Mt Hermon – They’re Here!

The Hermon mountain range is in Syrian, Lebanese, and Israeli territory. Its highest elevation  in Israeli controlled territory and Israel’s tallest mountain, is 7,335 ft high (civilians can climb to the 6,692 ft mark). The Israeli Mt. Hermon is covered in snow during the winter months. Its summit, currently in Syrian control, reaches 9,232 ft … Click Here to Read More


The Opening Ceremony of the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham is probably the most important ritual so far  I was not able to view a full version of the event myself, but I posted what I was able to glean from the parts of it I could view.  There is so much that has been revealed … Click Here to Read More

When will the RIGHTEOUS RISE UP and STAND?

It seems that Boston was a literal hotpot this weekend.  Lots of Protesting going on.  I have to say that I am truly sickened by the level of degradation I have seen in our society in the last 20 years.  It is escalating at a very rapid rate.  In fact, at the rate we are … Click Here to Read More

It’s in The Blood – Part 11 – The LGBTQ Movement

The LGBTQ MOVEMENT and how it relates! RESTORED AGAIN 6/23/23 Original Post: 7/10/16;  5/27/19 6/26/19; 7/28/19: 8/24/21; 2/22/22; 4/14/22; RESTORED 8/20/22 Now we get to the meat of the matter. The following article was my motivation for writing this article. I was actually watching a video on a different topic altogether when the video mentioned … Click Here to Read More