Rapture – ARE YOU READY?

I had started collecting these videos regarding the COMING RAPTURE.  I don’t have time right no to add my thoughts.  But, I wanted to get this out to you.  Hopefully you will find these videos a blessing and that they help you prepare you heart, soul, mind and spirit for the COMING OF THE LORD! … Click Here to Read More

Could it be William, Prince of Wales?

This latest news about King Charles struggle with cancer has really stirred people up regarding the coming Anti Christ.  We know we are living in the time of his coming.  Everyone is curious, even anxious to know when and where and how he will make his appearance.  More importantly, we want to know WHO.   Truly, … Click Here to Read More


UPDATE: 09/30/2021 TAGS:  Endtime Timeline, Rapture Alert, Revelation, Eschatology, Christ’s Return, Tribulation, Great Tribulation, Signs in the Heavens, Endtime Events, Fig Tree Prophecy, Salvation ENDTIME REVELATION!  Very difficult to understand.  Even for folks who have studied it for years.  There are a couple reasons for that 1) If you knew when Christ was coming, you … Click Here to Read More