his daughter and the others, still unidentified, were headed to Mamba Academy in Thousand Oaks for a basketball practice.

Bryant was 41, in his fourth year of retirement after a stellar 20-year Lakers career that included 18 all-star appearances, five (5) NBA championships, a league MVP trophy and two (2) NBA Finals MVPs.


 (Left) NBA and Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant perished in a helicopter crash Sunday morning in Calabasas, California. Bryant’s 13-year-old daughter, Gianna, reportedly also died in the crash that claimed the lives of nine (9) people. (TNS File Photo)

Any conversation about the greatest basketball players of all time had to have included Kobe. Just Saturday, LeBron James passed Bryant for third on the all-time scoring list. Kobe tweeted his congratulations: “Continuing to move the game forward @KingJames. Much respect my brother.”   (Kobe abdicated his thrown to LeBron James the day before his “crash”.)

Bryant would perish the next day. The former player had been known to prefer private helicopter travel dating to his Lakers days. The chopper, a Sikorsky S-76 (7 God’s number of perfection and 6 the number of man.  7+6=13) reportedly was his.

Shock and condolences poured forth across the NBA and the sports world. The tragedy surely will hang over the league as it pauses for its upcoming all-star break.

Bryant, like most, was not perfect. A 2003 (23) or (2+3=5) scandal involved his arrest for alleged sexual assault. (Laker star Kobe Bryant on allegations he sexually assaulted a 19-year-old Eagle woman.) Bryant admitted to an adulterous encounter but not the assault, and the case later was dropped.

To most, to NBA history, the scandal does little to diminish the Hall of Fame career of a champion who stands as one of the most colorful and prolific scorers the game has known.

The news was the most unexpected and gut-wrenching I had heard regarding a sports star since the morning of September(9) 25, 2016, when South Florida awakened to the news Miami Marlins star pitcher Jose Fernandez had been killed in a boating accident.

Fernandez was an active player in his prime. Bryant was retired but a much bigger star nationally. Do not parse grief, though. Tragedy is tragedy.

And this hurts, reminding us, again, of the capriciousness of life, and how fate is not impressed by wealth or celebrity, and plays no favorites.

Rest in peace, Kobe Bryant.

You were a just a man, fallible like all of us, but with the rarest of gifts.

Your name is immortal.

A National Transportation Safety Board investigator on Monday, Jan. 27, 2020, examines the crash site where a helicopter went down killing all 9 people on board, including NBA star Kobe Bryant and his daughter, Gianna. (Courtesy of NTSB)

Witnesses to the Jan. 26 helicopter crash that killed Kobe Bryant, his 13-year-old daughter and seven others described an explosion followed by smoke and flames after the aircraft slammed into a Calabasas hillside apparently obscured in fog, according to 911 calls released this week.

“I’m walking on the trail,” said one man hiking near the crash site, which was just east of Las Virgenes Road. “I could hear the plane, I think it was. (It was) in the clouds, we couldn’t see it, and then we just heard a ‘boom!’”

At least four other people immediately called and got Los Angeles County Fire Department dispatchers at around 9:47 (911) a.m.

Another man, shopping at the Erewhon Market about a mile northwest of the crash, said he saw the helicopter run into the hill.

A helicopter crashed into a mountain – we heard it, and now I’m looking at the flames,” he said. “We can see it – it was a helicopter. We’re looking at the flames right now on the hill.

Some of the callers appeared confused about exactly what happened, according to the calls released by the the Fire Department. One told emergency officials to go as far south as Mulholland Highway, two miles from where the helicopter crashed.

Others said they couldn’t see the helicopter but heard the sound of it smashing into the hillside and saw the flames. Several who were closest pinpointed the crash site.

Complete coverageKobe Bryant crash

The release of the recordings comes as the National Transportation Safety Board probes what led to the Sikorsky S-76B’s crash, 40 minutes after it departed John Wayne Airport in Orange County. The pilot had circled the Glendale area, then flew into western L.A. County bound for Camarillo Airport.

In addition to Bryant and his daughter Gianna, also killed were two other members of a club girls basketball team, parents, another club team coach and the helicopter pilot. All were headed for the Mamba Cup, a co-ed tournament Bryant started at his youth facility in Thousand Oaks.

NTSB officials have not released the crash’s cause. The agency could release a preliminary report on the incident this week, said Keith Holloway, a NTSB spokesman. The final report won’t come for perhaps a year or even two.

