When will the RIGHTEOUS RISE UP and STAND?

It seems that Boston was a literal hotpot this weekend.  Lots of Protesting going on.  I have to say that I am truly sickened by the level of degradation I have seen in our society in the last 20 years.  It is escalating at a very rapid rate.  In fact, at the rate we are going a Zombie Apocalypse appears to be well in the realm of possibilities.  As humans fall deeper and deeper into the clutches of the demonic entities they are calling on, they become mindless tools in their hands.  Humans become animals.  NO, WORSE THAN ANIMALS.  They take on all the worst traits of animals and NONE of their good ones.
Sadly, people have been manipulated and forced into situations that cause them anxiety and fear, then their fears have been amplified by the media and people have become desperate.  Desperate people do desperate things.  Feeling out of control and victimized they are lashing out at one another and seeking out unnatural ways to regain some sense of control.   They are turning to paganism and witchcraft with is the natural progression. As a society we are regressing not just to the middle ages but to the antediluvian times.  It is incredible. 
There were several Sunday Events, I will start with the Women’s March.
I remember the theory was that since women were the gentler, kinder sex, with sensitivity and intuition their input into our society would greatly enhance it.  There would likely be no more wars, and laws and regulations would make life run smoother.  LOL LOL LOL.  Seems that since women have been voting, running corporations and ruling the consumer sales… life has gotten completely out of hand.  FEMINISTS…not women…Real women are busy at home raising the builders of tomorrow.  OR, they are so busy trying to be Father and Mother to their children they have no time to waste.  BUT, FEMINISTS, boy are they busy… 
There was a time, when people had respect for our institutions.  When the decisions made at the ballot box were honored and the elected officials respected.  We waited until the next election to make our voices heard in the the ballot box.  

But, today… anything goes.  If you don’t like what is happening you can just literally throw a fit.  Attack our Senators and their families as they eat a meal in a restaurant, threaten their lives and their families lives in their own homes, even threaten our President and bully his child at school.  Shame on Americans
You know that old saying “Give them an inch, and they will take a mile.”  It is always the way with evil.  It always demands more.  Women, minorities and gays, have more rights today than ever before.  They are free to live their lives in whatever manner they choose.  No one hinders them.  It is not enough…   They want to be free from all LAWS especially GOD’s LAWS.  Free to commit any crime they wish, murder, rape, incest, bestiality… whatever their little demon desires.  
Women/Feminists, are not even feminine any more.  They seem to take great pride in dressing and behaving like the worst men.  Cussing, brawling, acting up in Strip Bars where they watch men strip, drinking, drugging, sexually abusing students and employees, murdering their babies.  It is a tragedy.  
With the election being close, they are bound and determined to make their opinions known, they will not rest until Donald Trump is removed.  GOD HELP US… if they don’t like TRUMP wait until they see what happens if the other side gains control.   But these Feminists are blind to truth, because they have chosen the dark side.  Their conscience has been seared.  MURDER is a heinous crime in God’s eyes.  Especially the MURDER of innocent babies.  The taste of blood is all they have on their minds.  The right to murder their babies and mutilate their bodies for the god of sexual pleasure.  PAN…the Goat god.  PAN the leader of those who refuse to grow up.  Leader of the Lost…
DISCLAIMER: In my posts I normally collect a number of written articles and videos related to the topic.  I hightlight in red or black the parts of the articles that I think are important to note and try to leave it to the reader to come to their own conclusions. The object is to bring the facts/truths to your attention and cause you to look further into them yourself.  Why?  Because that is the only way to make the subject real to you.  When you view the available information, search it our on your own, hopefully guided by the Holy Spirit, YOUR CONCLUSION is exactly that YOURS.   It means something to you.  It may be similar to mine or it may be completely different.  We are all on our own course and in different places with our spiritual development.  I pray that GOD speaks to you in a way that touches you.  IF you see notes in green, those are my comments.  Anything else, you find the source links on the titles, and the author and date will be below the titles.  Just because I post an article or video in my articles, it does not mean that I agree with the author or support their stand.  It does mean that I felt there was worthwhile information to be gleaned.


