They Don’t Even Know They Are Disconnected

CNS NEWS: ‘Technology Has Created the ‘Silent Generation’

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You may find it hard to believe, but I grew up in a house that had no Television and No Telephone most of my early years.  My father never liked the telephone, something about it repulsed him.  I found that very hard to understand until recently.  Telephones and Televisions were high tech for his generation, like cellphones and computers were for mine.  I can see why the elite rulers are anxious to get rid of everyone over 60.  We lived through the development of modern technology and we have seen its aftermath.  Young people today don’t know any different.  they have been under the techno-mind control system all of their life.  They have lived with the modern “conveniences” of fast grocery stores, 7-11s, fast food, and entertainment at your fingertips.  To them, it is “normal”.  The break down of moral values and ethics are attributable to our modern “education” system and programming through media.

They have grown up in a system that has no use for GOD, no use for rules, for respect, for manners, for polite society.  They see no value in the Word of GOD, and find their parents to be out of touch and out of date.  They believe that they are so much smarter than everyone and get most of their information/education from the internet.  Mind you, not through research but by inquiry of their network or quick searches of google.  They don’t have the patients to read so the prefer to get their news in small bytes on TV or the internet.

NO ONE wants to have conversations anymore.  They prefer to communicate via text.  Text is so impersonal and I find it a bit rude.  They may be in the middle of exchanging text messages and just stop, or they may  see your text and not respond, or they may text you and not respond when you do.

Families don’t communicate anymore.  They do not sit together and have a meal over which they share their thoughts and experiences.  If they sit together at all, the TV is running.  Mostly they eat in their own rooms, at the computers, when they feel like eating.  If they go to a restaurant with family or friends, you will see them all there on their cell phones, texting or watching a video, or exchanging photos, or posting updates to their followers, as to where they are, what they are doing, what they are eating…etc.  If they are attending an event, they spend their time on the their cellphone making a video of the event or posting photos.  They miss the experience of the event all together.  It is tragic!!

Technology has already dehumanized society.  People have no respect for their bodies as the Temple of the Lord.  They feel free to do whatever they want with their body.  They puncture, cut, re-arrange, re-construct, re-design themselves with indifference and without restraint.  They defile themselves and others in all manner of perversions.  They don’t even like to think of themselves as human.  They want to be Barbie Dolls, Puppy Dogs, Wolves, Aliens, Snakes, Anime Characters, Vampires, Micky Mouse…anything but human.  They want to decide for themselves whether they are male or female…or something else altogether.

If you ask men today if they it matters to them whether a woman’s breast are real or not as long as they look good.  They will tell you they prefer fake.  Men and women alike are running to the plastic surgeons for lip enhancements, botox to remove the wrinkles tummy tucks, liposuction, nose jobs, breast reductions or breast enlargements, hair transplants, fake nails, dyed hair, false eyelashes, anything to cover, conceal, mask,  the truth about their appearance.  Unwilling to face reality, now they have so many options to create their own version.

Our children have been taught that there is no difference between men and women, and that sexuality is just a choice that you make.  That there is an ever increasing range of options for sexual identity.  They are told that they can’t even determine their sexuality until they experiment with all the options.

Truly, without cosmetics and fashion, there is no way a male could pass for a female.  Now with all the surgeries, you can change anything.  DNA takes it even further.  Add Technology and no ILLUSION/DECEPTION is impossible.

When there seems to be no absolutes left in your world, how can you be anything but confused, disoriented and disconnected.

This is really all a matter of rebellion.  Defiance of GOD.  Because they do not KNOW HIM, they reject him out of hand.  Rebellion is the sin of WITCHCRAFT.

Are Millennial’s the Disconnected Generation?

Are Millennial’s the most disconnected generation socially despite being the most connected generation technologically?

The infamous Gen Y’s, also known as Millennial’sThe impatient, entitled and narcissistic #selfie generation.

The ultimate idlers who are at the same time big dreamers. The ones who live their lives on a Facebook or Instagram page. The ones who let food go cold and everyone else on the dinner table go famished so they can upload a picture of their #foodporn.

I live in renowned food haven Singapore where #cafehopping tops the weekend activity list for Gen Y here. Food here is the equivalent of alcohol in the West, known to bring people together.

