Do You Believe in Magick? Part 28 – Aliens in the Vatican


With all the screaming about separation of Church and State, I am always amazed that the Vatican seems to have so much to say about what goes on in a world where most people don’t even believe in God. It seems like all the heads of state are so concerned about the approval of the Pope. What is us with that? Am I the only one who finds that a


This article is strictly about Aliens and the VATICAN, there is so much more material out there related to the presence of Aliens.  This is the coming Great Deception.  They are going to tell you that Aliens created us and planted us here and that they are now returning to “save us” from self-destruction.  

What follows is a number of articles, links to articles and videos presented to you as evidence that there is indeed something going on.
Attempts to Contact Aliens Date Back More Than 150 Years
By Michael Schirber | 

Vatican Holds Scientific Conference To Ponder The Existence Of Extraterrestrial Life
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Last year Father Jose Gabriel Funes, a Jesuit priest and the chief papal astronomer, noted that the search for aliens did not contradict a belief in God. With that, the floodgates appeared to have opened at the Vatican.

Over the last five days, the Vatican invited 30 of the world’s leading scientists to participate in a “study week” on astrobiology that focuses on questions regarding life’s origins and the existence of extraterrestrial life. What conclusions they arrived at have not been made public, but there are plans in the works to publish the findings.

November 11, 2009, 8:51 AM
Vatican Considers Possibility of Aliens


In this July 17, 2008 file photo, Pope Benedict XVI admires the sky above Sydney, Australia. The Vatican has hosted a dayslong conference to study the possibility of alien life in the universe and its implication for the Catholic Church.

E.T. phone Rome.Four hundred years after it locked up Galileo for challenging the view that the Earth was the center of the universe, the Vatican has called in experts to study the possibility of extraterrestrial alien life and its implication for the Catholic Church.

“The questions of life’s origins and of whether life exists elsewhere in the universe are very suitable and deserve serious consideration,” said the Rev. Jose Gabriel Funes, an astronomer and director of the Vatican Observatory.

Funes, a Jesuit priest, presented the results Tuesday of a five-day conference that gathered astronomers, physicists, biologists and other experts to discuss the budding field of astrobiology – the study of the origin of life and its existence elsewhere in the cosmos.

Funes said the possibility of alien life raises “many philosophical and theological implications” but added that the gathering was mainly focused on the scientific perspective and how different disciplines can be used to explore the issue.

Chris Impey, an astronomy professor at the University of Arizona, said it was appropriate that the Vatican would host such a meeting.

“Both science and religion posit life as a special outcome of a vast and mostly inhospitable universe,” he told a news conference Tuesday. “There is a rich middle ground for dialogue between the practitioners of astrobiology and those who seek to understand the meaning of our existence in a biological universe.”

Thirty scientists, including non-Catholics, from the U.S., France, Britain, Switzerland, Italy and Chile attended the conference, called to explore among other issues “whether sentient life forms exist on other worlds.”

Funes set the stage for the conference a year ago when he discussed the possibility of alien life in an interview given prominence in the Vatican’s daily newspaper.

The Church of Rome’s views have shifted radically through the centuries since Italian philosopher Giordano Bruno was burned at the stake as a heretic in 1600 for speculating, among other ideas, that other worlds could be inhabited.

Scientists have discovered hundreds of planets outside our solar system – including 32 new ones announced recently by the European Space Agency. Impey said the discovery of alien life may be only a few years away.

“If biology is not unique to the Earth, or life elsewhere differs bio-chemically from our version, or we ever make contact with an intelligent species in the vastness of space, the implications for our self-image will be profound,” he said.

This is not the first time the Vatican has explored the issue of extraterrestrials: In 2005, its observatory brought together top researchers in the field for similar discussions.

In the interview last year, Funes told Vatican newspaper L’Osservatore Romano that believing the universe may host aliens, even intelligent ones, does not contradict a faith in God.

“How can we rule out that life may have developed elsewhere?” Funes said in that interview.

“Just as there is a multitude of creatures on Earth, there could be other beings, even intelligent ones, created by God. This does not contradict our faith, because we cannot put limits on God’s creative freedom.”

