OK, Well, I don’t know if you have seen the video of the crown of light falling from the sky.  This event occurred on the night of January 19, 2024.  So, it is not BREAKING NEWS.  However, it is very relevant to what is happening right now with the Royal Family.

My first reaction to seeing this video was the connection to the “Falling of reign of King Charles”  Turns out there is more to the story.  But, let’s star there.

I know that the “officials” have offered one or two explanations for this sighting.  However, whatever the cause or whoever the originator, the symbolism is still too obvious!


It appears that North Carolina, and specifically Charlotte, NC is a pretty active UFO/Portal/Mystical place.

OVER CHARLOTTE, NC last night.

tiktok link:

Flying flames seen over uptown
Charlotte sparks UFO debate. What were
UPDATED JANUARY 22, 2024 5:49 PM

Recent video of a large object diving toward uptown Charlotte has again sparked debate over what city-goers spotted soaring above the skyline.

Jan 22, 2024
The footage shows a fiery mass — obviously not a bird nor a typical plane —approaching the array of lit-up buildings in the center city.  Some thought it was a UFO. Most had questions. “You seeing what I’m seeing flying in the sky?” the man recording says. “What in the world is going on? Bruh, I don’t know what that is.” The ship, which some commenters identified as a spaceship, gets closer to the buildings. “Oh snap!” the man says, and the video cuts.

While the posted video is not dated, North Carolina’s Bandit Flight Team was scheduled to fly over Truist Field
for the Checkers’ Jan. 13 Outdoor Classic game against Rochester Americans, according to its Facebook account.

So it wasn’t a UFO or a plane on fire or anything of the sort.

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UFO researchers release video of strange craft hovering in night sky over NC town ... › story › ufo-researchers-release-…
Apr 5, 2018 — CHARLOTTENC (Mark …
Credit: Pixabay
Credit: Pixabay
Updated: Apr. 5, 2018 at 7:50 AM CDT
CHARLOTTE, NC (Mark Price/The Charlotte Observer) – Video of yet another claimed UFO sighting over North Carolina has hit YouTube, this time in Columbus, a Polk County town 85 miles west of Charlotte.

The video, shot at night, features a hovering v-shaped object illuminated by six lights.

“Whatever it is, it seems to be dropping,” says the unidentified man behind the camera. “I’d like to know what the heck those six lights are.”

The YouTube channel The Hidden Underbelly referred to the object as as a “huge mother ship.

The black and white video is nearly five minutes long. It was posted April 3 on YouTube by the Mutual UFO Network. The video is credited to the UFO Institute.

Among the commenters on the footage was Chris Lo, who posted: “I live in NC near there. If I see it I will shoot at it.
I do not come in peace.”

A site known as the National UFO Reporting Center says there have been more than 20 reported strange sightings in North Carolina. Among them is one reported in Charlotte on March 18, when someone reported “round orange balls flying over my backyard with no sound.”

North Carolina is among the top 10 states in the country for UFO sightings, with several recent reports in Charlotte and the Lake Norman area, according to the National UFO Reporting Center in Davenport, Wash.

Conspiracy theorists have suggested some of the sightings are actually experimental military craft such as TR-3B, an anti-gravity space craft that hovers. Such theories seem plausible, given the presence of Fort Bragg and Pope Air Force in eastern North Carolina.

However, says the craft “doesn’t exist officially.”


Video of UFO Sighting Over Lake Norman Now Going Viral

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sighting-over-lake-norman-now-going-viral/ #LKN #LakeNorman #UFO #CLT … Dolores · Charlotte / 
North Carolina · Fiesta De Año Nuevo.
I have included this next item because I found it very interesting and very relevant.  There is a very mystical legend of a magical instrument used by the DRUIDS called the Druid Egg, which they formed from the excretions of the snakes when they would form themselves into this huge mating ball.  
I wonder if there were any Druids around, when this occurred in Charlotte, NC.  


