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My purpose in researching this crime and creating this post is to bring the truth to light.  Whether you realize it or not, what happened in DELPHI affects YOUR LIFE.  This ; not a one person crime, not even a small group crime.  Not a crime of passion or of domination and control.  This was a very important ritual.  Designed and brought to fruition by a very well organized and very well connected group of persons, under the influence and through the power of some very dark forces.

People’s understanding of anything is limited by their personal experience.  It is impossible to make a judgement about any part of the DELPHI case without researching deeper.  The history of Indiana, the history of Carrol County, the history of DELPHI and why was it named after Ancient DELPHI Greece, the history of the Aryan brotherhood and the KKK, the geography of the area, the symbolism of the brotherhood and of NORSE pagans, etc.  Our minds cannot comprehend things of which we have no knowledge, especially spiritual things, and the occult/hidden things.

There is POWER in words, symbols and numbers.  Remember GOD SPOKE the world into existence.  Every thing about this crime was very carefully executed.  Rituals are different from random acts of violence or murder.   Rituals must be enacted according to the requirements and demands of the spirits/entities involved and/or invoked.

Every word, symbol or number has intent and purpose.  They depend on the desired results and/or manifestations.  INTENT is very important.

So, my question to you is, what are you praying?  What are you speaking out?  With what types of agendas and purposes are you aligning?  What are your intentions?  What would you like to see manifested in the earth?  Are you seeking the will of GOD?  Are you seeking your own selfish will?  Or, are you serving the dark side?


They have been covering up and messing up this investigation for so long.  Now they are trying to make it a case of whether they have the wrong man, or one man could commit this act alone.  They are doing all they can to downplay the obvious signs of pagan ritual sacrifice.  It really doesn’t matter at this point if they put one man, or a few people in prison for the crimes against these two girls.  The truth is there are a lot people involved.  And some of them very powerful people.  There are forces behind this crime that are beyond understanding.

What we need to focus on is PRAYER.  We need to start facing the truth about who we are really up against.  Spiritual battles are won in the SPIRIT.  These two girls have passed on to the next realm.  We can do nothing really to help them.  BUT, we can try to prevent as many future similar crimes as we can.  There needs to be prayer, and fasting going up to heaven.  We need to seek the face of GOD EVERYDAY!  He alone can make real change happen.


I saw a video yesterday that really made me shake my head at the stupidity of the creator of it.  He was walking through the wooded area where these two young ladies were terrorized and sacrificed.  As he walked he was mocking those who say the branches laid on their bodies were runes.  He was showing all the branches laying around in the woods and laughing saying Ooooo Conspiracy Theorists would point at these an say they are runes.  Idiot.  Of course many branches that just fall naturally and where they fall, can look like runes.  Why because that is what the Norse Religion is all about.  Nature.  They saw the shapes made in nature an formed the runes.  BUT, branches just lying around have no specific meaning.  They are just branches.  However, when someone who follows the beliefs connected with RUNES, commits murder for Ritual purposes and using individually chosen branches and places them very strategically on the bodies…that is another story.  Those branches then DO become RUNES.  Runes intended to aid them in their purposes whether that be divination, or to gain power, or to invoke the presence of certain forces or entities.   You can count on that.  These girls were not just random victims of violence.  These girls were single out, pursue, ritualistically abused and sacrificed.  

Idiots who think the know everything and who are closed minded to truth and spiritual things are entitled to their opinion.  And even entitled to share their opinion of what happened.  It serves NO purpose, other than to feed their ego, to ridicule other possibilities, theories or beliefs.  It is an injustice to the girls because it causes people to close their minds to the very factors that could bring justice not only for Libby and Abby but for everyone who is suffering under the hands of these people who practice ritual sacrifice.  People need to wake up the fact that this stuff goes on.  It has been going on as long as there have been worshipers of pagan gods and goddesses, Satan and his fellow fallen angels, or nature itself.

Abigail Joyce “Abby” Williams.

Abigail (name) – Wikipedia

Abigail is a feminine given name. The name comes from the Biblical Hebrew name Hebrew: אֲבִיגַיִל / אֲבִיגָיִל ʾĂvî-Ghayil, meaning “my father’s joy” (alternatively “my father is exulted” or “my father is joyful”, among others). It is also a surname.

abbey (n.)

mid-13c., “monastery or convent devoted to religion and celibacy, headed by an abbot or abbess,” from Anglo-French abbeie, Old French abaïe (Modern French abbaye), from Late Latin abbatia, from abbas (genitive abbatis); see abbot. At the dissolution of the monasteries, the name often was kept by abbey churches (as in Westminster Abbey) or estate houses that formerly were abbey residences.
also from mid-13c.

abbot (n.)

Old English abbod “abbot,” from Latin abbatem (nominative abbas), from Greek abbas, from Aramaic (Semitic) abba, title of honor, literally “the father, my father,” emphatic state of abh “father.” Spelling with -t is a Middle English Latinization. Originally a title given to any monk, later limited to the head of a monastery. The use as a surname is perhaps ironic or a nickname. The Latin fem. abbatissa is root of abbess. Related: Abbacyabbatialabbotship.

Joyce (name) – Wikipedia

It is derived from the Old French masculine name Josse, Goce, which derived from the Latin name Ludocus, the Latinized form of the Breton name Judoc meaning “lord”. The name became rare after the 14th century, but was later revived as a female given name, which derived from the Middle English joise meaning “rejoice”.

This name derives from the Breton “Judoc” after Latinized “Iudocus,” composed of two elements: “iudd” (chief, lord) plus “oc” (diminutive suffix). In turn, the name means “little lord, young lord.” Between the end of the Middle Ages and the end of the 14th-century, it fell into disuse as a male name, barely surviving as a feminine. The name Joyce has resumed its success, perhaps also thanks to the medium English term “joise,” which means “rejoice,” which, however, comes from the Latin “iŏcōsus.” Saint Judoc, Saint Joyce, or otherwise known as Saint Josse (600–668 AD), was a 7th-century Breton noble. Though he was never officially canonized, Saint Judoc is considered to be a saint. Judoc was a son of Juthael, King of Brittany. He renounced his wealth and position to become a priest and lived alone for the rest of his lifetime in the coastal forest near the mouth of the River Cache. The feast day is traditionally celebrated on December 13.


Lud (Heb. id. לוּד, derivation unknown; Sept. Λούδ, but in Ezekiel Λυδοί; Auth.Vers. “Lydia,” in Eze 30:5), the name apparently of two nations. SEE ETHOLOGY.

1. The fourth son of Shem (B.C. post 2513), and founder of a tribe near the Assyrians and Aramasans (Ge 10:221Ch 1:17). According to Josephus (Ant. 1:6, 4), they were the Lydians; (King Lycas and Lycanthropy)  in which opinion agree Eustathius, Eusebius, Jerome, and Isidore, and among moderns Bochart (Phaleg. 2:12) and Gesenius. On the contrary, Michaelis (Spicileg. 2:11.4 sq.) reads הוד, and understands the Indians (see also his Supplement, No. 1416; comp. Vater, Comment. 1:130). Lud would thus be represented by the Lydus of the mythical period (Herod. 1:7). “The Shemitic character of the manners of the Ludim, and the strong Orientalism of the art of the Lydian kingdom during its latest period and after the Persian conquest, but before the predominance of Greek art in Asia Minor, favor this idea; but, on the other hand, the Egyptian monuments show us in the 13th, 14th. and 15th centuries B.C. a powerful people called RUTEN or LUDEN, probably seated near Mesopotamia, and apparently north of Palestine. whom some, however, make the Assyrians. We may perhaps conjecture that the Lydians first established themselves near Palestine, and afterwards spread into Asia Minor; the occupiers of the old seat of the race being destroyed or rermoved by the Assyrians.” With the latter supposition, compare the apocryphal statement in Judith 2:23. SEE LYDIA.

Bible concordance for LUD.

2. One of the Hamitic tribes descended from Mizraim (Ludim, Ge 10:13), apparently a people of Africa (perhaps of Ethiopia), sprung from the Egyptians, and accustomed to fight with bows and arrows (Eze 27:1C; 30:5; Isa 66:19, where they are associated with Cush and Phut; comp. the Ludim, Jer 46:9, and the Phud and Lud of Judith 2:23). Some have. referred the name to the people of Luday, on the western coast of Africa, south of Morocco (see Michaelis, Spicileg. 1:259 sq.; also Suppl. No. 1417); and combine with this the mention of a river Laud in Tangitania (Pliny , 2). Others, as Bochart (Phaleg, 4:56) and Gesenius (Comment. ad loc. Isa.), regard them as a branch of the Ethiopians. Hitzig (Comment. ad loc. Isaiah and Jeremiah) thinks that the Libyans are intended (by an interchange of letters), but Nulbiua appears to be rather indicated by the scriptural notices. Still more improbable is the supposition of Forster (Ep. ad Michael. page 13 sq.), that the inhabitants of the oases are intended, designated in Coptic by a term having some resemblance to Lud. The Arabic interpreters have Tanites; the Targum of Jonathan renders inhabitants of the nome of Neut. The opinion of Michaelis (Suppl. No. 1418), that by the Ludim the prophets meant the Lydians, has lately been re-enforced by Gesenius (Thes. Heb. page 746) with the remark that the Egyptians and Tyrians employed soldiers from Asia Minor in their armies (Herod. 2:152, 154, 163; 3:1). But the Egyptians, at least, had also mercenary troops from Africa, and the Asiatics referred to were only from Ionia and Caria. Rosellini (Monument. stor. III, 1:321 sq.) speaks of a province of Ludin, but the locality is uncertain. SEE LUDIM.


A mythical king of Britain, mentioned by Geoffrey of Monmouth. He was the eldest son of Heli, and brother of Cassibellaun and Nennius. His sons were Androgeus and Tenuantius. He became famous for beautifying London, for the building of cities, and for rebuilding the walls of Trinovantum. He is reputed to be buried by the gate which bears his name, Parthlud, or in Saxon, Ludesgata.

Treasures of London – King Lud and his sons…

A mythical figure from early Britain, King Lud is said to have been a pre-Roman king of Britain who rebuilt London (which according to legend had been originally founded by the exiled Trojan Brutus) and from whom London derives its name.

Lud is said by some to have given his name to the gateway known as Ludgate (although others say it comes from an Old English term meaning swing or postern gate – see our earlier post here for more on Ludgate).

This series of badly weathered statues – depicting King Lud and his two sons, apparently named Androgeus and Theomantius – was originally located on the gate. In fact, the legend goes, the king was buried under it.

Following the gate’s demolition, the statues – said to date from 1586 with the name of the sculptor now lost to time – were moved here at some point to the vestry porch of St Dunstan-in-the West in Fleet Street.

Lost London: Gates Special – Ludgate

We’re launching a new ‘Lost London’ special looking at some of the now disappeared gates of London. First up is Ludgate which once stood on the western side of the city.

The gate is believed to have been constructed in Roman times and is known to have been rebuilt a several times – once in 1215 and another time after it was destroyed in the Great Fire – before being demolished in 1760 to allow for the road to be widened.

The origins of the name – which is today commemorated in street names like Ludgate Hill and Ludgate Circus – are sketchy but may have been named after the mythical pre-Roman King Lud, who was, so the legend goes, buried underneath this portal (this myth was popularised by the 12th century writer Geoffrey of Monmouth). Others have suggested ‘lud’ is a corruption of ‘flud’ or ‘flood’ and the gate was so named because it prevented the city being flooded by the River Fleet. Another possibility is that ‘lud’ is simply an old English word for a postern gate, a small secondary gate.

Whatever the origins of its name, it has been suggested it was through Ludgate that William the Conqueror passed when first entering the city. In 1377 it became a prison for petty criminals like debtors and trespassers – serious criminals were sent to Newgate – and this lasted until its final destruction.

There is a blue plaque on the wall of the church of St Martin-within-Ludgate in Ludgate Hill marking where Ludgate once stood (pictured above). It is believed that some badly corroded statues standing under a porch at the church of St Dunstan-in-the-West on Fleet Street are of Lud and his sons and were taken down from the gate before its demolition. William Kerwin’s statue of Queen Elizabeth I which dates from 1586 sits in a niche on the front of the church is also believed to have been removed from Ludgate.

Lludd Llaw Eraint  From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Lludd Llaw Ereint, “Lludd of the Silver Hand“, son of Beli Mawr, is a legendary hero from Welsh mythology. As Nudd Llaw Ereint (the earlier form of his name, cognate of the IrishNuada Airgetlám, derived from the pre-Roman Celtic god Nodens) he is the father of Gwyn ap Nudd.[1]He is probably the source of king Ludfrom Geoffrey of Monmouth‘s History of the Kings of Britain.[2]

In the Mabinogion tale of Lludd and Llefelys, which influenced Geoffrey of Monmouth’s work, he is the ruler of Britain while his brother Llefelys ruled Gaul. Lludd calls on Llefelys to rid Britain of three plagues then afflicting the kingdom. Philological connection suggests that there was once a memorial to Lludd at the site of St Paul’s CathedralLondon, near Ludgate, which is named after him.[2]


The name Nudd, cognate with the Irish Nuada and related to the Romano-BritishNodens or Nodons worshiped at Lydney Park in Gloucestershire,[1] probably derives from a Celticstem  *noudont- or   *noudent-, which J. R. R. Tolkien suggested was related to a Germanic root meaning “acquire, have the use of”, earlier “to catch, entrap (as a hunter)”, and together with the “silver hand” epithet detects “an echo of the ancient fame of the magic hand of Nodens the Catcher”.[3] Similarly, Julius Pokorny derives the name from a Proto-Indo-European root *neu-d- meaning “acquire, utilise, go fishing”.[4]

The name Nudd Llaw Ereint probably assimilated and shifted to Llud Llaw Ereint through alliteration, as suggested by John Rhys and later by Joseph Vendryes.[5][6]

The byname “Llaw Ereint” or “llawereint” is glossed as “of the Silver Hand” or “Silver-handed”.[5] Welsh eraint is listed as meaning “a round body; a ball; a bowl, a cup; a pear”, probably related to the adjective erain “abounding with impulse”, but ereint has been defined as “silver cup”, no doubt owing to Welsh arian “silver”.[7][8]

ludicrous (adj.)

