Must be Something in the Water – Part 2 – Water REMEMBERS – Water and Spirituality – Restored

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Mayim Chayim  – Feb 11, 2014 – VavJMusic   – Adonai is the Living Water. HE is the Fountain of Life.

Water, a great necessity and source of life.  Jesus is our source of :Living Water”.  He is the Mayim Hayim.  He promises that if we come to him we will thrist no more.  So, living water is an image and a promise from GOD.  But, as we know, Satan is a counterfeiter and a destroyer.  He takes what God creates and perverts it, corrupts it and attacks it, and does all that he can to destroy it.
So,we find that he has filled the waterways of the earth with his hoards of demonic entities and fallen angels.  Oh how the world loves to sing and dream of “ATLANTIS”.   They do not even realize that by buying into that fantasy and imagining it, giving it life through song and imagery they are promoting the kingdom of Satan.  
Mermaids, along with fairies, trolls, and unicorn have been romanticized and fantasized that they appear to be cute and harmless adorable creatures that children love to snuggle up to in their beds.  WHAT!!!  Because history has been covered up, buried and erased, people have forgotten what life was like when Paganism was the norm and demonic entities ruled over mankind.  We are so far removed from the truth of the past that people don’t even know what they were DELIVERED FROM!!   
Now, just like the dog who returns to its vomit, people are calling back those ancient entities and embracing what little they know of the pagan ways.  Demonic entities are returning.  They are more than happy to oblige.  Ecstatic to receive honor, praise, and worship.  They are leading the world down a patch that will end in slavery, destruction and death.   
Silly fools, they think that it is too hard to live by God’s rules.  They find HIM too demanding.  Wait until they are under the dominion of the demons they are calling forth.  It will not be pretty.  When people come to their senses… it will be too late.  
Jesus answered and said unto her, If thou knewest the gift of God, and who it is that saith to thee, Give me to drink; thou wouldest have asked of him, and he would have given theliving water.

Mayim Chayim: The Living Waters – excerpts

From the Messianic Foundations series by Kevin Williams. A look at the life-changing reality of Messiah, the Living Water, who indwells every believer.

In the world of Orthodox Judaism, is ritual called the mikveh, the immersion. It is the root and origin of the Christian practice known as Baptism. Some believe John the Baptist invented baptism, but ritual purification by water is nearly as old as time itself.

Literally, the mikveh is identified as a collection of water, a pool of sorts, which has gathered by God’s design. That is to say, there was no human intervention, no one dug a hole, no one collected water in jars to fill the pool. This collection of waters might be a river or a sea. The water source came about as part of the Almighty’s plan, which gives it the nomenclature: Living Water.

Genesis 1:9 speaks of the waters being “gathered together.” The Hebrew term used here is mikveh, a source for Living Water. In Genesis chapter 7, we have the account of Noah’s Flood, when the Most High chose Living Water as the vehicle to cleanse the earth. In Genesis 35:2, Jacob commands his household to destroy their idols and to “purify themselves.” The Jewish sages understand this purification as none other than the mikveh.
Virtually from the very beginning, this concept of the mikveh and Mayim Chayim plays and important role, a role which carries over into the rest of the Torah—the five books of Moses. In what parallels the “born again” experience of the modern Christian, Jewish theologians look at the crossing of the Red Sea in Exodus 14, as a mikveh. Certainly the sea qualifies as a pool of Living Waters, and the crossing of the Hebrews demonstrated not only God’s immense provision, but likewise, a separation from that which defiled them, Egypt, and that which gave the nation of Israel new life, the crossing through the midst of the waters. Today, we are not far from that event ourselves. In 1 Cor. 10:1-3 we read, “For I do not want you to be unaware, brethren, that our fathers were all under the cloud and all passed through the sea; and all were baptized into Moses in the cloud and in the sea” (emphasis mine). Our immersion places us on the same shores as those Hebrews in Exodus 14. They were a redeemed people, now able to rest from slavery to Pharaoh. Soon, they would have God’s instructions at Mt. Sinai. And then, they would be on their journey to the Promised Land. If this was true for them, then how much more so for us through the redemption of our High Priest, Yeshua the Messiah? We have been redeemed, washed clean, brought into rest from bondage, we are learning about God and His ways, and we are enroute to the eternal Promised Land! 

About the AuthorKevin M. Williams, Litt.D., H.L.D. has served in Messianic ministries since 1987 and has written numerous articles and been a featured speaker at regional and international conferences on Messianic Judaism.

In the NEWS these days we find that SPIRITUALITY is becoming more an more a topic of interest.  Science and religion are being found to be closer cousins than practitioners of either would like to think.  Those who are awake know that modern science is nothing more than ancient alchemy and that Scientism IS a religion. 

There have been multiple experiments on water and amazing discoveries.  So much so that Scientists are taking them into consideration as to what exactly their results signify.  Are the waters of the earth alive and teaming with spirits?  Does water have the ability to interact with humans?  


Breakthrough Science – Water Memory

The Memory of Water – h2o Rembers Everything/Love Nature

Science can be amazing, interesting and incredible. Watch as we show how water can have a memory. The memory of water allows it to know everything that it has come in contact with h2o from the ocean and sea through rivers and lakes. For more great nature and animal videos from Love Nature make sure to follow us at or at any of our other socials: Facebook – Instagram – LoveNatureIG Twitter –


Dr Masaru Emoto’s Water Experiments

“The words themselves actually emit a unique vibration that the water is sensing. When water is shown a written word, it receives it as vibration, and expresses the message in a specific form, like a visual code for expressing words. Water exposed to the words,” Thank you” formed beautiful geometric crystals, no matter what the language. But water exposed to, “…you fool” and other degrading words resulted in obviously broken and deformed crystals. When a complete geometric crystal is formed, water is in alignment with nature and the phenomena we call life. The words, gratitude and love, form the fundamental principles of the laws of nature and the phenomenon of life.”


video image



Water Memory (2014 Documentary about Nobel Prize Laureate Luc Montagnier

If you don’t think that the media has been and currently is using their influence to shape the minds and beliefs systems of the public, you need to see this article.  ALL media is introducing concepts, beliefs, thoughts and images related to paganism and New Age teachings into the minds of the hypnotized public, ESPECIALLY YOUR CHILDREN.  Water Deities are right at the top of their list!

NOTE: Spoilers from Frozen 2 are ahead.

Do water horses really exist? What’s the deal with Anna and Kristoff now? Plenty of parents, like myself, have probably been fielding those questions and more after seeing Frozen 2 in theaters. The long-awaited sequel was packed with new characters and loaded with information, such as the novel concept that Elsa’s powers allow her to see “memories” in water. And, like myself, that likely led you to asking yourself, “Wait… does water have memory?”

Soni STAY AT HOME 🙏 Pradhanang@H2O_Soni
Does water really have memory? I am into a deep thought after watching today with my kids. Anna & Olaf repeatedly stated that water has a memory and the movie does circle around it & now kids want to know too.

Embedded video

The concept of water having memory is first introduced by the movie’s lovable and naive snowman, Olaf. On their way “into the unknown,” the talkative sidekick helps pass the time by sharing trivia with his travel companions. And one of his random informative nuggets is that water apparently has memory. In Frozen 2, Olaf recites a fact about the water that we drink having passed through at least four different humans/animals, and that through it all, the water somehow retains memory. Little did viewers know, this concept becomes key to the Frozen 2 plot.

Once Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Olaf, and Sven make it to the enchanted forest and meet the Northuldra people and Arendelle soldiers, who’ve been trapped in the forest by impenetrable mist for 35 years, Elsa uncovers a number of truths about the past. And these truths are revealed in the form of water memory, aka those ice statues formed from Elsa using her power on memory-holding water.


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water memoryIt is possible for water to function as the computer RAM memory storing in its “brain” every interaction that occurs in its immediate environment?

Leonardo Da Vinci said: “Water is the driving force of nature“. Indeed, there can be no life without water. But what are the secrets hidden in this amazing part of nature? How did it come to Earth? Who brought it? Questions that perhaps only the water itself could answer…

Scientifically inexplicable water

Scientists have concluded that any property of water is unique and can not be explained entirely by the laws of physics. For example, water is the only chemical compound which can exist in three forms: liquid, solid and gaseous – at the temperatures that our planet naturally has.

Water has memory!

The unpredictable behavior of water has concerned scientists from the 50s and 60s. Unable to explain a series of unpleasant incidents such as deaths of scientists and intelligence agents after drinking water, they resulted in a conclusion that initially seemed incredible: water has memory. By some unexplained mechanism, it manages to “save” information, much like a computer!   (This is hilarous!  Now they want to explain away the extraordinary number of deaths of scientists and secret agents by blaming it on water??… lol… that is too much!  What snakeoil salesmen! And they don’t even give you any details that they think might justify this conclusion!)

The next years, a series of experiments in various countries of the world have shown that water “accepts” and “saves” any outside influence. It “keeps” and “remembers” anything that happens in its surrounding environment, and anything that comes in contact with water leaves a “mark” in it. (Just what EXACTLY does that mean? What are they implying? What evidence do they have and what are the effects of this phenomenon?)

The structure of water is affected by our emotions

Scientific studies have shown that water, not only has memory but its structure is affected by the emotions of people. The water molecules change their position when they interact with positive or negative emotions. The structure of water is more important than its composition. Scientists concluded that water molecules act as memory cells and record the entire history of interaction with the outside world. (So, that is why Hellywood has been spitting out so much violence, horror and paganism.  Because the ongoing effects of all the negative energy, fear and pagan imagery is taking a huge toll on the unsuspecting, gullible masses.)

Probably the fact that many parts considered “haunted” are close to rivers and seas is connected with this property of water. Perhaps water traps the “souls”, “remembering” the circumstances surrounding the death of people and not letting them go away… (It is no secret that most pagan religions and rituals are centered around water.  Water plays a very big role in magick spells and rituals.)

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Anna is the founder and lead editor of the website She is a psychology enthusiast and holds a bachelor’s degree in social sciences. As a socially anxious introvert, Anna has devoted a good portion of her time to analyzing human behavior and personality, the nature of introversion, a sense of belonging and social fears, and thus explores these topics in her writings. She is also highly interested in dream interpretation and the mysteries of the subconscious mind, the human brain’s potential, the nature of reality and the universe.


By Martin Enserink  



Montagnier cited the “memory of water” as one of the foundations of homeopathy and argued that it should be studied in depth, along with the properties of electromagnetic waves. These are precisely the fields currently being investigated by Montagnier, who has shown that the DNA of viruses and bacteria transmits information through water using electromagnetic waves.

He also advocated the opening of scientific medicine towards traditional Eastern medicine. And he advised students to learn and research with an open mind and “never be blinded by established dogmas.”

Luc Montagnier  was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2008 for the co-discovery of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).  At 87 years of age Luc still continues his work at the Luc Montagnier Foundation in Geneva (Switzerland). He has collaborated for years with the Chronimed group of doctors who investigate chronic diseases such as autism spectrum disorders, Alzheimer’s, Lyme disease, multiple sclerosis or cancer, among others.

Well, we can see he is very well connected and favored by the NWO.  He has a Nobel Prize and his own Foundation in Switzerland no less.  He advocates for Eastern Philosophy and using electromagnetism to alter DNA.  He encourages breaking away from established dogmas, code for Biblical Standards.  He is part of the system that invents diseases.  AND he is appropriatly named LUC as in Lucifer/Lucy/The Devil.

The meeting has so far raised little public opposition from researchers, but the announcement on UNESCO’s website acknowledges its controversial nature, saying:

The promoters of this conference are aware of the critical reactions aroused by this work in parts of the scientific community, so they wish to communicate their results with the utmost rigor. The aim is to foster a broad and multidisciplinary discussion. These data seem particularly important because they further enrich the immense achievements of molecular biology. They also suggest the development of new modes of transmission of genetic messages (transmission, transduction, teleportation, etc.).

Montagnier says the issue is actually getting less controversial as fresh evidence for his claims is coming in. “More scientists are becoming convinced by the data,” he says.

At least one blogger is taking offense, however: “Shame on @UNESCO for hosting this absurd pseudoscience conference about Montagnier’s nonsense,” tweeted Andy Lewis, who hosts the blog The Quackometer, last week. “This is classic pathological science—dredging around in the noise of irreproducible experiments by practitioners whose expertise is not in these fields in order to support hypotheses that fly in the face of well-established scientific principles,” Lewis writes in an e-mail to ScienceInsider.

Montagnier, 82, who shared the Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine in 2008 for the discovery of HIV, stunned many fellow scientists about 5 years ago with claims that DNA emits weak electromagnetic waves that cause structural changes in water that persist even in extremely high dilutions. Montagnier considers himself an intellectual heir to the controversial French scientist Jacques Benveniste, who claimed in a 1988 Nature paper that water can retain “memories” of compounds even when diluted at a very high level—a claim that caused a sensation in the press and was taken as support of homeopathy by its proponents, but that other scientists weren’t able to replicate.

Montagnier says he and his colleagues have a device that can detect such waves, which are strongest when they come from bacterial and viral genetic material. “In the future, we may use these findings not just for diagnostics but also for treatment,” Montagnier told Science in 2010. “It’s possible that electromagnetic waves at some frequency will kill the waves produced by bacterial DNA.”

Montagnier documented the claims in a few papers in 2009. But many scientists have been extremely skeptical. Swiss immunologist Alain de Weck, who had long known and respected Montagnier, said he was “perplexed” in 2009. Lewis and other skeptics skewered his papers. Montagnier has also come under heavy fire for promoting long-term antibiotic treatments for children with autism; he claims his detection technique has shown that microbes play a role in that disorder.