Snake ‘mating ball’ in North Carolina is a rare, lucky sighting

Earth Touch News Network › backyard-wildlife
Apr 20, 2017 — Snake ‘mating ball’ in North Carolina is a rare, lucky sighting … When a photo of several water s
nakes coiled around each other in a “mating .

Snake ‘mating ball’ in North Carolina is a rare, lucky sighting


When a photo of several water snakes coiled around each other in a “mating ball” surfaced online, social media and news reports were quick to label the rare display of serpentine togetherness as “scary”, “shocking” and “creepy”. (It seems snakes can’t even mate in peace without people freaking out.)

The photo was snapped in Charlotte, North Carolina by Christine Proffitt, who was walking along a nearby creek when she came across the snakes wrapped around each other and basking at the water’s edge.

The internet quickly reacted:

I reached out to Jeffrey Beane, Collections Manager of Herpetology at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, to shed some light on what the snakes were actually doing.

“That’s pretty common in water snakes,” Beane told me. “Females put out pheromones and males track them and
find them, and occasionally you’ll have a lot of males trying to mate with one female at the same time.”

Right now, it’s about the time of year when these non-venomous northern water snakes – the only such species commonly found near Charlotte – are emerging from their long winter rest. After some serious snake-ball action,
the sexes will go their separate ways, the females will give birth to young later in the summer, and the whole circle
of life will play out again next year.

This behaviour may be commonplace for the snakes, but it’s not something people come across very often. “If you
see something like that, you’re lucky to see it,” Beane said. “It might be scary to the female snake to have that many males, but it shouldn’t be scary to people.”

Even during mating season, snakes aren’t normally aggressive animals, he adds. “If you mess with a water snake, if you pick it up, they’ll usually bite, but that’s not aggression, that’s self-defence.” As for the idea that a snake might pursue and attack a person for no reason, Beane is quick to dismiss it as something these animals simply don’t do.

So, what’s the proper response if you’re fortunate enough to spot a big ball o’ snakes on your morning walk? “I’d
shoot some video of it,” Beane suggests.

Druid egg creation according to Pliny the Elder

Pliny’s record of Druid egg creation, like so many other stories about anything connected with Druids, is
fantastical. From what I understand, a Druid told Pliny the story of how they made the eggs and then
handed him one to look at. The story sounds like mythology to me. Or let’s be real – they might have just
made it up to yank his chain and make themselves sound more magical to scare the shit out of Rome, so
they would fear them and leave them alone.

So the story goes, they said, in the summer during a certain day in the lunar cycle (though don’t state
which), a pile of snakes entwine themselves into a ball. And this ball is held together by body secretions
and snake spit which he called anguinum. For what it’s worth, the Latin word anguinum just means
“snake’s egg”. Not a very good description of spit and secretions.

Anyway, Pliny says the Druids told him the snakes throw this anguinum up into the air and it needs
to be caught in a cloak. No idea why, but it can’t touch the ground. And then as soon as you have it in
the cloak, you jump on a horse and ride like hell away from the pile of snakes that chase you until they’re
cut off by a stream they can’t cross. Then you’re home free. And the test for the authenticity of this
substance? If you throw it in a river and it floats against the current, it’s real.

Pliny’s description of how a Druid egg looks says:  “I myself, however, have seen one of these eggs;
it was round, and about as large as a smallish apple; the shell was cartilaginous and pocked like the
arms of a polypus.”

Well, we have seen that Charlotte specifically, but North Carolina generally is a mystical place.  Very likely a portal has been opened there.  The lights in the skies are not Aliens, they are demonic entities.   I was going to leave this post  just about the UFO activity and the crown shape falling from the sky.  Then I realized it was even more significant due to the CAROLEAN connection, King Charles and the coming of the AntiChrist.


