Independence Day is 13 days after June 21st (Litha), which is 66 days after April 30 (Beltaine/May Day). The holiday was originally celebrated with giant bonfires.  Bonfires and Fireworks.  (Bonfires, were originally called bone fires, because they were the fires that burned the animal and human sacrifices to the SUN GOD, until nothing was left but the bones. It is well documented throughout history that bonfires are worship of the SUN GOD)
“It ought to be solemnized with pomp and parade, with shews, games, sports, guns, bells, bonfires and illuminations from one end of this continent to the other from this time forward forever more,”   Jonn Adams
Those of us across America, who are no in the immediate vicinity of the current events taking place in our country, ar not really aware of how dire things are looking.  I know that in my neighborhood, we have not had any of the rioting, or now any of this terrorization by Fireworks.   That is why I have posted all of these for you to read, so that you can get an idea of the nightmare our fellow citizens are suffering already.  BUT, also to warn you, that things are about to get much, much worse. 
This may very well be the time of the PURGE that the Elite have been telegraphing for years.  NO FEAR!  Be ye not afraid!  But, prepared.  Pray that GOD will give you all that you need to deal with what is coming…and pray that you might be found worthy to escape.  Jesus would not have told us to do that, if escape were not possible.  I pray that you read this entire article and that God gives you eyes to see and a heart to receive.  The truth revealed here is not an easy one to face.  
It appears that there are many in our land today who hate America and want to see it burn, they also want to “sacrifice” white people in the fires as worship of their god… the SUN GOD/SOL INVICTUS/BAAL.   THEY WANT AMERICA TO BURN THIS JULY 4th.  

UPDATE 7/3/20

Please stay alert and aware all weekend.  You might save yourself or your neighbors.  I believe these threats are serious.  The police are not going to be able to protect us.  We must look out for ourselves and each other.  Be Prepared, Be Aware, Be Safe, Be BLESSED!  May Our Heavenly Father watch over you and send His angels to encamp around you.  

MARFOOGLE UPDATE –  I received this in an email today

We heard a lot of chatter online and intel from our sources about the potential for violence on the 4th holiday. There are strong rumors that politically charged groups are looking to create havoc beyond the “peaceful” protests, moving towards “suburbs” and individual homes. You may recall the mob that terrorized the McCloskey’s in St Louis just the other day.

We do know that DHS has mobilized “special units” across the country. Large cities like Chicago and others call for more police on duty than typical to help deal with “planned violence.” At the same time, there’s been a nationwide push for cops to “call out” or strike on the 4th. If they do not report to duty, this will leave cities and counties defenseless.

Hopefully, none of this happens. There’s a good chance it won’t, and this is just overblown hype. But with the way 2020 has been, I’d say anything is possible. Please use this time to make yourself more aware of your surroundings. Like I always say, “keep your head on a swivel.”