At the meeting, Montagnier says he will present new, unpublished results showing that living cells can pick up patterns of electromagnetic waves—even when they’re sent over the Internet to another lab—and synthesize the DNA encoded in them.

John Crowley, head of UNESCO’s Research, Policy and Foresight Section, says the agency doesn’t endorse or oppose Montagnier’s theories; it’s a “normal procedure” for the organization to host the meeting, Crowley says, because the World Foundation for AIDS Research and Prevention, which Montagnier chairs, has an official association with UNESCO, and the foundation’s office is at the agency’s Parisian headquarters. “We’re just fulfilling one of UNESCO’s roles, which is to offer an intellectual space for ideas to be discussed,” Crowley says. “No more, no less.”

Lewis says that UNESCO’s participation may confer legitimacy on homeopathy, “with the result that people may end up harmed or killed” because they turn to homeopathy instead of proven therapies. But Montagnier says homeopathy is not on the agenda of the meeting, although he can’t prevent the audience from asking questions about it.

The meeting features presentations by three other scientists. Among them is Carlo Ventura of the University of Bologna in Italy, whose presentation is titled “The voice of the stem cells: mutant vibrations and regenerative medicine.” Mathematician and Fields Medal winner Cédric Villani, who heads the Institut Henri Poincaré in Paris, will offer a summary of the talks and place them in the context of the Benveniste controversy. UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokova was originally scheduled to make the opening remarks but canceled her participation last week because of an agenda conflict, says Crowley, who will replace her.

Martin Enserink

Martin is Science’s International news editor. He is based in Amsterdam.

If you performa google search on Water Spirits you will find hundreds of articles.  Water Spirits are venerated all over the world.   People claim amazing experiences with these entities and have throughout history.  I have posted these excerpts from the following article because I found enough within it to demonstrate they kinds of phenomena and rituals that have been perpetrated throughout history even up to today.  I know it is a little lengthy but there are reasons for my selections so, bare with me and at least read the highlights.  


TRaNS: Trans -Regional and -National Studies of Southeast Asia, Volume 4Special Issue 2 (Water in Southeast Asia)  
July 2016 , pp. 239-263
Barbara Watson Andaya

Water in many different forms and contexts is of central significance in Southeast Asia, and these differences are reflected in the vast range of spirits and deities. Despite wide variation, the most obvious distinction is between spirits associated with fresh and salt water. Those linked to water associated with fertility are typically regarded as female and sympathetic to human requests for assistance. By contrast, the spirits who inhabit turbulent river waters and patrol the shorelines may be male, female, or only vaguely gendered. Although they can be capricious and sometimes cruel, they are nonetheless amenable to individual or communal supplication. The same ambiguity is exemplified by the sea spirits, who extend rewards to those they favour but inflict harsh punishments when their anger is aroused. Yet regardless of their nature or the place with which they were associated, the ‘power base’ of indigenous spirits was always locally concentrated. The limitations in their reach help explain the appeal of cosmologies that extended across a much larger area, and even across the entire globe. The accompanying conceptualization of new and benevolent beings is especially evident in the maritime environment. Here human activity is male-dominated, and the male divinities and saints associated with supra-local belief systems might appear to be the natural guardians of mariners. Even so, culturally entrenched ideas of connections between water and maternal care facilitated the adoption of female deities as protectors of ocean-going voyagers. 

(If you don’t think this is still an ongoing practice in today’s society…see my series “Are You Having a Mari-Time” Parts 1-6.)

Abstract and keywords have been added since original publication. An erratum notice detailing this change was also published (DOI 10.1017/trn.2016.20).


In a multitude of different contexts and different manifestations, water has been fundamental in shaping the history of Southeast Asia, and its characterization as a “world of water” seems eminently apt (Boomgaard 2007). Given this importance, one would expect to see the region figure prominently in cross-cultural studies of water-related rituals, beliefs, and archetypes. 

Approaching ‘Water’

In preparing this article, I was frequently reminded that the broad category of ‘water’ (which covers around 71 percent of the earth’s surface) contains two fundamental divisions; ‘fresh’ water with a very low saline content, and salt water (on average, about 3.5 percent salinity). Despite multiple permutations (brackish water, mineral water, saline aquifers, rainwater, etc.), the division between salt and fresh water is commonly projected as quite distinct. In the Chinese cosmological world, for instance, the ministry that controlled all matters connected with the earth’s waters was divided into two major departments, one dealing with salt waters and the other with ‘sweet’, which included the spirits presiding over rivers, springs, lakes, pools and rapids (Werner 1922: 212). The relationship between salt and fresh also provides a frequent metaphor to illustrate contrast, especially in religious teachings. In the Christian Bible the incompatibility between the two is compared to that between bad and good actions, as in James 3:11, while the Qur’an speaks of the barrier God has placed between two bodies of water, one palatable and sweet, the other salty and bitter (Surah 25:53; 55:19–20). As the Buddha explained, a lump of salt will render a cup of water undrinkable, like the karma of a person of little merit who commits a minor transgression. An individual of great merit, however, can be compared to the Ganges, in which a similar amount of salt is dissipated by the flow of pure water (Stryk 1968: 211).

The tendency to place salt and fresh water in apposition obviously requires qualification, for there are some commonalities. Universally, water from sacred rivers and springs has been an essential component in ritual and liturgy, but salt is still regarded as an effective purging agent, and for many societies bathing in the ocean or drinking small amounts of salt water can be ritually purifying. While the sea will not quench thirst, it was essential for the economic security of coast dwellers, providing basic sources of food and access to maritime trade. In this sense it was as critical to life styles as was fresh water for agriculture. At the same time, the juxtaposition of ‘fresh’ and salt’ had a darker side. Any seagoing venture meant leaving the relative safety of the shore for a perilous and unpredictable zone, where capsized boats, shipwreck, and death by drowning were always possibilities. But landwards, torrential rainfall could cause rivers to burst their banks, while stagnant water could breed disease, and contaminated drinking water result in illness and death. Yet two fundamental aspects set ‘fresh’ water aside: as a primary source of fertility, it was necessary for the survival of crops and vegetation more generally; and it provided the drinking water without which neither humans nor animals could live.

In this context the work of the Sri Lankan historian and philosopher, Ananda Coomaraswamy (1877–1947) is especially relevant to Southeast Asia. In a series of essays, he developed the idea that the art of early India reflected a cosmology centred on fresh water as the primordial source and essence of life. While his evidence was primarily drawn from Hindu sculpture and iconography, he noted that Buddhist thought displays analogous linkages with ideas of creation and rebirth. When Buddha Gautama was born, for instance, a tank of clear water miraculously appeared, while several stream-fed wells and ponds provided water for lustration (Coomaraswamy 1993). In a forthright reference to the contrast between salt and fresh water, one Jataka describes the miraculous events that occurred at the time of the Buddha’s enlightenment: trees flowered and fruited, and the sea, heavy with salt, “became sweet water down to its profoundest depths” (Fausbǿll and Rhys-Davis 1880: 103; Shaw 2006: 43).

In Southeast Asian mythologies, the links between water, fertility and extraordinary events is likewise a recurring theme. For instance, according to local belief, the miraculous appearance of a spring located on Mt. Kha Mo in northern Thailand (Figure 1) resulted when the Buddha visited this area and found no water available to quench his thirst. He then pressed his thumb to the ground and a spring immediately appeared, which is said to still yield pure water (Swearer 1976: 6, 57). The Dutch scholar Frederick Bosch argued that the motif connecting water, fertility and supernatural events was actually more common outside India than in India itself, and that the Malay-Indonesian archipelago “abounds” in stories describing the remarkable emergence of springs, lakes, rivers, and ponds as a deity or a saintly teacher thrusts his spear, staff, or trident into the ground in a manner emblematic of a phallic “penetration into the womb of the earth”. Infused with extraordinary qualities, drinking or bathing in water from such sources can help women to conceive, heal the sick, provide access to infinite wisdom, or occasionally punish wrong-doers (Bosch 1961: 155–170).

Figure 1. Map showing locations of places mentioned in the article. 1 Mt. Kha Mo; 2. Angkor; 3. Telaga Batu; 4. Stung Kbal Spean; 5. Keng Kang; 6. Lake Batur; 7. Luang Prabang; 8. Kyaukse; 9. Luzon Highlands; 10. Tengger; 11. Yogyakarta; 12. Semarang; 13. Melaka; 14. Manila; 15. Penang; 16. Riau archipelago; 17. Lumut. (Illustration: L. Lloyd-Smith)

Given such wide-spread beliefs, it is difficult to underestimate the significance of ‘pure’ water (as opposed to brackish or salt) in ritual practice, whether we are looking at the great baray of Angkor, the pouring and collecting of water over Shaivite yoni-linga in Java, the kala-head water spouts in the ablution area of the sixteenth-century mosque at Kudus, or a font of holy water at the entrance to a Philippine church. Sacred water could also become a political tool, and a leader often required his (and occasionally her) followers to drink the ‘water of allegiance’ over which imprecations had been chanted and in which sacred items such as daggers had been immersed. Should the vows of loyalty made on such occasions be flouted, the resulting punishments would be unimaginably painful and long-lasting. The seventh-century Telaga Batu inscription from southeast Sumatra, which calls down curses on those guilty of treason, was designed so that the water could be poured over these potent words and then drunk by subordinates in order to ensure their fidelity (Reichle 2007: 17). While references to this practice can be located in Indian texts, the ‘water of allegiance’ ceremony became a prominent element in Southeast Asian statecraft, and could even be extended to include Europeans (de Casparis 1956: 29; Ruangsilp 2007: 114).

For Southeast Asian societies generally, ritual water was highly valued because of its life-giving, healing, and transformative properties. Together with the appropriate ceremonial, the very act of pouring water over a tangible emblem of fertility (like an upright linga) could ensure the community’s well-being, and the landscapes of Java and Bali are dotted with temples dedicated to Shiva as a generator of sacred water (Christie 19922007). Perhaps the most graphic display of this association is the Cambodian Stung Kbal Spean “river of a thousand lingas” on Mount Kulen, where numerous Shaivite symbols from the eleventh century are carved directly on to the river bed, with inscriptions invoking the Ganges in India (Ly 2011: 468). A similar theme can be tracked in Buddhist iconography. The eleventh-century ruler of Pagan, Kyanzittha, speaks of “compassion, which is even as water” and a statue found in Cambodia dating from the seventh century shows the bodhisattva of compassion, Lokeshvara, with life-giving water flowing from his hands (Woodward 2010: 34; Nai Pan Hla 1991: 19). In Vietnam, as in East Asia more generally, statues often depict the same deity, Quan Am (Guan Yin) in a female form, pouring out healing water for her devotees. As Coomaraswamy explains in his examination of India’s “water cosmology”, it was quite natural that life-giving water should be envisaged as female, for the waters of creation, often compared to milk but also invoking the amniotic fluid in which the seed of life grows, were infused with ideas of birth and maternity. Indeed, for Thais the very word for river, ‘water mother’ (mae naam), encapsulates the notion of nurturing care. Yet water and its links with the female can also be activated more forcefully. In the Theravada Buddhist countries of mainland Southeast Asia one of the most well-known deities is the earth goddess, celebrated in innumerable stories because of her role in drowning the army of Mara, the evil one, by ringing water out of her hair (Ferguson 1982: 286).

Conceptualizing the Spirits of Fresh Waters

Obviously, an entire book could be written about the role of water in Southeast Asia’s ritual life, and in her comparative study of nature myths Tamra Andrews notes that in numerous cosmologies this very variety encouraged conceptualizations of a range of water spirits. Displaying their own characteristics, depending on the context in which they operate, some are guarantors of life and fertility, while others are egotistic and hot-tempered (Andrews 2000: 193, 220, 260–1). Not surprisingly, anyone seeking to understand Southeast Asia’s shifting spiritscape will encounter a virtual army of indigenous water spirits, all of whom have their own domains of authority and whose personalities can range from kindly guardians to mischievous pranksters and jealous waterlords. Spirits of turbulent water like rapids, whirlpools, or waves generating a tidal bore were imagined as unpredictable or even potentially hostile, and though they could be of either gender, they were notoriously capricious, sensitive to neglect, and occasionally destructive.

In Southeast Asia, as in India, the relationship between female spirits and water is particularly evident in the indigenous beliefs that developed around the serpent, the naga. As Gregory Forth shows for eastern Indonesia, indigenous spirits or nitu were often thought to take the form of a snake or a python, an almost universal symbol of sexuality and fertility, and are closely associated with bodies of water (Forth 1998: 82, 90–92,114). Naga can assume many different forms, including that of humans, either male or female; they can also be found in a variety of places but like all freshwater spirts, are closely connected with the land. In mainland Southeast Asia the mythology surrounding female naga (or nagi) who reside in and near rivers as protectors of the source of life is particularly striking. It is thus worth noting that the six indigenous goddesses identified in the old Lao text Nangsu Nithan Urangkhathat (Chronicle of the Stupa of the Breast-Bone Relic of the Buddha), thought to be pre-fourteenth century, all live besides ponds or marshes (Ngaosrivathana 2009: 12, 29). In south India some dynasties even claimed descent from naga princesses, and we find parallels in the earliest Chinese reference to Cambodia, dating from the third century. This account records the legendary marriage between an Indian prince and the daughter of the King of the Nagas, who together became the ancestors of the ruling line (Paul 1985: 185; Gaudes 1993). In Laos the Urangkhathat lists four serpent-spirits among the first rulers of the royal capital of Luang Prabang, three of whom were female (Ngaosrivathana 2009: 8; Stuart-Fox 2006: 8, 15).