Funes maintained that if intelligent beings were discovered, they would also be considered “part of creation.”

The Roman Catholic Church’s relationship with science has come a long way since Galileo was tried as a heretic in 1633 and forced to recant his finding that the Earth revolves around the sun. Church teaching at the time placed Earth at the center of the universe.

Today top clergy, including Funes, openly endorse scientific ideas like the Big Bang theory as a reasonable explanation for the creation of the universe. The theory says the universe began billions of years ago in the explosion of a single, super-dense point that contained all matter.

Earlier this year, the Vatican also sponsored a conference on evolution to mark the 150th anniversary of Charles Darwin’s “The Origin of Species.”

The event snubbed proponents of alternative theories, like creationism and intelligent design, which see a higher being rather than the undirected process of natural selection behind the evolution of species.

Still, there are divisions on the issues within the Catholic Church and within other religions, with some favoring creationism or intelligent design that could make it difficult to accept the concept of alien life.

Working with scientists to explore fundamental questions that are of interest to religion is in line with the teachings of Pope Benedict XVI, who has made strengthening the relationship between faith and reason a key aspect of his papacy.

Recent popes have been working to overcome the accusation that the church was hostile to science – a reputation grounded in the Galileo affair.

In 1992, Pope John Paul II declared the ruling against the astronomer was an error resulting from “tragic mutual incomprehension.”

The Vatican Museums opened an exhibit last month marking the 400th anniversary of Galileo’s first celestial observations.

Tommaso Maccacaro, president of Italy’s national institute of astrophysics, said at the exhibit’s Oct. 13 opening that astronomy has had a major impact on the way we perceive ourselves.

“It was astronomical observations that let us understand that Earth (and man) don’t have a privileged position or role in the universe,” he said. “I ask myself what tools will we use in the next 400 years, and I ask what revolutions of understanding they’ll bring about, like resolving the mystery of our apparent cosmic solitude.”

The Vatican Observatory has also been at the forefront of efforts to bridge the gap between religion and science. Its scientist-clerics have generated top-notch research and its meteorite collection is considered one of the world’s best.

The observatory, founded by Pope Leo XIII in 1891, is based in Castel Gandolfo, a lakeside town in the hills outside Rome where the pope has his summer residence. It also conducts research at an observatory at the University of
Arizona, in Tucson.

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U.S. Ambassador Security Guards Capture Video of UFOs Over Vatican

Thursday, June 10, 2010

 Click for video openminds – Was Rome visited by Unidentified Flying Objects? Definitely, and once again the sightings in the skies over Vatican City stirred newspaper headlines and numerous TV news reports in Italy. According to recent reports, it seems that a UFO flap is taking place in Rome and that strange objects were also recorded on camera several times. The most important one is the footage of an odd luminous formation taken by three security guards stationed in front of the residence of the U.S. ambassador to the Vatican (Holy See). These were qualified witnesses since they are artillerymen, trained experts in air surveillance.It was at 4 am in the night of June 7th when three men belonging to the 17° antiaircraft Regiment at the “Santa Barbara” station in Sabaudia (Latina province), spotted three spherical bright objects hovering in the sky above St. Peter’s dome in the Vatican, right in the center of Rome. They promptly filmed the unexpected nocturnal air show with a cell phone.From their point of observation in the Roman Monteverde area (overlooked by the Gianicolo hill), they immediately stopped a police patrol. Well trained in spotting aircraft, the artillerymen excluded the possibility of a commercial plane, a jet fighter or a balloon. They described the object’s swift maneuvers, mentioning a “darting move toward the sky,” a “delta formation,” and “luminous dots suspended at about three hundred feet above the ground.” They added that there is “no way a conventional airplane can do such things.” The UFO disappeared and reappeared for brief moments, with sudden changes of altitude before it darted westbound at a 40 degree angle. The police patrol took the report very seriously and the central police station in Rome was immediately alerted. The footage, more than a minute in length, was acquired by the Italian police, pending further investigations.Thanks to the technical background of the witnesses, many TV networks took the news seriously. “Studio Aperto” (Mediaset, Italia Uno newscast) anchorwoman Elena Guarnieri introduced the segment saying: “We will show you now an exclusive video footage of a UFO sighting in Rome, this video was filmed by three soldiers, take a look.” Staff journalist Paolo Capresi then describes the images: “They are three flying objects and they are floating in the air, they were filmed last night in the sky above Rome. The images were taken with a cell phone by three soldiers who were in service in front of the U.S. ambassador’s residence in the Vatican City (Holy See), Monteverde district, two steps from St. Peter’s Square, and were immediately handed over to the Carabinieri [police]. As you can see there are no objects around to use as reference points that can give us the exact distance and size of the UFOs. It seems that they are spherical in shape and they hover above the Vatican. They appear and disappear often changing altitude.”

