Do You Believe In Magick? Part 25 – ALIEN AGENDA



Originally Posted 1/30/16; Updated 8/31/2018; Updated 10/14/20   

Certainly, we are all aware that there are plenty of things flying around up there that we cannot identify. The only thing we don’t know is what is real and what could be a hoax? Are they fallen angels manifested as space ships? Are they objects being projected onto the atmosphere full of chemtrails? Are they man-made ships from technology that has been developed, behind our backs, by brilliant scientists? or Are they man-made ships built with the assistance of unknown alien entities either ethereal or from some distant galaxy? Where is the truth? And who could we ever believe?

UPDATE: 10/14/20

Apr 28, 2020
The Pentagon has declassified three videos which appear to show unidentified objects flying through the night sky. But why release them now – and what else might they have?



ALIEN Threat Speech to UN
Obama Says 
“You Are Too Small Minded To Manage Your Affairs”

UFO activist Steve Bassett and partner in crime Steven Greer launched the latest petition to enlist White House support for congressional hearings on the presence of Aliens working with a covert govt.
The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy states: “The U.S. government has no evidence that any life exists outside our planet, or that an extraterrestrial presence has contacted or engaged any member of the human race. In addition, there is no credible information to suggest that any evidence is being hidden from the public’s eye.” Source: http://www.ufoandalientruthnetwork.c…roject-hoax-2/…pening-of.html
2016 Agenda for Disclosure? | The Opening of Pandora’s Suitcase…Season-10.html
Partial or Limited Disclosure Agenda Revealed in 2016 X-FILES Season 10


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Disclosure Conference, National Press Club,
27 Sept 2010 (ext version, English subtitles)
“UFOs and Nukes” 2009 press conferenceorganized by UFO researcher Robert Hastings: JFK and the leaked UFO Report that got him killed. CIA Cover-Up Exposed

United Nations Base on Mt Hermon…
The 33rd Parallel. The Nephilim Portal.

United Nations has strategically placed their biggest and most important base at the very top of Mt. Hermon—the highest point—exactly where the fallen angels landed?

Its summit straddles the border between Syria and Lebanon it’s the highest point in Syria. On the top there is “Hermon Hotel”, in the buffer zone between Syria and Israeli-occupied territory, the highest permanently manned UN position in the world.

Hermon means “Forbidden Place.” A 4th-century translator of the Latin Vulgate, Jerome, interpreted Hermon as “anathema.” Mount Hermon was the port of entry for a group of evil angels, who corrupted the human race in the days of Noah.

“Paris Zero Meridian” Mount Hermon (and the ancient territory of Dan) is located at 33 degrees east of the Paris Zero Meridian (longitude), and 33 degrees north of the Equator (latitude)

Mt Hermon UN Facility on Nephilim Ground

The Book of Enoch speaks of a group of fallen angels who rebelled against God and came down to the earth and shared such ancient knowledge with the human race… according to the book of Enoch these fallen angels were to be once again released after 70 generations.

Two-hundred ‘fallen angels’ descended from the heavenly realm on to the summit of Mount Hermon and they were so smitten by the beauty of human women that they took the form of a human and had sex with them. Because of this sin, a race of half-angelic, half-human species sprang up (Genesis 6:4) in the land. A race is known as the Nephilim Giants.

“Bind them [fallen angels] fast for seventy generations in the valleys of the earth, until the day of their judgment and of their consummation, till the judgment that is forever and ever is consummated.” Enoch 10:12     Excellent WRITTEN DOCUMENTATION

 Click this link for a treasure trove of vids and pics.  PHIL Schneider was a GREAT AMERICAN HERO.  BRAVE WHISTLE BLOWER WHO BROUGHT TRUTH TO MILLIONS!  May his memory NEVER DIE!

Here is the man himself talking about DUMBs (Deep Underground Military Bases), Alien contact, and more.


Watch the full Story of 

Phil Schneider  HERE 


Phil Schneider was an extremely intelligent and courageous man. There are many of his conferences on video available on youtube. I strongly suggest that you view as many of them as you can. Phil had a lot of experience with “aliens” and government “secret projects” or “black ops”. He collected a lot of physical evidence over the years, which he carted around with him to his lectures. Many people got to see these items first hand before they were “disappeared” after Phil was “suicided”. He gave up an awful lot to try and help us to find the truth. His father was a top secret Psychologist and worked on the Philadelphia project and the Mautauk Project. Phil discovered the documents for those projects when his father died. He shared them with the world as well. I am very blessed that I got to hear his testimony early on. God rest his soul.