The Sikorsky climbed and then entered a steep descent before running into the hill, Jennifer Homendy, a NTSB official, has said.

It went over, thick in clouds, and then I just heard a pop, and it immediately stopped,” one man told a dispatcher. “I couldn’t see it. It was heading on an easterly track probably right over the Las Virgenes Water District.That part of the the top of the mountain is obstructed in clouds.

The helicopter was operating under “special visual flight rules” that allow pilots to fly in weather that is worse than allowed under standard visual flight rules.

“I was just thinking to myself,” the man told dispatchers, “if this guy – he doesn’t have night vision, he’s completely IFR (instrument flight rules). He’s got no visual.”

Kobe’s Flight Tracked On Flight Radar, Aircraft Suddenly Dropped


Nothing about this flight makes any sense.  They had him circling like they were stalling for the exact proper moment to bring him down, at breakneck speed.  

What We Know: The Helicopter Crash That Killed Kobe Bryant And 8 Others

January 27, 20202:01 PM ET

Police work around the scene of a helicopter crash that killed former NBA player Kobe Bryant, his daughter and seven (7) others in Calabasas, Calif., on Sunday.

Kelvin Kuo/AP

Updated at 7:35 p.m. ET Tuesday

Investigators are poring over the scene where former NBA superstar Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gianna and seven (7) other people died Sunday in a helicopter crash in Calabasas, Calif. It’s not clear why the aircraft went down, although weather conditions at the time were difficult. The National Transportation Safety Board has sent a team to the site and is now leading the investigation.

The helicopter took off from John Wayne Airport in Orange County at 9:06 (9 is 6 flipped upside down. this number represents as above so below.  the yinyang) a.m. local time, according to Flightradar24. Bryant’s group was headed to his Mamba Sports Academy in Newbury Park. A Federal Aviation Administration official told NPR on background that no flight plan was filed.


Photo Credit

Photo Credit

Occult Symbolism – Sodomite Gateways – Orange: A Color Like Purple

(This video is full of information, watch closely.  There are lots of logos but there is data inserted in multiple places)

The Open Scroll
Jan 8, 2013
 Why signal sodomy?
video imageTo Watch this video on Bitchute Click the Title Link Below:

The Sikorsky S-76B (7+6=13) was flying in low clouds and fog, and for part of its trip it was operating under “special VFR” (special visual flight rules) clearance, meaning the pilot had to stay clear of clouds and fog. Rather than flying under instrument flight rules (IFR) that would have helped him get through cloud banks, he was navigating by using highways and landmarks as references. Such requests are atypical — but not uncommon.

An aviation weather advisory for Sunday morning had warned pilots that poor visibility would require them to navigate by instrument flight rules — using their cockpit instrument systems to get through cloud cover.

Speaking at a Monday evening news briefing, NTSB member Jennifer Homendy asked the public for photos of the weather in the area of the crash. However, she emphasized: “We are not just looking at weather here, though. We look at the man, the machine and the environment.”

Homendy said she had been to the crash scene — which she described as “devastating” — and said that the debris field covered “about 500 to 600 (5+6=11) feet.”

The helicopter crashed in steep terrain in the mountains near the 4200 block of Las Virgenes (same name as Gianna see part 2; also the same as Virgin the name here is plural so mulitple virgins; there were three young girls that died in the crash.) Road in Calabasas. The crash was reported to the Los Angeles County Fire Department at 9:47 a.m. (9:4+7=11 so 911) The fiery wreckage ignited a small brush fire. Firefighters found no survivors. (so, no witnesses)

The weather was bad enough Sunday morning that the Los Angeles Police Department grounded its helicopters. The conditions “did not meet our minimum standards,” says Josh Rubenstein, public information director at the LAPD.