Although there is a vast literature on the naga and its significance in Southeast Asian cultures, scholars are agreed that its incorporation into religious iconography, cultural memory, and popular imagination reflects a deep-seated belief in the procreative power of the tutelary spirits of water

One can, of course, overplay the idea of an association between female spirits, water, and community well-being. In Vietnam, for instance, the seventeenth-century traveller Cristoforo Borri described the sexual union between the male “lord of the river” and a local woman, and the ceremony that accompanied her death in labour (Dror and Taylor 2006: 176). Indeed, one of earliest recorded legends from Vietnam tells of rivalry between the mountain and water spirits, who are both male, and are contenders for the hand of a beautiful princess. Here the water spirit is hardly benign, for when he loses the contest he sends heavy rains every year in an effort to defeat the mountain spirit (Dutton 2014: 23–24). Since in Vietnam the ‘earth god,’ as in China, is also personified as male, these early accounts may reflect the influence of Chinese legends in which the female water spirit can be represented as a demonic force seeking to disrupt the flow of rivers and interfere with water control (Anderson 2001: 48–72). 3

 Southeast Asian waterscape provides numerous examples of unfriendly female spirits. Like their male counterparts, those residing in dangerous swift-flowing rivers, rapids, or whirlpools could be capricious, sensitive to neglect, and even aggressive. A river bend, a large rock, or unexpected shallows could all mark the home of some watchful spirit who was fiercely protective of its watery domain. Any accident in these places was easily blamed on their resentment at some offence. In Sumba, Forth records, a malevolent river spirit could assume the form of a dog-headed woman with pendulous breasts. Should she squirt her milk at any individual, they will surely drown (Forth 2008: 312 n.9). In the 1880s one Englishman travelling in the Lao areas remarked that the river spirit at Keng Kang was “especially unamiable”, but after due offerings he and his porters were permitted to navigate through the river’s rocks and perilous currents (Warrington Smythe 1898: 186). Fifty years later, in the same vein, another Englishman in Myanmar described his experiences in the upstream Irrawaddy, where a female nat (a spirit, usually one who has met a violent death) was said to control a whirlpool. If she were displeased, a boat could easily capsize, and even Burmans who had received some modern education were nervous when navigating past this particular stretch (Glass 1985: 114). Standing water could also be home to spiteful and malevolent beings who bore humans nothing but ill-will. In Cambodia, for instance, stagnant or brackish water is considered the haunt of resentful and hostile female spirits (brai), who are especially threatening to pregnant women (Jacobsen 2008: 141; Wessing 1988: 53).

While such beings should be rigorously avoided, and their vindictiveness warded off by charms and amulets, gaining the favour of their more benevolent counterparts was a high priority for most Southeast Asian societies, particularly in relation to agriculture. In Vietnam it has thus been suggested that veneration for water spirits as custodians of the irrigation system was itself closely tied to the development of a dyke system (Vo 2008: 89). Though potentially well disposed towards humans, such custodians were also uncompromising in their expectations of community obligations, and failure to render appropriate respect could easily be regarded as an insult. Although irrigation rituals in Java and Bali have been well studied (van Setten van der Meer 1979: 130–132; Christie 19922007; Lansing 2009: 50–72), we find little reference to demands like that of animal sacrifice. It is thus useful to see a photograph taken in 1949 in Bali showing a buffalo being drowned in Lake Batur as a sacrifice to its goddess, Dewi Danu, the guardian of irrigation. A manuscript kept in her nearby water temple warns villagers that if they do not fulfil their obligations they will be denied access to her rice terraces because it is she who makes the water flow (TM nr.1001208; Lansing 2009: 104). Even in less studied areas of Southeast Asia we find that the spirits associated with water control also required blood offerings. An anthropologist working in northern Borneo in the 1930s described how priestesses sacrificed fowls to appease the spirits at the headwaters of the stream that supplied an irrigation dam (Evans 1953: 242–244). 4 In contemporary times, as Catherine Allerton has shown, an irrigation dam may be marked by a Christian cross, but villagers still believe that the sacrifice of a buffalo, pigs, or chickens is needed to appease the water spirits and ensure that the flow of this “life-giving oil” will restore their crops to productivity (Allerton 2009b: 276–277).

Water rituals in mainland Southeast Asia provide a rich domain in which historians could study changes in the kinds of offerings made to water deities. In 1365 the founder of the Lao kingdom of Luang Prabang, Fa Ngum, is said to have called for the sacrifice of 36 buffalo to the local naga living near his capital. According to legend, the ceremony became so “bloody” that his queen asked for Buddhism to be revived (Ngaosrivathana 2009: 39). In some cases, propitiation might extend to the shedding of human blood, and in Cambodia the ritual death of a pregnant woman was often considered necessary to generate a protective spirit for dikes, canals, and dams (Jacobsen 2008: 141). Legends from Myanmar’s Kyaukse district relate that installing a nat to watch over each weir once meant the sacrifice of many young women. According to folklore, the young queen of Anawrahta (1044–78) asked whether her own death could suffice for all. It is said that Anawrahta agreed, and by the nineteenth century almost every Kyaukse weir maintained a shrine containing a wooden figure of the queen overlaid with gold-leaf (Grant Brown 1916: 491–496; Harvey 1967: 25).

Southeast Asian chronicles and oral legends are replete with stories of magic springs that bubble out fresh and clear from within the earth and have the capacity to make the ugly beautiful, to transpose human and animal forms, to heal the sick, and even restore life to the dead (Bosch 1961). One story from the Luzon highlands relates that in the distant past a woman was cured of a long-standing illness when she bathed in a magic spring. While she was immersed in the water a male water spirit entered her body, revealed to her the secrets that would ensure the future of the community, taught her how to plant sugar-cane and rice, and explained the rituals that could cure fevers and other ailments. Emerging from the magic spring, she was transmogrified into the spirit guardian of the community (Cooper-Cole 1915: 177).

Another ‘potent place’ was the confluence of two major rivers, which was not only a strategic site for economic and political control but was also pervaded with supernatural power. Luang Prabang, for instance, was traditionally envisioned as a naga with its head located at the junction of the Mekong and the Nam Khan, and its tail to the south of the city where the Huay Hop stream flows into the Mekong (Ngaosrivathana 2009: 35, 71). The story of Fa Ngum’s offerings to the naga shows that an alliance with local spirits was considered vital in supporting a regime against rivals and warding off disaster. For villagers and rulers alike, spirit shrines along river banks testified to the presence of these potentially helpful beings. According to Vietnamese chronicles, at a time when Nguyen Hoang (1525–1613), the founder of the southern realm, was pressed by the forces of the Mac dynasty, he heard a crying sound from the river. He asked the spirit there to help him destroy his enemies, and that night he dreamt of “a woman dressed in green holding a white silk in her hand”. After he successfully defeated the Mac, Hoang rewarded the water spirit with a title and gave her a shrine, where she would be duly honoured (Taylor 1993: 65).

In protecting the community, such alliances often required negotiation with a number of spirits, each of whom held jurisdiction over specific river stretches. Their assistance could be critical because enemy attacks were so often launched via a river system. A modern researcher in the islands off the coast of Halmahera (eastern Indonesia) was told that in the past each river was ‘owned’ by a spirit (kolana, meaning ruler, or jago, guard) who provided protection against hostile raiding. In keeping with expectations of warriors and combat, several of these spirits were male, but informants noted that those personified as female were equipped with intimidating powers, such as the ability to inflict any foe with a skin disease or a swollen belly. The community, however, must play its part in rendering the required respect and recognition. In responding to any perceived neglect or wrongdoing, the more belligerent river spirits could also turn against their own people, inflicting sickness or other calamities that could only be negated by special rituals (Teljeur 1990: 103–109).

More than fifty years ago Charles Archaimbault, though noting the decline of spirit veneration in Laos, remarked on the persistence of belief in “water spirits or the guardian spirits, rooted in the soil and linked to some sand-bank or spot of water—spirits which go back to some pre-T’ai substratum” (1964: 68). Around the same time the recording of a Lahu propitiation rite offers a unique glimpse into this spirit world:

“Spirit of the upper reaches of the waters, spirit of the lower reaches of the waters, you who sit on the stream, you who sit upon the rocks … today I offer you this silver pendant, this golden pendant, I offer you these flags made by my own hands; I offer you this beautiful beeswax candle made by my own hands … do not punish the people, for the people cannot know all things…” (Walker 1976: 446)

While contemporary scholarship would probably argue that these beliefs are now fast fading (Ngaosrivathana 2009: 55–60), mainstream religions at times provide space for the incorporation of ancient beliefs regarding water spirits. This is probably most evident in Bali, where the localised form of Hinduism, known as “agama tirtha”, the religion of holy water, honours deities like Dewi Danu. Buddhism, too, has been more tolerant towards the inclusion of nature spirits, so that villagers in northeast Thailand can still associate healing powers with the female spirit of the village well who must be treated with respect, for otherwise the water will dry up (McDaniel 2011; Reeler 1996: 27). On the other hand, beliefs linked to water ceremonies, like Loy Krathong (originally intended to honour and appease river spirits), have largely declined since its transformation into a popular and tourist oriented festival. The monotheistic religions of Islam and Christianity are far less sympathetic, but in the 1980s Robert Hefner (1990: 58) observed that the cult of the water spirit was “one of the most resilient” in the syncretic Islam found in the Tengger region of eastern Java. Yet whether such village rituals will survive religious pressures remains questionable. In the seventeenth century the Augustinian destruction of a rock in the Manila River that “served as an idol of that wretched people for many years” and its replacement by a cross symbolized missionary intolerance for any kind of spirit veneration (Blair and Robertson 1903–09: 40, 70–71). To a degree, however, Catholic communities were able to accommodate theological conflicts because links are so often drawn between the curative powers of holy water and saintly figures, exemplified by the association of the Virgin Mary with a spring in Lourdes. In central Java, a spring near Yogyakarta was regarded as sacred long before the Jesuit priest Frans van Lith baptised a group of Javanese there in 1904. Although his choice of this site was surely not accidental, over the last hundred years Sendangsono, where the Virgin is said to have appeared, has become a Marian pilgrimage destination known for its healing powers (Courtens 2009: 105–107). In the Philippines, river processions like that honouring the Virgin of Peñafrancia and Our Lady of Salambao (whose image was found by fishermen in 1793 in the Hulongdoong River) have become colourful festivals of dancing, music, and enjoyment. Nonetheless, beliefs that participation will allow childless women to conceive, that individuals will enjoy good health, and that the harvest will be bountiful still speak to ancient ideas about the interconnection between fertility, water, and the spirits who resided there (Battard et al, 2008).

Spirits of the Seas

If locating historical sources that illuminate the cultural place of water spirits is difficult in a landed environment, it is far more problematic in relation to the seas. Local sailors and fishermen left no accounts of their own experiences and the chronicles that originate from royal courts only rarely address the presence of the supernatural at sea. In consequence, a historian must rely heavily on a judicious alliance of older material, written and oral, with that collected by more recent observers. A useful departure point is provided by early European accounts, which supply ample evidence of the dangers involved in navigating Southeast Asia’s shallow seas. These accounts frequently stressed unpredictable encounters with storms, hidden reefs, submerged rocks, sandbars, deep water, strong currents, and dangerous whirlpools, and the challenge these posed even to experienced sailors. The depth of Southeast Asian beliefs in the powers of the spirits who patrolled dangerous coasts was well captured by the Spanish priest Francisco Colin (1592–1660). In his perceptive description of the Philippines, he remarked on “an anito [spirit] of the sea, to whom [the Filipinos] commended their fisheries and navigations” and commented on the many offerings that were necessary to conciliate the anito associated with the “rocks, crags, reefs and points along the seashore” (Blair and Robertson 1903–09: 40, 69–82). For the most part, however, historians must wait until the nineteenth century to find more detailed accounts of the ways in which such spirits might be approached. Specialists on the Malay world are thus indebted to the ethnologist William Skeat (1866–1953) who recorded numerous mantras demonstrating the language fishermen might use to establish a relationship with sea spirits. One invocation, for instance, called on numerous deities, including the King of the Sea (Raja di Laut), to show their good will, recognizing that “in your charge are the points of the capes, in your charge all borders of the shore/ In your charge, too, are the river bars … If in truth we be brothers/ Do you lend me your assistance” (Skeat 1967: 316 n.1, 625).

As this mantra suggests, the seas and shorelines were dissected by lines of spirit dominion anchored to a specific environment. Humans entering a specific domain therefore had to be wary of committing any action that could cause offence. The spirits who occupied the reefs, cliffs, islands, sandbars, or animated strong currents and whirlpools were watchful guardians of their territory and of the marine life that fishermen sought. In liminal zones – estuaries where salt and fresh water mingled, or shorelines that marked the transition between land and sea – they might offer protection from outsiders, but they could equally be mischievous and malicious troublemakers. Fishermen and sailors knew that while sea spirits might be persuaded to co-operate, they had the ability to inflict misfortune, such as illness or shipwreck, or at the very least cause snagged nets and broken fishing lines. Spirits were particularly prone to anger if a crew ignored prescribed ritual or employed inappropriate words, especially any terms associated with the land. Traditionally, for example, Acehnese fishermen at sea could not refer to a mountain by the ordinary term, gunung, lest waves as high as mountains overwhelm their vessel (Barnes 1996: 295–299). Likewise, contemporary Sama Bajo of eastern Indonesia will not mention the names of powerful sea spirits outside of ritual situations or unless circumstances call for their assistance (Nolde 2014). Since such spirits usually communicate in local languages, outsiders were always linguistically disadvantaged and must be especially generous in gifts and observant of protocol. At all times crew members had to be alert to indications of possible spirit presence, since they had the power to transform themselves into other forms of marine life. In favourable circumstances, the appearance of a fish with a curious shape or markings, a giant squid or octopus, or a large shark could indicate the materialization of supernatural approval. According to Vietnamese legend, the future Emperor Gia Long (r. 1802–20) was actually saved by a whale while at sea (Claeys 1943: 1–10). 5 Equally and more ominously, a contemporary study of fishermen in the Makassar Straits has noted that the sighting of unusual sea creatures can be a sign of spirit anger or a response to some slight on board (Zerner 2003: 66).