William Cooper was another GREAT AMERICAN HERO, who gave his life to spread the truth. I read his book for the first time back in the 80’s. Wow, it was a lot to swallow. At that time I believed what I could and put it down. I bought the book three times over, over the years, and only recently have come to see that all that he had in that book was true and very real. He opened my eyes to many things, and inspired me to look hard for the truth. He also has numerous teachings and broadcasts available online. I urge you to listen to them. Like Phil, he was taken out. William was shot down on his own property, in cold blood. Phil was tortured to death. These men paid a high price. Do you think that maybe that had something important for you to hear? Open you eyes, wake up to the truth. I know, the truth is hard and stranger than any fiction. But, the TRUTH IS ALL THAT MATTERS. Everything else will pass away.

The Hour of Our Time – The Official Documentary on the Life and Times of William Cooper

Behold a Pale Horse – Bill’s famous book that started it all – The entire book in PDF format is available here, plus the complete audiobook in mp3 format!

Bill’s Complete Hour of the Time Radio Programs in MP3 format.  Starting at broadcast #1 and ending with the final broadcast Bill aired in November of 2001.  All available for free in MP3 format here.

Most of what these gentlemen exposed in written form or over the air has already been lost, hidden or deleted.  What is offered here is just a minute sampling of the wisdom and knowledge they brought us. If you were blessed enough to glean from them while they were still alive, be thankful.  If you have never heard of these men, please do yourself a great favor and look them up.  Listen to and or read, everything of theirs you can get your hands on.   It is all still relevant today.  You will be amazed!    God rest their souls.  They were very brave men, who gave all they could give for you.   TRUTH WARRIORS!  

William Cooper – Hour Of The Time – Very First Broadcast – Legendary.

This is legendary folks. William Cooper was a real patriot. If you think Alex Jones is the leader of the Patriot Movement, you don’t know who William Cooper is. He was the first leader of the radio movement to wake America up, before being assassinated by police. Alex Jones turnes ghost wite when you mention William Cooper, and for good reason …

There are so many great posts and videos out there. The truth is being revealed. However, we will not have this freedom for very much longer. The bible says to work while it is still day, for the night cometh when no man can work. Learn as much as you can and pass it on.


Abductions Stop in Name of Christ

“Alien Abduction” Can be Stopped, and Terminated as a Life Pattern,
in the Name and Authority of Jesus Christ
Part 4

By Joe Jordan and the CE4 Research Group

The CE4 Research Group has to date worked with over 400 so-called cases of the Alien Abduction Experience.

The CE4 Research Group has been the Investigative arm of, a clearinghouse website covering the Biblical view on the UFO phenomenon. Seeing that there seemed to be a spiritual nature to the Alien Abduction experience, they posed the question, “Are Christians being abducted by Aliens”?

The research showed that some people professing to be Christians were indeed reporting that they had encountered this experience in their lives. The same experience that people of all faiths or no faith had been reporting over the many years of UFO research. Research polls through the years have shown that upwards of 5 million people may have experienced some form of this phenomenon.

This experience has a detrimental effect on people’s lives. It is a terrifying experience to those that report it. Lives have been destroyed. Family relationships have been destroyed. To live with the idea that they cannot control what is happening to them is devastating. They cannot even ask for help from friends, family or the medical profession because of ridicule, which only intensifies their situation.

During the investigations into the experiencers case testimonies, CE4 Research Group found something really remarkable. They found that some of these Christian Alien Abduction experiencers had been able to stop or even terminate the experience from their lives. The most fascinating finding was that this was even possible. And there was a commonality amongst the experiencers in the way that they were able to do this. This is something that the worlds leading researchers in this field of investigation publicly say is not possible. But the findings of CE4 Research Group show otherwise. When questioned off the record, many of these leading world researchers admit they themselves have come across similar cases.