The victims

  • Kobe Bryant, 41 (5)
  • Gianna Bryant, 13
    • Thirteen is a sacred number; in sacred geometry thirteen circles are used to create the ancient shape, “The flower of life”.  Thirteen represents death and rebirth.  Thirteen can also represent rebellion against God’s authority.  Thirteen is a very important number to the Brotherhood and was not intended to be used by the profane- hence the superstitions surrounding thirteen we are taught in culture. “It’s OUR number, it’s not for you goyim”.  Source: Freetofindtruth
  • John Altobelli, 56 (5+6=11), Orange Coast College head baseball coach
    • Number 5
      Five represents female energy, largely because there are five days in the woman’s “fertility” cycle.  Five is represented geometrically as the pentagram, Isis, and as a divine proportion.
      Number 6
      6 represents male energy, the soul of man and the macrocosm of God. 6 is represented geometrically as the hexagram.  Source: Freetofindtruth     (So, 56 represents the blending of male energy and female energy, unisex. The two becoming one.)
    • In a way, Altobelli was the “Kobe” of California college baseball. His OCC Pirates won the California state junior college baseball championship in 2019 and he was named national Coach of the Year at the level later that summer by the American Baseball Coaches Association.The Pirates’ 2020 season is set to open tomorrow afternoon in Costa Mesa, and now for the first time in more than two decades, it will do so without Altobelli at the helm. Source
    • UH baseball team to honor John Altobelli with helmet decal

      Photo of Joseph Duarte

      Number 20
      The number 20 has little mystical significance, but it is historically interesting because the Mayan number system used base 20. When counting time the Maya replaced 20 × 20 = 400 by 20 × 18 = 360 to approximate the number of days in the year. Many old units of measurement involve 20 (a score)—for example, 20 shillings to the pound in predecimal British money.

      Number 22
      “In numerology 22 is one of the most powerful of all numbers. It is often called the Master Builder. The 22 can turn the most ambitious of dreams into reality. It is potentially the most successful of all numbers.  It has many of the inspirational insights of the 11, combined with the practicality and methodical nature of the 4, its sum.  JFK was assassinated on 11/22.

      The University of Houston baseball team will wear a commemorative helmet decal this season in honor of former player and assistant coach John Altobelli and his family.”  Source:

      The decal “JKA ALTO” – which features each of their initials – is in remembrance of Altobelli, his wife Keri and 13-year-old daughter Alyssa, who were among nine passengers in a Jan. 25 (wrong date) helicopter crash outside Los Angeles that claimed the life of NBA icon Kobe Bryant.

      In addition, UH will hold a 14second moment of silence – Altobelli’s jersey number with the Cougars – prior to Sunday’s Fan Appreciation/Alumni Game and the Feb (2). 14 season opener against Youngstown

      Altobelli was a two-year letter winner and team captain for the Cougars from 1984 to 1985 and served as an assistant coach. Most recently, he was the longtime baseball coach at Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa, Calif.

  • Kerri Altobelli, John’s wife (A Mamba MAMA)
  • Alyssa Altobelli, John and Kerri’s daughter (a Lady Mamba), who was Gianna’s basketball teammate
  • Sarah Chester  (A Mamba MAMA)
  • Payton Chester, Sarah’s daughter (a Lady Mamba) and another basketball teammate
  • Christina Mauser, girls basketball coach at Mamba Sports Academy (So she is a Mamba coach)
  • Ara Zobayan, pilot

Ara represents the heavenly Altar created by the gods of Mount Olympus to celebrate the defeat of the titans where the gods swore their allegiance to the supreme god Zeus (Jupiter). The smoke from the altar was said to pour out to create the Milky Way. According to another account Ara was the altar on which the Centaur (Centaurus) offered his sacrifice of Lupus.(Lupercalia is the root of Valentine’s Day celebration) Centaurus is traditionally depicted as carrying Lupus, the Wolf, to sacrifice on Ara, the altar. Ara was also known as the altar that Noah built after the great flood when his ark rested on Mt. Ararat.

“The beginning of the stormy season of late autumn, early winter was marked in Greece by the rise of the constellation Ara (the Altar). This altar was said to have been forged by the Kyklopes [Cyclops, maybe adjacent Telescopium] when the gods forged an alliance with Zeus against the Titanes. The eastern rising of the constellation probably represented the release of the storms from the Tartarean pit whose gates were guarded by the Hekatonkheires (the hundred-handed Storm-Gods) and Kyklopes (Gods of Lightning and Thunder)“. [Theoi]

“There is also an ancient sanctuary [at Korinthos] called the altar of the Kyklopes, and they sacrifice to the Kyklopes upon it.” [Pausanias, Description of Greece 2. 2. 1 Greek travelogue circa 2nd A.D.) from Theoi]

The word Ara comes from the Indo-European root *as- ‘To burn, glow’.Derivatives: ash¹ (from Old English æsceasce), Ara (probably denoting originally ‘a parched place’, from Latin ara), arid (from Latin aridus, dry, parched, from arere, to be dry), ardentardor (from Latin ardeoardere, be on fire, burn), arson (from Latin arsus from ardere, to burn, be on fire, from aridus, parched), zamia (tropical American cycads of the genus Zamia from Greek azein, to dry), azalea (from Greek azaleos, dry). [Pokorny as– 68. Watkins] The word area is cognate with arid.