The journalist concluded, almost ironically: “The soldiers who have filmed these objects are based in the antiaircraft division and are specialized in recognizing the flight path of aircraft. Since 1978 it’s the Air Force that is in charge of registering sightings (over Italy)”. Colonel Marco Picciau of the Italian Air Force specifies that “statistics of sightings reported before 2001 were 300, after 2001 we have a more precise statistic on 50, 55, sightings [every year]”.

The June 7th sighting was preceded approximately eight hours before by another relevant sighting. As reported in the Roman newspaper “Il Messaggero”, “Just last Sunday [June 6], at 8 pm, many motorists traveling along the Via Aurelia and the A12 highway in the section between Civitavecchia and Santa Marinella, said they saw a very bright circular object flying across the sky.”

NOTE: this isn’t the first time UFOs have been seen over Vatican City. While Pope John Paul II’s body lie in state, a large UFO was captured on video hovering over St. Peter’s Square (below)…Lon

The Death of Pope John Paul II and Vatican UFO Sightings

Paranormal and other unexplained activity has been reported in and above Vatican City for many years. But the increased reports of UFO / OVNI phenomena immediately following the death of Pope John Paul II and since has many people in the field of extraterrestrial research wondering if there is some sort of connection. As well, there have been several documented accounts of increased anomalous activity in different locations throughout Vatican City since the death of Pope John Paul II.

The vidcaps above were taken above St. Peter’s Square while Pope John Paul II lie in state.

Previously posted in July 2006

Received the following photo and message from my good friend Piotr Cielebiaś, NPN – Concerning the photograph – On the left side of the Basilic’s Cuppola there is a bright object (left upper corner), orange in color. What do you think about it.

I have just received it. It was taken in June 24, 2006 in Rome by a Polish tourist and submitted recently.

Robert Morningstar, associate editor of enlarged and enhancement the photograph sent by Piotr. Robert states that “the attached enlargements indicate to me a solid object above Rome.”

“The color of the object is consistant with UFO colors as the UFO craft transition in energy from red to amber as they undergo power shifts. Rome, unlike New York and other brightly illuminated cities, has little light that could be reflected so brightly from such an apparently high flying object. The equalized enlargement (the lower one) shows the body of the craft as a black silhouette”, he added.


U.S. Ambassador Security Guards Capture Video of UFOs Over Vatican  




Pope Pius XII launched Servizio Informazioni del Vaticano(SIV), an agency at cross purposes with Majestic-12:


In Februari 1954 Pope Pius XII received Los Angelos Bishop James Francis McIntyre, who provided him with an extraordinary report. Two days before, at the request of President Dwight D. Eisenhower, the bishop had been part of a delegation witness to a clandestine U.S./extraterrestrial meeting at Edwards Air Force Base. This event was the meeting that occurred in California at Muroc Airfield (which later became Edwards Air Force Base) of an alien delegation with President Eisenhower, attended by Bishop McIntyre. The meeting was filmed by the U.S. military with 3 16mm cameras, placed at different points, loaded with color film and spring drive motors; that is because each camera operator had to change the film every 3 minutes and because in the presence of the aliens, electric motors did not work. In total they shot 20 minutes of film in 7 rolls, each of them 30 meters in length.

