I caught a glimpse of this Fashion Show item when I was researching something else.  I decided to save it and see if there was something there worth posting.  Boy was I surprised today when I looed into it further. Of course there has been a lot of exposure of predictive programming and we have … Click Here to Read More

Gifts from the Fallen – Part 10 – Pharmakeia

I was having a discussion regarding the recent case of the 3 KC Chiefs fans who were found frozen in the backyard of a very connected, highly educated scientist who was known for mixing up concoctions for his friends.  It was a very enlightening conversation.  I had no idea how young people see the use … Click Here to Read More


WOW, what time it is!!  On the one hand, so much evil, so many dangers, so much violence and destruction.  At the same time, so much TRUTH being revealed on a daily basis!!  Deception being exposed.  People waking up and standing up!! If you are paying attention at all, you have to recognize that all … Click Here to Read More

3 Dead Chief’s Fans – and a MAD SCIENTIST

UPDATE ADDED 1/29/24 My son mentioned this story to me a few weeks back.  It sounded ridiculous, but I did not think much about it.  Today, I am convinced there is something  very sinister going on and there is another cover up   It is my opinion that this mad scientist did not let anyone know … Click Here to Read More

DAVOS 2024

This year’s DAVOS Summit was full of surprises, for the invitee, for the leaders, for us poor folk who get the info second hand. I am not really sure what the Elite fear most right now.  AI or rebellious masses who refuse to trust the science. You pesky humans!!  Why don’t you behave?  Every time … Click Here to Read More


NGOs, 501C3, Large Corporations, Special Interest Groups, Environmentalists, Animal Rights Organizations, Children’s Research Hospitals, Cancer Centers, Heart Association, Emergency Aid Services,  Universities etc.. and all PHILANTHROPIC Organizations; AKA Non-Government Entities should currently be under a very high degree of suspicion and scrutiny.  CHARITY has been HIGHJACKED and given a bad reputation.  The truly altruistic giving … Click Here to Read More


So much more is coming out about BLACK GOO/GRAPHENE OXIDE.  Many of the articles and videos I had included in earlier posts have been CENSORED/REMOVED.  SO, for the benefit of those who want to KNOW about Graphene Oxide/BLACK GOO  I have compiled the following videos.   Great Stuff.  Hope you are blessed by all the information.  … Click Here to Read More


Seriously folks, are you listening to what they are blatantly declaring??  Do you think they are kidding?  I cannot believe they can state their justification for what they are doing with a straight face. You better believe that these people are SERIOUS about the Objectives.  Their completion date is just around the corner.  You should … Click Here to Read More

Human Rights? Free Will?

Well, well, well.  If you are one who thinks that Alchemy is a joke and that witchcraft and modern science are not at all related…THIS ONE IS FOR YOU. Folks, we should have nipped this in the bud a long time ago.  Back when they first fed us the lie of EVOLUTION.  Which was only … Click Here to Read More


In my research on SAND and its relation to the Computer industry, I came across a photo that captured my attention.  Was I seeing the symbol that was on Epstein Island? It makes sense.  You have to realize that Epstein is just a small part of a bigger agenda.  But, he had a role in … Click Here to Read More

Do You Get it Yet??

UPDATE:  VIDEOS ADDED AT THE END;  1/9/2024 There was a time when we hoped that we could get enough people to wake up and have a chance at stopping this from coming, or at least slow it down.  NOW… there is no stopping it.  Our hope is that we can wake you up and PREPARE … Click Here to Read More