The question arises, why have they not shared these findings also? Could it be because of what the consequences might be if they did share? Might it change their preconceived notions of the Alien Abduction and UFO experience? Is there a hidden agenda that this research might expose? If these are the researchers that we are relying on for the truth, why are they not sharing everything with us? When attempting to put together the Alien Abduction and UFO puzzle, wouldn’t you want all of the pieces of the puzzle brought to the table? Even if the puzzle pieces were to show a different picture than you might have expected? Honest research DEMANDS that all the pieces are to be included for an honest answer.

We have attempted to bring our piece of the puzzle to the table. We have been met with hostile resistance from the research community in this process. If you are honestly seeking answers to this strange phenomenon, please ask yourself, why is this happening? Why can’t you see all of the puzzle pieces?

Through this website, we hope to be able to give you that unwanted piece of the puzzle. Please be open to all of the research findings. You can’t make an honest decision if you don’t look at ALL of the research that’s been done by ALL researchers. We hope that by viewing the research findings we are sharing with you here you will be able to make that honest decision.

Hypothesis: Christians are being abducted by Aliens.

The Data: Compiled through working with over 350 Alien Abduction Experiencers.

The Findings: Some professing Christians are claiming to have experienced the Alien Abduction experience. 

Through the research into the case testimonies, it was found that some of the experiencers were able to stop or terminate the experience. There was a recognized commonality in the method that was used among the Christian experiencers. The experience was shown to be able to be stopped or terminated by calling on the name and authority of JESUS CHRIST. Not as a magic word but by their allegiance to and personal relationship with Him.

We also found that by sharing this with other experiencers we could help them also stop their experiences.

This is called repeatability.

The UFO community has been looking for that repeatable event that research demands to verify the data. We have documented this in our research. There is no other documented repeatable event recorded in any other UFO research. Not only has it been shown that the experience can be stopped or terminated in the name and authority of JESUS CHRIST, but we are able to help you stop the experience.

The evidence of our findings is in the testimonies of the experiencers. We have over 95 posted with permission, written and audio testimonies from the experiencers themselves. More are coming in as the work continues by the research group. How many does it take to see that this is a real event? Read and listen to the evidence yourself. Weigh what you read with what you have been told by others. You will now have all of the pieces in your hand. Bring them all to the table. We are sure that you will see why this is called the “Unwanted Piece of the UFO Puzzle”. The evidence you read and hear will surely raise many questions about the Alien Abduction and UFO experience. Questions you must continue to ask. Answers that you must demand from the researchers that refuse to allow all the pieces of the puzzle to be shared, whether they like what the research shows or not.

Over 100 Online Testimonies that Alien Abductions 
Stop And Can Be Terminated as a Life Pattern
In the Name and Authority of Jesus Christ
From the CE4 Research Group


Kathy L. Lindsey Michael Mark Karen
Nicole Max Kelly Nick Christopher
Anonymous 1 Sue Joel Wade Jason
Lynda Carel Jake Michael C. Caleb
Krystal Eileen Jason II Terri Joseph
Sam Olivia Anonymous 2 Cassandra Mandy
Wendy Jock L. Romania Hilde Kathy
L.J. Bob Jasmine David Heather
Lynne Roger Jimmy Howard Josef
Rinaldo Eve Anne Melody Guy
Sharron Pat Glenn David II Dianne
Marshall Matt II Shandy Falcon Mrs. T
Sheila Arn Johnny Lora Sigmund
Sam II Mitch Jeff Vincent Karen II
William Alisha Anonymous 3 Anonymous 4 Anonymous 5
Sarah Marie Melody II Zechariah Jimmy II
Tana-Lee O Anonymous 6 Joanne Frederick
Anthony Mary II Richard II Christine Curtis
Ginger Lisa Bill II Chaz Scott
Beth Marie II Eric Stephanie Kim
Victor Leslie Jennifer Liz Cindy
Carmen Ian Anonymous 7 KJ Simon
Matthew Matt Brent Roberto Rich

* also see written testimony above

Bill Joyce Dan Kathy L. * Ed
Nicole * Lynne * Guy * Matt Kevin I
Jackie Kimberly Glenn * Shandy * David II *
Marshall * Josh Tara Kevin II Janet
Mary Dion Jason II * Caleb II Blade
Sheila * Mario Richard

Many of your questions can be answered at CE4 Research’s Frequently Asked Questions and also by their Unholy Communion Video Series.

For more information please write 



Published on May 6, 2018

Through ridicule our MSM has, on behalf of our governments, scared most people from accepting the real reality


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