UPDATE 6/29/20

Two Arrested for “High-Powered” Fireworks ARSON ATTACK in Hoboken, NJ
Nation News Desk 24 June 2020
As warned about on this web site just 72 Hours ago, arson attacks against homes using highpowered fireworks (in WHITE Neighborhoods) has begun.
Two young men, ages 19 and 20, have been arrested by the Hoboken Police for firing highpowered fireworks into open windows of a local apartment building.
A Tweet by the Hoboken Police Chief reveals the story:
72 Hours ago, this web site reported to the country that such attacks were warned of in a Law Enforcement Bulletin. (HERE)
# Denver Fireworks Bust — gsaia 2020-06-24 18:30
Two unrelated stories out of Denver. First one is 2,000 lbs of fireworks found in box truck, the second was a home seized with illegal fireworks after neighbor complaints. Stories here https://www.9news.com/article/news/crime/illegalfireworks-discovered-denver-traffic-stop/73-d99a80a9-4e2a-4ece-9672-fe83009a5443
and here: https://www.9news.com/article/news/crime/fireworks-seizure-denver/73-8eb68a36-7172-44c5-803f-824951bcdb29
Right on Cue: Black Lives Matter Leader Threatens to ‘Burn Down the System’ If America ‘doesn’t give us what we want, then we will burn down this system’
Greater New York BLM President Hawk Newsome issued the ultimatum to the American people during an appearance on Fox News’s “The Story” on Wednesday.
Newsome appeared to discuss the direction of the heavily-funded leftist movement in the wake of the staged George Floyd event.
Black Lives Matter has been the driving force of the subsequent demonstrations across the country, many of which have sparked destruction and violence.
“You … have said that violence is sometimes necessary in these situations,” host Martha MacCallum told Newsome. Newsome told the host, “if this country doesn’t give us what we want, then we will burn down this system and replace it. All right?
“And I could be speaking … figuratively. I could be speaking literally.
“It’s a matter of interpretation.
“Let’s observe the history of the 1960s, when black people were rioting,” he went on. “We had the highest growth in wealth, in property ownership. “Think about the last few weeks since we started protesting.
Black Lives Matter Distributing Fliers: WE ARE AT WAR; WHITE PEOPLE ARE THE ENEMY
27 June 2020: Fliers bearing the Black Lives Matter Logo are being distributed in Richmond, VA and in other cities, by protesters, declaring “White People: You are the enemy.”
White — men women and children
*You are the enemy!
* We will not stop until there are more white homicides than Black
* We will not stop until ALL white people are sent to re-education camps
* We will not stop until White people pay Extra Taxes to support Black individuals
* We will not Stop until Black Power runs ALL government
* We will not allow any White Person to date another race
* We support NO white owned business
*Hate is OK if directed at White Families
That flier looks like something that is being mass produced to be used in many
different cities. Note that the symbol for Black Lives Matter is the raised fist which is used by communist revolutionaries.
Here is a full photo of one such flier being given out in Richmond, see above
This is NOT peaceful protesting. This is out-and-out war. Declared war. It is intended to lead to a lot of deaths.
If these people get their way, then whites in the United States will find out what the whites in South Africa have been going through for years.
I’m Confused. “Black Lives Matter” but WHICH Black Lives matter?
28 June 2020–It’s all so darn confusing, if only we had one legitimate source for the truth! I’m so confused right now. I see signs all over saying black lives matter.
I’m just trying to figure out which black lives matter?
It can’t be the unborn black babies. They are destroyed without a second thought.
It’s not black cops. They don’t seem to matter.
It’s not my black conservative friends. They are told to shut up if they know what’s best for them by their black counterparts.
It’s not black business owners. Their property does not mean anything, gets looted or burned to the ground.
It’s not blacks who fought in the military. Their statues are destroyed by the black lives matter protesters with disdain.
So which black lives matter again?
I can’t keep up. I just can’t. I’m exhausted trying to figure out what we’re all supposed to do, believe, and be offended by and outraged by, next.
Two months ago, First Responders were all the rage. In fact, they were heroes. We gave them free coffee, meals, and cheers as they drove by.
Today we hate them and want them defunded because they can’t be trusted.
Two months ago, truck drivers were the heroes, as well, for keeping America moving and the grocery stores stocked. Today we block the roads with protesters, drag them out of the cabs and beat them half to death.
Just 45 days ago protests weren’t “essential” and were considered criminal, selfish and a murderous activity. Today they are gloriously critical and celebrated. All of the obvious criminal and murderous activities are simply
If you protest about lockdowns for freedom, you are selfish and you will spread a virus. If you protest, loot, and riot for social justice, you are a warrior and the virus no longer matters.
For 3 months, NOTHING was more important than social distancing. In fact, we gave up all of our liberties for it. We canceled schools, medical and dental procedures, yet allowed the murder of babies, canceled activities, closed
businesses, eliminated every spring rite of passage from prom to graduation, denied people funerals, even at Arlington, and we wrecked the economy for it.
Then came social justice, and social distance was no more.
Now things are more cut and dry though. A thousand people at three memorials for career criminal, drug addict, women beater, porn star they never even met. It’s a matter of “respect”. But you can only assemble 100 or less people.
Black Lives Matter. Of course they do. Then multiple black police officers and individuals were killed during the “peaceful protests”. I don’t see any outrage.
Black individually owned businesses burned to the ground. Silence.
Deadliest weekend in Chicago. NOTHING!!
I’m really confused now. Look at the data, NO, not that data.
Do the math. No, you can’t do the math like that.
Only the experts can understand the data and math.
What do you mean other cities/states/governors are interpreting the data differently?
Pools are safe in Indiana, but not Michigan? Playgrounds are safe in your town but not mine? Amusement parks are safe in Florida but not Ohio, nor Michigan.I
f you are silent you are part of the problem.
If you speak, you are part of the problem.
If you have to ask, you don’t understand.
If you don’t ask, you don’t care.
It’s all so predictable, tedious, and exhausting. Nothing adds up. It’s one gigantic common core Math life problem, with ever changing denominators that I’m sure the media and politicians are eagerly ready to solve for us….until the next crisis.”
So for now I pray, I pray God will heal our land and bless these United States!
501c3 Evangelical Pastors Yoke Up With and Pander to Satanic Black Lives
By Everett Piper – – Saturday, June 13, 2020 ANALYSIS/OPINION:
Dear woke evangelical pastors, What in the world is wrong with you? Why in God’s name would you stand in solidarity with an organization that seeks the destruction of Christianity?
You are supposed to believe in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the evangel, and it’s good news. You are supposed to believe in sola Scriptura and the inerrancy of the Word. You are supposed to believe in personal sin, personal confession, personal repentance and personal holiness.
What happened to you? When did you lose your conviction? When were you given over to a reprobate mind? When did your heart of flesh become a heart of stone? When did you lose your soul?