1610s, “pertaining to play or sport”(a sense now obsolete), from Latin ludicrus “sportive” (source of Old French ludicre), from ludicrum“amusement, game, toy, source of amusement, joke,” from ludere “to play.” This verb, along with Latin ludus “a game, play,” is from the PIE root *leid- or *loid- “to play,”perhaps literally “to let go frequently” [de Vaan], which is the source also of Middle Irish laidid “impels;” Greek lindesthai “to contend,” lizei “plays;” Albanian lind “gives birth,” lindet “is born;” Old Lithuanian leidmi “I let,” Lithuanian leisti “to let,” laidyti “to throw,” Latvian laist “let, publish, set in motion.”Sense of “ridiculous, apt to evoke ridicule or jest” is attested from 1782. Related: Ludicrouslyludicrousness.    The Joker, Jester, Clown/ The Devil 
also from 1610s

Lu Dongbin | Immortal Sage, Taoist Master, 8 … – Britannica

Lu awoke and renounced the world. He is by far the most renowned of the Eight Immortals and as Luzi (“Patriarch Lü”) is credited with founding a Daoist sect that absorbed Nestorian Christian influence. The Daoist canon contains dozens of treatises attributed to Lu, among them The Secret of the Golden Flower.

Lugh was a master of many talents. As the god of oaths, he held domain over rulers and nobility. He also served as the god of justice in its many forms; his judgement was often swift and without mercy. In what may seem like a contradiction, Lugh was also a trickster who was willing to lie, cheat, and steal to overcome his opponents.

The connections between Lugh/Lucifer/Lycan/Lux were already presented my first post on the Delphi Murders.  There are so many other important connections laid out in that post as well. If you have not seen it, check it out below:




Williams – Baby Name Meaning, Origin and Popularity

Origin:German. Meaning: Helmet of protection; Resolute protector. Don’t be fooled by Williams’ surname vibes! This moniker is making serious waves as a first name alongside Lincoln, Hudson, and Hunter. Williams is a masculine name meaning “helmet of protection” or “resolute protector” in Old German.Sep 13, 2023

From the Germanic name Willehelm meaning “will helmet”, composed of the elements willo “will, desire” and helm “helmet, protection”. An early saint by this name was the 8th-century William of Gellone, a cousin of Charlemagne who became a monk (Abbot/Abbess). The name was common among the Normans, and it became extremely popular in England after William the Conqueror was recognized as the first Norman king of England in the 11th century. From then until the modern era it has been among the most common of English names (with JohnThomas and Robert).


Liberty Rose Lynn “Libby” German.

liberty (n.)

late 14c., “free choice, freedom to do as one chooses,” also “freedom from the bondage of sin,” from Old French liberte “freedom, liberty, free will” (14c., Modern French liberté), from Latin  libertatem  (nominative libertas) “civil or political freedom, condition of a free man; absence of restraint; permission,” from liber “free” (see liberal (adj.)). At first of persons; of communities, “state of being free from arbitrary, despotic, or autocratic rule or control” is by late 15c.

The French notion of liberty is political equality; the English notion is personal independence. [William R. Greg, “France in January 1852” in “Miscellaneous Essays”]

Nautical sense of “leave of absence” is from 1758. The meaning “unrestrained action, conduct, or expression” (1550s) led to take liberties “go beyond the bounds of propriety” (1620s). The sense of “privileges by grant” (14c.) led to the sense of “a person’s private land” (mid-15c.), within which certain special privileges may be exercised, which yielded in 18c. in both England and America a sense of “a district within a county but having its own justice of the peace,” and also “a district adjacent to a city and in some degree under its municipal jurisdiction” (as in Northern Liberties of Philadelphia). Also compare Old French libertés “local rights, laws, taxes.”

Liberty-cap is from 1803; the American Revolutionary liberty-pole, “tall flagstaff set up in honor of liberty and often surmounted by a liberty-cap” is from 1775. Liberty-cabbage was a World War I U.S. jingoistic euphemism for sauerkraut.

also from late 14c.

Rose Etymology

From a Norman name of Germanic origins, likely made up of Proto-Germanic *hrod (fame) and *heid (kind, sort, type), ultimately evolved from *hrōþiz.

Introduced to England in the form Roese or Rohese. Later conflated with the vernacular word “rose”, and associated with the flower names that first became popular in the end of the 19th century. Also a nickname for names beginning with Rose-/Rosa-.

The Etymology and Symbolism of Roses

The word “rose” comes from the Latin word “rosa,” which itself comes from a Greek word that likely evolved from a Persian word. The long etymology of the word “rose” is a clue as to the long history of the importance of roses in various cultures around the world. Many different cultures and folk traditions have assigned meanings to the different colors and types of roses. There’s an entire language around the color and number of roses one person gives to another. Commonly understood meanings of roses are that red stands for true love, white for innocence, black for death or mourning, orange for passion, and yellow for friendship.

Roses as a Symbol of Religion

Various religions have long used roses as symbols of religious belief. In ancient Greece, the rose was a symbol of Aphrodite. It was also part of the Egyptian myth of Isis. More modern religions still use the rose symbolically. The rose is a repeated leitmotif of Judaism that symbolizes both Israel and royalty. Jewish people are also compared with roses in the Bible. After the rise of Christianity, the rose became heavily linked with the image of the Virgin Mary. Some Catholic sects place crowns made of roses on statues of the Virgin Mary during different religious holidays. Islam also incorporates these flowers into its symbology.

Roses as a Symbol of Love

Roses are an important symbol of love and relationships. Red roses are one of the most well-known symbols of love. The number of roses in a bouquet also symbolizes the depth of feelings. Three roses, for example, say “I love you.” Seven roses are a symbol of infatuation. Nine roses represent eternal love. And a dozen roses says “be mine.”

Roses as National Symbols

England has long had the rose as its national flower. During the 15th century, England had a series of civil wars known as the Wars of the Roses. The House of Lancaster was represented by red roses, while the competing House of York was symbolized by a white rose. Descendants from both houses married and created the House of Tudor, which was symbolized by the Tudor rose, a rose that’s both red and white. Shakespeare drew on this symbolism when writing Richard III. In modern times, the English rugby team has used the red rose on its uniforms since 1871.

The United States adopted the rose as its national floral emblem in 1986. Various species of the flower are also the state flowers of Iowa, North Dakota, Georgia, New York, and Oklahoma. Portland, Oregon, is known as the City of Roses, as is Pasadena, California, which is home to the Rose Bowl.



Lynn: Name Meaning, Origin, Popularity – Verywell Family

Lynn is a classic name in many English-speaking countries. However, while it is most commonly used for girls, there is also a tradition of Lynn as a boy name as well. It is derived from the Welsh and Celtic words for “lake,” “waterfall,” “pool,” and “pond.”Nov 17, 2022


german (adj.)

“of the same parents or grandparents,” c. 1300, from Old French germain “own, full; born of the same mother and father; closely related” (12c.), from Latin germanus “full, own (of brothers and sisters); one’s own brother; genuine, real, actual, true,” related to germen (genitive germinis) “sprout, bud,” which is of uncertain origin; perhaps it is a dissimilation of PIE *gen(e)-men-, suffixed form of root *gene- “give birth, beget,” with derivatives referring to procreation and familial and tribal groups.

Your cousin-german (also first cousin) is the son or daughter of an uncle or aunt; your children and your first cousins are second cousins to one another; to you, your first cousin’s children are first cousins once removed.

German (n.)

“a native of Germany,” 1520s, from Latin Germanus (adjective and noun, plural Germani), first attested in writings of Julius Caesar, who used Germani to designate a group of tribes in northeastern Gaul, of unknown origin and considered to be neither Latin nor Germanic. Perhaps originally the name of an individual tribe, but Gaulish (Celtic) origins have been proposed, from words perhaps originally meaning “noisy” (compare Old Irish garim “to shout”) or “neighbor” (compare Old Irish gair “neighbor”). Middle English had Germayns (plural, late 14c.), but only in the sense “ancient Teuton, member of the Germanic tribes.” The earlier English word was Almain (early 14c., via French; see Alemanni) or Dutch. Shakespeare and Marlowe have Almain for “German; a German.”

Þe empere passede from þe Grees to þe Frenschemen and to þe Germans, þat beeþ Almayns. [Ranulph Higden’s “Polychronicon,” mid-14c., John Trevisa’s translation,  1380s]

Their name for themselves, die Deutschen (see Dutch), dates from 12c. Roman writers also used Teutoni as a German tribal name, and writers in Latin after about 875 commonly refer to the German language as teutonicus (see Teutonic). Meaning “the German language” in English is from 1748. High German (1823 in English) and Low German as a division of dialects is geographical: High German (from 16c. established as the literary language) was the German spoken in the upland regions in southern Germany, Low German (often including Dutch, Frisian, Flemish), also called Plattdeutsch was spoken in the regions near the North Sea. In the U.S. German also was used of descendants of settlers from Germany.

German (adj.)

of or pertaining to Germany or the Germans,” 1550s, from German (n.). German shepherd as a breed of dog (1922) is short for German shepherd dog (1889), which translates German deutscher SchäferhundGerman Ocean as an old name for the North Sea translates Ptolemy. German measles attested by 1856. German-American is from 1880. German Reformed church is from 1812.

germane (adj.)

mid-14c., “having the same parents,” a doublet of german (adj.) but directly from Latin germanus instead of via French (compare urbane/urban). Main modern sense of “closely connected, relevant” (c. 1600) derives from use in “Hamlet” Act V, Scene ii: “The phrase would bee more Germaine to the matter: If we could carry Cannon by our sides,” which is a figurative use of the word in the now-obsolete loosened sense of “closely related, akin” (late 15c.) in reference to things, not persons.

Germanic (adj.)

1630s, “of Germany or Germans,” from Latin Germanicus, from Germani (see German (n.)). From 1773 as “of the Teutonic race;” from 1842 especially with reference to the language family that includes German, Dutch, English, etc. As a noun, the name of that language family, by 1892, replacing earlier TeutonicGermanical is attested from 1550s.


If you are convinced that this was not a ritual sacrifice, or that it could not have been perpetrated by Odinists or White Supremist.  YOU are so wrong.  


These 30 hate groups operate in Indiana, Southern Poverty …

IndyStar › story › news › 2018/02/21
Feb 21, 2018 — The SPLC says Trump emboldened white supremacist groups in 2017, which sparked backlash among black nationalist groups.

These are the hate groups operating in Indiana

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Indiana Aryan Brotherhood

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The Indiana Aryan Brotherhood is a large white supremacist prison gang based in Indiana. It is active both in Indiana prisons and on the streets.

Indiana Hate Groups

The Courier-Journal › page
By: Will Kantlehner IV. Hate groups currently residing in the state of Indiana. Source: Center for Studies in Demography and Ecology, University of Washington.


Southern Poverty Law Center › states › indiana
In 2022, SPLC documented 1,225 hate and antigovernment extremist groups across the United States. Extremist ideas that mobilize these groups now operate more …

Indianapolis officials say white nationalist group didn’t …

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Sep 6, 2022 — City officials say the white nationalist group that marched through downtown Indianapolis Saturday would not have needed a permit to do so, ...

Report: White supremacy on the rise in Indiana

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Mar 10, 2023 — The report showed the majority of white supremacist activities are happening in Indianapolis. “Deeply concerning,” said Darrell Heller, director …

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The Indiana Klan was a branch of the Ku Klux Klan, a secret society in the United States that organized in 1915 to promote ideas of racial superiority and …

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Jun 24, 2023 — INDIANAPOLIS — The marchers with the white supremacist hate group Patriot Front were hard to ignore.

White supremacy on the rise in Indiana

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212 votes, 268 comments. 271K subscribers in the Indiana community. Reddit for the Hoosier State – The crossroads of America.

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Sep 19, 2023 — But, what does ‘Odinism,’ or Odinist, actually mean? Broadly, the word refers to a belief system that centers Odin, the Norse god of war and …
For more information on the UNIVERSAL WHITE BROTHERHOOD and so much more, check out the following POST:

Ku Klux Klan in Indiana

The Ku Klux Klan rose to prominence in Indiana politics and society after World War I. It was made up of native-born, white Protestants of many income and social levels. In the changing world of the 1920s, the group was against Catholics, Jews, African-Americans, immorality, and drinking. Nationally, Indiana was said to have the most powerful Ku Klux Klan.

Pamphlets advocating white supremacy left in Tri-State neighborhood

The pamphlets, delivered in sealed plastic bags, convey Nazi symbols and white supremacist ideology.
Published: Oct. 3, 2022 at 8:23 PM CDT
BRIGHT, In. (WXIX) – Some Indiana residents say they recently received a pamphlet appearing to support white supremacy.

Two Dearborn County residents say they the pamphlet appeared in a clear plastic bag in their driveway. They say they don’t want that kind of message spread in their community.

“There’s not a reason to be like this,” one said.

Payton Marshall

‘It’s propaganda for white supremacy.’ Indiana residents are distraught after receiving these flyers in their driveway. My full story tonight at 10 on

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Brandon Schenz
That makes me so angry…

Garfield but Anti-Fascist
Hey! Reporting on neo-Nazism and white supremacist acts of intimidation are so important, but it’s harmful to share the QR codes/links these groups use to recruit and spread white supremacist propaganda! Don’t unintentionally help these groups recruit!

The couple have opted to speak on the condition of anonymity. They say they felt it was important to speak up because they have heard of other communities being targeted with the pamphlet.

The woman says she was outside Sunday morning when she saw the bag containing the pamphlet.

“Noticed that one side had like Nazi symbols and Hitler on it, and the other side talked about white supremacy,” she said.

The front of the pamphlet reads “Europa the Last Battle” and the top reads “We defeated the wrong enemy.”

Said the woman, “It’s propaganda for white supremacy.”

The back of the pamphlet reads “Our children pay the price for our inaction. Stand up white man.”

The bottom of the back references a website with the URL containing the phrase “White Lives Matter.”

The woman says she was upset when she first saw it.

“I was mad,” she said. “I was ticked off.”

The couple says their community is safe, quiet and caring. They say the pamphlet is not what the community is known for.

It was just disheartening that this is coming back up after so many years,” she said.

The couple says they do not know who is responsible.

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2021 Indiana State Rail Plan › indot › files › INDOT_SRP_…
1 Role of Rail in Indiana. 1.1 Purpose and Content. Indiana’s railroads (Table 1-1) play a significant role in shaping the economic prosperity and quality.
430 pages


Quick facts for kids
Delphi, Indiana
Sign depicting a horse-drawn canal boat.