Except one thing. It doesn’t, not in reality. More often than not, you will see a group of five or more teenagers/twenty somethings gathered together on a round table in a cafe or restaurant only to find them more engaged on their mobile handsets than the person sitting next to them.

Food seems to bring people together now in the form of ‘Eh, can you like my picture on Instagram?’ After a while you think they would love to engage in real conversation than just ask ‘can you like the post i just took of the food we’re just about to eat” which they communicate by facebook or instagram rather than actually talking to the person next to them. Sad.

Why they don’t put the phone down and actually talk to people? The bigger question is can they? Have all social skills like asking questions and genuinely being interested in someone gone? Did they stop at Gen X, my generation?

A more disturbing recent study showed that watching TV series consecutively was adding to this disconnection and lack of actual interaction. Again to be replaced by a screen interaction, just a different kind.

New research in January 2015 suggests Millennial’s who binge watch TV shows on any device are more likely to be depressed.

Researchers said binge watching or marathon viewing is watching between two and six episodes of the same show in one sitting. Breaking Bad, Walking Dead, House Of Cards – easy to watch 5,6, 7 episodes in a row yes?

The study cited interviews with hundreds of Millennial’s, those between 18 and 29, about their TV habits. Research suggests a link between binge watching and depression — noting those who feel depressed tend to use binge watching as an escape. Easy to escape into a screen and fantasy than engage with  real people and talk about your concerns, dreams, ambitions.

The new study also indicated binge watching among Millennial’s is connected to social interaction. But in an ironic way. Millennial’s the study showed were more likely to also bring friends over, not to talk to or cook for but to watch episode upon episode of TV series.

According to the study, 92 percent of participants are using services such as Netflix and Hulu to indulge their cravings for the next episode.

Participants admitted they watched more television on weekends, with 20 percent surveyed saying they watched four or more hours during the weekend. Only about 10 percent said they watched less than two hours on those same days.

Is this binge TV watching also responsible for Millennial’s lack of social engagement abilities and even desire to engage socially?

Are these situation’s exclusive to the Millennials? In a recent study conducted in the UK it may have started with the generation above too:

  • 34% of Brits admitted they have Facebook friends they’d go out of their way ignore in real life
  • Just 10% of an average person’s friends list are considered actual friends
  • Over half said they are friends with people they don’t like just so they could still see their photos and statuses, and to find out what they are up to


  • A fifth of participants admitted to having arguments on Facebook
  • With 28% claiming the rows were caused by ambiguous or vague statuses they thought had been aimed at themselves

Keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer, as the saying goes. Despite all that on-screen connectivity, instant messaging capabilities and quick access to information, we are unfortunately only more connected virtually and less personally.

The worse thing is that these online profiles are no more than self-fabricated facades to create the impression that one is perhaps happier, richer or better off than others.

I mean – how will people know I am rich and happy I am if I don’t post it online? All the time, every day? How many sad pictures do you see on facebook?

Today’s over-emphasis on social sharing and gratification has caused people to miss the point about living in the moment and truly enjoying life. Could something intended to help us also turn out to adversely hinder us?

How many ‘online friends’ do you have?

How many ‘real friends’ do you have?

Is Wi-fi now more important than the food or a room? When booking a hotel or checking into a cafe, the first request is now no longer the menu but rather, ‘Do you have wifi?’

Technology is great. I love technology. In fact, I have built my business, Black Marketing, globally on technology and inter-connectivity.

I, infamously to those who know me, do not have and have never had a facebook account. If I want to talk and engage with someone personally I’ll text, whatsapp, wechat them to meet them for a drink, dinner, lunch, tea/coffee.

What about LinkedIn you say?

I see LinkedIn not as a mean’s to an end but a catalyst to meet people in real life. I love it when I visit a city like Sydney, Hong Kong or Shanghai and send messages on my LinkedIn to connections and non-connections about meeting up. I use it as a medium to engage in reality not the only way I wish to meet people.

I have 8-10 meetings a day in Singapore and most are arranged through LinkedIn. It’s a means to an end not the end itself. I use LinkedIn to market events where I actually meet the people I am marketing to. It’s all about social and personal interaction ultimately.

While technology has made it easier we must not forget that genuine, lasting, engaging relationships of all kinds, (work and personal), go beyond being connected on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn.

It is definitely the in-person connection that counts. Millennial’s or not, let’s all disconnect to connect.