There was a time when you were defined by preaching salvation, not social justice. The world knew you for your revivals, not your riots. You were characterized by your piety, not your politics. It seems like just yesterday that
your belief in God distinguished you, not your worship of government. What happened?
How in the name of all that is right and holy could you possibly now march with an organization that laughs in the face of all that Jesus taught and died for? How could you be so ignorant? How could you be so arrogant? How could you be so wrong?
Have you not taken the time to do a 30-second Google search of the mission statement of the organization with which you now align?
Here’s what Black Lives Matter explicitly says about itself on its own website:
“We … do the work required to dismantle cisgender privilege. We build a space that … is free from sexism, misogyny, and environments in which men are centered. We dismantle patriarchal practices … We disrupt the Western prescribed nuclear family structure … We foster a queer-affirming network … with the intention of freeing ourselves from the tight grip of heteronormative thinking
And they are rabidly anti-Semitic and pro-abortion to boot!
Have you not read this stuff? And if you have, do you not care?
How can you stand with an organization that mocks God, denies the Bible, belittles men, demeans women and subjugates generations of black children to the dysfunction of fatherless families?
You claim to be Christian leaders, but you stand in solidarity with a group that promotes anger and revenge, one that calls for revolution rather than repentance, one that waves a banner of pride rather than penitence, one that foments resentment and laughs at forgiveness.
How can you be so blind?
Have you not read your own Bibles?
The broken ideas of BLM are not godly, and they are not Christian, and any pastor suggesting otherwise is insane.
Why aren’t you preaching that all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God not just whites and not just blacks — but all?
Why aren’t you telling people that the only solution to this mess is personal repentance rather than casting blame?
Your complicity in the enemy’s deceit has encouraged tens of thousands to play the “hater” card rather than confess their own hate. Your apostasy is rife. There is a reason that culture has cast you out and trampled you underfoot. Your salt has lost its savor. Your light is extinguished. There is a reason your churches are empty and dark.
What are you thinking? Jesus never told us to harbor resentment and stew in the emotions of how we’ve been wronged. In fact, he told us to do the exact opposite.
Forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors is not about fixating on who has harmed us. It is about forgiveness and shame on you for preaching otherwise.
Jer 23:1 Woe be unto the pastors that destroy and scatter the sheep of my pasture! saith the LORD.
Jer 23:2 Therefore thus saith the LORD God of Israel against the pastors that feed my people; Ye have scattered my flock, and driven them away, and have not visited them: behold, I will visit upon you the evil of your doings, saith the LORD.
+2+ FEMA Activates Clergy Response Teams!!
Minnesota State Rep: Antifa & Muslim Groups Plan To ‘Police Minneapolis Under Muslim Rule’
June 25, 2020–As the city of Minneapolis moves to dismantle its police force, Minnesota state Rep. Steve Green on Tuesday stated the obvious that virtually everyone else has been tiptoeing around and pretending isn’t there: “What you’re looking at, in my humble opinion, is communism moving into Minneapolis and St. Paul.” And not just Communism, but the Leftist/Islamic alliance.
Green asserted that Antifa and Muslim organizations plan to “police Minneapolis under Muslim rule.” Those who scoff at
such a notion simply aren’t paying attention to recent developments.
The Minneapolis City Council voted two weeks ago to abolish the city’s police force. Its plans beyond that have so far been sketchy, but something is going to have to be put in place as an alternative to the police. The New York Times noted that “many have called for relying more on self-policing by the community, in the way attendees often do at events like music festivals, with the police stepping in only when a true emergency arises.
If members of the local community end up policing Minneapolis, what might that look like? Back in 2016, a series of Minneapolis Muslims in man-on-the-street interviews stated matter-of-factly that they preferred Islamic law over American law. We have seen Sharia patrols in Germany, Britain, and even New York City, where the Muslim Community Patrol (MCP) is decked out in uniforms that strong resemble New York Police Department uniforms, and drives cars carefully designed to look like NYPD cars, to enforce “fundamentals of the Sharia.”
A Muslim leader explained what that meant: “The mosques need protection and the MCP cars can help stop people who were not following the rules and regulations of the sharia, doing what they’re not supposed to be doing, but still doing it.” According to a Muslim involved with the MCP, this would involve stopping “Muslim women being out after dark, Muslim men hanging out in the
corners doing dope, Muslims drinking liquor,” and enforcing, “basically, the fundamentals of the Sharia.”
If such a community patrol is launched in Minneapolis, it is likely to focus on the same things, but not do anything about the fact that the 5 th Congressional District in Minneapolis, Rep. Ilhan Omar’s district, is the jihad terror recruitment capital of the United States. Stopping young Muslims from engaging in jihad activity is unlikely to be a high priority for a group that is dedicated to enforcing Sharia, since Sharia calls upon Muslims to wage war against and subjugate unbelievers.
https://dcdirtylaundry.com/minnesota-state-rep-antifa-muslim-groups-plan-topolice-minneapolis-under-muslim-rule/RACE ACTIVIST CALLS FOR “REMOVING WHITE JESUS AND HIS EUROPEAN MOTHER, TOO”
Shaun King Calls For The Removal Of White JESUS Statues! | Anthony ...Race activist Shaun King on Monday called for the taking down of all statues, murals and stained glass windows of “white Jesus and his European mother”.
King issued his statement on Twitter to his 1.1 million followers. “Yes, I think the statues of the white European they claim is Jesus should also come down. They are a form of white supremacy. Always have been…Tear them down.”— Shaun King (@shaunking) June 22, 2020 Shaun King, the controversial Black Lives Matter activist known for pushing false claims, called for the destruction of Jesus Christ statues and Christian churches for their depiction of the “white” holy family, which King argued are forms of “white supremacy” and “racist propaganda” that promote “oppression.”
How’s this for irony? Shaun King, outspoken anarchist for domestic terror group Black Lives Matter, has a white father and a white mother, but likes to pretend that he is a black man. Childhood photos show him to be a ginger-haired, freckled-faced white kid. But yesterday, incensed over the fact that there are Christian statues and images that depict Jesus Christ as a white man, demanded
they must all come down and be destroyed because they are symbols of white supremacy. It doesn’t get any more ironic than that.
Shaun King since 2015 has raised millions of dollars in the name of haitian orphans and families of blacks killed by white cops. But much of that money never reached those groups, leading people on the Left to ask where all that money went? In 2016, Shaun King was fired by the Daily News for plagiarism.
Shaun King is a grifter who has culturally appropriated the black for his own personal gain and profit. But most of the people behind Black Lives Matter are in fact white Socialists.
Comment: Why was the name changed from CHAZ to CHOP? Because they want another French Revolution with guillotines to CHOP heads off!!!

