“EVERYBODY LIES”… That is the lie that the Devil wants you to believe.  He is the FATHER OF LIES.  All he can do is LIE because there is NO TRUTH in him.  SO if you are seeking Satan as your source of LIGHT.  You are deceived.  People like to be around other people who make … Click Here to Read More


In case you have not heard, there was a document leaked today that indicates that the Supreme Court of the United States of America is planning to overturn ROE vs WADE. ALL GLORY TO GOD!! LET US GIVE THANKS!!  This is an amazing development.  Almost hard to believe.  Even more incredible is the statement that … Click Here to Read More


UPDATE: 6/12/22 TAGS:  Earth Dimming, Climate Control, Climate Change, Ship-tracks, Chemtrails, 60 years of Climate Control, Cloud Whitening, Heating the Atmosphere,  Supply chains, Cloud Seeds, Anomalous Cloud lines, hydrocarbons, Heavy Oil, Marine fuel, Enhancing Water Supply, Ground Based Cloud Seeders, precipitation enhancement, Energy Resources, Water Resource Management, Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, US Bureau of Reclamation, … Click Here to Read More

They Don’t Even Know They Are Disconnected

TAGS:  GenY, Millennials, Technology, Evolution, Simulation Theory, Matrix, Binge Watching, Texting, Conversation, Smartphones, Social Media, Updates, Hashtags, Photo Posts, Fake News, Propaganda, Manipulation, Twisting Truth, Reality, Mask, Deception, Perversion, Nebuchadnezzar, Pride, Depression, Suicide, Evidence, Research, facts, REAL, Jesus Christ You may find it hard to believe, but I grew up in a house that had … Click Here to Read More


Tags: Misinformation, Cyber Polygon, Digital Pandemic, WHO Infodemic, Rockerfeller Medicine Men, TechnoTerror, Propaganda, FEAR, CONTROL Do you know what Cyber Polygon is all about?  Have you even heard of it?  Were you aware of their recent event?  Do you know the outcome?  Do you know what it means for YOU?? I bet by now you … Click Here to Read More

Jade Helm 2020 – Master The Human Domain – The Exercise Continues

RESTORED 10/20/23 People think that just because they did not see any immediate military takeover of the USA or incarceration of US citizens that nothing happened during Jade Helm.  They are very sadly mistaken.  In fact, Jade Helm has not yet ended.  It is an ongoing, perfectly orchestrated take down of the United States of … Click Here to Read More

IMAGE – Probably the most Important word in your life! Part 3 – THE BATTLE FOR YOUR MIND

TAGS; Nanotechnology, Mind Control, Morgellons, Psychiatric Drugs, Remote Torture,  Mind Reading Technology, Brain Chips, CERN, Singularity, BioAPI, subliminal and semi-subliminal messages These are PERILOUS TIMES!  Today, it is my hearts desire to present enough truth to you to make you see that we are in a WAR already, and as a society we are losing.  The … Click Here to Read More

FAKE NEWS – Who do you Believe?

RESTORED: 3/8/22; RESTORED 10/9/22 It is no wonder that the Corporate Establishment hates the Truther Community.  They are losing their grip on the masses because of intelligent, honest researchers who are exposing their lies.  They love to use the magic words “Conspiracy Theorists” to discredit those who are earnestly seeking the truth.  But, the people … Click Here to Read More