“…the cut grain-sheaves arescunt, ‘dry out’ for threshing, is an area, ‘threshing-floor.’ On account of the likeness to these, clean places in the city are called areae; from which may be also the Gods’ ara ‘altar,’ because it is clean—unless rather from ardor ‘fire’; for the intention of using it for an ardor makes it an ara; and from this the area itself is not far away, because it is the ardor of the sun which arefacit ‘does the drying.'” [Varro: On The Latin Language, 1st century AD, p.37]

The English word altar is not related to Latin ara (and not related to the word ‘alter,’ meaning to change something). Latin altar, which was borrowed directly into Old English altar, was a derivative of the plural noun altaria, ‘burnt offerings,’ which probably came from the verb adolere, ‘burn up.’  Source:The Constellation Ara

Apparently, Kobe’s Pilot was a celebrity in his own right.  Fully qualified to fly the almost indestructible helicopter.  No one seems to have any idea what caused the crash.  The media implies that it was “Pilot” error.  I am not buying it.  EVERYTHING I SEE POINTS TO DELIBERATE AND PLANNED SACRIFICE.

This undated file photo provided by Group 3 Aviation shows helicopter pilot Ara Zobayan standing outside a helicopter, at a location not provided. Zobayan was at the controls of the helicopter that crashed in Southern California Sunday, Jan. 26, 2020, killing all nine aboard including former Lakers star Kobe Bryant. The other person inside is unidentified. Zobayan's life in the cockpit began as a passenger, a tourist looking out of a helicopter into the vast Grand Canyon. It would be a transformational trip, prompting Zobayan in 1998 to learn to pilot the aircraft himself.
This undated file photo provided by Group 3 Aviation shows helicopter pilot Ara Zobayan standing outside a helicopter, at a location not provided. Zobayan was at the controls of the helicopter that crashed in Southern California Sunday, Jan. 26, 2020, killing all nine aboard including former Lakers star Kobe Bryant. The other person inside is unidentified. Zobayan’s life in the cockpit began as a passenger, a tourist looking out of a helicopter into the vast Grand Canyon. It would be a transformational trip, prompting Zobayan in 1998 to learn to pilot the aircraft himself. AP/Group 3 Aviation

(LOS ANGELES) — Ara Zobayan’s passion for helicopters began as a teenager and took flight years later after a life-changing trip soaring above the vast Grand Canyon.

The freedom felt by the man who would become Kobe Bryant’s pilot was transformational, inspiring Zobayan to scrimp and save to take lessons and learn to pilot the aircraft himself.

“It tapped into what he felt he was here on Earth to do: to fly and to teach, and to teach people to have this feeling that he had,” said an emotional Darren Kemp, a student pilot of Zobayan who became a close friend.

Zobayan’s journey from pupil to pilot to the stars ended Sunday when the Sikorsky aircraft he was flying crashed into a hillside outside Los Angeles, killing him Bryant and the other seven aboard. The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating the accident, including any role heavy fog played.

The 50-year-old Zobayan was the chief pilot for charter service Island Express and had more than 8,200 hours of flight time. He was additionally certified to fly solely using instruments — a more difficult rating to attain that allows pilots to fly at night and through clouds.

But on the day of the disaster, he was flying under special visual flight rules that require pilots to see where they are going.

He had completed the same flight the day before — Orange County to Ventura County — but Sunday morning brought fog so heavy it grounded helicopters for the Los Angeles Police Department and county sheriff. Zobayan was forced to detour around the San Fernando Valley until he could return to follow U.S. Highway 101 in Calabasas.

In his final radio transmission to air traffic controllers, Zobayan said he was climbing to avoid a cloud layer before the helicopter plunged more than 1,000 feet (305 meters) (3+5=8) into a hillside.

The death of Bryant shocked the sporting world. It also shook those who were endeared to Zobayan as much for his skills in the skies as the smile that greeted them each time they would fly.