White Females Are Being Viciously Attacked – No One Coming to Their Defense, Media Silent

Let me be clear, all White people are currently under serious assault, but I am just focusing on how White girls and women are being targeted in this piece. The videos you will see are appalling and heartbreaking. Perhaps the White females are being attacked by blacks due to issues of jealousy or maybe it is just pure racial hatred. Whatever the reason is, it apparent that these attacks are unprovoked. Oftentimes it is a whole gang that engages in the attack or at least cheers on as the victim is brutalized.

The jewish press tells us over and over again about how black people are being unfairly targeted in our society, but no one will deal with this issue. Just imagine the outrage that would ensue if just one of the following videos was of a gang of White men (or even White girls) ruthlessly beating a black girl. I am only covering a small amount of the videos that are out there. Because no one is covering these attacks, the majority of White people are relatively oblivious, which is exactly what our enemies want.

Where are our men to protect these girls? I know they cannot always be on the scene of every incident, but what about afterwards? Where are the men speaking up and doing something about the vicious and deadly assaults constantly taking place? Are they too afraid of being called “racist”? The “right wing” dissidents online will blame White females for being the cause of our civilizational collapse, when they are being victimized. Subversive degenerates at the Daily Stormer will applaud these attacks and say that these “THOTs” are getting what they deserve. These White girls and women have no one to protect them, no one to advocate for them, and no one to avenge them. This needs to change.

When is it going to be enough?


Update 6/25/20  –  ANTIFA UN BACKED??

Jun 21, 2020
President Trump wants to label Antifa a terrorist organization, which he first announced late last month in response to mayhem unleashed related to the George Floyd protests, which in many cities included rioting, looting, and large-scale vandalism. He had declared so via Twitter on May 31 in follow-up to Attorney General William Barr’s statement at the time: “The violence instigated and carried out by antifa and other similar groups in connection with the rioting is domestic terrorism and will be treated accordingly.” To the surprise of many, the United Nations has now issued a statement rebuking the White House attempt to impose the legal designation. Upon a UN statement being issued on Friday, counter-terrorism expert Max Abrahms at first thought it was a joke, but no it’s not The Onion:

Due to the COVID Virus people are wondering…

Will there still be fireworks on 4th of July?


Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many are wondering if there will still be Fourth of July fireworks and celebrations this year.

Below is a list of events that are either still ongoing or have been canceled:


Carlisle’s annual Summerfair has been canceled, including the fireworks that were set for July 4th.


Fireworks will still be held in Gettysburg, according to the town’s tourism website. Gates open at 7 p.m. and the fireworks show will start at 9:20 p.m.

Organizers ask that attendees comply with CDC and Department of Health guidelines.

But, for Gettysburg at least, there may be much more than fireworks.  HEADS UP!


Nation  News Desk 23 June 2020 Hits: 19364

ANTIFA is planning to desecrate the Gettysburg National Cemetery by burning flags there on July 4; just before they begin MURDERING White people and BURNING DOWN Suburbs the same day.

Announcements are already appearing on the Internet about the desecration of 3500 Union Soldier gravesat the Hallowed ground where Abraham Lincoln gave his Gettysburg Address.

The real eye-opener is from a Controlled Unclassified Law Enforcement Bulletin issued as “Law Enforcement Sensitive – For Official Use Only”to Police and Fire Departments about ANTIFA already using fireworks to acclimate suburbia with sounds of explosions, so they can use those to cover for gun fire when they attack white, suburban, neighborhoods the same day.

According to Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) in a Bulletin issued to Police and Fire Departments,  ANTIFA has been taking deliveries of very large shipments of professional-grade fireworks.  They have been sending teams out to various areas throughout America to detonate those fireworks for the past two weeks, to achieve Three (3) specific objectives:

1) The first objective is to test the response of local law enforcement. If fireworks are going off around the clock and residents are filing complaints, will police respond? How long does it take them to respond? How many officers? Do they even respond at allThis data is being recorded by these groups, and will prove to be very valuable intel for what is to come. This is a very accurate barometer to test the waters.

2) The second objectiveis to get local residents (ie: white people in nearby neighborhoods) acclimated to the frequent sounds of explosions that often sound like gunfire.

3) The final objective: Knowing response times and manpower of police, and having acclimated the local population into explosion sounds that mimic gunfire, to then commit arson attacks with professional fireworks to set so many fires, local Emergency Services are immediately overwhelmed, and enter houses to actually fire guns and kill as many as possible in white suburbs. 

Unless you have been living on different planet, you should be fully aware that America is currently under attack.While mass-media has portrayed this situation as “peaceful protests” those engaged have been rioting, smashing private property and businesses, looting on a scale which is unparalleled, and beating, stabbing, shooting innocent people in the areas where these activities are taking place.

You have probably also read or overheard many reports of illegal fireworks and explosions that are currently taking place throughout many different US cities. If you do a google search for “fireworks complaints” you will find countless articles posted just in the last week or so.

Most of these news reports are local, since local news is far more likely to have boots on the ground and residents reporting an accurate assessment as to what is actually going on. However, national media outlets are largely attempting to paint this “uptick” in fireworks activity as a sign of people being overly “celebratory” in preparation for the 4th of July.

Any narratives stating that the massive fireworks activity is due to people “celebrating” is 100% false. In fact, it’s dangerously false. Here are the facts, so please pay close attention.

As a result of major 4th of July events being shut down and cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic, an overwhelming surplus of fireworks have flooded the market. Several activist groups including ANTIFA, BLM and Weatherundergound are exploiting this surplus and are bulk purchasing from suppliers in extremely high volumes. (I believe that this is the reason that huge fireworks warehouse style buildings have been popping up all across America over the last decade.  They were preparing for this time.  What a great cover for getting explosive material where it would be readily available for invading forces/or gangs working for the deep state.)

In many cases, these are highly dangerous, professional-grade fireworks.

The number of people within these groups must not be underestimated. They operate like terrorists and use clandestine communication strategies. There are many members of these in groups in most major cities, and have been for several years. Yes, these are essentially domestic terror cells, and as you’ve likely guessed, this is indeed the year in which they have been instructed to carry out their master’s dystopian agenda.