In general, it seems that indigenous sea spirits were only vaguely envisaged, though they could be addressed by name and accorded a personality. Furthermore, even if described as male or female, gender stereotypes do not necessarily apply. It has been suggested that since the seas are more inclined to be “wrathful, savage, or feral” than rivers and lakes, there is a greater likelihood of interpreting sea spirits as male (Glasgow 2009: 85). Indeed, Zerner’s research on fishermen in the Makassar Straits records that the spirits who inhabit reefs, coasts, and promontories are nearly all male and can be quite cruel (Zerner 2003: 65). Yet Malay fishermen told Skeat that Si Raya (the Great One), who governed the sea from the low water mark at the river’s mouth out to mid-ocean, had a wife and family, and that fishermen hoped that they could become his friends (Skeat 1967: 91–92). 

In this context, whether seeking access to sea products or simply asking for an undisturbed crossing, individuals well acquainted with a particular spirit domain and familiar with established procedures will obviously be better equipped to negotiate with unseen beings. In the words of a Malay invocation to the sea spirit guarding the route to Pulau Pinang, “I do not know the hidden snags/ I do not know where tree stumps are/ I do not know the rocks and reefs/ But you know” (Skeat 1967: 279, 621). Those dealing with this spiritscape realize that some kind of gift is almost always essential, since taking anything from the sea without permission is tantamount to stealing. Because they are boat-dwellers, the orang laut (sea people) of the Riau archipelago described by Cynthia Chou probably have a more amicable relationship with spirits than their land dwelling neighbours, but they will still lay out gifts of food, cigarettes, and other items in the hopes that their nets will attract many fish and that they will return with a good catch (Chou 2003: 63–65). On the other hand, a Bugis fisherman, aware of the importance of establishing a working relationship with the spirits, may approach the situation in more contractual terms. He may place an offering on the sea itself, or in a trap, or on some projecting rock, but tells a spirit, “Here is your share. Don’t you do anything [to me or] my children [or] my grandchildren/ Give [them] safe passage if they pass by [here]./ This is what is asked” (Zerner 2003: 66–69). In short, it is familiarity with the local environment – knowledge of appropriate spells and prayers, the preferred type of offerings, and the specific mode of address – that will ensure a fisherman’s ability to obtain the favour of the sea spirits and thus guarantee his success.

For Southeast Asian sailors this locally grounded knowledge was simply not available when they entered areas the Malays called laut jerebu, or “the sea where land is no longer in sight” (Wilkinson 1903: 593; Andaya 2016). Despite a longstanding maritime tradition, an ocean voyage was still perilous; vessels could capsize in heavy seas, founder on a hidden reef or fall victim to some pirate attack. One of the most terrifying experiences was probably the giant or ‘rogue’ waves that a ship could encounter in otherwise calm waters. Yet the oceans also conveyed their own sense of mystery. A belief that mighty underwater kingdoms lay beneath the ocean’s surface was common among mariners generally, and was widespread in Southeast Asia (Ashliman 2005: 210). To favoured mortals, the powerful rulers of these domains might impart esoteric knowledge and supra-human skills, such as the ability to walk across the sea’s surface, or grant access to the purifying water found in the middle of the ocean. Any student of Malay history will recall the legendary story of the Muslim king, Raja Chulan, a mighty Indian ruler, who appeared in Singapore en route to attack China. Descending to the sea bed in a glass case, Raja Chulan married an underwater princess and deposited “a quantity of precious things – gold, silver, jewels, gems and rare stones of every kind” beneath the ocean. This treasure house would await a descendent who would become ruler over all the lands below the winds (Brown 1953: 22–23; Arps 2014). In a somewhat similar vein, Theravada Buddhists believed that the monk known as Upagupta – whose mother was a fish and who was able, like the Earth Goddess, to tame Mara, the evil onelived in the middle of the ocean in a gem-studded palace, seated on a splendid throne adorned with jewels, “wafted by fragrant perfumes, bedecked with myriads of flowers filled with sparkling water” (Strong 1992: 186–90, 344 n.2). The recurring theme of great kingdoms governed by individuals with supernatural powers finds its most vehement expression in the Javanese legend of the Princess of the Southern Ocean, Ratu Kidul, who rules from a magnificent palace below the waves. Both venerated and feared, she is thought to serve as the guardian of central Java. Many Javanese still believe that the men lost at sea have been taken by Ratu Kidul in recompense for her protection of both the community and the fishermen who make their living in the dangerous Indian Ocean (Wessing 1997: 312; Lombard 1980: 320).

In the early modern period, the substantial rise in maritime traffic would have intensified the need for enhanced protection in order to ensure the safety of ships and mariners as they moved beyond their customary environment. The rapid expansion of commerce from the fifteenth century encouraged the adoption of new and more universalistic beliefs that encompassed portable philosophies and religious ideas (Reid 1993: 159–160). What traders and mariners now required was access to protective deities whose authority extended across vast sea spaces and whose assistance could be solicited whether a ship was bound for China or India or Java. The portability of such deities takes tangible form in the many shrines and holy sites that dot the shores of the Indian Ocean. The Upagupta shrine in Penang, for instance, dates from 1976 but was originally set up by Burmese sailors in 1840 and, according to a booklet distributed by the temple, is still visited by “seafolks, who always invoke his blessings for their safety on the sea and voyages across stretches of water” (Walker 2013).

A significant feature of venerated individuals like Upagupta was their non-threatening and sympathetic nature, and their willingness to offer assistance to those who showed true devotion. In the fourteenth century, the Moroccan traveller Ibn Battuta (1304–1368?) mentioned the veneration accorded the Sufi leader Abu Ishaq al-Kazaruni (963–1035), known to protect sea travellers from storms, shipwreck, pirate attacks, or other dangers in return for a pledge of money. “No ship returns from China or India without yielding many thousands of dinars in votive fees” (Goldziher 1967: 284). As Islam spread, it carried stories of sailor-saints who miraculously moved about in water and who came at the last moment to the aid of the needy, especially sailors, fishermen and those in danger of drowning (Suvarova 2004: 168). The best known of these nautical saints was al-Khadir (“the green man”), associated with a mysterious figure in the Qur’an and in some Javanese accounts said to be the father of Ratu Kidul. Iconographically represented as an old man clothed entirely in green (the Prophet’s preferred colour), Nabi Khadir is often depicted moving across the ocean with a fish as his vehicle (Coomaraswamy, 1989: 157–167). In recent times he was described by Charles Zerner’s informants in Indonesia as “Nabi Heder”, the Prophet of Fish, who was everywhere at once and who “rules the seas – the waves, the wind and the movements of fish from Mandar [Southwest Sulawesi] to Mecca”. As the “President of the Sea”, he commanded the loyalty of a battery of local sea spirits who resembled district officials or camat

Despite the masculinised maritime environment, there was thus a place for the female divinities associated with supra-local religious beliefs. In terms of indigenous traditions, it is worth noting that while the orang laut see the foremost sea spirit as male, they also recognise a female sea sprit who is called “mother” (Chou 2003: 63–65). Her mediating role is reminiscent of such figures as Manimekhala, the Buddhist goddess of the sea, who appears in non-canonical Jatakas composed in Southeast Asia. In the view of Padmanabh Jaini, Manimekhala was a Southeast Asian creation, the compassionate saviour of the future Buddha, who was shipwrecked during a voyage to Suvarnabhumi, usually equated with mainland Southeast Asia. Previously neglectful of her duties as a sea guardian, Manimekhala rescues the bodhisattva and presents him with 84,000 ships filled with jewels (Levi 1930: 597–614; Monius 2001: 111–112; Jaini 1989: 25). That this episode caught popular imagination is indicated by its inclusion in Buddhist murals across mainland Southeast Asia.

In a similar mode, pilgrims travelling from China to India testified to the power of prayers offered to Avalokiteshvara (Guanyin in China), the ‘Venerable Mother’ who was specifically associated with cults for mariners (Yü 2001; 460). On his return from India, the fifth century pilgrim Faxian was a passenger on a ship that encountered a “violent gale, with tempestuous rain, at which the travelling merchants and traders who were [going back to China] were much frightened”. Faxian invoked Guanyin, “the Hearer of Prayers” and the mother-like guardian of sailors, and the vessel was saved (Wheatley 1961: 38–39). As Chinese voyaging to Southeast Asia expanded, sailors and traders brought with them one of the most vigilant sea deities, Mazu. First appearing in the tenth century, the beliefs associated with her apparently incorporated the cult of other female water and river spirits. Accorded an earthly existence as the daughter of a sea-going family, Tianhou (Empress of Heaven, as she came to be known) died young, but supernatural powers enabled her to appear as a spirit who would guide ships safely back to shore (Watson 1985: 294). Her reputation spread quickly and her temples proliferated, since her influence was thought to extend across very great distances. Prior to his departure on the famed ‘Ming Voyages’ the great admiral Zheng He made special sacrifices at her shrine to request protection for his ships, one of which travelled as far as Africa (Mills 1970: 9). Fishing boats and pirate craft alike maintained a shipboard shrine before which lamps burnt day and night, while embers or ashes from a Tianhou temple were often brought aboard so that they could be consulted as oracles. By the end of the eighteenth century Mazu temples had spread all over Southeast Asia. In these places seafarers could burn paper money and set off firecrackers to thank the goddess for their safe return and/or successful ventures, or request her future favours (Antony 2003: 157–161). Meanwhile, Zheng He had been elevated into a guardian protector of sailors and traders voyaging to the Southern Seas through his deification as the spirit Sam Po, venerated in temples established by overseas Chinese in trading centres throughout the region. Adjustments to the local context are plentiful; in Bangkok, for example, a temple originally founded in 1765 contains a large Buddha image, popularly known among Chinese as Sam Po Kong. In Java, Semarang’s Sam Po temple, which dates from the eighteenth century and was reportedly built on the site of a sacred cave, was dedicated to the legendary Javanese pilot, Dempu Awang. The Sam Po temple in Melaka, constructed in 1795, is said to celebrate a fish that miraculously saved Zheng He’s vessel from sinking. 6

The localization of supra-local religious beliefs is similarly evident in Christianity. Notwithstanding Christ’s association with fishermen and the biblical account of his stilling the storm, in Christianised Asia it was his mother, Mary, who became the most potent symbol of divine protection on the seas. 7 Wearing the blue cloak that invoked both the sea and the sky, the Virgin Mary as Stella Maris, the “‘star of the sea” is believed to intercede as a guide and protector of mariners and those travelling by boat. In the seventeenth century the Jesuit Alexandre de Rhodes thus recorded that he had been saved from shipwreck by throwing a precious relic, a hair of the Holy Virgin, into the storm-lashed ocean (Hertz 1966: 66,100).

In Southeast Asia the Madonna image most closely associated with sea travel is enshrined in the church of Antipolo in the Philippines. Brought to Manila from Mexico in 1626, it gained immediately popularity because the face was carved from dark wood and thus resembled a Filipina. Numerous miracles were attributed to her intervention, notably the 1647 defeat of a Dutch armada that lay siege to Manila (Mercado 1980: 14, 77, 83). Because of this reputation, captains making the voyage from Manila to Acapulco in the ‘galleon trade’ frequently requested that the Virgin of Antipolo be permitted to accompany them. Between 1670 and 1815 thirty of the 108 ships that traversed the Pacific sank, with the loss of the valuable cargo and all aboard, but those that carried the Antipolo Virgin image all returned safely. According to one passenger, “Our Lady was both pilot and captain”. In gratitude for this protection, the Spanish Governor awarded her the title ‘Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage’ (Nuestra Señora de la Paz y Buen Viaje). Over the years numerous individuals reported other miraculous events at sea, especially rescue from shipwreck, that were all ascribed to the Virgin of Antipolo (Mercado 1980: 143, 145).

The great strength of the sea divinities associated with the supra-local beliefs was threefold. First, their responses to the human condition were predictable, for they were always willing to listen to the appeals of their followers, in contrast to the demanding and sometimes unexpected requirements necessary to gain the favour of local spirits. The maternal care that deities like Guan Yin, Mazu and the Virgin Mary extended to their followers was far removed from the lures of seductive sea maidens. Second, the veneration of sea-associated deities like Nabi Khidir or Sam Po was supported by the political authorities, be they Chinese Emperors, Muslim Sultans, or Spanish governors. Third, while such deities were above all ‘portable,’ and like Nabi Khidir, could be recognised from the coasts of Africa to the Malay-Indonesian archipelago, they could also forge close relationships with local societies. 

Water and Spirits: A Metaphysical Phenomenon

Water provides natural properties to enhance and strengthen spiritual communication with the dead.