“He was one of their best pilots,” said Los Angeles Clippers star Kawhi Leonard, who flew with him to commute from his home in San Diego to the Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles where the Clippers and Lakers play.

That’s a guy who you ask for to fly you from city to city,” Leonard said Wednesday. “He’ll be like, ‘I just dropped Kobe off and he said hello.’ ”

Born in Lebanon in 1970, a teenage Zobayan by chance sat next to a helicopter mechanic on the flight taking him to the United States.

The mechanic lent Zobayan a helicopter magazine, which the youth devoured for the remainder of the flight, said Chuck Street, executive director of the Los Angeles Area Helicopter Operators Association.

When he had saved enough money, he took that fateful helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon.

“After that experience, he became laser-focused on becoming a helicopter pilot,” Street said.

Zobayan began taking lessons in 1998 at Group 3 Aviation at the Van Nuys airport in Los Angeles, where he would ultimately become a flight instructor, Group 3 owners Peter and Claudia Lowry said in a statement.

Zobayan remained so dedicated to his craft that he continued to wash aircraft and vacuum offices even as he ascended in his career, Street said.

Kemp, the former student, said Zobayan inspired him to become a better pilot. His mentor was a stickler for pre-flight checklists, Kemp said, and would make his students sit in the pilot and passenger seats.

“He was like, ‘The way you do it, you have to become it. Go sit in the copter, go touch it, go feel it,’ ” Kemp recalled.

In a video Kemp once shot in the cockpit, a grinning Zobayan is wearing sunglasses and a green headset as he salutes. Kemp sometimes called him “Big Z,” a gentle tease because Zobayan was slim and slight in stature.

The two bonded like brothers and spoke almost every other day, Kemp said. Over dinners at Captain Jack’s in Huntington Beach near Zobayan’s home, the teacher would call his student “captain” as he talked about his girlfriend, chauffeuring Bryant and offering flying tips.

Clients said they trusted Zobayan implicitly, bringing their children and grandchildren along on flights, often to Santa Catalina Island — the main destination for Island Express.

Margaret Bray flew with Zobayan often to and from her restaurant, Maggie’s Blue Rose, on the island off the coast of Los Angeles.

“He always had this big smile, this infectious smile,” Bray said.

Zobayan would often take his lunch breaks at her restaurant and told her about a recent trip to Spain. Bray, who like Zobayan is of Armenian descent, said she’d tease him when she saw him on TV as part of Bryant’s “entourage.”

“I think Kobe and him had this friendship,” she said. “It wasn’t like pilot and customer.”

Basketball players weren’t his only celebrity passengers — Kylie Jenner and actor Lorenzo Lamas mourned his passing.

Zobayan and Lamas, a fellow pilot and friend, flew the ex-girlfriend of comedian Andy Dick around in a chopper for an episode of “Celebrity Wife Swap.”

Clients sought out Zobayan and would book trips well in advance.

Gary Johnson, vice president of airplane parts manufacturer Ace Clearwater Enterprises, said he had flown with Zobayan about 30 times in roughly eight (8) years, and was looking forward to a trip with him next month.

“He was the one I always requested,” Johnson said. “He was just sort of those magic souls you run into every now and then.”

Johnson said he’s not sure if he’ll still do the sightseeing trip in February without his favorite pilot.

“I hope he’s up there in the clouds right now,” Johnson said.

By Tuesday, investigators had recovered all nine bodies from the helicopter wreckage and through the use of fingerprints had identified four of them, Kobe Bryant, John Altobelli, Sarah Chester and the pilot, according to the Los Angeles County medical examiner.

Number 9
9 is sacred and the cube of 3. 999 is 666 inverted.

Occult Numerology and the Number Nine (9)

Ancient Occult History and the Number Nine – Ancient Greek pagans held nine sacred because to them nine symbolized the 9 Muses or sister goddesses, daughters of Zeus and Mnenosyne, who were believed to preside over mankind’s activities on earth.

Nine was also a significant number to the Etruscans. These ancient pagan people from north west Italy worshipped nine gods. Nine was also a holy number in Rome. According to Texe Marrs, “the Romans honored the goddess Nundina by holding a purification ceremony for male infants on their nineth day of life. In addition, every ninth year the Romans held a feast in memory of the dead.”