Sign depicting a horse-drawn canal boat.

“Home of the Wabash and Erie Canal
Location of Delphi in Carroll County, Indiana.

Location of Delphi in Carroll County, Indiana.
Country United States
State Indiana
County Carroll
Township Deer Creek Township

 • Total 2.71 sq mi (7.03 km2)
 • Land 2.71 sq mi (7.03 km2)
 • Water 0.00 sq mi (0.00 km2)

568 ft (173 m)

 • Total 2,961
 • Density 1,090.61/sq mi (421.10/km2)
Time zone UTC-5 (EST)
 • Summer (DST) UTC-4 (EDT)
ZIP code
Area code(s) 765 Exchange: 564
FIPS code 18-17614
GNIS feature ID 0433461

Delphi is a city in and the county seat of Carroll County, in the U.S. state of Indiana. Located twenty minutes northeast of Lafayette, it is part of the Lafayette, Indiana Metropolitan Statistical Area. The population was 2,893 at the 2010 census.


Delphi was platted in 1828. It took its name from the ancient city of Delphi, in Greece. Several months after Delphi was founded, it was designated county seat.

The Barnett-Seawright-Wilson House, Carroll County Courthouse, Delphi City Hall, Delphi Courthouse Square Historic District, Delphi Methodist Episcopal Church, Foreman-Case House, and Niewerth Building are listed on the National Register of Historic Places


Delphi is located at 40°35′15″N 86°40′18″W.

According to the 2010 census, Delphi has a total area of 2.73 square miles (7.07 km2), all land.

If you view the Crime Scene, it is very evident that the Algiz Rune is presented on Abby’s body.  


Algiz Rune Meaning In Norse Mythology

Dani RhysDani Rhys
February 27, 2023

The Algiz Rune: An Overview

Algiz, represented as a simple ‘Z’ shape, is one of the 24 symbols in the Elder Futhark, the earliest known runic alphabet used by Germanic tribes. It is the fifteenth rune in the sequence and carries various interpretations. The Algiz rune has often been associated with the elk, a creature revered for its majesty and strength. Others believe it symbolizes a splayed hand reaching up to the divine or warding off danger.

What Is the Algiz Rune Associated with? 

The Algiz rune, also known as Elhaz, is associated with several significant concepts in Norse mythology. The most prevalent association is with protection. Just as an elk uses its large, formidable antlers to protect itself from predators, the Algiz rune is believed to offer a shield against negative energies, physical harm, or spiritual adversity. It is often viewed as a powerful protective talisman.

Moreover, Algiz is associated with the connection between the earthly and the divine realms. The upward-pointing shape of the rune is interpreted as a figure reaching toward the heavens, symbolizing humanity’s aspiration to connect with higher powers. This aspect of the Algiz rune is associated with spiritual growth, divine communication, and enlightenment.

The Algiz rune is also linked to the elk, a revered Norse culture creature symbolizing strength, nobility, and survival. Some interpretations connect Algiz to the World Tree, Yggdrasil, which embodies the cosmos and the interconnection of all realms of existence in Norse cosmology.

Finally, the Algiz rune is associated with life transitions and transformations, signifying the ability to navigate change with resilience and grace. It carries a message of hope, reminding us that we are protected and guided throughout our spiritual journey.


Indiana Rivers Map, Rivers in Indiana

The Indiana River Map prominently marks the several rivers, natural streams, and lakes throughout the state. The northern part of Indiana is located in the watershed zone of the State

Indiana US State PowerPoint Map, Highways, Waterways, Capital and Major Cities

Magnetic Maps Overview Maps and Profiles
Chuck Connor,Laura Connor
Potential Fields Geophysics

Note the area of the map circled in white above.  The level of magnetism there seems to form something like a letter Y.  That area is very near where DELPHI and therefore the Crime Scene are located.  I was curious if there was a Rune that was similar to that shape.  Indeed, I immediately discovered one I had not previously seen.  It is the RUNE EA or Ear.  spacerWe don’t have the actual Crime Scene photos.  And the crime scene may have been tampered with anyway.  But the description of the positioning of the bodies states that Abby’s arms were bent at the elbow with her hands up near her head.  It is possible that she was set that way to represent the Ear Rune.  And here is the information related to that Ear Rune:

Anglo-Saxon and Frisian Runes – Rune Meanings

Frisian (plural Frisians) A member of the Germanic ethnic group which is native to the region of Frisia (which is in the Netherlands, northern Germany, and southern Denmark). A person who is from or who has long resided in the Dutch province of Friesland.   Source


Sound: “ea” as in “dear”

Stands for: Soil of Earth (actually the dust our bodies become after death)
Casting meaning: Ear symbolizes the grave that we will all return to. However the only way that we can die is because there was life to begin with. “Without life, there is no death and without time there is no life.More generally Ear signifies the unavoidable end of all things.


This rune is called Ear and its modern letter or sound is EA, its meaning is Death, the grave, inevitable ending.

I call it the rune of no hope, or the ending of hope.

Body part: Colon/anus.
Associated Maladies: Colitis, colon disease, hemorrhoids. General old age. Gangrene.
Action: Degradation and wear-and-tear of old age. Rotting down.
Solution: There is no solution. You cannot save this. It is dying. There is nothing you can do.

Ear symbolizes the grave that we will all return to, the dust our bodies become after death.  More generally Ear signifies the unavoidable end of all things.  It is not death as seen in the Tarot, it is not transformation, it is the dead-end where the physical form ends. This rune has no association with what happens after. Some things in life come to natural ends and cease to have use or purpose, this rune is that end. When the physical body dies, all oaths end, what happens beyond is not our concern, that is all the concern of the Gods.

Connected to the North, Earth is considered the ultimate feminine element. The Earth is fertile and stable, associated with the Goddess. The planet itself is a ball of life, and as the Wheel of the Year turns, we can watch all the aspects of life take place in the Earth: birth, life, death, and finally rebirth. The Earth is nurturing and stable, solid and firm, full of endurance and strength. In color correspondences, both green and brown connect to the Earth.

Ear then is a simple rune to understand, and is useful for putting things to rest, ending bad relationships, cutting ties, ending patterns and accepting that inevitably, everything comes to an end.  Source


I was curious about the image of Delphi on the Carrol County map shown on the “Delphi, Indiana facts for kids” site.  I blew it up and you can see it on the far right below. Inside that image kind of looks like a uterus.  When I pulled up Delphi on Google maps that same outline appeared.  I drew the Ear symbol within it because it seriously  looked to me like it belonged there.  


Below are some of the maps from above side by side.  so you can ge an idea of the area.  Curiously enough there is a Ear Rune through the center of the state.   




In my research, I discovered that there are a lot of LIBERTY Townships in Indiana.  One of which is only 14 minutes from DELPHI, straight up Hwy 25.

Liberty township, St. Joseph County, IN 

Liberty Township in Parke County, Indiana,

Liberty Township, Crawford County, Indiana

Liberty Township, Delaware County, Indiana, 1861

Liberty township, Grant County, Indiana (IN)

Liberty Twp, Shelby Co, IN:

Liberty Township / Tipton County, IN

Liberty Township – Valparaiso IN

Liberty Township, Warren County 1877, Indiana

Liberty Township, Wells County, Indiana

Liberty Township, White County, Indiana



Obviously Freedom and Liberty are interchangeable words. 

Delphi Freedom Bridge & Veterans Memorial Plaza

The Bridge was dedicated April 25, 2015 and named the Freedom Bridge due to the city from which it originally came, Freedom, Indiana. The veterans memorial plaza features a 14-foot tall, black granite panel with a laser-etched steam engine on its wall.


The City of Delphi was fortunate to obtain the Freedom Bridge, which was originally built in 1897, dismantled and then reconstructed in 2002. Originally meant for Conner Prairie, the bridge found its location at Delphi, Indiana. Now, it forms the new connecting link for the historic Monon Trail. The development of the Hoosier Heartland Highway (SR 25) had cut the trail. Hence, the 302-foot (32 in numerology) bridge found its new resting place spanning the highway. Also, it brings a bit of history into the surrounding agricultural historic district.

The Federal Transportation Enhancement and “Major Moves” offered combined funding for the project. The bridge has a thru truss reconstruction design for pedestrian loading. In addition, it has subdued lighting which highlights the structure for the public traveling on SR 25. Also incorporated into the design are plazas located at each end of the bridge. These plazas provide limestone blocks seating and signage to tell the historical story of the bridge and the significance of the Monon Trail.

Landscape Architectural Features:

Plazas anchor both ends of Freedom Bridge at Delphi, serving trail users and the Delphi community.

The original stone abutment, relocated from the original construction site form the limestone monolith benches and select pieces of the masonry signs. Also, landscape plantings and low maintenance native grasses and wildflowers accentuate the plazas and provide edge definition.

Find more DLZ projects for Landscape Architecture & Planning and Pedestrian Pathways, here.



From the above map you can see that the rivers of Indiana manage to create the Algiz Rune all over the state.  You should also notice that Carrol County is where one of three of those Runes come together, with the Eel River  and the Wabash running through them and combining.

Algiz Rune – History and Meaning

A Symbol of Protection

The Algiz rune is considered the most powerful rune of protection. Its symbolism is derived from the name of the rune itself, as the Proto-Germanic term algiz means protection. Also its ideographic representation may have been derived from a basic sign of defense—a splayed hand.

In Gothic, the now extinct East Germanic language used by the Goths, the term algis is associated with the swan, which has been connected with the concept of the valkyrjurmythical beings who fly by means of swan feathers. In mythology, they are protectors and life givers. In the ancient times, the symbol was carved into spears for protection and victory.

The Algiz rune also resembles the elk sedge, a water plant known as elongated sedge. In fact, the Germanic term elhaz means elk. In an Old English rune poem, the elk-sedge flourishes in the water and grows in marshy regions—yet it wounds anyone who tries to grasp it, associating it with defense and protection.

The Gothic term alhs, meaning sanctuary, has been related to the Algiz rune as well. It’s believed to be a protective grove dedicated to gods, so the rune also has the protective power of the divinethe Alcis twins. In the Germania by Tacitus, the divine twins were sometimes depicted as being joined at the head, as well as represented as elk, deer, or hart.

Spiritual Connection and Consciousness

From an esoteric perspective, the Algiz rune represents the spiritual connection between gods and humanity, as the Germanic peoples communicate with their gods through the sacred posture of the rune—or stodhur. The rune is also associated with the Bifrost, the three-colored bridge of Norse mythology protected by Heimdallr, which connects Asgard, Midgard, and Hel.

In magic, the Algiz rune is used for communication with other worlds, especially Asgard, the world of the Aesir or Norse gods, including OdinThorFrigg and Baldr. The rune is also used for communication with the cosmic wells of Mimir, Hvergelmir and Urdhr. It’s also thought to be the force used by Heimdallr, the watchman of gods, in his aspect as a guardian of Asgard.

In the Iconography of Nazi Regime

In the 1930s, the runes became sacred emblems of Nordic cultural nationalism, which resulted in their addition as a symbol of the Nazi regime. Nazi Germany appropriated many cultural symbols to represent their idealized Aryan heritage, such as the Swastika and the Odal rune, as well as the Algiz rune.

The Algiz rune was featured on the SS’s Lebensborn project, where pregnant German women were regarded as racially valuable and encouraged to give birth to their children in order to increase the Aryan population.

During World War II, foreign children of Aryan appearance were kidnapped from the countries of occupied Europe in order to be raised as Germans. The word Lebensborn itself means Fount of Life. Since the Algiz rune was used in the campaign, it became associated with the regime’s racial ideology.

The Algiz Rune in Modern Times

Because of the symbolic meanings of the Algiz rune, many use it in modern paganism, magic, and divination. In fact, the casting of runes is a popular practice, where each stone or chip marked with the symbol is laid out in patterns like tarot cards. Like many ancient symbols, runes also made their way into pop culture, and have been featured in several fantasy novels and horror films.

In Festivals

In Edinburgh, Scotland, the Algiz rune serves as an aesthetic motif and a ritual element in certain festivals. In fact, runes are incorporated into the regalia of Beltaners who are members of the Beltane Fire Society, a community arts performance charity that hosts several Celtic festivals.

However, the use of the Algiz rune at the Edinburgh Beltane festival became controversial, especially since the festival has Celtic roots and the rune itself is a Germanic symbol.




I spied the Eel River immediately.  I also immediately saw the Algiz formations in the rivers all over the state.  

Facts About Eels | Types Of Eel

DK Find Out! › Animals and Nature › Fish
Eels are long, snakelike fish with flexible bodies. Most have slippery, scaleless skin.

Eel Facts, Types, Reproduction, Life Cycle, Classification, …

Animal Spot › eel
Eels are bony fish, easily recognizable because of their snake-like appearance. They can live in both salt water and fresh water,

Eel River (Wabash River tributary)

Wikipedia › wiki › Eel_River_(Wabash_…
The Eel River is a 94-mile-long (151 km) tributary of the Wabash River in northern Indiana in the United States. Via the Wabash and Ohio rivers, …

eel (n.)

Old English æl “eel,” from Proto-Germanic *ælaz (source also of Old Frisian -el, Middle Dutch ael, Dutch aal, Old Saxon and Old High German al, German Aal, Old Norse all), which is of unknown origin, with no certain cognates outside Germanic. Used figuratively for slipperiness from at least 1520s.
also from 1520s

Old High German

Old High German (OHG, Althochdeutsch, German abbr. Ahd.) is the earliest stage of the German language, conventionally covering the period from around 700 to 1050.[1]


Alana, Alanna, Alannah is a girl’s given name.


The Alemanni (also Alamanni; Suebi “Swabians”) were a confederation of Germanic tribes on the Upper Rhine River.

Alemannic German

Alemannic (German) is a group of dialects of the Upper German branch of the Germanic language family.


The Aller is a long river in the states of Saxony-Anhalt and Lower Saxony in Germany.


Allerheiligenstriezel or simply Strietzel (regional names include Allerseelenzopf, Seelenspitze, Seelenbrot, or Allerseelenbreze) is a braided yeast pastry.


Alliteration is a figure of speech and a stylistic literary device which is identified by the repeated sound of the first or second letter in a series of words, or the repetition of the same letter sounds in stressed syllables of a phrase.

Alliterative verse

In prosody, alliterative verse is a form of verse that uses alliteration as the principal ornamental device to help indicate the underlying metrical structure, as opposed to other devices such as rhyme.