Hundreds of people gathered on Boston Common on October 17, 2020 for the fourth Women’s March since Donald Trump took office in 2016.
Meredith Nierman / GBH News

Hundreds of people gathered on Boston Common Saturday to protest President Donald Trump’s nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court, and to mobilize to vote the president out of office in November.

“We are here today to tell the temporary occupant of the White House (I am sorry but that is a disrespectful way to address the duly elected and serving President of the USA) that his sham of a nomination process is not supported by the American people,” said Siobhan Ready, who organized the march as part of the national Women’s March group. The group stage protests nationwide Saturday.  (How do these people presume to speak for ALL AMERICA?)

Ready, a 21-year-old UMass Amherst political science student, said she wants to get more people involved politically to secure equal rights for women, people of color, those in the LGBTQ community, and other marginalized groups. (The most marginalized group in America today is the single white male born in America.)

“We’re not going to allow the Trump administration to dictate who has equal rights and who doesn’t,” she said.  (What will they ever consider equal?  Much like any other group that feels they have been oppressed, they don’t want equality they want the tables turned.  They want to RULE.  They want to do unto others as they perceive has been done unto them.  Whether their perception is based in reality or not.)

Some protesters donned black face masks with lace trim, a nod to the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who came to be known for the lace collars she added to the traditionally male uniform of judicial robes.,DSC_6472_web.jpg

Mariah Jacobsen of Pemborke, Mass. carries a sign at the Boston Women’s Match on October 17, 2020 on the Boston Common.
Meredith Nierman / GBH News

Others, like Mariah Jacobsen, dressed as handmaids from the dystopian novel The Handmaid’s Tale, about a society in which women are completely subjugated to men. (I have read the writings of the feminists leaders.  They want to subjugate men.  They prefer that all men be killed and babies too.) 

“A lot is happening at once, and speculative fiction is becoming a lot less speculative,” said Jacobsen.

The Women’s March movement grew out of massive protests the day after Trump’s 2017 inauguration, in response to his statements towards women, the fact that he had been accused of sexual assault, and his administration’s pledges to defund Planned Parenthood, repeal the Affordable Care Act, roll back environmental protections, and deport immigrants.  (DEPORT ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS! Not those who come to our nation LEGALLY.  Just because Feminists CHOOSE to kill their babies rather than prevent pregnancy, does not mean that we the American public should have to pay for their right to do so.)

Now, as Trump nears the end of his first term — and on the first day of early voting in Massachusetts — those gathered in the Common on Saturday decried his steps to follow-through on those pledges, saying Barrett’s nomination to the court would threaten women’s reproductive rights by overturning Roe v. Wade, and eliminating access to healthcare via the Affordable Care Act. (Praise GOD, this HEINOUS CRIME has been forced on the American People WAY TO LONG.)

“We had elected a president who is really good, unfortunately, at keeping his promises,” to attack the Affordable Care Act and a woman’s abortion rights, said State Rep. Lindsay Sabadosa from Northampton. “So here we are, four years after that first march we are back here, and we have to fulfill the promise that we made at that fist march, because we promised we were getting him out of office four years later.”  (Like their opinion is the only one that counts, and the voice of the people in the ballot box does not matter.)

During her confirmation hearings, Barrett said repeatedly she is not “hostile” to the Affordable Care Act, but she has published writings in the past critiquing it; she said she would not act with an “agenda” on abortion, but in 2006 she added her name to a newspaper ad calling for an end to the “barbaric legacy of Roe v. Wade.”

Organizers demanded the Senate delay Barret’s confirmation until after inauguration day 2021 and that every vote be counted before a victor is announced in the presidential election. The marchers also demanded Massachusetts pass the Roe Act, a bill designed to ensure state protections for abortion rights are not affected if Roe v. Wade is overturned.