We all know that water can bring a sense of peace and calm to your life. Whether it is a warm shower or just simply looking at the waves crashing onto the shore, most of us will feel a connection with water as it nourishes and sustains our mind, body and soul. This energetic feeling you get is due to the power of electrical charge as negatively-charged electrons are freed from water molecules by the turbulent motion.

But how can water intensify our metaphysical abilities? How is this possible? For these answers, we spoke to a seasoned and very gifted psychic medium, David Hanzel.

As Contributed by David Hanzel, Psychic Medium

Water, Spiritual Connection and Science

Due to so many personal experiences, the relationship between water and psychic communication has perked the interest of science and has been the center of scientific study for some time now. Here’s a most interesting one.

Credit:  The Institute of Statics and Dynamics of Aerospace Structures Institution in Stuttgart, Germany

In 2017, a research study of such was made at the Institute of Statics and Dynamics of Aerospace Structures Institution in Stuttgart, Germany. Professors Dr. Bernd Kröplin and Regine C. Henschel, MA, conducted an experiment where he took four students and gave them eyedroppers. He asked them to each fill the droppers from the same glass of water. Afterwards, each student made four drops in a row on separate slides.  

The World in a Drop

The Ability of Water Functioning as Memory and Mirror

Could you imagine

  • that water has memorising capacity. In this case the oceans would know something about the water sources up in the mountains and vice versa
  • that water allows for inter-communication and transfer of information
  • that differing thoughts could be visualised in pictures
  • that water is like a mirror in various ways

Which low dose-effects of radiations are astronauts exposed? Could these low effects acting on human organisms – up to now unverifiable – been detected? Based on these questions discovered Prof. Dr. Bernd Helmut Kröplin and his team a sensitive and on divers vibrations reacting element: the water.

  • Water and its Memory
  • Water and its Memory

    English edition as eBook

    Water reacts sensitively to external influences and stores information in nature – and in us. Water communicates over distances. Testimony of this are fascinating water drop-images in which these phenomena of memory are fixed perceptible to everyone. Prof. Dr. Bernd Kröplin, Regine C. Henschel and their team are tracking these secrets. Reproducible experiments with fascinating images give a deep insight on how radiation of mobile phones, ultrasound, music, vibration therapies and even love and thought have an impact on the structure of water. A completely new picture of the role of water in nature and the human body. Our Ebook “Water and its Memory” is availabe on, Apple/iTunes, Google ebooks.

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These and other questions have been the subject of Prof. Dr. Kroeplin’s research team in Stuttgart for over fifteen years. Employing image capture using dark field microscopy has allowed us to uncover an astonishing microcosm contained within the inner structure of this commonplace and seemingly familiar medium. One of the most important discoveries made, was the fact that water is not just a solvent for substances such as minerals, enzymes and vitamins, but could in fact transfer information between the cells of an organism. Water “notes” the external influences that have acted upon it. This is especially important to us humans, as water makes up around 70% of our bodies. External factors that we expose ourselves to, be it music, electromagnetic radiation or chemical substances, all have an impact on the water structure within our cells that can be seen under a microscope. Our research is based on observed phenomena and has a long way still to go. Over the years the subject has fascinated and attracted visual artists. This fact has inspired Dr. Kroeplin to combine forces and set up the “World in a Drop” exhibitions, providing the public with scientific insights as well as creative visions concerning the topic. Since the first exhibition on the subject at the EXPO 2000 in Hannover, the project as well as the research have both matured. New discoveries as well as the overall progress will be presented at different venues this year.

We invite you to dive into “The World in a Drop” and discover for yourself the secrets contained within water memory.


Memory and communication in water

“Water is a medium that is largely not understood by physics and chemistry. Its material nature is tested, studied and understood by physics. However, beyond its physical and chemical qualities also memory and information play a significant role in water, and these build a bridge from the immaterial to the material world. These subtle phenomena are the ground of misunderstanding, and they can neither be studied nor detected by traditional experimental methods.

Hence, we use a different approach: we investigate the patterns that appear in a water drop after evaporation of the water and photograph them under a dark field microscope with a magnification between 40 and 400. We can prove that the patterns correlate with information exposed to the water. For one experiment, the patterns are in the most cases so similar that we can speak of reproducibility of the test.

Typical patterns appear for each kind of water itself, depending on the ingredients and history of the water. External effects may overrule these patterns, e.g. things, which are laid in the water or electromagnetic frequencies or acoustic waves that oppose to the water. By the observed patterns, we realize that water has a particular kind of memorizing and storing information of things that it has experienced. From experiments, we can also see that living organisms, like plants, can “read” this information and act with a unique behavior to the information stored in the water.

Our findings prove the memory of water and also the communication between separate units of water. Both seem to be essential for the understanding of mechanisms in living cells -these consist for approximately 70% of water- as well as for the communication of water in the world. This knowledge constitutes a reason to talk about a new dimension of quality and health of our planet earth.”

Prof. Dr. Bernd Helmut Kröplin

Research: Memory of water

Water and its Memory     Credit: GutesBuch Verlag, 2017

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Drops of Water Formed From Human Energy

When placed under a microscope they found something very strange. Amazingly even though each student’s drops of water were relatively the same size, each student’s drops were different from the other students. This means that even when the water came from the same glass, each student’s energy changed the droplets.

Drops of water    –    Credit:  Applied Mathematics’ Theoretical Physics

What this experiment showed us is that water is able to retain the power or essence of a human being. Does this prove that water has a memory and can somehow bond with another life?

Water and Our Energies

I’m not saying that this scientifically proves anything, beyond a shadow of a doubt. Yet, there is no doubt that water is one of the most incredible mysteries there is. If you think about it, water can sustain life. It has carved the land into continents. It can cause devastation or it can offer comfort. To me, it is a consciousness beyond what we know.

From Ancient Writings

“It is said by the Eldar that in water in there lives yet echo of the Music of the Ainur more than in any substance that is in this Earth; and many of the Children of Illuvatar hearken still unsated to the voices of the Sea, and yet know not for what they listen.”

—  J.R.R Tolkien

Water and the Ghost Hunt

David continues…

Paranormal groups sometimes seem to get excited when there is a storm during investigations. Granted, it’s a good and bad thing. The rain can sometimes contaminate evidence with its forceful hits against the side of a house. But most investigators will agree, that for some reason, the activity of spirits tends to be normally higher. This also goes for any location that has a body of water near it or perhaps have a hidden stream under a property.

Ghost Hunting with Rain Storms   –    Credit: Ghosthunter The Movie

David’s Theory

If asked, I offer you this theory. Going back to the beginning of this story, it was said that water could take on the energy of a person. Water brings life, whether from this world or maybe the other side. We are attracted to water because it has a life force.

What better way for a spirit to get through all the levels they need to get through, by using the water’s life force? All the creatures of the sea use the water for echolocation. Under water, a sound can travel miles and miles. Some can even smell through the water. Others feel the electrical impulses from other creatures under the sea.

The Power of Water with Psychic Abilities   –     Credit:  Awakening Psychic Abilities

It makes perfect sense that energy from the other side would want to use what is here to make it easier to communicate. I’m not saying that I have absolute proof. But what I can tell you is when there is a body of water or rain nearby, as a medium, I sense, hear, and see more than usual.

If you get the chance to investigate near the water or if you are lucky enough to have light rain or a storm during an investigation, rest assured the spirits will be there with greater power to communicate with you. Water is an amazing gateway and conductor between here and the other side.

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water intention experiments prove effect

Groundbreaking new studies have been published on the power of the mind to change the structure of water and even help stem cells grow.

Water, the most plentiful substance on Earth, has been shown to have the unique properties of recording and storing information. For this reason, it has recently been used as a target in the scientific study of mind-matter interactions.

Dr. Dean Radin is the Chief Scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences, or IONS, which has for the last 50 years been at the forefront of studying the frontiers of consciousness. Since 2006, Radin has led several studies on the effect of mental intention on water, culminating with a groundbreaking just-published experiment.

“We’re interested in mind-matter interactions where water is the target because we are composed mostly of water,” Radin said. “One of the questions then — when it comes to any kind of psychic healing, distance healing, energy medicine — maybe the reason why it works is because the mind can influence properties of water because then it would obviously influence all of us.”

“So, some years ago we did some studies to look at the claims of Dr. (Masaru) Emoto, who had become famous as the result of putting different kinds of mental intentions into water and then making little frozen crystals, and his claim was that if you think beautiful thoughts at the water as you make the crystals, the crystals will look beautiful, and if you think ugly thoughts, then you get ugly looking crystals,” Radin said.

When IONS conducted two rigorous studies to validate Dr. Emoto’s work, the scientists found that the effect held; the quality of the intention placed on the water directly affected the configuration of the crystals.


People are seriously being lured into unnatural relationship with water.  

Water Spirit

The energies in water have enticed dreamers, sailors, mystics, witches, and healers. Water is the greatest shapeshifter known in this dimension, and many use its magical properties to perform miraculous effects.Water men have been lulled to sea for millennia, following its seductive call. Women immerse themselves in the sea to heal and be made whole when life has challenged them. The power we get from water is not simply myth. It is actual neurological, physiological, and spiritual power.

The Water Goddess, a very real, yet mythological female, has been characterized in many ways in lore and art;and she is the subject of one of our featured gift sections. Everything in that collection relate to the woman who loves all seas and knows the mystical and spiritual power of water.

She is a combination of all the best qualities of female water lovers. She represents a state of emotional freedom, often envied by land-locked Goddesses who long to swim in other dimensions of consciousness. She is the Boho (bohemian) Baby of the Sea. She is the benevolent mermaid who cares for all marine life and watches out for the waters of the world. She is the Water Goddess who lures willing swimmers into the depth so she can teach them the mysteries of Mother Waters. She is wet and wild, And free to experience life on her own terms.

Many women, and maybe you, too, long for the freedom of the sea in ordinary reality, or simply in myth. Either way, loving water, oceans, rivers and all small trickles of water is a lifestyle choice not fully understood by those who look from the outside and remain high and dry.  Full immersion is the only way to understand the calling we water lovers share. All water women and men understand their blessed water-loving hearts, but cannot find words that are profound enough to describe the love and the pull that keeps us entrained to the rhythms of the sea.

At any age, a true Water Spirit will become awakened to the gentle, playful, yet fierce power that is alive in the heart. One day she or he may find they are searching for a different reality but may not fully understand coming into their calling. The Water Spirit  is infinitely influenced by the “Water Gene” carried in the soul.There is no way to stop a true water lover from searching for the cosmic water connection. We must dive in.

So here we are… sharing our mystical purpose, bringing evolved ideas together, along with stories, and some precious little things that remind us of water, and oceans, and blue. It all works to soothe the longing of the wild water lover. We invite all water keepers, water healers, water spirits, and water mystics to balance their land-based magic with a taste of blue.

  • Earlier this month, a professor at Santa Monica College led students in an ‘EcoSexual Sextravaganza’ in which participants ‘married the ocean.’
  • After the ceremony, some students made their way to the shoreline, where they were urged by event organizers to “consummate” the marriage and “make love with the water.”

Earlier this month, a professor at Santa Monica College led students in an ‘EcoSexual Sextravaganza’ in which participants ‘married the ocean.’

Amber Katherine, a philosophy professor who helped organize the May 14 event, explained to Campus Reform that the purpose of the “wedding” was to bring about a deeper love for the planet through “ecocentric passion and even lust.”

Back when I would hug trees in Santa Cruz, I would sort of ask the tree if it was okay if I hugged it and I would feel their spirit or energy or something give a response back, and then proceed accordingly.”   

The ceremony began with Bruce Cartier, a former SMC student, proclaiming to those gathered at Santa Monica Beach that “today we stand upon this holy earth and in this sacred space to witness the rite of matrimony between the sea and us all.”

Next, leaders of the event distributed rings to the students, announcing “with this ring, I bestow upon the sea the treasures of my mind heart and hands—as well as my body and soul. With the power vested in us, we now pronounce you ‘married to the sea.’

Married to the Sea

Some students then made their way down to the water, where they were urged by event organizers to “consummate” the marriage and “make love with the water.”

Stick your toes in the water … or any part of your body that you want.”

The event, according to Professor Katherine, “was funded by a number of campus organizations” with the main sponsor being the University’s Public Policy Institute chapter.

One attendee of the event—who identified herself only as “Serenity”—spoke about the importance of gaining consent from the earth before proceeding with a physical relationship.

“Back when I would hug trees in Santa Cruz, I would sort of ask the tree if it was okay if I hugged it and I would feel their spirit or energy or something give a response back, and then proceed accordingly,” she told The Corsair. “Consent is definitely important. Do you think the Earth would consent to fracking and pollution? Probably not”.

“It was actually our second marriage so it was kind of like renewing my vows for me,” added SMC EcoSexual Club president Diego Marquez. 

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People are seeking interaction with spiritual entities and rejoicing when they manifest in their presence.

Home Visits from a Friendly Local Water Spirit

The strange times when I had a water nymph visiting and arriving in the corner of my dining room.

Water Nymph encounter in the dining room

About six months after my waking up, during a visit by my friend Joan we found that I had a water spirit (also known as a water sprite or water nymph and Undine)  in my dining room. Most of the time we would find her in one particular place although she was not exclusively stationed there. We think that there must be an underground water hole entrance at this spot because we could not see her spending too much time away from water.

She interacted with me for more than six months from when I first became aware of her. She would often merge her energies with mine if I spent any time in one place in the dinning room. When this happened, I would find myself undulating gently like the ripples of a stream. This seemed to be her way of saying hello.

It took me a while to get used to her presence as I was very visual during this period and it was quite a shock at times to walk into my dining room and see what I in the  first instance thought was as a woman standing in the corner of my dinning room – especially early in the morning when I was not quite awake.