Alp (folklore)

An Alp (plural Alpe or Alpen) is a supernatural being in German folklore.

Alpine transhumance

Alpine transhumance is transhumance as practiced in the Alps, that is, a seasonal droving of grazing livestock between the valleys in winter and the high mountain pastures in summer (German Alpwirtschaft, Almwirtschaft from the term for “seasonal mountain pasture”, Alp, Alm).


Alruna (Old Norse Ölrún, Old High German Ailrun, Modern German Alruna, Alraune) is a Germanic female personal name, from Proto Germanic *aliruna (or possibly *agilruna), which is formed from runa “secret, rune” and a debated prefix that may be ali-, agil-, or alu-.


Alsace (Alsatian: ’s Elsass; German: Elsass; Alsatia) is a cultural and historical region in eastern France, on the west bank of the upper Rhine next to Germany and Switzerland.

Altieri family

The Altieri family was an ancient noble family of Rome, present in the history of the city since the Middle Ages.


Altweidelbach is an Ortsgemeinde – a municipality belonging to a Verbandsgemeinde, a kind of collective municipality – in the Rhein-Hunsrück-Kreis (district) in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany.


Alvina is a female given name with the meaning “elf friend”, “amicable”, “friendly”, “warrior princess”, “the most high” and “magical being”.

There are some pretty strange things going on in Carrol County.  A number of fires in particular.  We have seen above that Algiz is connected with BAAL Worship and Beltanic Festivals/Fire festivals.  There are many people who worship FIRE.

Mother, 2 children perish in Flora fire | Local News

Pharos-Tribune › news › local_news
May 17, 2009 — Leah Wagoner, 40, and her children, 8-year-old Harrison and 4-year-old Sophia, died after a fire broke out in the home at 392E 100N on Flora’s north edge.

Flora Fires on COMUMBIA ST

House at center of deadly ’16 fire comes down


The rental property at the corner of East Columbia and South Division streets in Flora where four sisters perished in a fire on Nov. 21, 2016, was torn down Monday afternoon. A judge determined this past summer there was no need to preserve the property and approved the demolition order. The fire claiming the lives of Keyana Davis, 11, Keyara Phillips, 9, Kerriele McDonald, 7, and Kionnie Welch, 5, was determined to be arson. No one has been arrested or charged. Comet photos    Mother: Gaylin Rose,



Carroll County arson suspect extradited from SD › monticello_herald_journal
Sep 10, 2018 — DELPHI — A Carroll County man suspected of an August 2017 arson in Flora has been extradited from South Dakota to face local charges.

Man Found Dead in Flora Confirmed To Be Father of Three ... › man-found-dead-in-flora-confirme…
Nov 29, 2018 — FLORA, Ind. — The man found dead in Carroll County the same morning six people were killed in a house fire in Cass County, was the father of …

BRINGHURST, Ind.– An investigation is underway in Carroll County after two people died Monday morning in a house fire.

The fire was reported to authorities just after 9 a.m. in the 2700 block of South State Road 29 in Bringhurst, about one mile north of Burlington. Officials say someone was driving by and spotted smoke, then called 911.

People passing by also stopped to see if anyone was in the house. They located an unconscious woman in the home before firefighters arrived. She was later pronounced dead at the scene.

Firefighters arrived and took control of the fire. In the remnants of the house, firefighters found a man’s body, as well as a dog’s body.

The woman found dead in the home was identified as 35-year-old Anna Downham. The Carroll County Coroner is using dental records and DNA in attempt to identify the man.

Investigators are handing the investigation as a homicide, but do not believe the man had any connection with Downham’s death.


Homicide and fire shocks small town in eastern Carroll County

Ron Wilkins

Lafayette Journal & Courier
The charred structure of a house on the 2700 block of South Indiana 29, Wednesday, Sept. 23, 2020 in Carroll County. Officials say two people, a man and woman, were found dead inside the house, located north of Burlington. The woman, Anna Downham, 35, officials say had been killed before the fire started in the house.

BURLINGTON, Ind. — News that someone shot 35-year-old Anna Downham then set fire to the house where she and another person were in just north of Burlington shocked the people of this small town in eastern Carroll County.

News about the fire was shocking enough in this town about 30 miles east of Lafayette, and that was the reaction before anyone learned the fire covered up at least one homicide.

“We’re a town of 600 people, so when you hear sirens, you wonder what’s going on,” Burlington Town Clerk Karen Dinger said recalling the sirens she heard rushing north out of town Monday morning.

“When I saw the smoke, my heart just sank because you’re thinking about the people,” she said. “You hope they’re OK.”

They weren’t.

The two people inside the house — Downham and a man that police still have not identified — were found dead at the scene. Autopsies Tuesday identified Downham and indicated she was shot before the house was set on fire, Carroll County Sheriff Tobe Leazenby said Tuesday.

Pathologists and the Carroll County coroner were using DNA and dental records to identify the man found in the burned-out house, Leazenby said.

Without elaborating, Leazenby said there is no need for people in the area to be concerned for their safety.

Downham’s family members, who stopped by the fire scene Wednesday morning, declined to be interviewed by the Journal & Courier.

A clerk at a nearby convenience store said McCurdy came into the store every day. She said she’d not seen him this week.

Early Tuesday afternoon, Jenna Hileman stopped during her walk in Burlington’s downtown area to speak with the Journal & Courier. She’d heard of the fire but not of the homicide.

“Burlington is such a great town. I would not suspect anything malicious here,” she said. “I’m very shocked to hear that.”

Pam Wentworth, owner of the Burlington Boathouse, described the town as very quiet.

“It’s kind of unexpected,” 17-year-old Mason Click said as he waited for his carry-out order at the Boathouse.

Click’s never heard of a killing in the town.

In a best-case scenario, the coroner hopes to have DNA confirmation of the man found inside the house by next week, Leazenby said.

Reach Ron Wilkins at 765-420-5231 or at Follow on Twitter: @RonWilkins2.


Homicide and fire shocks small town in eastern Carroll ... › news › crime › 2020/09/23
Sep 23, 2020 — BURLINGTON, Ind. — News that someone shot 35-year-old Anna Downham then set fire to the house where she and another person were in just …


Fully-engulfed house fire takes trustee’s home › articles › fully-…
Apr 5, 2023 — Rural Delphi home destroyed in Tuesday fire. Photo provided Multiple county fire agencies responded to a house fire Tuesday morning, …

Carroll County home goes up in flames with about 20 cats …

WBAL-TV › article › carroll-county-hou…
Nov 15, 2023 — Fire officials said ‘many cats’ were rescued from a house fire in Carroll County. Officials said around 20 cats were in the home at the …

FBI agent believed clothing taken and bodies ‘staged’ in Delphi murders search warrant request

In citing reasons for the search warrant, an FBI agent said pieces of one of the victim’s clothes were missing and that it appeared the girls’ bodies were staged.

Delphi search warrant request leaked & what we know about Ron Logan

DELPHI, Ind. — Earlier in the Delphi murders investigation, an FBI agent believed a possible suspect in 13-year-old Abby William’s and 14-year-old Libby German’s deaths lived at a property near where their bodies were found.

Court documents released by the Murder Sheet podcast detail a search warrant request made March 17, 2017. The request is to search the home of Ronald Logan, which is 1,400 feet from where the bodies of Williams and German were found.

In citing reasons for the search warrant, the FBI agent noted that pieces of clothing from one of the victims were missing and that it “appeared the girls’ bodies were moved and staged.” There were no visible signs of a struggle or fight.

The agent suspected a souvenir had been taken by the killer and that it was common for perpetrators to memorialize the crime scene with pictures.

The FBI agent said investigators did recover fibers and unidentified hairs at the crime scene.

The FBI agent also noted that 77-year-old Logan appeared to be in good physical condition and his voice was “not inconsistent” with that of the voice captured on German’s phone. The agent also confirmed that video on German’s phone was actually 43 seconds long.

Credit: WTHR
Ronald Logan

RELATED: Disbelief, anger among Delphi residents

The FBI agent notes an interview with Logan’s relative in which the relative tells the agent that Logan called them the morning of Feb. 14, 2017, and asked them to lie about where he had been the previous afternoon. This was prior to the bodies being discovered. Logan allegedly asked the relative to say they drove to a Lafayette aquarium store at a time that matched when Williams and German went missing around 2 p.m.

A receipt found in Logan’s home showed a checkout time of 5:21 p.m. and the FBI agent noted the store was approximately 30 minutes from Logan’s home.

The agent said Logan’s statements about his whereabouts were found to be factually false and intentionally designed to deceive [law enforcement officers].”

The FBI agent said the relative believed the original image of the suspect looked like Logan.

A woman who had been in a relationship with Logan years earlier told law enforcement that Logan had been physically abusive, threatened that he could kill her and no one would find her body, and that Logan carried a gun with him everywhere he went in a fanny pack. She told the agent that when she first saw the image of the suspect, she thought it was Logan.

Another woman, who had been in a relationship with Logan, told law enforcement that when she heard the bodies were found near Logan’s home, she believed he was involved.

The FBI agent noted that a search of a tip database about a month after the murders had 15 tips connecting Logan to the murders.

The FBI agent also claimed that text messages sent to and from Logan’s phone the evening of Feb. 13, 2017, showed he was likely outside his home and “in the proximity of where LG and AW’s bodies were located.” The agent noted that Logan had been physically able to get up and down the hill from his home to the crime scene when he met with officers on Feb. 17.

Credit: WTHR

The agent was specific that they believed Logan could be involved in the murders: “I believe there is probable cause to believe that Ronald Logan has committed the crime of murder and evidence of that could be found on Ronald Logan’s property.”

The FBI got permission to search the entire property, including Logan’s home, garage, his pick-up truck, computers and cell phones. A previous search of Logan’s home on March 6, for a parole violation, noted he had numerous weapons including handguns and knives.

Logan died in 2020 and was never officially named a suspect in the Delphi murders.

“Any conclusion based on the document would be inappropriate because the warrant is just one sliver of a complicated puzzle,” said ISP Superintendent Doug Carter. “Solving the case is as important to us now as it was five years ago.”

Police looking at anthony_shots account

On Dec. 6, 2021, Indiana State Police investigating the Delphi murders asked for help from anyone who had contact with the anthony_shots account profile.

Detectives said the account with the user name “anthony_shots” was used on Snapchat and Instagram, among other social media platforms, in 2016 and 2017. State police say the person behind the account used photos of a male model and “portrayed himself as being extremely wealthy and owning numerous sports cars.”

RELATED: Kegan Kline’s pretrial conference skipped in child porn trial for anthony_shots account

Investigators say the person used the profile to communicate with underage girls to solicit nude images, and want to know if anyone got requests to get their address or try to meet with them.

Police said they’ve identified the male model that was used in the photos on the account and say that man is not a person of interest in the Delphi case.

Credit: Indiana State Police
State police say the person behind the “anthony_shots” social media profile used these photos and others to lure young girls into conversation.

Detectives ask anyone who communicated with the “anthony_shots” account or met, or attempted to meet, with the person behind the profile, reach out to police through the tip line set up for the investigation. Investigators are looking for as much information as those who communicated with the profile can provide, including how they communicated and through which social media platform.

Any saved images or conversations involving the “anthony_shots” account should be attached to an email, police said.

Tips and information can be emailed to

Delphi killings background

Abigail Williams and Liberty German went missing while walking on a trail near the Monon High Bridge in Delphi on Feb. 13, 2017. Their bodies were found nearby a day later.

On Feb. 15, 2017, police released cell phone images from German’s phone showing a suspect in the case coming across the bridge towards the girls.

Credit: Indiana State Police
Police released this photo of a man seen on the Delphi trail near where two teenagers were murdered.

A week later, police released audio from German’s phone, in which you hear a man say, “Down the hill.”

On July 17, 2017, police released a first sketch of a suspect.

Credit: Indiana State Police

On April 22, 2019, Indiana State Police released an updated sketch.

Credit: Indiana State Police
This sketch released by police April 22, 2019, depicts the suspect behind the February 2017 murder of Abby Williams and Libby German in Delphi, Ind. It is considered more accurate than the original released in July 2017. (Courtesy Indiana State Police)

Investigators also released additional audio of the suspected killer from German’s phone. Listen to the extended audio clip of the suspect here:

On Dec. 6, 2021, police asked for anyone who communicated with an anthony_shots account to contact them.

All tips welcomed

Those with information about the case can email  with as much information as possible, including:

  • Suspect’s name
  • Date of birth or approximate age
  • Physical description, including height, weight, hair color, eye color
  • Address or location, including city
  • Vehicle information including year, make, model, color
  • Specific reason for the tip; Why could they be the suspect?
  • Motivation for the crime
  • Connection to Delphi, Indiana

Police say individuals don’t need to have all of those pieces to send a tip, but do ask to include as many details as possible.







Circuit Court

Judge Benjamin Diener

Recent filings

Derrick A. German, 38, Delphi, pled guilty to dealing in methamphetamine and will spend three years on probation in lieu of jail time.

State of Indiana

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In the days and weeks after the murders, Brad posted social media images that mimicked what was found at the crime scene.  The crime scene imagery has never been made public to this day, so the question is how Brad knew what was left behind.

Brad’s son Logan had been dating Abby before the murders.  Brad was originally cleared as a suspect on March 16, 2017, one month after the murders.