This agenda began with infiltrating any cities that have a higher population of blacks than the national average (which is around 13%). Any city with a black population higher than that, is where operations are underway.

What they are doing is delivering fireworks in bulk, via moving trucks and vans. 

You may have remembered the pallets of bricks that were being dropped off at various locations so Rioters could use those bricks to destroy property? This is a similar strategy.

Once these fireworks are delivered, they are then distributing them to any black people who wish to set them off for their own entertainment, previously under the guise of the non-existent “Juneteenth” holiday, and to make sure these fireworks were set off almost continually all day and night in various cities.

In some cases, ANTIFA, BLM and Weatherundrgound local leaders are actually paying black people in these areas to set them off, while the remaining fireworks are being set off by mainly white leaders of these groups.

This may not be a shock, as you’re likely aware that white, Marxist radicals are the ones who have been frequently arrested for burning buildings cars during these riots. Again, these are activists/terrorists who have covertly infiltrated these predominantly black areas. So, this answers the question of “who” is responsible for the huge number of fireworks complaints that have been circulating for a week or more.

 the final objective of the mission: to destroy the suburbs which contain primarily white people.

You may remember a blip on Drudge and various other outlets not long ago about the riots reaching white neighborhoods, and this is indeed the objective.

If you’re a white person, Christian, or even just a law abiding white citizen regardless of your religion, these Marxist terrorists do not want you around. You’re hated beyond comprehension.

White culture and the foundations of this great nation are in the process of being literally erased. This should be clear by now.

The Law Enforcement Bulletin observes that, tragically, most white people in these surrounding areas will indeed mistake the sounds of actual gunfire, for celebratory fireworks, as the mobs march away from the ghettos and section 8 housing, and into the suburbs beginning on July 3 and July 4.


These groups will attempt to hijack one of this nation’s greatest holidays and turn into a dark day in hell.

They are already planning to burn American Flags at the Gettysburg National Cemetery. This is literally Hallowed ground upon which tens of thousands fought and died for this nation!

Here is the ANTIFA announcement being circulated on the Internet:

The Gettysburg National Cemetery was created in the year 1863, after the Battle of Gettysburg which took place from July 1 thru July 3.  Tens of thousands of Union and Confederate Troops, each believing in the hearts their side was right, slaughtered each other on that battlefield.

This ground was literally paid for in BLOOD.

The opening and dedication of the Gettysburg National Cemetery was the reason President Abraham Lincoln attended, and it was there, on that day, he gave what came to be known as the Gettysburg Address:

Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.

Now we are engaged in a great civil war, testing whether that nation, or any nation so conceived and so dedicated, can long endure. We are met on a great battle-field of that war. We have come to dedicate a portion of that field, as a final resting place for those who here gave their lives that that nation might live. It is altogether fitting and proper that we should do this.

But, in a larger sense, we can not dedicate — we can not consecrate — we can not hallow — this ground. The brave men, living and dead, who struggled here, have consecrated it, far above our poor power to add or detract.

The world will little note, nor long remember what we say here, but it can never forget what they did here. It is for us the living, rather, to be dedicated here to the unfinished work which they who fought here have thus far so nobly advanced. It is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us — that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion — that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain — that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom — and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.

Abraham Lincoln
November 19, 1863

The cemetery contains 3,512 interments from the Civil War, including the graves of 979 unknowns. It also has sections for veterans of the Spanish–American War (1898), World War I (1917–1918), and other wars, along with graves of the veterans’ spouses and children. The total number of interments exceeds 6,000.

Battlefield monuments, memorials, and markers are scattered throughout the cemetery, and its stone walls, iron fences and gates, burial and section markers, and brick sidewalk are listed as contributing structures within Gettysburg Battlefield Historic District.


Race activist Shaun King on Monday called for the taking down of all statues, murals and stained glass windows of “white Jesus and his European mother”. King issued his statement on Twitter to his 1.1 million followers.

“Yes, I think the statues of the white European they claim is Jesus should also come down. They are a form of white supremacy. Always have been. In the Bible, when the family of Jesus wanted to hide, and blend in, guess where they went? EGYPT! Not Denmark. Tear them down.”

“Yes. All murals and stained glass windows of white Jesus, and his European mother, and their white friends should also come down. They are a gross form white supremacy. Created as tools of oppression. Racist propaganda. They should all come down.”


America, this physical place, the Gettysburg National Cemetery, is where ANTIFA plans to burn flags and desecrate, on July 4.  Their hatred for America, for our way of life, has sunken to a level where now, they plan to desecrate the graves of men who fought for THEIR FREEDOM!

For years, the political left-wing have been indoctrinating blacks into believing that they have a destiny and an obligation to destroy white culture. They are tragically using blacks as their uneducated foot soldiers filled with hate, and they intend on driving this chaos right into white neighborhoods near outlying city centers.

So yes, this is the great purge. The evidence is all there. Look no further than the countless statues of white people that they are destroying as you’re reading this article.

The objective is clear: It makes no difference as to what ideology a white person has; as long as you are white, you must be erased. This is their sick agenda.

The obvious question many of you may ask is, how can that be, if these terrorist groups consist of so many white people? Well, that leads us into an entirely different conversation for a different day, which deals with religion and allegiance. In short, if you’re white and you pledge your allegiance to a specific religion and ideology, then you are promised to be spared. There is a very good reason why you have been seeing so much “cult like behavior.”