Experts weigh in after Charlotte ‘UFO’ sighting



FOX News: Huge Ufo Spotted Over Charlotte
North Carolina! › watch
Oct 31, 2016 — Close encounter of the 3rd kind? NC man claims mysterious flashing lights spotted over
CharlotteNC was a UFO. FAA reports no aircraft in …

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COP 28 – Charles – 7 years to 2030



As I was putting this post together, the connection clicked in my mind and spirit.  CAROLINA.  So, the symbol of the CROWN Falling from the sky, represents not only the FALLING of King Charles.  Bless his heart.  VERY SHORT REIGN for such a long wait.  And with the fall of Charles the end of the reign of the CAROLUS gang.  The ROMAN EMPIRE.  The End of the CAROLEAN ERA.   Which really started with Charlemagne.

It also symbolizes the coming DOWN of the NEW KING/RULER/DICTATOR SATAN’s ANTICHRIST. 


Charlotte name meaning and origin

Charlotte is an antique name with a royal history – and it’s having quite a comeback. The name is of French origin, means “free man” or “petite,” and is the feminine form of Charles.

Since Charles was a favorite among royal boys, Charlotte became a popular name for queens, princesses, and duchesses. Charlotte of Bourbon, born in 1388 to a French count, went on to become the queen of Cyprus and Armenia, and is one of the earliest known Charlottes.

Charlotte is a charming name with several equally adorable nickname options that include Lottie, Lotta, and the gender-neutral favorite Charlie. In this way, Charlotte’s recent popularity illustrates a couple of baby-naming trends: gender-neutral names and vintage names.

Charlotte also has literary associations thanks to renowned 19th-century novelist Charlotte Brontё and beloved children’s classic Charlotte’s Web. Names with these kinds of literary associations are also having a moment with 21st century parents. Olivia (from Shakespeare) and Harper (after To Kill a Mockingbird author Harper Lee) have both joined Charlotte in the top 10 baby girl names, and the Dickensian Oliver has spent time in the top 10 boy names.

While “free man” feels like an unfairly masculine meaning for a feminine name like Charlotte, the idea of freedom and independence is an objectively positive characteristic to influence a child’s life. And Charlotte’s alternate meaning, “petite,” feels like a whimsical reminder of the name’s French origins.

As the fourth most popular baby name in the United States in 2020 (according to the Social Security Administration), this 14th-century name is enjoying the most popularity it’s had in at least 100 years. It’s been one of the 500 most popular baby names since at least 1900, but has become more popular than ever in the past few decades, climbing from number 100 in 2007 all the way to the top five in 2020.

BabyCenter parents love the name Charlotte, too: It was the eighth most popular baby name in 2020. (BabyCenter’s data is based on hundreds of thousands of parents who share their babies’ names with us.)

Charlotte is a classic name with vintage appeal, and thanks to its gender-neutral nickname Charlie, it remains as evergreen today as it has for the last 700 years. Charlotte has proven its staying power and will doubtless remain a beloved name for years to come.


fem. proper name, from the French fem. of Charlot, a diminutive of CharlesThe city in North Carolina was settled c. 1750 and named for Princess Charlotte Sophia (1744-1818), who married George III of England in 1761; Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada, also was named for her (1763).


Carolina | Etymology of the name Carolina by etymonline › word › Carolina
Nov 9, 2022 — masc. proper name, from French Charles, from Medieval Latin Carolus, from Middle High German Karlliterally “man, husband (see carl).
MEANING: The name’s etymology is a common Germanic noun “*karlaz” meaning “free man”, which survives in English as “churl”, Old English (Anglo-Saxon) “ċeorl”, which developed its deprecating sense in the Middle English period.

concept, that of autonomy- of the free man as chooser. The question is are we talking about  ” freedom from. . .” or ” freedom to. . . “ in relation to actions and agents, as there are two distinct concepts of ” freedom “.   Are we seeking the God given right to free will, to make our own choices and live with the consequences.  Or are we talking about being FREE from restraint, free from headship, free from the Laws of God?  Source


Wikipedia › wiki › Carolina
Etymology edit … From Latin Carolus (“Charles”) +‎ -ina (feminine diminutive suffix). The U.S. states are named for Charles I of England.