Brad posted other disturbing images on his social media.  One showed what appears to be two dead women on the ground in a forest.  Both women had tree branches and sticks on their bodies.  One woman had her arm above her head, which was apparently how Libby had been found.    Source



 Comes now the accused, Richard Allen, by and through counsel, Andrew J. Baldwin andBradley A. Rozzi and files his memorandum in support of his request for a Franks hearing.
 Because the facts in this memorandum are dense for anyone not yet completely familiar with this case, the Defense is providing this introductory section, similar to the syllabus that often precedes a long and complex U.S. Supreme Court opinion. The purpose of this introductorysection is to provide the Court a general understanding of what to expect concerning the factsupon which the Defense will be relying – and how those facts impact the legal arguments –before providing the necessary detail, minutia and notation to the record that could bog downthe Court as it attempts to unpack the Defense arguments. The Defense, therefore, will providelittle attribution as to the source of the evidence in this introductory section, but will then provide proper attribution to the sources of the evidence throughout the body of thememorandum following the introduction.
1 For the Court’s convenience, the Defense has provided a Glossary of Names, marked as Exhibit 125. This glossary provides an alphabetized list of almost every name mentioned in the memorandum along with a brief description oftheir involvement.
Filed: 9/18/2023 2:06 AM
Carroll Circuit Court
Carroll County, Indiana
Table of Contents
Table of Contents 
2Eight Things to Know
4Odinism, Odinites, and Runes10Failure to Pursue the Odinites Links
11Odinites in Westville Correctional Facility “guarding” Richard Allen  
Liggett concealed certain witness testimony and falsified other witness testimony in order to prevent Liggett’s bogus timeline from being exposed to Judge Diener
23Evidence Supporting These Facts Were Needles in a Giant Haystack of Discovery
25Five Part Breakdown of Memorandum
PART I – The Crime Scene
PART II – The Evidence that Connects the Odinist to the Murders
What is Odinism? 46The 12-page Odin Report……………………………………………………………………………………………..53
Brad Holder’s Connections …………………………………………………………………………………………..55
Holder’s Alibi was not even Close to Fully Vetted ………………………………………………………….74
 Nothing to See Here. Holder had an alibi. Please Look at the Next Suspect. ………………………84
Elvis Field’s Connection to the Crime Scene ………………………………………………………………….91
The Rod Abrams Problem ……………………………………………………………………………………………95
The Phone Problem ……………………………………………………………………………………………………..96
Patrick Westfall’s Connection to the Crime Scene …………………………………………………………..99
Johnny Messer’s Connection to the Crime and Crime Scene …………………………………………..102
Rod Abrams’ Connection to the Crime Scene ……………………………………………………………….103
Conclusion of Part II ………………………………………………………………………………………………….104
PART III – Liggett Concealed and Falsified Evidence in his Search Warrant Affidavit
Conclusion of Part III…………………………………………………………………………………………………117
PART IV – Odinites in Westville
Sgt. Robinson ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………124
Sgt. Jones …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………127
Conclusion of Part IV ………………………………………………………………………………………………..127
PART V – Richard Allen has No Ties to Odinism or any Religious Cult and has No Ties tothe Crime Scene
Conclusion of Part V ………………………………………………………………………………………………….134
Conclusion of Memorandum
Eight Things to Know
Overwhelming evidence in this case supports the following:
 Members of a pagan Norse religion, called Odinism, hijacked by white nationalists,ritualistically sacrificed Abigail Williams and Liberty German;
 Very early on, those in charge of the Delphi murder investigation claim that theyconsulted with a Purdue professor concerning what resembled possible Odinism signatures left behind at the crime scene. After the Purdue professor proclaimed (according to State Trooper JerryHoleman) that “it was not Odinism or any type of cult worshipping or any type of group that wouldhave conducted the crime” the Odinism angle was essentially abandoned. However, as ofSeptember 7, 2023, the leaders of the Delphi investigation team: (1) claim that they can’t identifywho this purported professor was; (2) have provided no reports from this purported professor and(3) have further indicated they may never be able to figure out who this professor is. Based in large part upon this mystery Purdue professor’s opinion, the Delphi investigative leadership claimedthat it essentially abandoned considering Odinite involvement in the murders. And then the years passed: 2018…….2019…….2020…….2021…….2022. Thankfully, during those passing years,law enforcement officers Kevin Murphy, Greg Ferency and Todd Click continued to pursue thetruth. Because of their curiosity and investigative efforts, the evidence establishing the names ofthe likely murdering members of this Odinite cult became known to the Delphi investigativeleadership no later than February 2018. Due to either incompetence or a concerted intentionality,those in charge of the investigation refused to arrest or even properly investigate these obvioussuspects.
 On May 1, 2023, the State of Indiana, by way of Prosecutor Nick McCleland, received a letter from former Rushville Assistant Police Chief Todd Click, now retired.
 As stated in the previous paragraph: Click, Murphy and Ferency were three of the law enforcement officers whoworked on the Delphi murder case, particularly focused on the Odinite angle as it intersected withsuspects in Rushville Indiana. After reading Richard Allen’s probable cause affidavit, Click became concerned that the information contained in Richard Allen’s affidavit pointing the fingerat Richard Allen was far less compelling than the totality of the information that Detective Ferency,Detective Murphy and Officer Click had accumulated during the Rushville portion of theinvestigation. The information that Murphy, Ferency and Click had gathered during theirinvestigation connected men who practiced Odinism in or near Delphi with another group of menwho lived in Rushville and then connected both groups of men to the murders.
 Click wasconcerned that for some reason the leadership of the investigative team had failed to share withProsecutor McCleland the evidence gathered by Click, Ferency and Murphy. Click’s concerns ledhim to seek out a lawyer to assist him in the drafting of a letter. This letter was then sent toMcCleland.
 This letter was not provided to the Defense until after it was obvious from the last roundof depositions that the Defense (who had doggedly pursued witnesses as far away as Georgia)would certainly be talking with Todd Click. McCleland had this letter in his possession for over 4months before turning it over to the Defense. There can be no mistaking that this letter isexculpatory in nature and could have been used by the Defense as it prepared for upcomingdepositions. However, it is apparent that McCleland only offered up the letter after it was obvious
 Find attached Certified Mail receipt showing that the Carroll County Prosecutor’s office received the letter on May1, 2023, marked as Exhibit 1.
 Find attached the Affidavit of Todd Click marked as Exhibit 2.
 A copy of that letter is attached hereto and marked as Exhibit 3.
that the Defense team would soon be learning of the letter’s existence. In other words, the Defenseteam would obviously be meeting with, or deposing Click, in the next few weeks. At that time,Click most certainly would then reveal to the Defense that in April 2023, he (Click) had sent aletter containing exculpatory information to McCleland. At this point McLeland had two distinctchoices: 1) sit on the exculpatory evidence hoping that the Defense team would refocus its effortson another angle of the investigation, or 2) disclose the exculpatory evidence claiming that thecontents of the letter were overlooked in the volume of discovery. He chose the latter.Unfortunately for the State, neither approach explains away the fact that Click specifically directedthe letter to McLeland himself and further, Click was so determined to ensure his information wasconsumed by McLeland, that he directed the information directly to McLeland, via certified mail.The letter is stamped “Received May 1, 2023, Carroll County Prosecutor.” Click’s report landedat ground zero; a prosecutor’s office with no more than two full-time prosecutors and a handful offull-time staff members, at best. Could this exculpatory evidence have been completelyoverlooked? Not plausible. Not only did the prosecution withhold that letter from the Defense, but law enforcementalso withheld several other exculpatory pieces of evidence, including an 85-page compilation ofreports by Click prepared in 2019 and several videos containing statements that support theDefense theory of Richard Allen’s innocence. This 85-page report detailed the investigative work performed by Click, Ferency, Murphy, and others, including the FBI.According to the summary of Click’s investigation that he attached with his letter, “theBehavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) of the FBI determined that the individual(s) responsible for the homicides were involved in Nordic beliefs.”
This was news to the Defense  as no member of theUnified Command in charge of the investigation revealed this information to the Defense duringrecent depositions. This includes Trooper Holeman who told the Defense that he didn’t rememberif the FBI’s BAU unit determined one way or the other whether those with Nordic beliefs had beeninvolved in the murders.
 At least up until the time of this filing, the prosecution has provided no evidencewhatsoever of the findings of the FBI’s BAU unit concerning involvement of Odinists in themurders. None. The letter that Click sent to McCleland was the first that the Defense has heardthat the FBI actually believed that Odinists were likely involved. In other words, this reportcontained exculpatory evidence that Unified Command concealed from the Defense. Thisinformation was – and is— crucial for Richard Allen’s Defense. Some of this exculpatory evidencein the form of videos was finally released to the Defense on September 8, 2023,
over 9 monthsafter Defense counsel entered their appearance
. The Defense is still reviewing this September 8thevidence dump. In the brief time the Defense has had to review this newly received evidence, ithas found exculpatory evidence both in the videos the Defense has watched and the documentsthat the Defense has reviewed. While the prosecution has been holding on to this exculpatoryevidence, Richard Allen has been living in hell.Lastly, the evidence will show that the week of August 28, 2023
 Prosecutor McClelandand State Trooper Jerry Holeman requested a meeting with Todd Click. By this time, the Defenseteam had taken several depositions (including Holeman, Liggett and Leazenby) and the prosecution and Delphi investigative leadership now knew that for a while, the Defense team had
 Find attached the summary that Click attached with his letter, marked as Exhibit 4. Odinists have Nordic beliefs.
 The Defense will be providing all depositions identified throughout this document separately from the exhibits andwill identify the depositions with letters for purposes of the record.
 been aware of the Odinist evidence, at least the evidence that the prosecution turned over to the Defense scattered throughout multiple hard drives and many flash drives. The prosecution hadlearned in early August that the Defense had figured out the strong Odinist ties to the crimes,despite the apparent attempts of the prosecution, Liggett and Holeman to hide this exculpatoryinformation from the Defense.Wanting to allay his fears that an innocent man was sitting in Westville, Click agreed toattend the meeting with Holeman hoping that he would be learning that evidence did in fact existlinking Richard Allen to the murders. Click’s hopes were dashed. Paragraph 17 of Click’saffidavit:Upon directing the letter to Mr. McCleland, I heard nothing from theProsecutor’s office or any other members of unified command until I received phone calls on August 23 rd   and August 25  th, 2023, which involved brief discussion sregarding scheduling. During these phone calls, it was requested that I meet with Trooper Holeman during the week of September 4, 2023. I was informed that law enforcement officials intended to sit down with me and discuss with me the reason why Richard Allen was responsible for these crimes. I was told that he (Jerry Holeman) wanted to put my mind at ease. However, during the meeting with Detective Holeman and a second detective whose name I am unfamiliar with, there was no discussion or offerings as to why they believed Richard Allen was guilty of the charged crimes
. I believe the interview was an attempt by them to clean upt heir loose ends
 knowing that they had given very little, if any, attention to the investigative efforts of myself, Detective Ferency, and Detective Murphy.(Emphasis added)
 Not only did Carroll County Sheriff Tony Liggett fail to include all this Odiniteinformation in his October 13, 2022 “Affidavit for Search Warrant”, and not only did McClelandand the Unified Command withhold exculpatory evidence, Liggett also concealed damagingwitness statements that devastate Liggett’s timeline – a timeline Liggett needed to be true in orderto place Richard Allen at the trail when Abby and Libby were abducted. Additionally, Liggett liedin his affidavit about the statements of another key witness, further devastating Liggett’s timeline;
 Richard Allen has zero connections to any pagan cult or pagan cultists, and furthermoreno forensic evidence (such as DNA) or electronic evidence links Richard Allen to the girls or tothe crime scene – i.e., he is a completely innocent man;
 Most of the evidence backing these assertions was found scattered over no less than 10hard drives and several flash drives provided by the prosecution, meaning that the Defense is notmaking wild accusations, but rather primarily relaying facts and information that is backed up bythe prosecutor’s own discovery, even discovery that the prosecution just provided to the Defenseas late as September 8, 2023.
 Not coincidentally, members (Odinists) of this same pagan cult are employed ascorrections officers for the Indiana Department of Corrections at Westville Correctional Facility.It is inside of the cold, concrete walls of the maximum-security unit of this dilapidated“reformatory” that Richard Allen is being threatened, intimidated, and mentally abused
Throughout this document references are made to the “Unified Command.”Essentially, the Unified Command was “the leadership” of the Delphi murder investigation,according to Tony Liggett (Carroll County sheriff and member of Unified Command when theinvestigation began). Unified Command consisted of law enforcement from a variety of entities,local, state and federal. Unified Command were overseers of the entire investigative operation.According to Liggett, the members of the Unified Command are/were:
From Carroll County
 – Tony Liggett and Kevin Hammond
From State Police
 – Jerry Holeman, Jay Harper, and Dave Vido
 Defense counsel is not saying that the Westville guards were involved in the murders, only that they were likelyinvolved in threatening, intimidating and mentally abusing Richard Allen.
From the FBI
` – Rich DaviessOdinism, Odinites and Runes.Odinism is the pagan religion referenced above, and its followers are called Odinites.Odinists are enamored of Viking/Nordic culture. Evidence supports that at the crime scene, thesemurdering Odinites left behind obvious signatures, symbols in the form of runes.
 These runeswere (1) formed with sticks, (2) fashioned with tree branches and (3) painted using the blood ofLiberty German.Sticks and tree branches were deliberately, carefully and proficiently placed on each girlin a certain arrangement mimicking certain runes. At least one of the branches appeared to haveits end cut off cleanly by some type of tool like an electric saw, providing proof of a preconceived plan. Additionally, the blood of Liberty German was used as the paint to mark a tree with a runethat looks similar to the letter “F”.
 With a simple google search, these runes would be identifiableas one of the many calling cards of this pagan religious cult. Yet, law enforcement in charge of theDelphi investigation seemingly, and quickly, abandoned the obvious correlation between the crimescene and Odinism, despite an obscene amount of evidence linking Odinism to the crime scene,
 Although, State Police Superintendent Doug Carter pulled the plug and kicked the FBI off the Delphi murder casearound 2021 over some conflicts, according to Jerry Holeman. (Holeman depo. pages 123-130). Interestingly, TonyLiggett (who was deposed before Holeman) claimed under oath that Doug Carter was not involved in makingdecisions for the case (Liggett depo p. 30, lines 10-24). Furthermore, he (Liggett) claimed to be unaware that theFBI was even kicked out, let alone that any agency had actually kicked out the FBI from investigating the Delphicase. (Liggett depo p. 64, lines, 14-25). It is quite odd that the salient topic of Doug Carter kicking the FBI off of theDelphi case would never have been discussed between Liggett and Holeman who were working so closely with oneanother in Unified Command. If that can be believed, it would be quite perplexing.
Merriam-Webster defines a rune as “any of the characters of any of several alphabets used by the Germanic peoples from about the 3rd to the 13th centuries.” 
 Many runes look like the letter “F”, including a rune called “Ansuz”, which (among other things) stands for“Odin.”
and even in spite of powerful evidence linking specific Odinites in and around Indiana to themurders.Also, the Court will learn in his Affidavit for Search Warrant that Sheriff Liggett failed toinform Judge Diener that nothing, absolutely nothing, links Richard Allen to Odinism or anyreligious cult
; Also, no forensics (such as DNA), no electronic data extracted from his computersor phones or from his social media links Richard Allen to the crime scene. Additionally, nothinglinks Richard Allen to any of the Odinite suspects: the same Odinite suspects that evidence stronglysupports sacrificed Abby and Libby in some sort of pagan ritual. Richard Allen had nothing to dowith this crime, but rather is an innocent man; a patsy for the police, arrested 26 days before anelection.Failure to pursue the Odinist links.Law enforcement’s failure to actively pursue the obvious links between the crime sceneand Odinism is confounding. It is even more confounding when days and weeks after the murders,a particular Odinite from Logansport named Brad Holder posted on social media imagesmimicking the very runes found at the crime scene – a crime scene unreleased and unknown to thegeneral public even to this day. Who was Brad Holder? He was an Odinite whose son, Logan, had been “dating” Abby. Brad Holder’s social media posts seemingly taunted the very police thatrefused to fully investigate him. The Defense believes that the Court will be shocked at the numberof clues or “easter eggs”, both before and after the murders, that Holder openly posted on hisFacebook page that pointed the finger to his involvement in the murders.
 Liggett depo. p. 80, lines 14-23
However, a fact that is simply mind blowing to the Defense is that Brad Holder was neverconsidered a suspect in the murders of Abby and Libby. State Trooper Jerry Holeman, one of thelaw enforcement officers in charge of organizing and investigating the Delphi murders, claimed inhis August 10, 2023 deposition that Brad Holder was not really ever a suspect.
