Mt Hermon – They’re Here!

The Hermon mountain range is in Syrian, Lebanese, and Israeli territory. Its highest elevation  in Israeli controlled territory and Israel’s tallest mountain, is 7,335 ft high (civilians can climb to the 6,692 ft mark). The Israeli Mt. Hermon is covered in snow during the winter months. Its summit, currently in Syrian control, reaches 9,232 ft … Click Here to Read More

“You might be a Domestic Terrorist If”

They are taking aim at EVERY SINGLE LIVING BEING that is resistant to or rebelling against their NEW WORLD ORDER.  The ruling elite have created and established all the tools that they need to force compliance upon the masses.  They have weapons and enforcers to assure no one escapes. You can kiss good-bye all of … Click Here to Read More

Abrahamic Family House – Inauguration

Well they didn’t make their goal of opening in 2022, but they came pretty close.  The Abu Dhabi Abrahamic Family House had it’s official inauguration on February 16, 2023.  They promise to be officially open to the public on March 1, 2023. I know that you have already heard a lot about the project.  I … Click Here to Read More


The mere fact that this is called CHRISLAM ought to prove to the world that this is a joke to the Muslims.  There is no Christ in the Abrahamic House of DuBai.  You cannot believe in Jesus Christ as God in the flesh, you cannot preach the blood of Jesus for the Redemption of the … Click Here to Read More


I have been trying for the past week to find anything new on the Chrislam Opening in Dubai.  Apparently, in the last few days they have OFFICIALLY declared Chrislam to be the ONE WORLD RELIGION.  They have also added a fourth faith to the Abrahamic Family, the Sabean Religion. The Sabean Religion – SAFE “As … Click Here to Read More

House of One

THE HOUSE OF ONE – BERLIN’S NEW PLACE OF WORSHIP FOR CHRISTIANS, MUSLIMS & JEWS — Many of you are fully aware of the CHRISLAM CENTER opening this year in Abu Dhabi.  But, are you aware that one has been in the works in Berlin for many years now.  In this post you will see … Click Here to Read More


Yes, it is true that we all have one Father ADAM, we are all descendants of Noah, and Father Abraham is the father of Isaac and Ishmael.  But, we must also remember that anyone, no matter their lineage, is not immune to deception, corruption and rebellion.  Even the son of David who was a man … Click Here to Read More