Description of a real Water Spirit or Water Sprite

She was of medium height, and looked like a person made of water, she was many shades of deep green and blue and she constantly undulated as though water flowed within her. She also had longish watery hair and a woman’s face – hence the ‘she’.

Even now many years later I miss her presence. To a certain extent it felt as if this interaction was part of both of our unfolding education, she was learning things while visiting this humans abode as was I by her presence.

A year before her appearance I had re-tiled the kitchen floor. I was very creative in the house and laid three colours of vinyl tile to created a design that represented the contours of a lake when looked at from above. It would have taken me about half a day to lay the tiles as original 30×30 cm squares. However, this excessive creativity took me at least two weeks using a sharp knife and scalpel to sculpture the lake shape contours from the tiles to completely cover the kitchen floor.

A Lake cut from floor tiles beckoned the Water Spirit

The sculptured tiled lake flowed the full length of the kitchen but narrowed to a channel as it came up against the door leading into the dinning room.

When making that water exit part I had been surprised that I had finished it that way with the open outflow as it actually felt better making it fully enclosed. It seemed to me that I was unknowingly planning for this encounter well before it actually happened.

This outflow through the kitchen door was exactly orientated to where she eventually appeared and stood over a year later which was right in front of my dinning room alcove storage and shelving unit (photo below). Recently (mid 2013) I was returned some photographic albums that I’d lost and amongst them was a photo of the unit I had designed and hand built into the corner of my dining room where the water spirit would appear in front of.

Where the water spirit appeared in my house

Notice the large ‘wool’ lily pond wall hanging to the right of this alcove space and the curtain to the left that strangely depicts what can only be described as a flowing water pattern. Click on the photo for a larger image. The unit and shelves are all hand made, the drift wood I collected from Northumberland and West Coast beaches and the pottery vases, bowls and ornaments I designed and made to.

Having the water floor representation in the kitchen and the hand built wood unit bedecked with natural drift wood pieces, other, personally made natural paraphernalia while also having the surrounding ‘symbolic of water’ curtains and lily wall hanging probably made it easier for her to stretch away from the water hole spot and enter the dining room and to spend time in the kitchen.

She would sometimes become curious about what I was doing in the kitchen (cooking) and enter the kitchen to watch me.

Which as the kitchen had more wood in it then a real wood and a ‘lake’ floor then she probably felt at home there.

Healing cleansing while interacting with Water Spirits

Water nymphs are good to interact with when you need cleansing which I did as part of my clearing work to raise my awareness and to shift my shit, this was the perfect phase for her to help me to do this.

Have you reading this had any encounter with a water sprite, water nymph, undine or any other water spirit type? Anything? If you have then tell us about your encounter in the comment box below. Don’t be shy?

(Photo by Joel Filipe on Unsplash)

When I was a secular journalist, I went on assignment to the Dry Tortugas National Park off the shores of the Florida Keys. Home to the largest marine sanctuary of its kind in the United States, the area is off-limits to fishing to preserve highly-exploited marine life species. I had a front-row view of magnificent coral and exotic fish as the sun beat down on the boat deck. What I couldn’t see were the marine demons below the surface.

The oceans and waters of the earth are filled with beautiful creatures—and some of them are dangerous. Take the striped surgeonfish as a natural example. With its nearly neon green and blue stripes, this fish is stunning—but its spine is venomous. Hideous marine demons are trolling below the surface of the water with a deadly agenda to kill, steal and destroy lives. You can’t see them any more than you can see spirits of fear or rejection, but they are actively engaged in aquatic ministry. Of course, they don’t only work in the water. They just make their home base there.

Perhaps the closest parallel we can make between natural sea creatures and marine demons is the jellyfish. Some jellyfish merely sting—others are deadly like the sea wasp box jellyfish (the deadliest in the world), the Portuguese man-of-war (which is technically a colony of organisms) and the Irukandji jellyfish. According to Conservation Institute, you’re unlikely to see this tiny creature coming because it’s only .02 inches and is nearly transparent.

“It is a member of the notorious box jellyfish family, and is arguably the most venomous animal on the planet. Its toxin is 100 stronger than that of a cobra. Both the tentacles and bell can sting,” Conservation Institute writes. “A single sting may be treatable. Multiple stings are almost certainly deadly. Symptoms include severe muscle cramps, pain in the kidneys and back, burning sensations, headache, vomiting and tachycardia. If you live, it won’t be a fun memory.”

Marine demons are like venomous jellyfish. They release toxic imaginations as they work to wrap their tentacles around you. The attack can sting your soul or body. If you don’t discern the attack quickly enough and sustain multiple stings, it could kill relationships, steal your peace of mind or health and destroy opportunities God has planned for you. You can defeat it. The battle won’t be a fun memory, but the victory will be sweet.

There are three realms of the universe: the heavenlies, the earth and the sea. Psalm 146:6 tells us God made “heaven, and earth, the sea and all that is in them.” Here we see three realms of creation—and three realms of spiritual strongholds. In Nehemiah 9:6a, the Levites said, “‘You alone are the Lord. You have made heaven, the heaven of heavens, with all their host, the earth and all that is on it, the seas and all that is in them.'”

The third realm or stronghold of creation is the seas. In Exodus 20:4, the Lord speaks expressly: “You shall not make for yourself any graven idol, or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water below the earth.” Many Christians have never heard of water spirits, but the Bible speaks of the category of sea monsters—on many occasions. Ancient religions have made gods of sea creatures, but these are really demonic entities.

A few of the Scriptures that mention water spirits include: Ezekiel 29:3-4, Job 34, Revelation 17:1-2, Revelation 12:12 and 1 Samuel 5:3. Acts 6 mentions the python spirit. Isaiah 27:1 mentions Leviathan. While some of these verses speak to specific marine demons and the principles of defeating them, others offer evidence to the broader classification of water spirits—or how spirits work in the waters.

Revelation 12:12 is perhaps the best example: “Therefore rejoice, O heavens, and you who dwell in them! Woe unto the inhabitants of the earth and the sea! For the devil has come down to you in great wrath, because he knows that his time is short.”

There are many marine demons—or water spirits—listed in Scripture. You’ve heard of Leviathan and python, but spirits like squid, Rahab, Behemoth and others are prowling around like the proverbial Jaws waiting to attack. The first step to defeating these demons is not to be ignorant of their devices. Study Scriptures. Know the enemy. Water spirits are rising.

This article is an excerpt from Jennifer’s new book, The Spiritual Warrior’s Guide to Defeating Water Spirits.

The TRUTH about these spirits.



Mermaids- Human Hybrids and Demons

The information here should not be branded as folklore or urban legend or fairy tale. They are real information which came from the experiences of real victims; men and women of noble stature in society and ex-satanists who have been serving Satan and have been in contact with the spirit world for many years. 
Over the centuries, there have been many sightings of strange creatures around the world, notably, the Eastern countries and few places in the poles. These creatures seen in the sea and on the shore would resembles half fish and half humanoid. Sometimes, the creatures would assume a full human resemblance. 

The Marine kingdom (WHICH IS SPIRITUAL) is established beneath the Atlantic Ocean and the Headquarters of Marine kingdom of Satan is said to be located beneath India’s Sea. The “Queen of India’s Sea” is the head of Marine kingdom, while the “Queen of the Coast” is next in command and resides within the Atlantic Ocean.Above the Queen of the Coast and Queen of India, there is the ruling King of the Seas, a Fallen Angel called “LEVIATHAN”; this Fallen Angel is described in detail in Job 41:1. 
Isaiah 27:1 also says, “At that time [ In that day] the Lord will punish Leviathan [ a sea creature in ancient Near Eastern texts that represents chaos; the ·gliding [or swift-moving; or fleeing] ·snake [serpent].
He will punish Leviathan, the ·coiled [writhing; twisting] ·snake [serpent], with his great and hard and powerful sword. He will kill the ·monster [dragon] in the sea“.
The Bible also speaks of Leviathan in Psalms 104:25-26 and Job 3-8.However, according to witnesses, this Mysterious City is a supernatural place and is located under the sea off the coast of Ghana; and it extends to the Bermuda Triangle off the coast of Bermuda.
The city is made of materials and substances that are beyond human imaginations, and towers beyond belief. 
This would explain the level of anomalies that goes on in this area. This is the area where hurricanes are also developed. 
It is said that both are also among the fallen angels and travel in the form of half humanoid and half fish.Under the seas, the kingdom of wickedness is governed by ruling princes, ruling princesses, governors, generals etc, who are all human beings. Nevertheless, they function under the power and directions of demon-gods called “Aquarius spirits” or “Marine spirits”. E.g. The “Nereids, “while they are associated with the Mediterranean, they were thought to be specifically concentrated with the “Aegean Sea”, [Sea between Greece and Turkey]; for this was where their father, Nereus, had his Marine palace.In many occult practices, the source of the witchcraft is water base, where these water spirits are contacted for supernatural powers.
This Marine kingdom is a highly organized and strategized. There are Laboratories where extreme technology and sophisticated equipments are used by high ranking Satanists to design things that are seductively beautiful and irresistible. They are created by psychiatrists, scientists, technical engineers, Psychologists and designers etc, work tirelessly to design the latest weapons, perfumes, assorted types of cosmetics, flashy cars and different designs of electronics…


Many perfumes to lure men and women are designed there; many model of women’s underwear and sexy clothing to seduce and distract men are also made there.  This kingdom is ruled by the main virtues, Fashion, Money, Lust and Worldly Pleasures and this is being run by the Queen of the Coast herself.
Starbucks Coffee is one among the many companies which carries the imprint on the Queen of the Coast. 


One may wonder, how could physical humans be under the water doing these things. Remember, the spirit realm is real like the realm of the earth; it is just in another dimension and one need supernatural aid to enter there.

Many of the high technological researches and the invention of many play-station and other games are designed under the waters in order to take children away from the desire to becomes Christian or dedicated Christians and to carry them into a vagabond-like lifestyle. This is why most games are demonic, having demonic characters. Demons are specifically placed in the games to kill the children’s desire for school and have it replaced with the desire to live in play station studios all day.

The things that are designed in that spirit world are use on earth to supply people who have signed a contract with the Devil. There victims receive good sale and prosperity but in return must sacrifice one to two souls to the Devil every year. Failure to do the yearly sacrifice could result in serious consequences, including bankruptcy and foreclosure of business and home.

Some of these things are also given to a group called “Recruiters”, agents of the Occult for the sole purpose to distract people from Jesus Christ.
This is a war against Jesus Christ and His Lordship and Kingdom. Revelations 12:12, “Woe to the inhabitants of the earth and in the sea! For the Devil came down to you, having great wrath, knowing that he has but a little time.”