If these ANTIFA people can  HUMILIATE you by forcing you to stand and do nothing as they tear down statues of your heroes, while police – paid with OUR tax money – do nothing, (but threaten YOU with arrest if you intervene), then they can humiliate you into standing by and doing nothing NO MATTER WHAT THEY DORape your wives and daughters, or nowadays,  rape your husband, decide what you can and cannot say, what you can or cannot speak, what you can or cannot believe religiously, where you can live, what you can eat.  

By not confronting these barbarians, we are emboldening them.

Sadly, it is long past time for there to be an actual confrontation.

ANTIFA is setting the battlefield.  It’s time Americans show up and fight it out with them, once and for all.

And if any of our politicians or police side with ANTIFA, those politicians and police should share ANTIFA’s fate.  We don’t pay these people to side with Domestic Enemies destroying our heritage.

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I think it is important for us to take a look at some of the reports Hal mentioned.  You need to see this in writing.   Hear the people who are suffering through this share it in their own words.

In Chicago, fireworks — and complaints — are exploding

The Chicago’s Office of Emergency Management has logged a 736% increase in complaints compared to last year; through Sunday, that was 7,042 complaints compared to just 842 for the same period in 2019.

People watch as a firework goes off at a Fourth of July block party in the Pilsen neighborhood, Thursday, July 4, 2019, in Chicago.
Fireworks at a Fourth of July block party in Pilsen last year. 
Tyler LaRiviere/Sun-Times

You’re not just hearing things. A lot more fireworks are being set off in Chicago neighborhoods this year — and the Fourth of July is still more than a week away.

Only four states in the country have banned the use and sale of all consumer-grade fireworks or only allow novelty items like smoke bombs and sparklers. Illinois allows such novelty items, though Chicago has taken it a step further by banning sparklers and bottle rockets too.

Still legal in Chicago are glowworms, smoke bombs and party poppers. Sparklers were outlawed “because they operate at such a high heat level that they can cause very serious burns and can ignite clothing,” said OEMC spokeswoman Mary May. “OEMC encourages residents to be mindful of this along with the safety and welfare of their neighbors and the larger community.”

Violating city law puts people at risk of a $500 fine and incarceration for up to 30 days.

But for Denise Badillo, over the last couple months, those thrills have been a nightmare for her 4-year-old daughter, Grace Hernandez, who is living with autism and is sensitive to loud noises. The sudden booms on her street can trigger what is called an “autistic meltdown” that can take hours late into the night to soothe.

“There is a lot of crying, she becomes irritable, she does a lot of running back and forth in our apartment, and if you try to stop her she can start self-harming,” Badillo said. “We sometimes have to wrap her in a blanket, pick her up and swing her back and forth until she calms down.”

Lately, with all the fireworks going off, this has become more and more difficult. More times than not, when Grace has one of these meltdowns it means crying herself to sleep.

“My daughter lives in this world that is not understanding or made for her, but my home is the one place that is made for her,” Badillo, a board member of Latinas United in Love for Autism, said. “You are robbing my daughter of her comfort, her safe space, just for a few seconds of fun — it isn’t right.

Denise Badillo and her daughter Grace Hernandez have struggled dealing with the rise in fireworks this year that has triggered several “autistic meltdowns.”
Denise Badillo and her daughter, Grace Hernandez, have struggled dealing with noisy fireworks this year, which has triggered several “autistic meltdowns.”

Sharon Stokes-Parry, president of Montford Point Marines Association, Inc. Chicago Chapter No. 2, said this time of year is also tough on veterans dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder and other battle-triggered illnesses.

A lot of fireworks adversely affect our combat vets, and it has been really bad this year,” Stokes-Parry said. “All the sudden booms can trigger that PTSD they are living with, and they protect themselves by insulating themselves.”

This often means sitting indoors and keeping windows closed. They avoid going outside to minimize side effects, Stokes-Parry said.

Still, she said, she understands why people are setting off fireworks, especially now.

After months of self-quarantine during a statewide shut-down order, people are trying to entertain themselves. (BS.  THIS IS THE NARRATIVE THE MEDIA WANTS YOU TO BELIEVE) She just hopes people think of veterans who may live in their neighborhood.

Dimitri Panos, owner of Dynamite Fireworks in nearby Hammond, Indiana, said the majority of his customers have always been Illinois residents, but he is now seeing more of them, and a lot earlier than usual.

“Absolutely our sales are up and it’s certainly due to all the firework shows being canceled” by the pandemic, Panos said. “People still want to have a good time and everyone is deciding to put on their own show.”  (Again, BS… people are not going out and buying fireworks because they can’t stand that the fireworks shows were cancelled due to coronavirus.  People do not put their neighborhoods in danger and risk fines out of boredom.)

Panos wouldn’t say how much more he’s made this year compared to last year, but says he has no qualms selling to folks who live outside Indiana, as long as they’re at least 18 years old.

The rise in fireworks exploding this year isn’t unique to Chicago.

In BostonMayor Marty Walsh said firework complaints increased 2,300% in May compared to May 2019. In CaliforniaPasadena has seen a 400% increase in calls related to fireworks disturbances, and New York City has logged 4,862 complaints in the last two months alone.


Why it feels like there are a lot more fireworks this year

Sales really are up, plus cities are quieter due to the pandemic.

People watch the sky light up with fireworks from the Boston Public Garden at midnight and the new year begins on January 1, 2020.
 Matthew J. Lee/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

America, or at least its urban precincts, is awash in small-scale and likely illegal nightly fireworks displays. Or at a minimum, it is awash in reports of such displays, with everyone from Oprah magazine to the New York Times weighing in on the increased firework activity.