At the end of the meeting, each member of the Earth delegation swore never to reveal to anyone what he had seen and what he had heard about the aliens. It was impressed on Bishop McIntyre before reaching Rome, that his oath included the Holy Father. The bishop rejected this, and took his report to the Vatican.

After having spoken with Bishop McIntyre at length, Pope Pius XII meditated deeply on the possible implications of an exclusively American military relationship with the aliens. The Pope decided to launch a secret information department with a structure similar to the fascist military intelligence departments, codenamed SIV(=Servizio Informazioni del Vaticano) that would gather all possible information regarding the activities of the alien entity and information acquired by the Americans. It was very important to keep open channels of communication with President Eisenhower.
The SIV was basically constituted to acquire and to manage all secret information regarding alien matters, coordinating with intelligence organizations in other countries. The main goal of the newly formed department was to manage all aspects of the moral, philosophical and religious implications of continuing ET contact.

An Etherian/Nordic faction of ETs met with SIV and Pope Pius XII inside the Vatican Gardens:

Bishop McIntyre, members of SIV, and Pope Pius XII himself had contact with a faction of ETs, including Etherians (light-emitting and humanlike) and Nordics (humanlike aliens with Scandinavian looks). These extraterrestrials expressed an affinity with Christ and his message, and gave a warning regarding the U.S. involvement with the Greys. Meetings with the members of SIV happened many times in the United States and twice also inside the Vatican Gardens near the Pontifical Academy of Science, in the presence of Pope Pius XII. I find it hard to wrap my mind around this, but the (truly pious) Pius XII considered these aliens as a special kind of converts to the Christian faith.

Stunning as it seems, the Pope effectively had committed SIV (and by extension the Church) to a treaty with Etherians and Nordics, obviously at cross purposes to the American Majestic-12 who began an alliance with the Greys. (Etherians made a similar offer for cooperation to President Eisenhower, stipulating the U.S. get rid of nuclear arms first.) For many years the Church of Rome was to receive assistance in its missions, in particular by getting the ET’s views on social and political situations internationally.

This situation (the secret treaty) continued on throughout the Pontificate of Angelo Giussepe Roncalli (Pope Blessed John XXIII), who many times expressed to the leaders of SIV his fears regarding investing too much trust in these beings. That may be one of the main reasons for convening The Second Vatican Ecumenical Council: investigating the need to take a first concrete step toward the renewal of the Church, in view of the possibility of imminent contact.

Pope Blessed John XXIII came to believe it would be too disruptive to the believers to learn of close cooperation between the Vatican and alien visitors. He decided that direct contacts should end, separating the paths of Church and ETs. Before his death in 1963 from acute peritonitis he referred to them as benevolent beings, capable of Christian faith. His dying declaration, conceivably affirming his separate human interpretation of his faith was: “The open arms of Christ were the purpose of my pontificate. A humble and modest pontificate as you see, for which I assume all responsibility. I am satisfied in what I have done and how I have done it.”

In a secret manuscript from Pope Blessed John XXIII (Angelo Giussepe Roncalli) to his successor, which contained one special dossier about “Servizio Informazioni del Vaticano,” the Pope mentioned a passage from the Gospel of Mark that clearly explained the position of the Church regarding these benevolent beings coming from other worlds.
Dal Vangelo secondo Marco ( 9, 38 e seg)


THE VATICAN. SPECIAL REPORT.  Thursday, March 28, 2013

Skeletal remains resembling ‘space aliens’ have been excavated from the basement floor of a centuries old vault under the Vatican Library.The Library had been undergoing a major restoration to its’ underground vaults, of which many, CN has learned, still contained dirt floors that have not felt a human foot in  over 500 years. 

The above picture of a restoration worker holding an alien skull was obtained by CN through an anonymous carrier. The Vatican Military has closed all entry to the Library. Although a Vatican spokesperson was quoted expressing his awe and excitement concerning the find; he later disavowed any knowledge of the comment. Press sources have confirmed that an unprecedented command of silence has been enacted by Pope John Paul upon the request of several world security organizations.

pope.jpg (29874 bytes)
A world security agency meets with the Pope.