 Police reportswritten near the time of the murders reveal that Jerry Holeman is telling the truth: Brad Holder wascleared as a suspect quickly – on March 16, 2017.On March 1, 2017, Tony Liggett stated in a report that there were no leads requiredconcerning Brad Holder, meaning that it was not necessary for law enforcement to continue tolook for leads related to Brad Holder. Liggett made that determination a mere 15 days after thegirls were murdered. By March 16, 2023, Unified Command member Kevin Hammond wrote that“Brad Holder has been cleared.” The girls hadn’t been dead for 30 days and Unified Commandhad already cleared Brad Holder as a suspect. Unified Command had already cleared Holder as asuspect within 30 days knowing that Brad Holder’s son dated Abby. Unified Command hadalready cleared Holder as a suspect within 30 days of the murders although a simple review ofBrad Holder’s Facebook page would show that he (Brad Holder) was a proud Odinite that had anabsolute obsession and fascination with runes. Police knew – or had to know – that runes had beenleft at the crime scene. Additionally, Unified Command had already cleared Holder as a suspect inspite of the fact that runes found on Brad Holder’s Facebook pages mimicked runes found at acrime scene that had not been released to the public. The investigation had barely begun, but theUnified Command had already cleared the very man that any person with even a small amount of common sense or curiosity would believe was a strong candidate for being involved in the murderof the girls.For example, the Court will also learn that the Unified Command was aware of a verydisturbing image on Brad Holder’s social media accounts that actually mimicked the crime scene.On April 12, 2017, Trooper Joseph Ryan Winters received a phone call from a man in Georgianamed Ryan Boucher who had discovered disturbing images in Brad Holder’s social mediaaccount. Having somehow learned that Brad Holder’s son (Logan) had dated Abby Williams, Mr.Boucher began reviewing Brad Holder’s social media history. One of the images Boucher viewedon Brad Holder’s social media account was an image of two women either dead, or posed as ifthey were dead, on the ground in what appeared to be a forest. Both women had tree limbs andsticks arranged on their bodies. One of the women had her arm stretched out above her head,similar to the way that Libby’s arm was stretched above her head. Both women were clothed andthe stick and tree branch formations on these girls was different than the stick and tree branchformations on Abby and Libby, but otherwise, it bore a very eerie similarity to the murder scenein Delphi.Ryan Boucher had no knowledge of the actual crime scene. However, after reviewing BradHolder’s social media sites, Boucher was disturbed at that image, as well as other images that provided insight into Brad Holder’s fascination with runes. Believing that the disturbing imagesmay be something of interest to those investigating the Delphi murders, Mr. Boucher contactedTobe Leazenby, who at the time was the Sheriff of Carroll County. Leazenby quickly rebuffedBoucher, telling Boucher that Holder was not a suspect. Undeterred, Mr. Boucher contacted theState police where he ended up talking to trooper Joseph Ryan Winters. After their conversation,Winters memorialized the interaction and placed the images provided by Boucher into a drop box
account. After creating the report, Winters then discussed his findings, face-to-face, with JerryHoleman of Unified Command. The body of this memorandum will provide details of thatinteraction. In his report, Winters requested law enforcement to re-interview Brad Holder. TheDefense does not believe Unified Command ever followed up on Winter’s request.It should be noted that the disturbing images found by Boucher in Georgia and placed in adrop box by Winters were not – and have still not – been provided to the Defense. In his recentdeposition, Winters said that he had attempted to locate the images but was unable. However, because of the potential importance of those images to Richard Allen’s case, the Defense teamlocated Boucher and then traveled to Georgia to meet with Boucher. Those images are now in the possession of Richard’s Defense team who then provided those images to law enforcement. Again,these were important images that law enforcement failed to turn over to the Defense. Instead, theDefense located these images in Georgia and then turned them over to the very people who hadthe obligation to provide them to the Defense.Unified Command, which included Tony Liggett who drafted the Affidavit for SearchWarrant, was fully aware of the mimicked crime scene on Brad Holder’s social media, as well asother posts that mimicked the exact runes found at the crime scene, but failed to do anything aboutit, and failed to inform Judge Diener of this obvious suspect (Brad Holder) and all of the evidencethat existed against Holder, making him a prime suspect.The Court will learn in the body of this memorandum that Holder was connected to thecrimes, the crime scene and to other men who had confessed to the crime. The evidence of thoseconnections will be provided in the body of the memorandum, including copies of the imagesfound on Holder’s Facebook page at the time of the investigation which link Holder to the crimescene as well as the images found by Ryan Boucher that law enforcement has failed to turn over  to the Defense. The Defense will also attach what the Defense calls “the Winter’s report” which isthe memorialization of Trooper Winter’s interaction with Ryan Boucher. Liggett provided none ofthis evidence or information to Judge Diener, but rather allowed Judge Diener to believe thatRichard Allen was a lone suspect in the murders in spite of zero evidence linking Richard Allen tothe crimes at the time Liggett sought the search warrant twenty-six days before an election.Unified Command’s failure to vigorously pursue the obvious links between the crime sceneand Odinism is even more perplexing when evidence known to law enforcement demonstrated aclear nexus between Brad Holder and at least four other suspects: Elvis Fields from Rushville,Patrick Westfall from Delphi, Johnny Messer from Rushville, and Rod Abrams from Rushville(now living in Connersville).Unified Command was aware that Elvis Fields confessed to his sister that he (Elvis) wasinvolved in the murders, even providing to his sister intimate crime scene details of which onlythose present at the crime scene would have familiarity. Additionally, Elvis Fields told his sisterMary, on February 14, 2017, that he was present at the killings and that he (Elvis) now had “a brother” and was now part of “a gang.” In February 2018, Elvis had been questioned by lawenforcement but denied involvement in the murders. However, after being dropped off at his trailerfollowing the questioning, Elvis turned around, walked back to the police car and (according tothe police report) asked the state trooper if his (Elvis’s) spit is found on one of the girls, but hecould explain it away, would he still be in trouble. The state trooper that heard Elvis utter thesewords (Kevin Murphy) was not part of Unified command but immediately relayed Elvis’sdisturbing question to Jay Harper of Unified Command. Elvis also admitted to a different sister(Joyce) that he had in fact spit on one of the girls. Elvis told Joyce, that he (Elvis) was on a trailand a bridge with two girls that were killed and that he was going away for a long time.
Elvis’s alibi for February 13, 2017, was also probably flawed. State troopers who weren’t part of Unified Command determined that Elvis’s roommate concocted a story concerning Elvis’swhereabouts on February 13, 2017. This roommate is named Rod Abrams. Abrams told a storyclaiming on February 13, 2017, that he (Rod Abrams), Elvis Fields and a man named Ned Smithwere visiting a sick friend in Muncie. Unfortunately for Rod Abrams, this story conflicted withthe story that Elvis Fields told law enforcement as to his (Elvis’s) whereabouts on February 13,2017. These shady alibis were relayed to Unified Command. These shady alibis will be furtherexplained in the body of the memorandum. Furthermore, Unified Command knew that on February1, 2018, Elvis’s sister passed a polygraph examination when asked if she were telling the truthabout what Elvis had confessed to her.Unified Command’s failure to vigorously pursue the obvious links between the crime sceneand Odinism is even more inexplicable when evidence known to law enforcement includedinformation about another Odinite named Patrick Westfall, who was living in Delphi very close tothe murder scene on February 13
, 2017.Evidence known to Unified Command included the fact that fellow-Odinites, PatrickWestfall and Brad Holder, were close friends as late as January 21, 2017. However, that friendshipended very abruptly in February 2017. The schism in their friendship resulted from a fight thatoccurred between Holder and Westfall in February 2017 where “he (Holder) and Westfall were inthe woods, near a river conducting a ritual. One of them said or did something the other did notagree with and they no longer talk to each other. The river was near Patrick’s house.” Anintoxicated Brad Holder shared this disturbing information with his ex-wife, Amber Holder.Amber Holder then relayed this disturbing information to law enforcement who were not a part of
Unified Command in 2019. These officers then relayed this disturbing information to UnifiedCommand. Liggett concealed this information from Judge Diener.In 2019, Unified Command learned that in a totally different conversation with his ex-wife,Brad Holder pointed the finger away from himself and directly at Patrick Westfall, as being the person actually responsible for the murders of Abby and Libby. According to police reports, BradHolder told his ex-wife (Amber Holder) that “Westfall and ‘his people’ killed Abigail Williamsand Liberty German because one of their mothers was ‘mixing’ with other people outside themother’s race.” Furthermore, Unified Command was aware that Brad Holder had told Amber that“I can only protect you so much if you keep asking questions.” Brad Holder further told his ex-wife Amber that Patrick Westfall had many people backing him (Westfall) up and that Westfallalso had
‘powerful friends
.’ Liggett knew of this information for more than three years beforeLiggett sought a search warrant for Richard Allen’s house, yet Liggett never shared thatinformation with Judge Diener. Additionally, Westfall provided a very weak alibi as to hiswhereabouts on February 13, 2017. Westfall told law enforcement that he (Westfall) was at homethe afternoon of Monday, February 13, 2017. The Defense is unaware of any search warrant thatLiggett sought to enter Westfall’s house or whether Unified Command instructed law enforcementto knock on a single neighbor’s door to verify Westfall’s alibi.Unified Command’s failure to continually pursue the obvious links between the crimescene and Odinism is even more disturbing when evidence known to law enforcement includedinformation about another Odinite named Johnny Messer from Rushville. Johnny was a recruiterfor the Odinites and was also the connective tissue between the Odinites from the Delphi area(Brad Holder/Patrick Westfall) and the suspects from the Rushville area (Elvis Fields and RodAbrams). Delphi is located 126 miles from Rushville. Law enforcement knew that Johnny Messer was friends with Brad Holder and Patrick Westfall. Law enforcement also knew that Messer wasacquaintances with Elvis Fields and Rod Abrams. Unified Command theoretically could claim(and actually appear to be claiming) that this connection is simply a bizarre coincidence. However,Unified Command not only knew that Elvis Fields/Rod Abrams and Brad Holder/Patrick Westfallshared a common acquaintance (Johnny Messer) but also that Elvis Fields and Brad Holderfollowed each other on Facebook and even mimicked each other’s Facebook pages, with ElvisFields actually recreating the photos that Holder posted on his (Holder’s) Facebook page.Shockingly, at his August 10, 2023, deposition, Unified Command member, JerryHoleman, claimed that he did not even know who Johnny Messer was, nor what the evidenceshowed of Messer’s possible role in the murders of Abby and Libby. It is additionally infuriatingthat Johnny Messer was cleared as a suspect in the murders when considering these facts:Johnny’s ex-girlfriend, Taylor Hornaday, told police that Johnny Messer and PatrickWestfall were like brothers. She also told police that she had allowed Johnny to borrow her car onor around Valentine’s Day 2017 and that Johnny drove her car “up there” to hang with hisVinlander 
 friends. When he returned her vehicle, it had dried blood over one side of it. JohnnyMesser refused to discuss the details of how the blood got there. Johnny Messer’s ex-girlfriendfurther stated that it took her several car washes to finally remove the blood. Meanwhile, Messerhas claimed that he had never, not once in his life, been to Delphi, home of his “brother” PatrickWestfall, and near the home of his other Odinite brother, Brad Holder.
 “Vinlander” is a word interchangeable with those that practice Odinism. As state trooper Roland Purdy stated inhis deposition, all members of Vinlanders are also Odinists. (Purdy depo. p. 140, lines 1-25) Basically, theVinlanders are a white supremacist group consisting of Odinists. Brad Holder, Patrick Westfall and Johnny Messerwere all affiliated with the Vinlander group. Johnny Messer’s ex-girlfriend, Taylor Hornaday, also confirmed that allVinlanders were also all Odinists, and that Johnny Messer, Brad Holder and Patrick Westfall were all members ofVinlander.
Messer’s ex-girlfriend also told law enforcement that Brad Holder and Johnny Messer were two of the most violent people she knew and were fully capable of having been involved in the murders. Johnny Messer’s ex-girlfriend further stated that a motive for their involvement in the murder of Abby and Libby might be the concept of “blood in and blood out”, which means “social acceptance into their secret circles.” All this information was relayed to Liggett and the Unified Command team, yet Unified Command provided no guidance as to what to do to capitalize on this information in order to work toward solving the murders. Additionally, Unified Command learned that Johnny Messer’s ex-girlfriend had be enlistening to and recording Johnny Messer’s phone calls. Police secured the phone and listened to three phone calls involving Johnny Messer. In two of those phone calls, Messer was “offering money to other people to find someone so they can be injured or killed.” The third call involves Messer “bragging about holding a subject hostage and shooting them at his house.” Essentially, Unified Command said “nothing to see here” regarding Johnny Messer andissued no search warrants for his home (none have been disclosed to the Defense), nor did theyattempt to utilize an age-old investigative tool referred to as an “interrogation” to pursue the truthabout the involvement of Johnny Messer, Brad Holder or Patrick Westfall in these crimes.Many more shocking facts concerning this so-called investigation will be revealed in the body of the memorandum.Odinites in Westville Correctional Facility “guarding” Richard Allen.The evidence shows that during his pretrial incarceration at Westville Correctional Facility,Richard Allen has been monitored, intimidated, and mentally abused by correctional officers whoare also members of the Odinite cult. Two of those correctional officers are named Sgt. Robinson
and Sgt. Jones. These Westville Corrections officers boldly wore patches on their Department ofCorrections (DOC) uniforms that proclaimed “
In Odin We Trust
” along with another patchdisplaying symbols of Odism (interlocking triangles). Both Odinite correctional officers (Sgt.Robinson and Sgt. Jones) also display images of runes and/or other Odinite symbols on theirFacebook pages. As recently as June 25, 2023, for example, Odinite Sgt. Robinson openlydisplayed a photograph of his Odinite altar on his Facebook page. A similar alter can be found onthe Facebook page of Brad Holder.Beginning at least on April 3, 2023, Sgt. Jones and Sgt. Robinson wore their Odin patcheswhen the Defense team visited Richard Allen. However, Sgt. Robinsons and Sgt. Jones’s brazendisplay of their Odinites patches came to an end on August 17, 2023. What changed? Whysuddenly did they no longer display their Odinite patches beginning on the August 17, 2023, visit between Richard Allen and his Defense team? Here is your possible answer:It was not until an August 10, 2023, deposition of Trooper Jerry Holeman that RichardAllen’s Defense team finally revealed to the prosecutor and to Unified Command that for manymonths they (Richard Allen’s Defense team) had been fully aware of the strong evidence linkingOdinism to the murders. It was also at the August 10, 2023, deposition that the Unified Commandlearned that Richard Allen’s Defense team was not only aware of this information, but alsointended to expose the linkage of Abby’s and Libby’s murders to Odinism and would also berevealing the names of the Odinists at trial. At that deposition, Holeman and the prosecutor alsolearned that the Defense team obviously intended on exposing the Unified Command’s utter failurein pursuing the Odinist suspects, in spite of the powerful evidence of Odinites involvement in themurders. However, and this is important to note, at his August 10, 2023, deposition, Richard’s
Defense team
did not
 let Holeman or anyone else know that it (the Defense team) was fully aware of the Odinite corrections officers at Westville wearing “In Odin We Trust” patches. Richard Allen’s Defense team’s next visit with Richard Allen at Westville following the August 10, 2023, deposition occurred one week later, on August 17, 2023. Curiously, or perhaps not so curiously, in those seven days since the Defense team revealed their knowledge that evidence linked Odinists to the murders, for the first time Sgt. Robinson was no longer wearing his Odin patch
. It was almost as if someone had alerted Odinite Robinson that the gig was up because the lawyers knew about the links to Odinism, so lose the patch and pray that the Defense attorneys had never noticed the patches on prior visits. Unfortunately for Westville and Unified Command, Rick’s Defense team absolutely noticed the Odinite patches worn by Sgt. Robinson and Sgt. Jones beginning April 3, 2023. Furthermore, Rick’s Defense team absolutely noticed the conspicuous absence of Sgt. Robinson’s Odin patches following trooper Holeman’s realization that Rick’s Defense team was fully aware of the connection between the murders and Odinism, asw ell as the failure of the Unified Command to follow through on the evidence that linked the murders to Odinism. The Court will also learn in the body of this memorandum that Sgt. Jones and Sgt. Robinson were seemingly always by Richard Allen’s side during most, if not every, visit. Normally, corrections officers (usually Sgt. Robinson and/or Sgt. Jones) were within earshot of every conversation between Richard and his attorneys and between Richard and his wife; close enough that Richard would have to be worried about any conversation with his attorneys and with his wife being overheard by Sgt. Robinson and Sgt. Jones or other corrections officers. Beginning on April
 Sgt. Jones was not present at this visit.
3, 2023, and for several visits thereafter, the Westville Correction Officers even videotaped attorney visits between Richard and his Defense team. Most of the time, if not every time, it was Sgt. Jones or Sgt. Robinson bringing the handheld camcorder to the visit. Corrections officers even required that Richard Allen be positioned facing the window where the corrections officer was videotaping the attorney visits with the handheld camcorder. This positioning of Richard Allen’s body would allow the corrections officers to videotape Richard Allen’s mouth as he talked to his attorneys. Richard would therefore not be able to privately discuss anything with his attorneys, such as “the guards are telling me that my wife and family will be killed unless I call my wife and tell her that I killed those girls.”
 Instead, a mentally defeated Richard Allen would continually mutter to his Defense team at every visit these types of general questions: “Is my wife alive? Is my family alive? Is my wife safe? Is my family safe?” At one such meeting with his attorneys, Richard Allen mumbled in a somewhat in coherent fashion that Odinites were threatening him. It would be important to know that Richard Allen’s Defense team had never
 mentioned the words Odinites or Odinism or informed Richard Allen that evidence suggests that Odinists murdered Abby and Libby until August 25, 2023, when his Defense team, in the presence of his Wife (who was visiting with Rick in the prison), first discovered the exculpatory Odin related evidence to Rick. Rick’s Defense team felt that having him remain unaware would hopefully keep Rick a bit safer. Due to Rick’s weakened mental stateand the concern that he might unwittingly discuss his attorneys’ strategy to Sgt. Jones and Sgt. Robinson, Rick’s attorneys opted to not discuss Odinism with their client out of fear that Sgt. Robinson and Sgt. Jones would then be on the alert that Richard’s Defense team was aware of the
 To be clear, up to this point, Richard Allen has never spoken these words to his attorneys. The point is that the Westville guards have made the privacy needed for Richard to have that type of private conversation with his attorneys very difficult – and perhaps not worth the risk if you are Richard Allen.



