Well, science is in the news again.  Once again they are coming out and telling people they are controlling the weather.  But, many people just can not see or hear the truth.  So many truthers are out hear, telling you what they are doing to our environment, but you rather believe their lies.  Rather accept … Click Here to Read More

High Tech Weapons That Control Weather RIGHT NOW

Once again we find our east (and west) coast threatened by Tsunami Waves.  Do you still remember the events around the Volcano on La Palma?  It was not that long ago.  Of course, so much has happened since then.  It is easy to forget because we are overwhelmed. The elite FULLY INTEND to use UNNATURAL … Click Here to Read More

IAN – Act of Nature? Climate Change? Act of God? or WEATHER WEAPON?

UPDATE: Videos added 10/3/22 Dear Friends –  Prepare yourselves.  The elite have plans to force us out of our homes and our cars.  They have developed a bag of tricks that will enable them to do just that.  Between the fires, tornados, Super Storms, Earthquakes and Hurricanes they are already making great progress.  I don’t … Click Here to Read More


I have been laboring to share the truth with people most of my life.  Many years ago God showed me what was coming.  NO ONE WANTED TO LISTEN.  Those who did listen were not able to believe.  NOW, it is HERE.  All the things that GOD warned about, is happening NOW. STILL, people are just … Click Here to Read More


FOR CONTINUING COVERAGE OF THE ONGOING VOLCANIC EVENT IN LA PALMA  CLICK THE FOLLOWING LINK:  UPDATED ALERT FOR POSSIBLE EAST COAST TSUNAMI CONT’D 11 UPDATE: 12/12/2021; 1:22:24 PM The Volcano La Palma Registers a „sudden“ reactivating with strong explosions. Exclusive footage. Bushcraft Bear Dec 12, 2021 spacer Chronicle2, brutal strombolian episode at 12:00 emission of large bombs … Click Here to Read More


COVERAGE OF THE LA PALMA CONTINUES ON THE FOLLOWING POST:  UPDATED ALERT FOR POSSIBLE EAST COAST TSUNAMI CONT’D 6 UPDATE: 11/16/2021; 11:38:26 AM–  STAY ALERT –  DAY 58 STILL VERY ACTIVE  4.4 Earthquake this morning. ASH Tornadoes Earthquakes Things are about to get much worse for the residents of La Palma THIS VOLCANO IS NOT … Click Here to Read More

GEO ENGINEERING – Another Factor in the Pending Disaster

TAGS: Biosphere Collapse, Australia, Will We Have a FUTURE?, Climate Engineering, Greatest National Security Threat, Weather Warfare, Weapon, Betrayal of Humanity, Running Out of Time, TOXIC CLIMATE,  Insect Population DOWN 80 – 90%, Food Fish down 90%,  Tuna down 98%, Food Crops down 50%, UV Contamination, Aluminum, TOXIC Air, Poisoned Skies, Drought, Fires breed Toxic … Click Here to Read More

Long, Cold, Dark Winter

UPDATE: 10/13/2021;9:00:42 AM – PARTS OF USA COVERED IN SNOW! The Long Winter has begun! FRIGID and VERY SNOWY WINTER TAGS: JANUS, Operation Dark Winter, bio-terrorist attack, Longest and Coldest Winter,  Farmer’s Almanac, Telltale Signs, Walking Dead, COVID ZOMBIES, TEXAS FREEZE, Fake Snow, ELFVLF, HARRP, Weather Modification, Weather Warfare, FROZEN, Predictive Programming, Gatekeepers, Bill Gates, … Click Here to Read More


UPDATE: 09/30/2021; 6:16:56 PM–  EARTQUAKES Galore; Kilauea Eruption   TAGS: Current Volcanic Activity, Current Seismic Activity, End Times, Revelation,  Signs of His Coming,  Weather Warfare, Tsunami Risk, La Palma, Canary Island, Alaska, Pacific Coast, Atlantic Coast, Ring of Fire, Australia, Africa, Spain, Animal Die Offs, Guatemala, Ecuador, Central Mexico, Tokyo, Peru, COVID, AntiChrist, Flood, Cascadia Subduction … Click Here to Read More


Tags: Disaster, Earthquakes, Flooding, Fire, Mudslides, Apocalyptic Events, Catastrophic Storms, Destruction, Prophecy Fulfilled, Endtimes This is not time to sleep or to ride the fence.  Whether you want to believe it or not, we are living in the days of the end.  The end of life as we knew it.  Now, whether you believe it … Click Here to Read More


UPDATE 10/17/2022  Awesome Videos added TAGS: Sun Simulator, Artifical Sun, Fake Moon, Manmade Clouds, Nuclear Fusion, NASA, The object of this post is to bring you enough information on what the controllers are doing to our atmosphere to make you a believer.  There is a lot of information covered in this post to prove beyond … Click Here to Read More


RESTORED: 2/25/22 Tags: Study of Lightning, Weaponized Lightning,  Weather Manipulation, Types of Civilizations,  Geo-Engineering, NASA,  Department of Defense I know that Americans especially have a hard time imagining that our leaders could really be horribly evil creatures out to destroy us.  Wow, that is a hard pill to swallow.  But, hiding our heads and hoping … Click Here to Read More

Honey Bees – Our Canary in the Coal Mine

The Death Of Bees Explained – Parasites, Poison and Humans Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell Jul 9, 2015 In 2015 the bees are still dying in masses. Which at first seems not very important until you realize that one third of all food humans consume would disappear with them. Millions could starve. The foes bees … Click Here to Read More