UFO organizations are already calling this “the great world government cover-up.” Mary Peterson, chairperson for SART (Space Aliens are Real and a Threat), states her opinion “what lies beneath the Vatican floors belongs in our Universities to be studied. This only proves the theory that world government has known of aliens all along. And the Vatican is essentially it’s own country with its’ own government and military.”

The ‘fear of God’ has already been put into the hearts of many of the faithful. Sister Judy Mebosa, chef at St. John’s Cathedral in London, stated “it’s the mark that the end is near. Whatever those remains represent, there’s a reason why the good fathers buried them there to be forgotten. And there’s a reason why God has allowed them to be found.”

Michael Maregski, Lutheran pastor of Our Holy Father in Rome, is quoted as saying “the ufologists have been speculating for many years that aliens may have been portrayed as angels to our ancestors in antiquity. If this speculation turns out to be proven true; why would angels be buried at the Vatican only to be forgotten?” Father Edward Muldoon, of St. Jude’s in Rome, answered pastor Michael Maregski’s question with “maybe they are angels, but remember, there were two groups of angels.”

United States envoy, James D. Arnold, states “everyone just needs to calm down about this matter. The Vatican area was once swamp land. I think people are just seeing the effects of swamp gas.”
Source: http://w


Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural!         Published on Apr 7, 2013

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During the homily in St. Peters Square on April 13, 2014 the Pope has apparently made some shocking statements. A new article published by ANNO 3000 quotes Pope Francis as stating “We are not alone in the universe”.  Here is the original article link which is in Italian. .

The English translation is at the raw feed live and is as follows.

“Pope Francis with great ease and amazement among the faithful present reveals: “Dear brothers, I wanted to tell all of you that we are not alone in the universe. Science has already made so much progress and most likely soon will know our new brothers and sisters with whom we will exchange a sign of peace. On that day there will be wonder and remember that God is one and watching over us all.”

World Leaders Unite as Prelude to Extraterrestrial Disclosure

Photo Credit

Elongated Skulls Found Beneath The Vatican     04-30-13

Quite damning evidence linking the Catholic faith and Alien creatures namely the flying saucers featured in many Catholic paintings from hundreds of years ago. Is the Pope and the Vatican the connection between Earth and humankind with Extraterrestrial life forms. Ancient files stored at the Vatican, kept secret from the public since the beginning of time reveal the truth behind the evidence. Concluding with the discovered burial grave, found under the Vatican, of many bones and skulls resembling beings from another dimension.




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Pope Francis ‘will reveal aliens exist at major interfaith religious festival THIS MONTH’

POPE Francis will reveal to the world intelligent aliens do exist and have visited Earth before at a major interfaith festival this month, it has been spectacularly claimed.

Pope Francis alien disclosureUIPDISCLOSURE: Pope Francis will reveal aliens exist this month, conspiracy theorists claim
Crazy conspiracy theorists have been speculating over the existence of alien lifeforms for decades, with some placing the Holy Father at the centre of a secret cover up.Many believe major world leaders – including the Pope, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton – have already met with extraterrestrials, but have been hiding the truth from the general public.

Now truth seekers are convinced 2016 will finally be the year the for the world’s most historic announcement ever – and Pope Francis will be the man to break his silence.


Pope alien disclosureGETTYTOP DOG: Conspiracy theorists claim Francis is at the centre of a secret alien cover up
The papal powerhouse will make the groundbreaking disclosure at Mekudeshet Festival in Jerusalem later this month, according to conspiracy site special interfaith event will see the world’s three major faiths – Christianity, Judaism and Islam – come together to “dialogue, study, sing and pray together in one temporary house of worship”.The event, which runs from September 4-23, has been touted as the biggest “spiritual gathering of Christians, Jews and Muslims” ever.

However, not everyone is enthusiastic about the upcoming celebrations.