Satanists and the Number Nine – Satanists take delight in the number nine for a couple of reasons. First, Satanists enjoy reversing, mirroring and inverting symbols, letters and numbers. When you turn the number “9” upside down you get “6” which makes up the number of the Beast (666) as revealed in Revelation 13:18 in the Bible. Second, Satanists take perverse pleasure in commemorating the death of Christ and the death of Christ is associated with the number nine. Mark 15: 34-37 reveals that Christ spoke his last words on the Cross of Calvary at the ninth hour and “gave up the ghost (died).

Masonic Orders and the Number Nine – According to the book “Numbers: Their Occult Power and Mystic Virtues” by W. W. Wescott nine holds great significance among many Masonic orders and secret societies. He said, “There is a Masonic order of Nine Elected Knights in which nine roses, nine lights, and nine knocks are used.” In fact the number nine is the number of “the earth under evil influences.

The pilot was Ara George Zobayan. The FAA database lists him as an instrument-rated commercial pilot licensed to fly helicopters. In addition, he was both a helicopter flight and ground instructor.

“Bryant’s daughter, Gianna, was an up-and-coming player in her own right,” member station KPCC/LAist reports. “She played with the Los Angeles Lady Mambas, which was coached by Bryant and is part of a co-ed youth basketball league he created in partnership with the Los Angeles Boys and Girls Club. The team plays at Bryant’s Mamba Sports Academy in Thousand Oaks, where the group was heading Sunday morning for a tournament.”

1000 is the cube of Ten, a symbol of perfection. Source: Sacred

Many early Church fathers saw in the number 1,000, the totality of the generations and the perfection of the life. The number sometimes is used in a reference to paradise and everlasting happiness. Source:

The Oak Summit: The Dark Side of the Oak Tree – Fanatic for Jesus

(9) Sep 2, 2011 … The ancient Romans thought oak trees attracted lightening and thereby connected to  the god “Jupiter (from LatinIūpiter [ˈjuːpɪtɛr] or Iuppiter [ˈjʊpːɪtɛr],[3] from Proto-Italic *djous “day, sky” + *patēr “father”, thus “sky father“),[4] also known as Jove (genIovis [ˈjɔwɪs]), is the god of the sky and thunder and king of the gods in Ancient Roman religion and mythology. Jupiter was the chief deity of Roman state religion throughout the Republican and Imperial eras, until Christianity became the dominant religion of the Empire. In Roman mythology, he negotiates with Numa Pompilius, the second king of Rome, to establish principles of Roman religion such as offering, or sacrifice….” source  [1] Through the symbol of the oak, the Druids worshiped the Supreme Deity. … These are words that circulate throughout occult circles.  Symbols:Lightning bolt, eagle, oak tree    Source: Wikipedia   (If you research the sexual assault case against Kobe you will see the EAGLE all over it.) 

Mysteries of the Ancient Oaks

Taranis, being a thunder god, was associated with the oak tree. The Indo-Europeans worshipped the oak and connected it with a thunder or lightning god; “tree” and drus may also be cognate with “Druid,” the Celtic priest to whom the oak was sacred. There has even been a study that shows that oaks are more likely to be struck by lightning than any other tree of the same height.

The investigation

Investigators will have to deal with rugged and elevated terrain. On Sunday, Los Angeles County Fire Chief Daryl Osby “said it took about nine (9) minutes for firefighters to hike extremely steep terrain to the site,” KPCC/LAist reports, adding that other firefighters were lowered to the scene from a sheriff’s helicopter.

Earlier, Homendy said a team of 18 (3×6=666 or 8+1=9) people will investigate the crash. And while bad weather has been cited repeatedly as a potential cause, the team will look into numerous potential factors. At a news conference Sunday night, she listed the investigators’ areas of expertise: “operations, human performance, airworthiness, structures and power plants.”

Homendy added that her team will also be looking at the pilot’s history, along with the helicopter’s maintenance records and records related to the aircraft’s owner and operator.

One NTSB staff member reached the crash site on Sunday; the rest of the team arrived in California late Sunday and met Monday morning to prepare for the complex investigation.

At Monday’s briefing, Homendy said “there wasn’t a black box” aboard the helicopter “and there isn’t a requirement to have a black box.”

She said the team at the crash site was there to gather evidence, not to determine a cause, which would require further analysis.

Homendy said there were drones at the crash scene mapping the wreckage.