Mermaids are either water demons or humans (witches) who transformed into Mermaids by demonic powers.  
Water Demons are creatures that exist outside our dimension and are all descendants of the Falling Angels. They came about through an abominable union between the Fallen Angels and water creatures and by unions between demons and water creatures. These half spirits and half aquatic creatures are hybrid disembodied spirits and became water demons – Enoch 6 & 7 and Jubilees 5; as well as the Book of Jasher confirms this.   Because the essence of Angels is immortal, their offspring are also immortal. When they die, their spirits live on, but as cursed or evil spirits. However, their bodies are made of mortal and angelic substances. That’s why even as spirits, they can manifest between realms and affect the natural realm. Though they are immortal, yet, because they possesses mortal properties, the more their angelic DNA is diluted by mortal composition, is the more they are subject to mortal demise. 
E.g., if the direct son of an Angel is let’s say 50% angelic and 50% human, and this hybrid mates with a human, his offspring would be something like 30% angelic and 70% human. If this offspring mates with a woman, his offspring would become 10% angelic and 90% human. At some point, the offspring would be more more mortal than angelic, becoming susceptible to severe wounds and death.
Even the spirits of the gods [Greek and roman gods etc] have died in Greek and Roman Mythology, because they came from descendants of demi-gods. 
Every time an offspring mate sexually with a human, the new born offspring becomes more mortal.
These disembodied spirits make up the myriads of wicked spirits in the kingdom of darkness. These Demons cannot be caught in nets, nor can humans see them unless the demons allows someone to see them. People who are haunted or possessed may have certain gifts that could allow them to see in the spirit world and see these creatures. Both the demon mermaids and human mermaids can cause drowning or induce bad dreams and torment a person or cause sexual arousal in the night. I have had an opportunity to spend time with a woman who is an ex-Satanist, who held one of the highest position in the kingdom of the Satanism. She was a High Priestess, a General and the Regional bride of Satan in the Caribbean. She is one of those who has escaped the powers of Satanism and lived to tell the tale of these underwater creatures and hidden works of the Devil, of which she is a witness.Throughout the centuries, many Occult practitioners through the working of witchcraft and Satanism have seen and been with these creatures. The reason why science cannot prove their existence it is because we cannot prove the spiritual with the natural, unless the supernatural manifest in the physical to leaves a physical imprint.For thousands of years, we have been told tales of beautiful and dangerous creatures which inhabit the waters of the world. The question is, what do we really know about them? Mermaids are not what Walt Disney or Hollywood presents them to be.(A great deal of information on water Demons or mermaids can be found in “Witch’s Guide To Faery Folk”: Reclaiming Our Working Relationship with Invisible Helpers (Llewellyn’s New Age Series).
Nymphs are “spirits” who manifest in the form of human females, and are typically associated with particular locations. There are different types of Nymphs: 
  • Alseids (groves)
  • Dryads (Forests Nymphs)
  • Hamadryads (trees Nymphs)
  • Leimoniads (meadows)
  • Meliads (ash trees)
  • Naiads (springs and rivers)
  • Meliae (nymphs of ash trees), 
  • Naiads (nymphs of rivers and streams), 
  • Nereids (nymphs of calm seas), 
  • Oreads (nymphs of mountains)
Demonic Water spirits are called “Water Nymphs”, and are said be from the pagan gods and are called “HYDRIADS”, (Hydro-spirits)
There were water spirits long before, but the population and kingdom of the Aquatic kingdom grew and taken popularity when the descendants of Oceanus [3000 sons and 3000 daughters] and Nereus [50 Nereids] came into play. 
Oceanus was a Titan god of the enormous river called “Okeanos” which was believed to be encircling the world and flows backward. At the time, the Greeks thought the sea was an incredibly large river that surrounded the whole earth.
Oceanus was originally the source of all the water, a personification of all waters of the world; salt and fresh, and  ruled precisely the “Mediterranean Sea”, “Atlantic Ocean” and “Indian Ocean” which were the most familiar to ancient Greeks at the time.
The sons of Oceanus are called the “Potamoi” and the daughters of Oceanus are called “Oceanids”; while the daughters of Nereus are called Nereids.”
The “Nereids” are sea and fresh water spirits; but is specific to the Mediterranean;, the “Oceanids” are sea and fresh water spirits; and the “Potamoi” are River spirits. The Potamoi became the fathers of the Naiads. However, later, Poseidon was given supreme rule over earth’s water. Oceanus was then allowed to continue ruling the kingdom beyond the Pillars of Heracles, which refers to the Atlantic and Indian Oceans, Geographically speaking; while the Mediterranean Sea was ruled by Poseidon; and the rivers, fountains, streams and rain waters were controlled by the sons and daughters. 
They were not immortal beings but were extremely long-lived.What I want to discuss here are the class called “Naiads” and “Oceonide”
These are spirits and are called fresh water Nymphs (spirits) or Aquarius spirits and reside in bodies of fresh water like rivers, streams, brooks, springs, fountains, lakes, ponds, wells, and marshes. These spirits are divided into various subclasses: Crinaeae resides in fountains, Pegaeae resides in springs, Eleionomae resides in marshes, Potameides resides in rivers, and Limnades or Limnatides in lakes.
These are sea spirits, who also can live in fresh water, and are most common to human, for they cause more disaster than the naiads who resides in fresh water. The sea is bigger than fresh water bodies and is the main passage for ships and other water vessels.  The waters over which Naiads presides are thought to be endowed with inspirational, healing, and/or prophetic powers (spirits of Divination). Thus the Naiads were called water gods and were frequently worshiped by the ancient Greeks. The genealogy of the Naiads was determined by the geographic region and literary source. Naiads were either daughters of Zeus, daughters of various river gods, or simply part of the vast family of the Titan Oceanus or Poseidon (Neptune). Now, as I said before, these Greek gods are not only Greek myths, but are real spirits or Demon princes who take up residential areas to allocate themselves. As much as it is a myth to the ignorant person because of lack of substantial evident, these spirits really exists and are valuable to Wiccan, [nature spirit worshipers] and other pagans.
MAMI WATA (Mermaid of Africa)
All mermaid spirit are called mother of the water or ocean. According to the African culture of spiritism and witchcraft, the Mermaid spirits who resides within the waters of Africa are called “Mami Wata,” which is in the corrected English language (Mommy Water or Water Mommy, which is just another way of saying Mommy or Mother of the Water).Mami Wata is a pantheon of water spirits or deities, venerated in West, Central, and Southern Africa, and in the African diaspora, in the Caribbean and parts of North and South America.The most popular-and powerful-African water spirit or mermaid is named “Mamba Muntu” which is her personal African name.
Some devotees of the Igbo people of West Africa, and the many who have encountered Mami Wata have reported to anthropologists that she is a mermaid spirit with the upper part of her body as human and her lower parts as a fish or serpent. It is said that she possesses inhuman beauty, unnaturally long hair of three different textures which ranges from straight, curly to kinky, and either black or blonde, and is combed straight back, and a high complexion that’s beyond normal. She is described as having a large snake (which is a symbol of divination or divinity in many African cultures) around her neck, which wraps itself around her, laying its head between her nude breasts.In one report it is said that Anthropologist, Mary Bastian (1987-88) did a field research in Nigeria on the Onitsha Market System. During this research, it was reported to her that Mami Wata is female, and that she displays her unimaginable wealth of jewelry such as combs, mirrors, and watches, wristwatch, which represent foreign wealth and would blind those who view it.
Those who are seduced by her or the other spirits are killed immediately under the water and some would come back as her mediums with special powers and would be use for her evil purpose. She also has other forms and can manifest as a man, or fully human.This report and description came from people who are worshipers of demons.
African legend says that hundreds of years ago, numerous water spirits were living in West Africa and their manifestation to the public were eminent. These African water spirits were most time encountered as snakes or Crocodile, but were also encountered as half fish and half-human like.In different African religious systems, such as the Voodoo which is highly practiced in the southern parts of Togo and Benin, and Southern Ghana, there exists consecrated pagan priests and priestesses of the water spirit. Today Mami Wata worship is a wide spread tradition in West Africa, the Caribbean and in America.   (The popularity of MamiWata worship is all over, especially in the USA, See my article Pirates and Mermaids – MamiWata The Root behind the CrazeMORE INFO CAN BE FOUND ON MYTH CREATURES:
THE MERMAID LASIRÈN (Mermaid of Haiti)
This mermaid Demoness is also said to be a powerful water spirit popular in the Caribbean Island of Haiti.
She is called “LaSiren” but in reality, LaSirèn came from the English word Siren, which is a sect of spirits that is said to be half bird and woman and manifest around water as mermaid and sings very beautifully as to attract humans and destroy sailors.These Sirens were said to be manifesting in many areas around the world and was encountered by many. Nevertheless, the name LaSirèn was given specifically to the goddess water spirit of Haiti who is said to be a Mermaid and Queen of the sea.It is said by the Haitians that LaSirene has the ability to hypnotize people with her beauty. Many say that she is elegant, a beautiful woman who is a temptress and deceiver. She rules over dreams.In Haiti, Voodoo is one of the most popular religions there. Water spirits are said to be manifesting to the voodoo people there as they seeks the help of these spirits from under the water. Followers of LaSirèn say she takes them below the water to her world for 3 days, 3 weeks, months or even years, and when they return to land, they would return with new powers, yea, it is said that some women become Voodoo priestesses this way.The Little Mermaid is held as myth and a story, but it came from a background of reality. It is no co-incidence why this Olympian god Poseidon or Neptune (Roman) [a Demon Prince] who is said to be the “sea-god” is a Mermaid, (Merman). He carries an enchanted TRIDENT. Therefore, Ariel the Little Mermaid who is the daughter of the Sea god or Sea Demon Neptune would then be a goddess or Demoness.     
THE MERMAID YEMAYA (Caribbean Mermaid)
Yemaya’s is also a Mermaid similar to the Mermaid in Haiti called LaSirene. Yemaya is an orisha, (goddess) in the Yoruba religion. An Orisha is a spirit which reflects one of the manifestations of Olodumare (God) in the Yoruba spiritual or religious system. The Yorùbá is a large ethnic group in Africa.Yemaya is being worship in the Caribbean by afro-Caribbeans, in Brazil by Afro-Brazilian and in Africa.
In Brazilian Candomblé, she is known as Yemanja or Imanje. Her feast night is held on Saturday night.Yemanja has been discovered in the Occultic world to be a beautiful creature with the powers of a constant wave-like movement and is surrounded by lesser mermaids, mermen, fish and other marine life, and is pictured as a Mermaid Queen holding a mirror while standing between the Sun and the Moon. Whenever she dances, there would always be a snake wrapped around her arm, her familiar.
This sea goddess (demon) is having ceremonies made to her throughout the year such as January 1st, June 22nd, September 7th and 9th, October 26th and December 31st. In the north-eastern Brazilian coastline, her greatest ceremony is being held on February 2nd where her so-called children or cults call upon her in the greatest number. In Haitian Voodoo, she is worshiped as a Moon-goddess, and is said to be associated with the mermaid-spirits of La-Sirenn. This Mermaid is popular throughout the areas of Brazil, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago, the United States, Mexico and Venezuela.I had a copy of a picture and testimony of a Mermaid from Africa who got saved, became a Christian and lived to give her testimony on the Sun Newspaper in Africa. MERMAIDS FOUND ON BEACHES? (HOAX)
There have been stories on the media where the carcasses of what is said to be a dead mermaids were washed up on a beach at Chennai after a tsunami, and also, the body of what looked like a mermaid which was found on Florida’s beach and few other places. There are also other claims; but all of these physical findings are Hoaxes.
If a real sea mermaid is caught, humans would know it is a real mermaid; humans are too intelligent not to know the difference.The mermaids who are Demonic spirits are in a spirit form, half humanoid and the lower part of fish. Though they can assume physical forms through incantations, they are composed of spiritual substance. Demons are immortal beings, yet can be killed. Nevertheless, if a demon dies, because it does not have a physical body it cannot be found in the physical realm.

Also, the mermaids who are humans are in a form composed of a substance that vibrates at a higher frequency. This means, their bodies are similar to Jesus Body after his resurrection.  
Therefore, the findings cannot be humans who have been transformed into these creatures. Why? because a human can only transform by Demons through shape-shifting abilities. If the person dies, the Demon goes away and the person’s body will resume its normal human shape and features, and physical properties. 
There will be no evidence that this human was a ever a mermaid.  

Also, the findings could not be creatures created through genetic manipulation because these creatures are in a watery world distant from human civilizations. Nevertheless, because they are physical deformed creatures, there are possibilities that they can be caught with physical instruments. However, the Kingdom of the Devil is careful; too careful to let their creatures out into the open. 

Marine spirits are dangerous, though some may appear harmless but a Demonic spirit will always be a demon, evil and wicked.

It is believed among the worshipers of these water spirits that Saturday nights is the time when mermaids in rivers and seas all over the world are most likely to be seen.
Not only these creatures were seen, but also it was said that only few who encountered them escaped immediate death by the powers of these creatures and live to tell the tale. They would drown sailors, cause shipwreck and storms. These paintings were made after the story of sailors who encountered these spirit beings at sea.

Strong physical evidence have not been seen and therefore scientists and philosophers have dismissed the stories and theory as hoax, nevertheless the great account of encounters from all over the world seems to be similar. All the water spirits live in water, most have fish tale, vicious, caries a comb and causes death. Why aren’t people seeing the water spirits as common today as it was years ago? They have been exposed and therefore seek to remain to people as a myth. Also, because of the prayer of the saints of God their manifestations are not commonly seen, but is still present to those of the Occult.


Dealing With Water Spirits And Marine Spirits Evangelist Joshua Orekhie Deliverance Messages



[ February 15, 2020

The waters spirits are from marine agents. Marine spirits operate when people consciously and unconsciously commit sexual sin. They employ marine spirits to war against individuals, families, governments and even continents. In most cultures of the world there is ancestral worship of marine deities. As a result of this, family members are dedicated to them. The dedication normally extends to generations yet unborn. This goes on indefinitely until you renounce it and separate yourself from the evil umbrella that is covering your whole family line. This is what is called collective captivity where members of a particular family experience the same problems and bondages. There is a collective captivity marine vehicle carrying the whole family where God has not ordained for them to go. You as a child of God need to use the blood of Jesus to separate your life from that evil marine vehicle of your family.  


1. There are three spiritual realms in the universe. These are the heavenlies, the earth, and the waters.
2. We should exercise dominion in all three realms because God has given us dominion over the works of His hands. Psalm 8 .
3. God created the land from the waters.
4. Water spirits and marine powers operate out of the waters.
5. Water spirits can easily be used against a person because o 85% of the world is water o 70-75% of a human being consists of water
6. Everything that God created was for the benefit of man but the fall of man changed that:
7.  It introduced curses where God had originally planned only blessing.
8. The fall of Lucifer and his been thrown out of heaven with his fallen angels, further compounded the problems. “Therefore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them. Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time.” Revelation 12:12.
9. There are terrible witchcraft activities against people, communities, and even countries, in the marine world.
10 Marine powers are worshiped in most parts of the world. (In all parts of the world where ships travel.  Marine dieties are worshiped by all navies, merchant marines, cruise lines, pirates, etc. Don’t believe me… see “Are You Having a Mari-Time“) Many have made trans- generational covenants with these powers. There is normally a queen in the water that is worshiped such as Yemoja/MamiWata which means mother of the children of the fish, Olokun, which means mother of the sea, and others. There is also a king in the waters that is worshipped. Neptune/Poseidon
Say: Every evil queen and king in the water demanding for my worship, you are a liar, fall down and die.
11. The marine world just like other departments in satan’s kingdom is very well organized.
12 There are: o Marine Altars o Priests that: § Maintain the marine altars § Supervise evil covenants between marine powers and their victims including evil dedication to marine powers § Offer sacrifices to and supervise the worship of marine spirits § Initiate people into various marine societies such as mermaid society § Use marine animals including crocodiles and serpents to harass people. o Marine strongmen that enforce these covenants and enforce sanctions if they are broken. They show up in the dream to deal mercilessly with victims. A marine strongman may be a serpent. When they sexually violate you they take the appearance of men. v The influence of water spirits can be felt everywhere. They control commerce. They manipulate governments, and they have infiltrated deep into the church. v Their agents go after top leaders in the government, business and even the church.
Prayer: Every marine agent on assignment to pull me down, sword of the Lord, locate them and destroy them now, in the name of Jesus.
v Several so called “churches” and “ministers” derive their power from the marine world. Most of the miracles, signs, and wonders are marine powered. This is a very common problem these days so one needs to really seek God before going to any place to worship or even visit.