Pope Francis alien disclosureGETTYSHOCK CLAIMS: Could aliens be about to invade earth?
Right-wing doomsday theorists claim Francis’ imminent alien disclosure could bring about the end of the world.Last year Francis said he would be willing to baptise aliens if they came to the Vatican, asking “who are we to close doors”.This has aroused a frenzy of rumours from truth seekers who claim Francis is stoking belief in extraterrestrial beings to prepare millions of Christians for Judgement Day.

According to their theory, Francis will team up with world leaders, the United Nations, and NASA to simulate an alien invasion using holographic projection technology.

This will allow Francis and his dream team of world leaders to convince the masses only the anti-Christ can save humanity, paving the way for a satanic New World Order under devil rule.

Pope Francis alien disclosure
GETTYCOLLUSION: Francis and world leaders – including Obama – have met with aliens, it is claimed.


ALTERNATIVE NEWS Wikileaks’ Email Leaks Uncover The Vatican’s Possible Knowledge Of Extraterrestrials   Published 2 years ago on October 10, 2016

For the past few years, the world’s largest church has played a major role in the alien debate.

For example, Monsignor Corrado Balducci, a longtime friend of Pope John Paul II and the Vatican’s leading exorcist, is one of multiple people from within the Vatican who has been very outspoken about extraterrestrials. On multiple occasions, he has stated that contact between humans and extraterrestrials has already happened.

“The existence of these beings is real. We can’t have doubts.” (source)

In 2005, Vatican astronomer Guy Consolmagno said that humankind is facing a future discovery of extraterrestrial intelligence. In 2008, Vatican chief astronomer Father Jose Gabriel Funes stated that the discovery of intelligent extraterrestrial life, and its existence on a planet other than Earth, doesn’t contradict their faith.

Ask yourself this question: why would all of these Vatican authorities speak so openly and passionately about the subject?   Perhaps there is something going on here?

 Vatican Theologian Says Aliens are Real and Are More Spiritual and Intellectual Than HumansPaper by Monsignor Corrado Balducci


Wikileaks Email Implies The Vatican Has Proof Of Alien Life
Brett Tingley The fallout from the recent Wikileaks email releases continue to add to the mounting evidence that world governments and leaders are hiding knowledge of alien life from the general public. Among the emails released over the last few weeks is one which suggests that the Vatican has been hiding knowledge of extraterrestrial intelligence elsewhere in the universe.

The Vatican has itself been the site of several high-profile UFO sightings.

The Vatican has itself been the site of several high-profile UFO sightings.

This revelation is based on an email dated January 18, 2015 from former astronaut Edgar Mitchell to John Podesta, a top Democratic Party adviser and chairman of the 2016 Hillary Clinton presidential campaign. In the email, Mitchell requests a meeting with Podesta along with a colleague to discuss the Catholic Church’s knowledge of alien intelligence and the perfect energy source aliens wish to give us:

It is urgent that we agree on a date and time to meet to discuss Disclosure and Zero Point Energy, at your earliest available after your departure.  My Catholic colleague Terri Mansfield will be there too, to bring us up to date on the Vatican’s awareness of ETI.

The colleague Mitchell refers to is Terri Mansfield, a lobbyist and advocate for what she describes as non-violent alien beings in our universe. Mansfield runs the “ETI (Extraterrestrial Intelligence) Peace Task Force,” a special interest group that seeks to educate lawmakers and world leaders about the promises offered to us from peaceful alien beings.

Former astronaut Edgar Mitchel was the sixth man on the moon. After retiring from NASA, Mitchell became outspoken in his belief that ETs exist and have visited Earth.Former astronaut Edgar Mitchel was the sixth man on the moon. After retiring from NASA, Mitchell became outspoken in his belief that ETs exist and have visited Earth.

According to Mansfield’s website, there are extraterrestrial intelligences (ETIs) who are aware of humankind and wish to give us a sustainable, clean energy source capable of revolutionizing space travel:

We educate humans about our work with our nonviolent obedient-to-God ETI, Extraterrestrial Intelligence, from the contiguous universe whose mission is to work with our scientists to bring zero point energy here for the purpose of extending life on our fragile Earth.