The flight path

After taking off from Orange County, the aircraft headed northwest over Los Angeles (city of the Fallen Angels). Then the helicopter briefly circled several times over Glendale 23rd-largest city in California It is located about 8 miles (13 km) north of downtown Los Angeles.) , after air traffic controllers asked the pilot to hold in place to allow a plane to land at a nearby airport.

The helicopter eventually continued on in a northwesterly direction and then turned south. Soon afterward, it crashed in the mountains near Calabasas (I will discuss Calabasas further on in this document).

In radio communications during the flight, the pilot tells an air traffic controller at the Hollywood Burbank Airport that he’s following Interstate 5 north. The air traffic controller then says the helicopter is clear to move through the area and asks, “Actually for your transitioning to Camarillo [an airport to the west in Ventura County], did you just want to follow the 118?”  (11 & 8  or 8+1+1=10 or 2pillars and 8)


The 11 is the most intuitive of all numbers in numerology The 11 is the most intuitive of all numbers. It represents illumination; a channel to the subconscious; insight without rational thought; and sensitivity, nervous energy, shyness, and impracticality. It is a dreamer.

The Master number 11 has all the aspects of the 2, but is considerably enhanced and charged with charisma, leadership, and inspiration. It is a number with inborn duality, which creates dynamism, inner conflict, and other catalysts with its mere presence.   Source

The pilot replies: “118 and then we’ll loop around Van Nuys to catch the 101.”


    • “Love”, written in Greek language, “h agaph”, gives as numerical value  101 = 8+1+3+1+80+8   Source

Referring to the helicopter’s tail number of N72EX, the Burbank tower replies, “Helicopter2 Echo X-ray, roger.”


  • Represent the number of the earth.
  • According to R. Allendy, it is “the differentiation, 2, in cosmic series, 70, producing the extreme multiplicity of the aspects, moreover interdependent between them (7 + 2 = 9)“. It would express also the solidarity in the multiplicity (8 x 9) showing the harmony and the reciprocity in universal relations of things.
  • Sixty-twelve is considered as harmful in the apocryphal books of the Old Testament that speak about the 72 dead (Will of Abraham) and of the 72 sicknesses (Life of Adam and Eve).
  • The 72 disciples sent by Jesus. (Lk 10,1)
  • The 70 ancients accompanying Moses that received an outpouring of the spirit, plus the 2 absent ones which had remained in the camp, Eldad and Medad. (Nb 11,25-26)
  • The 72 races resulting from Noah. They are enumerated in chapter 10 of the Genesis.
  • The 72 languages confused to the Tower of Babel.     Source

The helicopter is then handed off to a controller at Van Nuys Airport, who handled the aircraft’s transition to the west along the 118 highway.

The pilot later seeks permission to start turning to the southwest toward the 101 highway. That request is granted — but controllers soon lose radio contact with the aircraft.

Homendy said Monday that the final transmission from the pilot indicated that he was climbing to avoid a cloud layer.

Before the helicopter disappears from radar, a controller tries to reach the pilot, saying, “2 Echo X-ray, you’re still too low level for flight following at this time.”

In the flight’s final moments, the helicopter was flying between 120 and 160 knots. The aircraft then started flying faster and descending very rapidly — in excess of 5,000 feet per minute. The last flight data received from the helicopter was at 9:45 (4+5=9, so this is 9:9 or 9+9-18) a.m., 39 minutes after it took off.

“120” is computer hacker speak for the common chatroom term “LOL!” which often stands for “Laughing Out Loud!”
We examine the “LOL” and the “!” separately:
In the ‘hacker language’ known as 1337, the letters “LOL” are translated as “101
This is because Ls resemble ones and Os resemble zeros.
The number “101” is the binary equivalent of the decimal number “5”
This is because 1(x1) + 0(x2) + 1(x4) = 5
If you take this 5 and follow it by “!” (as in the original term LOL!) that gives you 5!
5! is the mathematical representation for “5 factorial,” the calculated value of which is 120
Therefore, LOL! = 101! = 5! = 120  Source: Urban Dictionary
Number 39
The perfect 3 multiplied by the sacred 13. 39 is an anagram for 93, the “literal number of magic itself”- Crowley.
* The United Nations, located in New York, has 39 floors.  Source: Freetofindtruth

One day before the crash, the same helicopter had made a similar trip from John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana to Camarillo Airport, west of Newbury Park, leaving Saturday morning and returning that afternoon, according to the FlightAware aviation tracking site. Those trips took 30 minutes each.

