IMAGE – Probably the most Important word in your life! Part 3 – THE BATTLE FOR YOUR MIND

These are PERILOUS TIMES!  Today, it is my hearts desire to present enough truth to you to make you see that we are in a WAR already, and as a society we are losing.  The BATTLE GROUND IS our minds.  With today’s technology it will soon be impossible to keep your right mind without the … Click Here to Read More

UPDATED 3/23/20 – FAKE NEWS – Who do you Believe?

It is no wonder that the Corporate Establishment hates the Truther Community.  They are losing their grip on the masses because of intelligent, honest researchers who are exposing their lies.  They love to use the magic words “Conspiracy Theorists” to discredit those who are earnestly seeking the truth.  But, the people are waking up, though … Click Here to Read More