New York City saw a massive increase in complaints about fireworks filed this June; Boston also has a large, verifiable increase in complaints. Most cities don’t make this data available, so it’s harder to assess exactly what’s going on. But I certainly felt like I heard more fireworks in DC this month than I have in my previous 16 years in my neighborhoods, and colleagues around the country feel the same way.

The apparent trend, paired with a lack of clear information and a growing climate of distrust in institutions, has sparked some fairly extreme theories, including a potential police department psyop.

It is unfortunately not possible at this point to deliver a completely unambiguous explanation. There do, however, appear to be a number of more everyday factors at work.

In particular, several downstream consequences of the coronavirus pandemic may be contributing to firework noise. One is that people are spending more time at home, with more opportunity to notice things. For similar reasons, cities are quieter in general, which makes noises more noticeable. Kids have been stuck at home for months unable to attend school or hang out with friends in normal ways, and fireworks are a fun way to pass the time. And just when there’s more potential interest in creating ad hoc city fireworks displays, there’s extra inventory due to the cancellation of many July Fourth fireworks shows. Last but by no means least, it’s certainly possible that enforcement of fireworks rules has gotten less vigorous — perhaps not so much as part of an elaborate plot as a natural consequence of police power being stretched thin.

For those of us who enjoy fireworks, it’s an unexpected summer treat that’s helping to break up the tedium of quarantine. But annoyed dog owners and light sleepers probably can’t do much but hope that whatever excess supply is present dries up soon after July 4.

The police psyop theory

Robert Jones Jr., a writer whose debut novel The Prophets is scheduled for release in January, has offered what’s probably the most detailed version of the conspiratorial account of the fireworks surge.

“My neighbors and I believe that this is part of a coordinated attack on Black and Brown communities by government forces,” he tweeted on June 20, “an attack meant to disorient and destabilize the #BlackLivesMatter movement.”

In his view, the fireworks are part of a in urban minority neighborhoods.

two-pronged effort to promote sleep deprivation and desensitization to explosive noises 

Son of Baldwin (Robert Jones, Jr.)@SonofBaldwin

1. Sleep deprivation as a means to create confusion and stoke tensions between Black and Brown peoples.

Son of Baldwin (Robert Jones, Jr.)@SonofBaldwin

2. Desensitization as a means to get us so used to the sounds of firecrackers and other fireworks that when they start using their real artillery on us we won’t know the difference. It’s meant to sound like a war zone because a war zone is what it’s about to become.

Jones further posited that “there is NO WAY IN THE WORLD that young Black and Brown people would otherwise have access to these PROFESSIONAL fireworks” and that the likely explanation is the fireworks are being deliberately provided to youngsters by government agents.

Son of Baldwin (Robert Jones, Jr.)@SonofBaldwin

And these kids are being supplied these things by the TRUCKLOAD. Hours and hours and days and days and weeks and weeks worth of explosives, y’all. No young Black and Brown people would be able to afford even a FRACTION of this supply.

Son of Baldwin (Robert Jones, Jr.)@SonofBaldwin

We think the government is providing these to neighborhood young people. These young people are unaware of how they’re being used against their own communities and think they’re simply being allowed to have the kind of fun that is generally considered illegal.   (The deep state is supplying them to rebels.)

Twitter Ads info and privacy

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The grain of truth here is that we do have clear reports of firefighters getting in on the fun, and anecdotes suggest some police officers are taking a relaxed attitude toward this version of hard-to-conceal illegal activity. The US government certainly has an extensive record of malign meddling with civil rights activists, not only as a historical matter but also in the form of very recent efforts to concoct a violent “black identity extremist” movement around Black Lives Matter activism. But before reaching for “coordinated attack” theories, it’s worth considering some more banal factors.

The fireworks industry is heavily geared toward July Fourth

Fireworks are awesome, and in principle, one could enjoy a delightful fireworks display any day of the year. In practice, however, the American Pyrotechnics Association reports that nearly 80 percent of display firework revenue is associated with July Fourth celebrations, which are widespread across the United States. This year, many of those celebrations have been canceled, and many other firework-intensive events like pro sports have also been impacted by the pandemic.

This creates the potential for diversion of fireworks from the professional display market to the consumer market, complete with the possibility of bargain-basement prices. Combine increased availability of fireworks with pandemic-induced boredom and you have the recipe for unusually lively summer nights.

Armand Domalewski@ArmandDoma

My new theory on The Great Fireworks Mystery of 2020: the mass cancellation of Fourth of July celebrations has flooded the black market with professional grade fireworks normally inaccessible to most of us

The fireworks trade association, however, is pushing back on the diversion theory, arguing that the pro and consumer fireworks markets are more sharply segmented than that.

“Professionals use much more energetic fireworks not available to the general public without an ATF license for possession, use, and storage,” Julie Heckman, the executive director of the American Pyrotechnic Association, tells me. “Those devices are not permitted to be sold to the general public and should only be used by highly trained, licensed professionals.”

Of course, the fireworks trade association isn’t going to come out and say there’s illegal diversion of professional fireworks happening. But the perception that people are seeing “professional” fireworks in their neighborhood may be a question of regulatory ambiguity. Some states, including California, Oregon, Virginia, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut, only allow the consumer sale of fireworks that are non-aerial and non-explosive. Thus, if you live on the West Coast or in most of the Northeast Corridor, you probably associate fireworks that explode in the sky with professional fireworks.

The federal regulatory distinction that Heckman is pointing to is different, however: You can buy consumer-grade aerial fireworks in Nevada, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, or other states and then drive them home to your less fun abode in Boston or LA or wherever else.

Long story short, to the best of our knowledge one reason you may be hearing more fireworks is because people are buying more fireworks — some of them likely transported across state lines in defiance of local rules. But another factor is that things have become more audible.