Toiell Washington, 22-year-old co-founder of the group Black Boston, called on participants — the vast majority of whom were white women — to not forget Black women in their activism.
Meredith Nierman / GBH News

Toiell Washington, 22-year-old co-founder of the group Black Boston, called on participants — the vast majority of whom were white women — to not forget Black women in their activism, as previous feminist movements have historically done.

“A lot of people here identify as feminist,” she said. “i want you all to make sure when you say you’re a feminist, you put intersectional feminist out there. I want you all to make sure that when we march, we’re not just marching for reproductive rights and equal pay and maternal health, we’re marching for our Black and brown sisters as well.”  (Wow… don’t you think that says a lot about these people?  They are not even inclusive of all FEMINIST Women.  They don’t speak for Women who are not FEMINIST…  So, they are only concerned for their limited group, and they DEMAND the WHOLE COUNTRY kowtow to their will.)

Another  Group gathered for a scheduled rally,  to celebrate a “Super Happy Fun America”.   Believe it or not, they were met with “COUNTER PROTESTORS”.  WHAT???

Demonstrators clash in dueling Copley Square protests

At least three counter demonstrations were planned in response to a “Super Happy Fun America” rally Sunday afternoon.

Boston, MA - 10/18/20 - A protester with Super Happy Fun America (R) a group with ties to the far right, exchanged words with a counter protester on the other side of the barricade at Copley Square.
A protester with Super Happy Fun America, a group with ties to the far right, exchanged words with a counter protester on the other side of the barricade at Copley Square. –Jessica Rinaldi/Globe Staff

Demonstrators flocked to Copley Square in Boston on Sunday afternoon for dueling political protests, which at times grew hostile and intense.

One of the events, dubbed a “Peaceful Protest Against Democrat Violence,” was hosted by “Super Happy Fun America,” which also organized the controversial“Straight Pride Parade” in Boston last year.

Slated from noon to 2 p.m., the event called on “Democrats to fully renounce the violent actions of their supporters,” according to the Facebook page.

Organizers added that their rally would also include featured speaker, Rayla Campbell, a Randolph Republican who’s mounting a write-in campaign on the November ballot against Democrat Rep. Ayanna Pressley in the 7th district. 

“We will peacefully demonstrate with speeches and patriotic banners in order to send a message that our group will not be intimidated into silence by the leftist mob,” organizers wrote on Facebook. 

At least three counter protests were scheduled in response to SHFA’s event.

The Freedom Fighter Coalition” took to Instagram and urged protesters to “grab anything that makes noise, call a friend and come to Copley Square.” 

“We must not allow racists [to] come to our city to spew negativity and hatred,” the group wrote.

Another group entitled “Solidarity Against Hate – Boston”set up a “Kick Fascists Out of Boston” demonstration from 11:30 to 3 p.m.

“Fascism is no match for a united people,” organizers wrote on a Facebook page for the event. “Boston is the people’s city and no place for fascists.” 

Around the same time, Refuse fascism new england also joined the counter-protest crowd. 

“‘Super Happy Fascist Americais one of the white supremacist MAGA-thug groups spawned by this regime,” the group wrote in a call to action on Facebook. “As part of mobilizing people to drive Trump/Pence from power, we [are] joining with others to counter this fascist rally.”

Photos from the scene showed dozens of protesters supporting President Donald Trump separated from hundreds of counter-protesters by metal barricades. Donning helmets and neon vests, Boston police officers kept blockades around Copley Square in an effort to keep opposing protests separated while state police blocked highway entrances.



Matt Shearer

Dueling protests in Copley Square.


Kelly Chan

A Trump rally and corresponding protest at Copley this afternoon

As of Sunday night, police have not provided information on any possible arrests.

