Archaeology is making great discoveries!  There may be many people who have no idea what they have uncovered.  If your busy life keeps you from noticing what is happening in the world, you are not alone.  All of us are finding our lives are so busy and the days pass so quickly.  However, somethings are being revealed about which we should all be aware.

This post presents the current Archaeological finds.  The SCIENCE of Archaeology is resoundingly proclaiming the truth of the WORD of GOD.  The more men seek to prove the bible errs the more they prove that God’s Word is true.  A stalworth honest reporting of history and a dependable and trustworthy prophetic work.  Never failing.  It is the ONLY source of TRUTH and on it we can depend.

The Bible/The Word of GOD is his gift to us.  It is a guide book for living and the revelation of nature and character of the ONE TRUE and LIVING GOD.

The Bible is ALIVE!!  It speaks to those who embrace it.  Its revelations are fresh every morning.

Anyone who tells  you that the world of God is not trustworthy is a LIAR.  The science confirms it, for those who doubt.  Those who know the Author have no doubt.  We KNOW it is TRUE.

This is the time of decision.  Today is the day of SALVATION.  Tomorrow is not promised to anyone.  If you do not know God or if you are not sure whether or not you believe in God’s version of History… you better do whatever it takes to be certain.  Do not go into the Dark Night out of ignorance.  Study to show yourself approved.  IF upon serious and honest research you come to the decision that God is a liar, no one will fault you.

I am confident that if you seek the truth in earnest with an open heart an mind, God will lead you to the answers.

Here is a collection of videos that should help you in your search.  There are many more examples, these are just a sampling but sufficient to give you an idea of what is happening in the realm of Archaeological Discoveries.