1. Marine powers possess and use serious monitoring and surveillance powers.
2. They have very well organized networks that can infiltrate anywhere.
3. They use marine chains and padlocks to chain and padlock different areas of a person’s life and destiny.
4. They fire arrows from the waters into people’s lives. These arrows introduce problems such as sickness, insanity, and poverty into such lives.
5. Marine materials and deposits are transferred into people by their agents through such avenues as sex, food, and sharing of clothes and other personal effects.
6. Pollute people through sex and other avenues.
7. Use images and effigies to manipulate and control people.
8. Maintain evil altars from where they launch their attacks.

9. There are marine priests, marine snakes and other marine animals such as crocodile (also known as the leviathan) that operate from marine altars to manipulate, bewitch, and afflict.
10. They control and regulate nations, families, and individuals. They program and project evil things into people including animals, moving objects, heat, and sicknesses into people.
11. They maintain warehouses where people’s goodness, benefits, and virtues are stored.

12. They also have prisons and courts under the water where they imprison their victims and issue judgment on them.
13. Many stars are buried in marine burial grounds located in the homes of marine agents and under the waters.
14. There are marine witchcraft covens under the water where people are summoned, and evil decisions and judgments are made. 
15. Marine agents use gifts to ensnare their victims.
16. Marine agents possess very strong monitoring powers and know when their victims have opened the doors for attacks through such door openers as discouragement, evil confessions, and lies.
17. Marine agents steal precious things from people and they operate very fast. Once they know that the doors are open they quickly come in and steal. They steal various things including breakthroughs, position, virtues, wealth and possessions.
18. Encounters with marine agents bring terrible oppression and afflictions. They can even make a person to go insane.
19. Marine agents are adept at carrying out evil transfers. They can take the robust health of their victim and transfer it to someone who is sick. They in return transfer the sickness to the man from whom they stole the good health.
20. They can also transfer sickness, untimely death, bad luck and other things from their own lives to the lives of others. 
21. They use the lives of others to elongate their own lives.
22. Marine agents specialize in using evil pots to harass peoples’ lives. They use it to suck people’s goodness and to introduce and keep problems and sicknesses in place. The water from such cauldrons is used to pollute people’s lives and destiny. 

There are various ways that marine spirits can enter a person’s life to afflict, oppress, and even possess. These include the following:
1. Consulting marine agents posing as false priests, ministers, prophets, and pastors.
2. Evil dedication to marine powers. (participation in rituals to appease or honor these deities)
3. Evil initiation into marine societies. (Crossing rituals and certificates)
4. Visiting white garment churches
5. Evil association through contact with marine agents that initiate people through eating their food, having sex with them, sharing clothes and personal property with them.
6. Family, village, or territorial ancestral worship of and dedication to marine deities and idols such as Olokun, queen of the coast. Even If this was done generations back you have to renounce and break the dedication in order to be set back.
7. Evil ancestral covenants
8. Your mother worshiped them while pregnant with you.
9. Bathed with polluted waters at birth or with concoctions from the waters
10. Your first bath water used for rituals in the waters.
11. Through satanically inspired music
12. Evil association through careless friendship
13. Reveal your secrets to marine agents through talkativeness.
14. Age group local festival at river banks.
15. River initiation
16. Things from your body thrown into the water. These trigger evil covenants with water spirits.
17. Sacrifice carried to the river either by you or on your behalf.
18. Keeping vigil by the river and burning incense and candles.
19. Your placenta was buried in the waters. It fell into the hands of marine powers because it was not properly disposed of. The proper way to dispose of it is to burn it.
20. Marriage to spirit spouses from the waters. Some people move about as men and women but they are actually from the waters. Their parents got them from the waters and though they live among us they are not human.
21. Receiving gifts from water demons.
22. Evil laying on of hands. Marine agents had access to your head. These include demonic barbers, pastors, priests, kings, etc.
23. Employing marine agents or living in their house either as a tenant or as a visitor. 24. Living, working, or doing business on land dedicated to marine powers.

1. Dreams of water such as oceans or rivers.
2. Dream of swimming in the water, meaning your fire has gone down and they have succeeded in reinitiating and rededicating you. You have to break all evil dedication
3. You have a stubborn and vicious spirit husband or wife.
4. Seeing marine animals in your dream such as crocodile, water turtles, crabs, and serpents
5. Attack by marine snakes.
6. Hardship
7. Prayers and fasting become very difficult.
8. Leads people into spiritual marriage which have terrible repercussions.
9. Cause delay and difficulty in getting married and failure in earthly marriage.
10. They demand for your worship and make your life hell if you do not give it.
11. Cause poverty as they confiscate your money and bank it under the waters.
12. Terrible dreams attacks including sex in the dream.
13. Encounters with spirit spouse and spirit children.
14. Miscarriages and barrenness.
15. Unexplainable hindrances to progress.
16. Uncontrollable sexual urges (most people do not realize that they are driven by sexual demons, they think they are just horny.)
17. Unexplainable failure where there should be success particularly after evil sex encounters in the dream.
1. Repent from all known sins and flee rebellion.
2. Surrender your life to and rededicate your life to God.
3. Repent and restitute if necessary.
4. Renounce and break all evil initiations and dedications.
5. Raise prayer altars against them. Bombarding prayers is required here.
6. Ensure you are living a holy life and that you do not have their materials in your possession. These include their robes, candles, creams, soap, sponge, mirrors, and incense.
7. Employ your spiritual weapons to battle them including the name of Jesus, the power of the blood, Praise and Worship,  the sword of the Lord which is the Word of GOD, TRUTH.
8. Seek deliverance if necessary and you can find someone you trust to administer it.  
1. I renounce and break every evil dedication to water and marine spirits.
2. I break the backbone of marine witchcraft militating against my life.
3. Marine deposits in my body, come out with all your roots now, in the name of Jesus.
4. You stubborn marine spirit spouse, be separated from me by the power in the blood of Jesus, in the name of Jesus.
5. Every marine item in my possession, catch fire, in the name of Jesus.
6. Every problem that has come into my life through contact with any marine agent, receive divine solution by the blood of Jesus.
7. All my virtues and goodness in the waters, jump out and locate me now.
8. Marine witchcraft verdicts and judgments against me, back fire, in the name of Jesus.
9. Anything programmed into my life from the waters, jump out and backfire.
10. Any serpent dispatched against me from the waters, bite your-self to death.
11. Any power burning evil candles and incense against me, die with your evil load.
12. Every marine priest ministering at any evil altar against my life, fall down and die now.
13. I separate myself from every ancestral covenant with water spirits by the power in the blood of Jesus.
14. Every evil materials transferred into my body through contact with marine witchcraft agents, catch fire and be burnt to ashes, in the name of Jesus.
15. Lord Jesus, baptize my life with Holy Ghost fire that cannot be insulted, in the name of Jesus.
16. Every arrow shot into my life by witchcraft powers from the waters, I soak you in the blood of Jesus and return you back to sender.
17. Every marine witchcraft chain binding my hands and feet from prospering, be broken and shattered to pieces.
18. Every marine witchcraft burial of my life, be reversed by the blood of Jesus.
19. I release my life from the grip of marine witchcraft powers.
20. I smash every witchcraft pot and concoction being used against me to irreparable pieces.
21. I break all marine witchcraft mirrors being used to monitor my life to pieces.
22. O Lord, begin to contend with all those who are contending against me and my family.
23. I pursue, I overtake and I recover all my possessions from marine witchcraft covens.
24. Every evil done against me by marine witchcraft be reversed by the blood of Jesus.
25. I command all marine gadgets assigned against me to catch fire, in Jesus name.
26. All monitoring and surveillance satellites anywhere being used against me catch fire.
27. Every gang up of darkness against my life and family, scatter by thunder in Jesus name.
28. Today, O Lord, visit all enemies from the marine and water kingdom with thunder, storm, tempest, and flames of devouring fire, in the name of Jesus.
If you have any dreams, please don’t hesitate to share it with me on my Youtube. I will be happy to offer solutions to your dream requests.

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Punishment of the Fallen and their Offspring – Book of Enoch

From the Article: Gifts from the Fallen – Part 1 – Origins

All the sons of men shall not perish in consequence of every secret, by which the Watchers have destroyed, and which they have taught, their offspring. All the earth has been corrupted by the effects of the teaching of Azazyel. To him therefore ascribe the whole crime.” To Gabriel also the Lord said, “Go to the biters, to the reprobates, to the children of fornication; and destroy the children of fornication, the offspring of the Watchers, from among men; bring them forth, and excite them one against another. Let them perish by mutual slaughter; for length of days shall not be theirs”. Biters. “They shall all entreat you, but their fathers shall not obtain their wishes respecting them; for they shall hope for eternal life, and that they may live, each of them, five hundred years”. To Michael likewise the Lord said, “Go and announce his crime to Samyaza, and to the others who are with him, who have been associated with women, that they might be polluted with all their impurity. And when all their sons shall be slain, when they shall see the perdition of their beloved, bind them for seventy generations underneath the earth, even to the day of judgment, and of consummation, until the judgment, the effect of which will last for ever, be completed.

Then shall they be taken away into the lowest depths of the fire in torments; and in confinement shall they be shut up for ever. Immediately after this shall he, together with them, burn and perish; they shall be bound until the consummation of many generations. He. i .e., Samyaza.  Destroy all the souls addicted to dalliance, and the offspring of the Watchers, for they have tyrannized over mankind.  Dalliance or”lust” Let every oppressor perish from the face of the earth; Let every evil work be destroyed; The plant of righteousness and of rectitude appear, and its produce become a blessing. Righteousness and rectitude shall be for ever planted with delight. And then shall all the saints give thanks, and live until they have begotten a thousand children, while the whole period of their youth, and their sabbaths shall be completed in peace. In those days all the earth shall be cultivated in righteousness; it shall be wholly planted with trees, and filled with benediction; every tree of delight shall be planted in it. In it shall vines be planted; and the vine which shall be planted in it shall yield fruit to satiety; every seed, which shall be sown in it, shall produce for one measure a thousand; and one measure of olives shall produce ten presses of oil. Purify the earth from all oppression, from all injustice, from all crime, from all impiety, and from all the pollution which is committed upon it. Exterminate them from the earth. Then shall all the children of men be righteous, and all nations shall pay me divine honours, and bless me; and all shall adore me. The earth shall be cleansed from all corruption, from every crime, from all punishment, and from all suffering; neither will I again send a deluge upon it from generation to generation for ever. In those days I will open the treasures of blessing which are in heaven, that I may cause them to descend upon earth, and upon all the works and labour of man. Peace and equity shall associate with the sons of men all the days of the world, in every generation of it.”

Chapter 11  And in those days I will open the store chambers of blessing which are in the heaven, so as to send them down upon the earth over the work and labour of the children of men. And truth and peace shall be associated together throughout all the days of the world and throughout all the generations of men. (without TRUTH, there can be no PEACE)

Go, say to the Watchers of heaven, who have sent you to pray for them, You ought to pray for men, and not men for you. Wherefore have you forsaken the lofty and holy heaven, which endures for ever, and have lain with women; have defiled yourselves with the daughters of men; have taken to yourselves wives; have acted like the sons of the earth, and have begotten an impious offspring? You being spiritual, holy, and possessing a life which is eternal, have polluted yourselves with women; have begotten in carnal blood; have lusted in the blood of men; and have done as those who are flesh and blood do. These however die and perish. Therefore have I given to them wives, that they might cohabit with them; that sons might be born of them; and that this might be transacted upon earth. But you from the beginning were made spiritual, possessing a life which is eternal, and not subject to death for ever. Therefore I made not wives for you, because, being spiritual, your dwelling is in heaven. Now the giants, who have been born of spirit and of flesh, shall be called upon earth evil spirits, and on earth shall be their habitation. Evil spirits shall proceed from their flesh, because they were created from above; from the holy Watchers was their beginning and primary foundation. Evil spirits shall they be upon earth, and the spirits of the wicked shall they be called. The habitation of the spirits of heaven shall be in heaven; but upon earth shall be the habitation of terrestrial spirits, who are born on earth. The spirits of the giants shall be like clouds, which shall oppress, corrupt, fall, content, and bruise upon earth.  They shall cause lamentation. No food shall they eat; and they shall be thirsty; they shall be concealed, and shall not rise up against the sons of men, and against women; for they come forth during the days of slaughter and destruction.

Chapter 16 And as to the death of the giants, wheresoever their spirits depart from their bodies, let their flesh, that which is perishable, be without judgment. Thus shall they perish, until the day of the great consummation of the great world. A destruction shall take place of the Watchers and the impious.  Let their flesh…be without judgment. And now to the Watchers, who have sent you to pray for them, who in the beginning were in heaven, Say, In heaven have you been; secret things, however, have not been manifested to you; yet have you known a reprobated mystery. And this you have related to women in the hardness of your heart, and by that mystery have women and mankind multiplied evils upon the earth. Say to them, Never, therefore, shall you obtain peace.
Closing Statement

Scientists are not researching these properties of water without purpose.  Their ultimate aim is always control.  They are learning how to control our minds and hearts by using our bodies against us.  They have learned that the water in our body works  like a radio receiver and at the same time each droplet has the ability to learn.  So they are learning how to communicate their will directly to the drops of water in our bodies!.