More photos from the dueling protests:

A counter protester squeaked a small rubber pig in a Boston police officer’s face as he and other members of the BPD formed a line to allow members of a right wing group, Super Happy Fun America, to exit a rally they called “Peaceful Protest Against Democrat Violence” at Copley Square. Jessica Rinaldi/The Boston Globe —Jessica Rinaldi/Globe Staff


A protester with SHFA, a group with ties to the far right, exchanged words with a counter protester on the other side of the barricade at Copley Square. Jessica Rinaldi/The Boston Globe —Jessica Rinaldi/Globe Staff


A Make America Great Again hat engulfed in flames burns on the ground after counter protesters lit it on fire in front of the barricade where SHFA protestors rallied. Jessica Rinaldi/The Boston Globe —Jessica Rinaldi/Globe Staff


A counter protester gestured as she pushed back against members of the Boston Police Department. Jessica Rinaldi/The Boston Globe —Jessica Rinaldi/Globe Staff
A protester with SHFA waved a Trump flag toward counter protesters on the other side of the barricade at Copley Square. Jessica Rinaldi/The Boston Globe —Jessica Rinaldi/The Boston Globe
A counter protester sprays lighter fluid on a burning effigy of President Donald Trump in front of the barricade. Jessica Rinaldi/The Boston Globe —Jessica Rinaldi/The Boston Globe
A protester with SHFA pointed at counter protesters on the other side of the barricade at Copley Square. Jessica Rinaldi/The Boston Globe —Jessica Rinaldi/The Boston Globe
Jessica Rinaldi/Globe Staff
Boston police took down a protester as a chaotic scene broke out across the street. Jessica Rinaldi/The Boston Globe —Jessica Rinaldi/The Boston Globe
A member of the BPD runs after a counter protester who hit him as chaos broke out across the street from the SHFA rally. Jessica Rinaldi/The Boston Globe —Jessica Rinaldi/The Boston Globe
A counter protester drops to his knees after setting an effigy of President Donald Trump on fire. Jessica Rinaldi/The Boston Globe —Jessica Rinaldi/The Boston Globe
Members of SFHA wave flags in protest at Copley Square. Joseph Prezioso / AFP via Getty Images —Joseph Prezioso / AFP via Getty Images
  I am sorry folks but this is not freedom of speech or peaceful protest.  This is violence leading to ANARCHY.  The whole business about burning the flag, or worse yet burning an effigy of our President is not about speech at all.  It is sympathetic MAGIC.  IT is about calling down a curse on our nation.  It is about breaking down our National Pride and our Humanity.  I want to know what happened to charges of TREASON??   This is a threat against the life of our President.  Why are these people not arrested. Anyone who makes a threat against the person or the LIFE of our President whether by word or by gesture… ought to be arrested and hung for TREASON.  Yes we have a right to express ourselves verbally.  If we don’t like the something or someone, even the President, we have a right to voice our concerns and our opinions.   But not threateningly!
It is bad enough when people in other countries burn our flag or our President’s effigy.  That is a threat about which we can do nothing.  HOWEVER, ANYONE who lives in this country and enjoys our freedoms and privilege’s has no right to disrespect the symbol of our Country or its reigning President.  That is TREASON.
I grew up watching the Arabs burn our President’s effigies and our American Flag.  It made me very angry.  I was so proud to live in a country that was peaceful and civilized and very happy that those madmen were far away from here.
Now, today, they are here and many American’s are becoming just like them.  I breaks my heart.


Trump effigy burned by protesters

IF you do not see the video below… click the link above. 

Nov 9, 2016
Heads roll in the streets of Los Angeles as a large Donald Trump effigy was set on fire by protesters the day after he was elected president.

Did you hear that lady with the painted face saying “we have to honor our ancestors” as she was lighting  our President on fire???   What is wrong with Americans? Are they so completely under the spell of Pagan Spirits??
You have to click the following link to watch the next video: 
Trump effigy burned by protesters; Nov 9, 2016:  Heads roll in the streets of Los Angeles as a large Donald Trump effigy was set on fire by protesters the day after he was elected president.