We have already twice had a King Charles on the throne: Charles I, from 1625 – 1649, and Charles II, who ruled from the restoration of the monarchy in 1660 to his death in 1685. Now, of course, we have King Charles III on the throne.

In this history books, Charles I’s reign was known as the ‘Caroline era’, while Charles II’s reign became known as the ‘Carolean era’, from the Latin name for Charles, Carolus. That’s perhaps why many people have recently been Googling ‘Carolean era’, ‘Caroline era’ and ‘Carolingian era’and why it has not necessarily been clear to everyone how King Charles III’s reign would be known.   SOURCE

Following the death of Queen Elizabeth II, all 15 countries with King Charles III as head of state(opens in a new tab) have entered a new age, which the Royal Family has referred to as the “Carolean era”(opens in a new tab) on its website.

This will actually be the second Carolean era. Just as the first and second Elizabethan eras refer to the reigns of  Queen Elizabeth and Queen Elizabeth II, and the Victorian era refers to the reign of Queen Victoria, the Carolean era refers to the reign of the new monarchKing Charles III(opens in a new tab).

“Typically, you’ll borrow from often a Latin name, so Carolus is called Carolean not after the female named Caroline but after the Latin word for Charles, which is Carolus,” Daniel Woolf, professor of history at Queen’s University, told in a phone interview. SOURCE


Now, so far we have only addressed the Kings of England named Charles.  But we know, there was a Charles that came before them.  He was KING of the KNOWN WORLD of the time.  KING of the ROMAN EMPIRE.


Charlemagne. [ (shahr-luh-mayn) ] The first emperor of the Holy Roman Empire; his name means “Charles the Great.” Charlemagne was king of France in the late eighth and early ninth centuries and was crowned emperor of Rome in 800.
When I received the infilling of the Holy Spirit, one of the first things he showed me was that we are ROME.  Rome never died, it just went OCCULT.   Everything about us is ROMAN.  Our laws, our form of government, our numbering system, our language…etc.   WE ARE ROME.  
THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH, is a continuation of the Roman system of WORSHIP.  The God they worship is not the GOD OF THE BIBLE.  They worship Lucifer/Satan and all the Roman gods and goddesses.



 Mary, “Queen of Heaven” is in the Heart

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Sunday, December 20, 2009

“NO Fundamental Difference between NAZI and the Catholic Church.” Said Hitler…

“NO Fundamental Difference between NAZI and the Catholic Church.”

150,000 Jews in Hitler’s Army…


A Seat for the Pope at King David’s Tomb
Israel seems to have sold Jerusalem to the Vatican.
February 01, 2013 —
An historic agreement has been drafted between Israel and the Vatican. The Israeli authorities have granted the Pope an official seat in the room where the Last Supper is believed to have taken place, on Mount Zion in Jerusalem, and where David and Solomon, Jewish kings of Judea, are considered by some researchers, to also be buried…The Vatican is also asking that Israel hand over to the Vatican’s control dozens of sites, 19 in Judea and Samaria and 28 in Jerusalem. The Catholic Church want to discuss some properties on Mount of Olives, Har Hazeitim, which is the very history of the Jewish people. If you want to keep Jerusalem united, you have to keep Har Hazeitim. The Vatican knows that.
The Vatican wants the Jews out of the Old City and apparently Israel’s government is agreeing with them. Turning the Cenacle into an active church is also a way of desecrating the holiness of the site known as the Tomb of David.

