UPDATED ADDED 4/5/24 Folks we know that for many years now, the Kohanim have been preparing for the Temple Service and the builders have been working beneath the Temple mount constructing parts of the Temple.  Everything has been moving forward and the current events have increased the pace.  The signs are everywhere that we are … Click Here to Read More

The Dragon – Could it be William?

The bible has a lot to say about Dragons.  Especially in the Revelation of the End Times.  One day very soon, THE GREAT DRAGON will be revealed. Through the years there have been many speculations about the Anti Christ/ The Dragon / The Beast and the False Prophet.  No One knows for certain who will … Click Here to Read More

Could it be William, Prince of Wales?

This latest news about King Charles struggle with cancer has really stirred people up regarding the coming Anti Christ.  We know we are living in the time of his coming.  Everyone is curious, even anxious to know when and where and how he will make his appearance.  More importantly, we want to know WHO.   Truly, … Click Here to Read More


OK, Well, I don’t know if you have seen the video of the crown of light falling from the sky.  This event occurred on the night of January 19, 2024.  So, it is not BREAKING NEWS.  However, it is very relevant to what is happening right now with the Royal Family. My first reaction to … Click Here to Read More

Royal Upheaval

So, we have learned that King Charles has developed a second cancer.  What will this mean for the family, for the monarchy, for the country? It seems there is a lot of tumult within the royal family.  Certainly they are dealing with some very heavy medical issues, as well as the strain of maintaining the … Click Here to Read More