Names are allowed if in MSM (main stream media) and we use initials to save time as well as to protect those not in MSM and can not be legally named in connection to the case.


Libby’s Family:

  • Father: Derrick German (DG) Libby’s dad who lived with her a their family home in Delphi. He was the person she had arranged to pick her up from the pick up location on the MHB trail. He is also the person who started the search party after failing to find her and her calls went unanswered.

  • Mother: Carrie Timmons (CT) Libby’s mom who lived out of state. She kept in contact with Libby via SM (social media) and had spoken that day. She is largely out of the picture in the investigation given her location and is (understandably) very frustrated over the progress of the case.

  • Sister: Kelsi German (KG) 16 at the time Kelsi was the biggest consistency in Libby’s life. She is the one who dropped her sister off at the drop off point as a favour to her sister, as she felt bad for saying no initially. Kelsi is the leading figure in the media regarding the case, having taken up a career path in Criminal Psychology following the murder of her sister.

  • Grandma: Becky Patty (BP) Becky is the paternal grandma of Libby and was her legal guardian at the time from the time Libby was a toddler. She and her husband, Mike, shared the home and parental responsibility of Libby. She has taken a step down from media following her diagnosis with cancer.

  • Grandpa: Mike Patty (MP) Mike was Libby’s step grandpa, step father to Derrick. He also raised Libby from her toddler age, as well as Kelsi and his son, Cody. He was prominent in early media but stepped down following the health of his wife, Becky.

  • Cousin: Cody Patty (CP) Cody is biologically a nephew of Becky, but adopted by her and Mike. He is the legal son of the two and adoptive half-brother of Derrick. He has raised as a sibling dynamic with Libby and Kelsi but is still called their cousin by them and media.

This was Libby’s core and direct family, who either was a part of the day, as Derrick was, or are outspoken on SM and MSM. She has more, but they don’t play a big role in the day or the information we receive.

Abby’s Family:

  • Mother: Anna Williams (AW) Anna is Abby’s mother, she is quite reserved but speaks on behalf of her daughter fairly regularly. She was at work at the time Abby was dropped at the trail and had no idea her daughter was going there that day. She does not harbour any resentment towards the Patty/German family, as she stated “had she been asked, she would have, of course, said yes.”

  • Uncle: (DE) Not in media, his involvement is down to leaks on SM, by discussing the case with someone he felt he could have trusted. He isn’t really in the media so use of his name is limited.

  • Grandparents: As with DE, her grandparents stay reserved about the case. Her grandparents lived with Abby and her mother at the time of Abby’s murder.


Carroll County Sheriffs Office (CCSO)

  • Sheriff Toby Leazenby (TL)

Indiana State Police (ISP)

  • Superintendent Doug Carter (DC)

  • Sargent Kim Riley (KR)

  • Sargent Jerry Holeman (JH)

Carroll County Prosecutor Office (CCPO)

  • Former Prosecutor Robert Ives

  • Prosecutor Nicholas McLeland   (Freemason)

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI)

City of Delphi (CD)

  • Former Mayor Shane Evans (SE)

  • Mayor Anita Werling (MAW)

MSM and Recognised Content Creators


  • Carroll County Comet

Content Creators

  • HNL: Down the hill (DTH) (Recognition: Interviews with CCSO, ISP, German/Patty family and Williams family)

  • Scene of the Crime (SotC) (Recognition: Interviews with German/Patty family and Williams family)

  • Murder Sheet (Recognition: Leaks recognised by the German/Patty family)

  • Gray Hughes (Recognition: German/Patty family interviews)

There are more, obviously, but with no connection to Officials or Family.

Named POIs

I am not USA and can not provide all US MSM links. Unfortunately, the only people discussing the case in the UK are tabloids. I will still link but I apologise in advance.

Internet POIs and Rumour

These people are not named in MSM in any way and their names can not be used.

  • (TK) Father of KAK. A POI because of his association and possible cyber-access of KAK and his accounts.

  • (DP) Witness of the scene and male half of the “arguing couple” at the north end of the bridge. A POI because of his proximity to the scene.

  • (PB) Firefighter and first responder who was one of those who found the bodies of Abby and Libby. A POI because of his car being parked at the nearest possible point to the girls bodies, supposedly overnight from the 13th-14th.

  • (MH) Youth pastor. A POI because of questionable use of the churches van logging on scanners around the scene of the bridge.

  • (GK) Convicted murderer and member of the “Kokomo crew.” A POI because of his claims of knowledge and his previous real-life murders of his ex-GF and a male acquaintance. You can use his name when talking about local killers but not as an accusation of being BG (I know, I don’t make the rules)

  • (RL) Property owner of the lot, RL can be spoken about and referred to by his name as the person who owned the site the girls were found. However, as of late with the release of his search warrant paperwork he has been under accusation on online forums and SM. He has since passed on.

  • (FSG) Not really a POI, people tend to jump on accusing him once they first hear of a man loitering around the trails. Once you learn his age (old) and the fact he is actually the curator of the trail he gets a lot less suspicious. He is largely just known now as a dude who was on the trails around the time of the crime but some people are still suspicious of him.

There are more, but currently these are the main topics of conversation. Add your own initial but don’t give a big description. Curious people will search the initial in the reddit, read theories and come to their own conclusions. Just say what they did (job) and why they came to attention. I would also like for the comment section to not become debates, so keeping it simple would be ideal. This isn’t a place to discuss the likeliness of peoples participation but to help people understand the story more and engage in threads easier. Thank you.


The following video offers the best timeline and mapping of the crime I have seen.  Sadly, he totally dismisses the spiritual and ritual aspects of the murders.  He looks at the crime with strict logic and on the assumption of a single perpetrator that being Rick Allen.



The Yr rune  is a rune of the Younger Futhark. Its common transliteration is a small capital ʀ. The shape of the Yr rune in the Younger Futhark is the inverted shape of the Elder Futhark rune (). Its name yr (“yew“) is taken from the name of the Elder Futhark Eihwaz rune.

Its phonological value is the continuation of the phoneme represented by Algiz, the word-final *-z in Proto Germanic. In Proto-Norse it is pronounced closer to /r/, perhaps /ɻ/. Within later Old Norse, the Proto-Norse phoneme collapses with /r/ by the 12th century.spacer

Algiz Rune – Vikings of Valhalla US

Vikings of Valhalla US › blogs › runic-alphabet
May 20, 2022 — Algiz is the fifteenth rune in the older Futhark. It connects the two worlds of life and death through the rainbow bridge.

Algiz – Norse Runes Examined in Depth

Mythology Merchant › algiz-norse-ru…
Yr means “yew”, a type of tree associated with death and funerals.
As the Elder Futhark was gradually replaced with the Younger Futhark starting in the 8th century, Algiz evolved into “Eolx” or “x”, in old English. Eolx means “elk sedge” a thorny plant that grows in marshland. In the Younger Futhark the symbol became inverted (ᛣ) and became “Yr” or the “r” sound in Nordic countries from the 8th century onwards. Yr means “yew”, a type of tree associated with death and funerals.
This gradual evolution of the rune is part of the reason the modern English alphabet ends in XYZ, or Eolx, Yr, Algiz. The radically different symbolism of the rune in its upright and inverted positions (upright for Elk, life, health, inverted for Yew, death, funerals) led to its use in many European nations as a date of birth and date of death symbol on tombstones. This usage is called “totenrune” and is still practiced today in some countries.

Indiana Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory

Purdue University › Newsletters › Fall › Yew
The most common varieties of this plant that are found in Indiana include English yew (Taxus baccata), Japanese Yew (Taxus cuspidata) and Canada Yew (Taxus …
I looked up Yew trees to see what they look like and if the tree in question could be a Yew Tree.  From the description and the photos below, it is certainly possible and I would say HIGHLY PROBABLE.   Not only does the configuration of the branches appear to agree, but the branches are covered in evergreen needles that for the Algiz as the grow in rows on the their stem.  


YEW(Taxus baccata)

Ancient, morbid, toxic. The yew is one of the longest-lived native species in Europe. This has made it a symbol of death and doom, but it provides food and shelter for woodland animals.

Mature yew trees can grow to 20m. The bark is reddish-brown with purple tones, and peeling. 



Straight, small needles with a pointed tip, coloured dark green above and green-grey below. They grow in two rows on either side of each twig.

Mythology and symbolism

Yew trees are associated with churchyards and there are at least 500 churchyards in England which contain yew trees older than the buildings themselves. It is not clear why, but it is thought that yew trees were planted on the graves of plague victims to protect and purify the dead, and also in churchyards to stop ‘commoners’ from grazing their cattle on church ground as yew is extremely poisonous to livestock.

The Romans believed that yews grew in hell.