The helicopter

The Sikorsky S-76B helicopter that Bryant’s group was flying in was built in 1991(they love these numbers that reverse each other to display duality). It was initially owned by the state of Illinois, but the state auctioned it off in the summer of 2015 for $515,161.  

The winning bid came from a user named “Jimbagge1” — and Jim Bagge is an executive at Island Express Holding, a California company that holds the FAA registration for the helicopter: N72EX.

“Aircraft must be inspected annually or every 100 flight hours, whichever comes first,” the FAA’s Gregor said. “Additionally, certain parts must be replaced or overhauled at specific intervals.

“Maintenance records belong to the aircraft owner, who must make them available to the FAA for inspection upon request. The FAA looks at aircraft maintenance history as part of every accident investigation.”

NPR’s Russell Lewis contributed to this report.

January 27, 2020
One of our helicopters, N72EX, Sikorsky S76, was involved in an accident on Sunday, January 26th in the Calabasas area of LA County.
We are deeply saddened by this tragedy. Our top priority is providing assistance to the families of the passengers and the pilot. We hope that you will respect their privacy at this extremely difficult time.
The pilot, Ara Zobayan, was our chief pilot. Ara has been with the company for over 10 years and has over 8,000 flight hours.
We are working closely with the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) to investigate the cause of the accident and we are grateful to the first responders and local authorities for their response to this unimaginable accident.
According to the older versions of the company’s website, Island Express touted its fleet of Sikorsky S76 helicopters as “the epitome of helicopter travel.” The company erased nearly all of its internet presence following the accident, although archives of the company’s site map are available.   Source: Accuweather
Kobe Bryant and his 13-year-old daughter, Gianna, seen in a 2018 file photo taken at the U.S. swimming national championships at the Woollett Aquatics Center in Irvine, were buried Friday in a cemetery near the family’s Newport Beach home, according to death certificates. (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

LOS ANGELES — Kobe Bryant and his 13-year-old daughter, Gianna, were buried Friday in a cemetery near the family’s Newport Beach home, according to death certificates.

Pacific View Memorial Park in Corona del Mar features meticulous landscaping, open courtyards and fountains that “express the joy of living,” according to its website. Actor John Wayne, who died in 1979, also is buried there.

The Bryants and seven others were killed in a Jan. 26 helicopter crash. The retired basketball superstar, his daughter and the other victims will be honored at a  public memorial Monday, Feb. 24 at Staples Center, where Bryant starred for most of his 20-year career with the Los Angeles Lakers.

The date 2/24 corresponds with the No. 24 jersey he wore and the No. 2 worn by Gianna, whose team was coached by her father.

It’s not yet known what caused the crash of the helicopter that was taking the Bryants and the others to a youth basketball tournament.

report by the National Transportation Safety Board issued last week stated there weren’t any signs of engine failure from the wreckage recovered from the crash site in Calabasas, northwest of Los Angeles. The pilot, Ara Zobayan, was appartently attempting to navigate the helicopter out of blinding clouds when it turned and plunged into the mountainside.

The death certificates state the Bryants died of blunt trauma. Bryant’s occupation is listed as author, producer and athlete while Gianna is listed as “coach and student.

At a public memorial Monday, several thousand people mourned three of the other victims: Orange Coast College baseball coach John Altobelli, his wife, Keri, and their daughter Alyssa, Gianna’s teammate.

The Staples Center will host a public memorial event for the Bryants and the seven other victims, including: Payton Chester, 13, Sarah Chester, 45, Alyssa Altobelli, 14, Keri Altobelli, 46, John Altobelli, 56, Christina Mauser, 38 and pilot Ara Zobayan, 50.

I find it EXTREMELY interesting that at the very time the CORONA virus is being revealed to the public, these two “super stars” are being laid to rest at the CORONA cemetery.CORONA the crown used for Victorious Athletes in Rome, as well as the CROWN placed on the Dead to declare VICTORY over Death. 

2019 Novel Coronavirus Outbreak (COVID-19)

On January 21, 2020, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Washington State Department of Health announced the first case of 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the United States in Washington State.

The patient recently returned from Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China, where an outbreak of 2019 novel coronavirus has been ongoing since December.

While the current situation poses a public health threat, we have no evidence the virus is spreading in Washington so the risk to the general public is low.

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