Giant Donald Trump Effigy Burned at UK Bonfire

Bonfire night 2016

An effigy of U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump is set on fire in Edenbridge, England, as part of annual bonfire celebrations Saturday night. Gareth Fuller / PA Wire/PA Images

A 36-foot model of Donald Trump holding Hillary Clinton’s head was burned during annual bonfire celebrations in a British town on Saturday night.

Image: The Edenbridge Bonfire Society Reveal Their 2016 Celebrity Guy
Artists Frank Shepherd and Andrea Deans pose on ladders with their creation.Leon Neal / Getty Images

Britons light bonfires and set off fireworks on or near Nov. 5 to commemorate Guy Fawkes’ failed plot in 1605 to blow up Parliament.

The society has created a large-scale effigy of a public figure for for the last 16 years, with previous names including cyclist Lance Armstrong, Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein, British Prime Minister Tony Blair and comedian and activist Russell Brand. Last year’s effigy was of FIFA president Sepp Blatter, the former world soccer chief.

Members of various bonfire societies take part in a torch procession through the streets of Edenbridge, south of London, on Saturday night.DANIEL LEAL-OLIVAS / AFP – Getty Images



Man ‘eats a heart’ over burning US flag as anti-Trump protesters face off with the president’s supporters in Boston (VIDEO)

The man shown below has just eaten a heart and is reveling in the consumption of the organ and the blood!
This  video shows the burning of the effigy and the eating of the heart, followed by a ritual march/dance circling the remaining evidence of both, including a battle cry or chant!

Two competing rallies were held, totaling roughly 1,000 people between them, in Boston’s Copley Square on Sunday.  (Will we let this piddling few speak for ALL AMERICA?)

The ‘Peaceful Protest Against Democrat Violence’ was organized by the Super Happy Fun America group, the same group responsible for the controversial Straight Pride Parade in 2019. 

The group called on their political opponents to denounce “the violent actions of their supporters.”

 We’re here to have a peaceful protest against Democrat violence,” activist John Hugo told local media. As you see, the Democrats are here in force… to cause violence and prevent our free speech.”

Counter-demonstrations were held by several groups such as Solidarity Against Hate-Boston, which organized the ‘Kick Fascists Out of Boston’ rally, as well as the ‘The Freedom Fighter Coalition’.

While one activist told the media that Trump is “trying to steal these elections,” some fellow demonstrators were burning an effigy of the president.

At one point, a US flag was set on fire, and afterwards one of the demonstrators appeared to drink blood from a heart, though it’s unclear whether it was a prop or a real heart.

Despite large contingents of heavily-armed state and local Boston police officers dividing the two groups with the use of batons and steel barricades, there were sporadic scuffles throughout the early afternoon, with police forced to intervene to separate the rival factions. 

At least two arrests were reported after anti-Trump protesters reportedly assaulted officers. The Trump supporters were eventually escorted from the square by law enforcement.



Anti-Trump Protesters Pretend to Eat Bloodied Heart of President, Burn American Flag

Protesters opposing President Donald Trump on Sunday were filmed burning an American flag and pretending to eat a bloodied heart of the president.

Twitter user Al The Great wrote as a caption to the video, “Antifa burn the US flag and eat a heart symbolic of the President during an anti-democrat violence protest in #Boston #Massachusetts on 10.18.20.”

In the video, one protester can be seen walking through the smoke from a burning American flag as he is surrounded by fellow protesters. He then takes what appears to be a bloody heart, rips it open and pours it on his face, as those around him clap and yell.

“I’m on fire! I’m on fire,” he can be heard yelling.

Several other protesters are heard mockingly yelling “Make America Great Again” and “f*** the nazis” as they jump over the burning American flag.