Already, the internet is abuzz with speculation and theories that this email shows the Catholic Church has been colluding with world leaders to hide knowledge of extraterrestrial intelligence. After all, Pope Francis has been known to make unexplained remarks about American government’s knowledge of alien life, and several other high-ranking Vatican officials have stated that extraterrestrial beings definitely exist. Given that presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has stated she will disclose classified knowledge of UFOs and Area 51, this could turn out to be a paradigm-shifting year for the search for alien life – for the general public, at least.


Vatican ready to ‘reveal TRUTH about aliens’ Incredible claims emerge

THE Catholic Church is gearing up to make a number of shocking revelations about extraterrestrial life, according to extraordinary claims.
By Rachel O’Donoghue / 

UFO theorists claim Vatican hold answers to alien life

Conspiracists have long said the Vatican – home to the Pope – has more information about the existence of aliens, but has chosen to keep it – a website and channel dedicated to exposing the so-called “truth” about aliens – has claimed numerous people close to the church have hinted they have information on extraterrestrials.One of these people is said to be José Gabriel Funes, the current director of the Vatican Observatory and its chief astronomer.
Vatican aliens
GETTYREVELATION: It is claimed the Vatican will reveal what it knows about the Vatican

UNCLASSIFIED: Extraterrestrial objects spotted on the Moon and Mars

Daily Star Pictures brings you the most mysterious images of strange objects spotted on the Moon and on Mars.
1 / 20

“It suggests that the Vatican knows more about extraterrestrial life and of creation”

Mr Funes has previously argued that the existence of a “multitude of creatures on Earth” means it is likely that life exists in other places in the Universe.

He has also argued there is no conflict between believing in God and the existence of aliens. reported: “Another representative of the Vatican, the priest Guy Consolmagno suggested that aliens exist and that they are actually saviours of mankind.

“These views are downright shocking because gossips suggest that the Vatican knows more about extraterrestrial life and of creation, but understandably hid them so far.

“With the start of a new era, this information should be made public to prepare public opinion for when the truth will be revealed.”

13 signs of alien life

Daily Star Pictures brings you 13 mind-blowing signs that aliens exist.
1 / 13
More than 40,000 Americans have taken out insurance against being abducted by aliens.SHUTTERSTOCK / LEO BLANCHETTE
More than 40,000 Americans have taken out insurance against being abducted by aliens.
  • More than 40,000 Americans have taken out insurance against being abducted by aliens.Edgar Mitchell, the sixth person to walk on the moon, claims that “aliens have contacted humans several times”.In an effort to attract more tourism as well as extra-terrestrials, the town of St Paul, Alberta created the worlds first UFO landing site.The term ‘UFO’ for Unidentified Flying Object was coined by US Air Force officer Edward Ruppelt in 1952.
  • A 2001 study recommends that Jupiter’s red moon, Europa might just be comprised of solidified red microbes. Bactria, though small, is an enormous indication of the start of new life in space.Ohio State University researches picked up a signal coming from nearly 220 million light years away that was so powerful, it was named the There is a 2% chance that we will confirm alien life within the next 10 years.
It goes on to allege the Vatican is actually preparing for a press conference where all of its knowledge about aliens is laid bare.But claims the Vatican is about to open up about extraterrestrials is nothing new.In September, it was reported Pope Francis was going to blow the lid on alien life at a major interfaith festival that month.



Published on Oct 12, 2017

The Real Story of The Elongated Skulls at The Vatican
The report of these elongated skulls is years old at this stage but it does make you wonder what the Vatican knows and when did they know it. For the Vatican to be so open and forthcoming on the existence of extraterrestrials is out of character for such a stodgy and at times archaic institution. Here is the story

“Whatever those remains represent, there’s a reason why the good fathers buried them there to be forgotten.” Alien Remains Found at The Vatican. Pope Told To Remain Silent. Many alien skulls were found during a restoration project at the Vatican Library.Rendition of the appearance of the excavated skull when alive.

Do You Believe in Magick continues Part 29 – Satan/Lucifer in the Vatican