Yew trees were used as symbols of immortality, but also seen as omens of doom. For many centuries it was the custom for yew branches to be carried on Palm Sunday and at funerals. In Ireland it was said that yew was ‘the coffin of the vine’, as wine barrels were made of yew staves.

Yew timber is incredibly strong and durable. Traditionally, the wood was used in turnery and to make long bows and tool handles. One of the World’s oldest surviving wooden artefacts is a yew spear head estimated to be around 450,000 years old.

Anti-cancer compounds are harvested from the foliage of Taxus baccata and used in modern medicine. Yew trees contain the highly poisonous taxane alkaloids that have been developed as anti-cancer drugs. Eating just a few leaves can make a small child severely ill and there have been some deaths linked to yew poisoning. All parts of the tree are poisonous.

So, it is visually clear that the ritual of the Delphi Sacrifices was invoking the power of the RUNE Algiz.  Algiz is both the YEW and the ELK.  So, if the tree that Libby’s hand was point to is indeed a YEW tree, that would be very significant.   Also, the ELK is a type of deer, and the body of water for this Sacrifice is Deer Creek.

IF it is not a Yew Tree… It could very well be an ASH Tree


Now of course, we have no real proof of the kind of tree Libby was laid under.  At one point there was a video of a guy that supposedly got to the tree while the blood was still visible to prove it was just made by a bloody hand leaning on the tree for support.  I can’t find that video now.  Anyway, we don’t have all the facts in this case.  BUT, we do know that the TREE played a very important role in the Ritual.  

Here is a video I did find.  Still don’t know if this is the tree.  It does seem to be near the water, you can see it in the background.  If this is the tree.  It appears to be an ASH.  You can see the diamond shapes in the bark like the one in the video above.


Here is some information on the TREES that are important in Norse Mythology.  Any of these trees would be significant in rituals.


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Asatru and Trees in Norse Mythology

Asatru and Trees in Norse Mythology

While easy to overlook, trees served a profound place in the myths of the Northern tribes. They were used for both utility and spiritual purposes. Symbolical meaning was also embedded in the myths. Today, trees still develop a sense of mystery within, carrying the mind to enchanted places beyond the ego. Modern society still carries vestiges of spiritual traditions involving trees, most notably, the Christmas tree and the Yule log.

Had it not been for the advance of the industrial era, and the great harvesting of trees on the planet, we would still have many of nature’s oldest creations. In the mountainous regions of Northern California, the bristlecone pine tree stands erect, towering over the landscape. This tree is Nature’s great warrior, having fought against the modern era for over 5,000 years. Look at any lumberjack phto during the 19th century and you will see, North America was covered in these ancient living beings. Most trees now are less than 100 years old and it will take generations to repopulate the land as it was before the era of industrialization.

The greatest use of trees lies in its symbolic use for esoteric purposes. Every tree has three distinct features including the roots, the trunk, and the branches that extend into the heavens. The roots of the tree dig deep into the subterranean earth. They draw from the ground the nutrients required for survival. This structure also serves as the foundation that will provide a solid base against the approach of winds and storms. From there, the trunk stands above the ground, moving the nutrients ever upward into the branches and canopy. The canopy draws nutrients from the sun, and extends its glory into the heavens. This article will explore the spiritual aspect of Asatru and Trees in Norse Mythology.

The Yggdrasil

 Yggdrasil Tree Norse Mythology

For those who honor the mythos of the North, Yggdrasil is perhaps the most well-known symbol of all. The tree itself is called the world tree. Upon Yggdrasil exists 9 worlds; distinct in their nature and with a variety of beings that inhabit them. Yggdrasil, which is the backbone of our nine living worlds, is watered by three holy wells. Each well is unique and offers its own particular kind of nourishment.

Underneath the first root of the great Yggdrasil exists Urd’s well. This well is known to perpetually water the tree keeping. In return Yggdrasil is nourished and kept fresh and young. The second well also nourishes this tree, except with a different kind of substance. Wisdom is fed into the tree by this well. This is the Mímisbrunnr or Mimir’s Well. A final well also feeds the roots Yggdrasil. This well is known as Hvergelmir, Here, however, it is said the Jotun serpent, or dragon, Nidhog dwells. This serpent-beast constantly gnaws at the great root and will in the end eat through it. The cataclysm will be great and the tree will no longer be able to balance itself upright. This event will occur at Ragnarok.

Yggdrasil is also present in other mythologies of the world. It also plays a central role in Russia and is known as the Russian World Tree.

The Oak Tree

Oak Tree in Norse Mythology

The Oak tree is one of the most common trees found in the Northern Hemisphere. Its presence stretches from The continental United States, all the way to the shores of China. It is one of the most concentrated trees in Britain. The oak is known for its slow growth, but ability to live for a very long time. For the early European settlers, Oak trees were used for dwellings as far as 7,000 years ago in the British Isles and more than 9,000 years ago in the Germanic continent.

The scientific name of the Oak tree is Quercus. This species of trees contains over 600 different types that comprise of deciduous and evergreen varieties. The most common oaks are known as the Penuculate and the Sessile Oaks. They are profoundly known for their production of acorns. These are only produced for four decades in the entire lifespan of the oak. However, by the time it reaches this age, the oak can be an astonishing 70 feet in height. Records indicate some oaks have lived to see 800 years, extending well into the Anglo-Saxon era. . The tree’s ability to regenerate itself is perhaps one of the most stunning abilities it contains.

There is a large array of uses with Oaks, even extending deep into the deep history of old Europe. In the ancient days,, boundaries were marked between wood to be harvested and those not to be harvested. Trees were lopped for fodder and wood for fires. Acorns were also harvested to feed livestock. People were also known to consume acorns in a variety of meals during hard times of famine or disaster. Wood from the oaks were used in the construction of homes and different vessels. From one oak tree, the production of 20 tons of wood can be harvested. The wood was used because of its ability to endure long periods of time.

Oaks are typically the largest tree in any area. There great height means they are the frequent victims of lightning strikes. This naturally resounds in our minds as connecting the Oak Tree with Thor. Names developed from these places, such as Thundersley in Essex (meaning the grove of thunder). Interestingly enough, the significance of the oak tree was not just known to the Germanic tribes. Oak Seer is another name for the word druid. Etymologically speaking, druid comes from an old Indo-European word known as duir, meaning an oak tree. The word door is also derived from duir. The connection is also found in oaks traditional belief in being associated with protection, another meaning to the word duir.

The Oak Tree and the Ac Rune

Ac Rune Oak Tree

Oaks were certainly known for their heartiness. The poetry of the North often calls warriors “The Oak of Battles.” The Ac rune in the Anglo-Saxon Futhark is doubtless related to the oak. The Anglo Saxon Rune Poem goes as follows:

Ac is for the sons of men on Earth

A feeder of the flesh, often travels,

Over Gannet’s bath, the ocean tests

Whether the ac keeps good faith.

The Oak Tree has further associations in the English Traditions. It is closely related to Robin Hood and is known as the major tree in the Sherwood Forest. This is also associated with Herne, who according to legends, hung himself from an oak in the Windsor Forest. The acorns on the oak represent the feminine power contained within. The word acre derives from the word acorn, showing its relationship to the field and femininity.

The Oak Tree is a perfect symbol that displays the strength of masculinity and virility. It is a powerful symbol in the mythos, was constantly used historically, and can serve the modern revival of an ancient ethos.

The Ash Tree in Norse Mythology

Ash Tree Norse Mythology

Another common tree found in the woods of the Northern Hemisphere is the Ash Tree. It shares its name with the first male human known as Ask. He was created from the wood washed upon the shore by Odin and his brothers. Embla, the first woman in Norse mythology has a name derived from the Elm Tree, who was also created in the same fashion. The Ash tree is also known to be the species of Yggdrasil.

The Ash tree produces a seed known as the ash key. This seed is oblong in its shape, and has wings that slow the fall towards the ground. It is said that collecting these seedlings can bring about luck and even love. According to the folk lore, they also serve as a powerful way to ward off witchcraft and dark magic. Healing properties were also associated with the Ash. Its sap was used to protect newborns from illness, and it was said to sit in the gap of the trunk could also heal any illness. The Ash tree was also used for divination and omen-reading. If a tree did not produce the seeds during a season, there was massive fear about an incoming disaster. In medieval days, it was said that demons lived in these trees as well.

Another interesting ability of the Ash tree is its ability to change its own sex. These trees do not live as long as oak, but have been recorded to sustain a live span well over 200 years. The foliage on the canopy of the Ash is not as dense as that on the oak, and thus it is often surrounded by other plants and shrubs on the forest bottom.

While the oak is known to be sturdy, the Ash wood is much stronger. For this reason, the old Anglo-Saxon warriors chose the tree to craft their shields, spears, and handles from. It was not chosen for structures because of its sensitivity to rot quickly. Like all other hardwoods, the ancient people used the lumber to burn in their fires. It was highly cultivated for this purpose as it is not as slow growing as the Oak tree.

The Ash tree seems to share a relationship with Odin as well. If the Anglo-Saxon warriors chose this tree for their spears, it would be a safe assumption to say the magical spear known as Gungnir was also crafted from this material. The dead were also cremated with the charcoal of an Ash tree. Odin also hung himself on the great Ash tree known as Yggdrasil.

Aesc The Ash Tree Rune

Aesc Rune Ash Tree

The 26th Anglo Saxon rune is also associated with the Ash tree. The rune-poem reads;

Aesc is very tall, dear to men,

Strong in foundation, holds its place properly

Through many men fight against it.


The Birch Tree in Norse Mythology

Birch Tree in Norse Mythology

The Birch tree is known to be associated with youthfulness. It is also a symbol of renewal and regeneration. After a wild fire, Birch trees are the first to sprout and replace the shrub-land after the bare ground is replaced with foliage. The wood from this tree is not good for timber. It was primarily used for household items in the ancient days. Its charcoal was used for gunpowder with the advent of guns in the 14th century. As you can see in the picture, the birch tree is less hardy than then Oak or the Ash tree.

The Birch tree is also said to be connected to the powers of female divinity and is thus called “The Lady of the Woods.” Other cultures outside the Germanic tribes also associate this tree with the female spirit. A Russian folklore tale describes that the Mother of God could also be seen on top. Another story also depicts a woman who emerged from the birch and made a farm girl dance for over 3 days. The female steward’s reward was a load of birch leaves which were soon transmuted into gold. The Birch wood goddess is said to be the cleanser of the planet. She sweeps away the cobwebs of the Earth with her Birch broom. This allusion is directly related to the use of birch in the production of household items as mentioned above.

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Yggdrasil (from Old Norse Yggdrasill) is an immense and central sacred tree in Norse cosmology. Around it exists all else, including the Nine Worlds.

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You can see by the map below that the crime scene area and the tree in question are right on the Deer Creek body of water.  Water is a vital part of ANY Ritual especially Sacrificial Blood Offerings.  

DELPHI, Ind. — Earlier in the Delphi murders investigation, an FBI agent believed a possible suspect in 13-year-old Abby William’s and 14-year-old Libby German’s deaths lived at a property near where their bodies were found.

Court documents released by the Murder Sheet podcast detail a search warrant request made March 17, 2017. The request is to search the home of Ronald Logan, which is 1,400 feet from where the bodies of Williams and German were found. 

1400 feet is 1/4 mile.  About a 5 minute walk.  That is how far it was from where the girls were killed to Ron Logan’s house.  There appear to be several out buildings around the area as well where the girls could have been held/hidden until the searchers went home.  


Oracle Trees in the Ancient Hellenic World

The Oracle : Sacred Tree Temple Complex Of Delphi

David Vanderper
Published 1997


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Delphi formerly also called Pytho , is the ancient sanctuary that grew rich as the seat of Pythia, the oracle who was consulted about important decisions throughout the ancient classical world. The ancient Greeks considered the centre of the world to be in Delphi, marked by the stone monument known as the omphalos (navel). It occupies a site on the south-western slope of Mount Parnassus, overlooking the coastal plain to the south and the valley of Phocis. Delphi is located in upper central Greece, on multiple plateaux along the slope of Mount Parnassus, and includes the Sanctuary of Apollo (the god of light, knowledge and harmony), the site of the ancient Oracle. This semicircular spur is known as Phaedriades, and overlooks the Pleistos Valley. In myths dating to the classical period of Ancient Greece (510–323 BC), Zeus determined the site of Delphi when he sought to find the centre of his “Grandmother Earth” (Gaia). He sent two eagles flying from the eastern and western extremities, and the path of the eagles crossed over Delphi where the omphalos, or navel of Gaia was found. Earlier myths include traditions that Pythia, or the Delphic oracle, already was the site of an important oracle in the pre-classical Greek world (as early as 1400 BC) and, rededicated from about 800 BC, when it served as the major site during classical times for the worship of the god Apollo. Apollo was said to have slain Python, a “drako” a serpent or a dragon who lived there and protected the navel of the Earth. “Python” is claimed by some to be the original name of the site in recognition of Python which Apollo defeated. The Homeric Hymn to Delphic Apollo recalled that the ancient name of this site had been Krisa. Others relate that it was named Pytho and that Pythia, the priestess serving as the oracle, was chosen from their ranks by a group of priestesses who officiated at the temple. Excavation at Delphi, which was a post-Mycenaean settlement of the late 9th century, has uncovered artifacts increasing steadily in volume beginning with the last quarter of the 8th century BC. Pottery and bronze as well as tripod dedications continue in a steady stream, in contrast to Olympia. Neither the range of objects nor the presence of prestigious dedications proves that Delphi was a focus of attention for a wide range of worshippers, but the large quantity of valuable goods, found in no other mainland sanctuary, encourages that view. Apollo’s sacred precinct in Delphi was a Panhellenic Sanctuary, where every four year View full abstract


The Legendary Delphic Oracle to King Croesus, a figure of both Greek Myth and Greek History Croesus, king of Lydia reigned from 585 BC until his defeat by the Persian king Cyrus the Great in 547 or 546 BC.- Plus origins and history of Oracle of Delphi high priestess at Temple of Apollo


Chapter One The Labyrinth As a Metaphor for the Ritual of Oracle in Temples of Apollo in Asia Minor Ufuk Soyoz

Delphic Oracle to King Croesus: History (Herodotus, etc) and Legend + Origins & History of the Temple and Worship at Delphi & Comparative overview to historical modern spiritual-psychic experiences such as Edgar Cayce as well as Jeremiah