Dr. Clarifies – Jab and Boosters “What Happens In Your Body?”

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There are apparently still many people out there who don’t really understand what all the fuss is about.  They don’t have any idea what happens inside your body when you take the mandated Jab, or why they need to have a booster shot or two or three or more.

In this post, a DOCTOR, A physician who has a practice with many patients in different stages of the program, lays out in laymen’s terms what happens inside your body.


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YOUR BODY is wonderfully and fearfully made in the IMAGE OF GOD.   He designed your body to take care of itself.  It is the junk we do to our body and put in our body that messes with our system.  It is the poison they put in our water, food and air we breathe that causes illness and stress.   Now you know, the shots are designed to break down your natural ability to fight off disease, and eventually destroy it.  It is their plan to make your body totally dependent on them for survival.

I believe in the ability of my body to do what it needs to do, and if I become ill I trust GOD to heal me, and/or let me know what I need to do or not do to help my body heal.  

I have always asked this question “If you need Pharmacia to get well or to stay well, what will you do when you can no longer get it?? ”  Believe me, THEY do not care if you live or die.  Money makes their world go around.  When you are not convenient for them anymore… they will let you die a slow and miserable death.  Or worse yet, they will keep you alive for body parts.  

I SAY, TRUST GOD!!  FEAR NOT!   You CANNOT DIE BEFORE YOUR APPOINTED TIME!   I promise you that if you GET CLOSE TO GOD, GOD WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU.  He knows you inside and out, He created you.  HE has not abandoned us.  He watches over us everyday.  He has numbered EVERY HAIR ON YOUR HEAD!!  HE LOVES YOU!   RUN TO HIM!

OUR MEDICAL PROFESSION/INDUSTRY  has never been about keeping you in good health.  It is about keeping the money flowing.  Yes, there are individual people in the medical field who care about people…however they are all trained and licensed by the evil system.  Unless they are led by the LORD…they don’t know any different.  

We have many people in the medical system today who are awake and aware and speaking out against the evil works in the system.  They are brave and we should be praying for them everyday.  THEY KNOW FIRST HAND, and thank GOD, they are letting us know. 

DO YOU REALLY WANT TO TRUST THIS CORRUPT SYSTEM??  You need to take a serious look at the history of diseases in this nation from a different perspective.  Try to find the truth.  Ask GOD to lead you.


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