Hitler was a Godsend for Israel
August 7, 1933
Signing the Transfer Agreement creating
Zionist Jewish Vatican”

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HOLY Roman Empire Rules Today


BEFORE THE US CONSTITUTION TOOK EFFECT, A ROMAN CATHOLIC COULD NOT VOTE OR HOLD OFFICE IN THE BRITISH COLONIES, THE CONSTITUTION PUT CATHOLICS ON EQUAL GROUND WITH THE PROTESTANTS. IN 1846 millions of Irish Catholics came to America, “The Catholic population went from two percent to 20 percent in just a decade. Half of New York City was now Roman Catholic, The same thing happened in Boston…the WAR between The Roman Church and the Protestant heretics has just begun…

(Jesuit) John H. Surratt was Booth’s right hand man shown on the original Wanted poster (above) John H. Surratt met Booth at Jesuit Georgetown University. 18 month’s after Lincoln’s Assassination the US government finally found John H. Surratt as the pope’s bodyguard (shown below) at the time of his arrest in his papal uniform:

After the trial, the US Congress enacted a 1867 U.S. law to cut off full diplomatic relations with the Vatican because of their hand in the cover up of ABRAHAM LINCOLN’S ASSASSINATION (Jesuit) John H. Surratt who was found at the VATICAN (pictured above) at the time of his arrest as the pope’s personal bodyguard.READ: Brigadier General Thomas M. Harris, American Military, and jurist at the trial of eight conspirators hanged for their participation in the assassination of
Abraham Lincoln..As well this is a matter of U.S Court Records..And Congressional Record… ROME’S RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE ASSASSINATION OF ABRAHAM LINCOLN:

President Ronald Reagan
Catholic Double Agent

After 117 years, the US Congress 1867 U.S. law to banned the Vatican was repealed on January 10, 1984 by President Reagan
…Within months of President Reagan’s inaugural in 1981, President Reagan moved quickly and on January 10, 1984, announced that full diplomatic relations between the United States and the Vatican had been established. The President did this over the opposition of the office of the Secretary of State. What a difference 32 years could make! In 1952 there were demonstrations and loud opposition. In 1984, there were few manifestations against the Vatican or Catholicism…One of those speaking strongly in favor of the Holy See role at the UN was the Hon. George W. Bush, then the Governor of Texas.

                                      from the Council of American Ambassadors website:

                       CATHOLIC DOUBLE AGENT’S
Soviet President Gorbachev (BELOW LEFT)
U.S. President Reagan (BELOW RIGHT)

Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev Catholic Double Agent
Times Online March 19, 2008–Franciscan friars at Assisi have confirmed that Mikhail Gorbachev, the last Soviet President, is a Catholic after he was seen praying at the tomb of Catholic St Francis…Mr Gorbachev – for years a professed Communist atheist – praying anonymously “in silent meditation” for half an hour at the tomb of Catholic St Francis …President Reagan is said to have often wondered whether the Soviet Union’s last leader was a “closet Christian,”

Hitler Youth: Young Pope Benedict XVI giving the NAZI Salute


Pope Benedict XVI
      Joseph Alois Ratzinger (pictured) Hitler Youth, THIRD REICH


On June 8th 1864, President Lincoln told Charles Chiniquy  his views on the Jesuits & their involvement in the Civil War:  (As Recorded in Father Charles Chiniquy who was a Roman Catholic priest for 25yrs. in his book, “FIFTY YEARS IN THE CHURCH OF ROME.” 1886 edition p.699-700)
“So many plots have already been made against my life, that it is a real miracle that they have all failed . . . But
can we expect that God will make a perpetual miracle to save my life? I believe not. The Jesuits are so expert in those deeds of blood that Henry IV (King of France who was assassinated by the Jesuit Revaillac for giving liberty to his people), said that it was impossible to escape them, and he became their victim, thought he did
all he could to protect himself. My escape from their hands, since the letter of the Pope to Jeff Davis has sharpened a million of daggers to pierce my breast, would be more that a miracle. . . . I know that Jesuits never forget nor forsake (never give up). Man must not care how and where he dies, provided
he dies at the post of honor and duty.”

The Woman (Church) Rides the Beast (King or Kingdom)
Revelation 17:3 

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ROMAN EMPIRE WAS JUST A PLACE HOLDER.  THE ONE WHO WILL RULE THE ENTIRE WORLD WITH AN IRON FIST.  THE AntiChrist.  Though there have been many antiChrists in the world.  The coming one, will be indwelt by the DEVIL HIMSELF.