We’re all noticing things more

It has seemed to me for months that the birds in my neighborhood have gotten louder. But ornithologists say it’s the opposite and everything else has gotten quieter. With fewer cars on the road, in particular, it’s just easier to hear the birds.

Quoctrung Bui and Emily Badger quantified this for the New York Times, looking at microphone recordings, and confirmed that urban street noise has declined significantly as a result of the pandemic.

Consequently, fireworks (which, again, people are buying more of) are more noticeable with less background noise. You can probably even hear fireworks from farther away than in the past.

Going out less also means you have more opportunity to notice sounds in your house, and everyone has more time to chat about real or perceived trends.

This all adds up to a fairly compelling and mundane explanation of what’s going on. But the fact remains that many of these fireworks are likely illegal to use in the specific places where they are going off, which raises the question of why there isn’t much being done about them and whether there should be.

The country is, after all, in the grips of a nationwide series of protests complaining about, among other things, police treatment of people of color. Under the circumstances, many people are likely to be more hesitant to ask for police intervention when they see something illegal but not particularly harmful taking place. Studies also indicate that it’s fairly common for police departments to reduce their effort level when they feel they are under political scrutiny. And in this case, less zealousness about policing nonviolent mischief is arguably part of what people are asking for.

And while these fireworks are in many cases illegal, they don’t have to be — in much of the country, the regulatory climate is simply laxer. While more widespread legalization of fireworks would likely lead to more injuries, the country is not exactly facing a plague of fireworks-related hazards at the moment. The Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that in 2019 there were fewer injuries attributable to fireworks (about 10,000) than to fireplaces (16,000), grilling (20,000), air conditioners (15,000), or fans (18,000), to say nothing of dangers like home workshop saws (74,000) or non-saw power tools (30,000).

In other words, the main practical issue with fireworks in built-up areas is less safety than that they’re loud, which annoys some people and their pets.

In the future, perhaps cities will have some kind of unarmed agency that can address these kinds of nuisance concerns without raising the specter of heavy-handed police involvement with youthful mischief. Alternatively, we could decide that fireworks are fun and the dogs are going to have to learn to deal with it. Or else the fireworks fad itself may just burn bright and brief, as people decide they have better things to do with their days than smuggle fireworks from Pennsylvania.


By Betty Yu

OAKLAND (CBS SF) — The sound of illegal fireworks has become a nightly soundtrack for many people across the San Francisco Bay Area, but authorities say complaints of heavy duty explosives have started earlier than usual this year.

Nightly firework use has become a regular occurrence on the streets of Oakland. They were set off right in the middle of Grand Ave. during a Juneteenth celebration.

Illicit firework shows also have become more frequent in San Jose, on the Peninsula and in San Francisco. It is a phenomenon that is being reported across the county on social media.

“We just came down to here to get some beers and some dinner and we just heard a pop, pop, pop, boom – thought they were gunshots,” said San Francisco resident Alex, who declined to give his last name.

The noise has not just startled people.

In San Francisco’s Hayes Valley neighborhood, someone posted a sign asking whoever is setting off firecrackers at night to please stop.

It’s freaking out all our dogs and they’re terrified of the loud noises,” the sign read.

For some, fireworks may be an outlet for boredom. For others, they’ve have become part of social justice rallies and protests, or an act of defiance toward the police.

“I think people are obviously outraged, and trying to express that so I think you do want you want and show that how you want,” said a woman identified as Joey in San Francisco.

Oakland Councilmember Noel Gallo says the problem is the worst he’s seen it in his lifetime. He grew up in East Oakland.

“Normally, we would celebrate Fourth of July and we would shoot the fireworks off for three, four days, but now it’s become a habit that every night, from 9 to 3 in the morning, you’ll hear the fireworks,” said Gallo. “But now people are shooting off their guns.”

He picked up shell casings while he was volunteering to clean up streets in Oakland this weekend.

The reality is our police and firefighters are hands-off attitude right now, but we’re at the beginning of the fire season,” said Gallo.

The Alameda County Sheriff’s Office posted about an increase in the number of complaints about fireworks on Monday and suggested people call the department’s non-emergency number to report incidents.

Alameda County Sheriff

FIREWORKS: We are receiving complaints about a higher than normal use of illegal fireworks. The repeated loud explosions are concerning for certain members of the community including pets and livestock. There is also danger of fire. Call our non emergency number 510 667-7721.

Those who are caught with fireworks can be cited and or fined up to $10,000, and face imprisonment.



It's not just you -- there's a sudden wave of fireworks exploding in cities across the US
Fireworks complaints before July 4 aren’t atypical in major cities, but they’re coming extra early and extra frequently this year. /Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
The Fourth of July is still over a week away, but in many cities, it’s already arrived. From New York to San Francisco, the skies light up every night — and early morning — for hours, and with no apparent reason.

Now, officials have had enough.

Firework complaints are soaring, and they come after months of pandemic-induced isolation followed by weeks of tense protests against police brutality and racism.

Why the fireworks are going off so frequently is anyone’s guess. And city officials say they don’t yet know where the big ones are coming from.

Conspiracies abound over who’s responsible, but it’s clear that the incessant fireworks displays are an inconvenient and dangerous phenomenon in an already surreal American moment.

Firework problems in the Northeast and West Coast

There seems to be no geographic pattern behind which cities are shooting off the most.

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh told reporters that calls to police about illegal fireworks jumped 2,300% in May compared to the same period in 2019. He said some of the calls were originally for gunshots that turned out to be fireworks.

“This is a serious issue,” he said. “People are frightened. People are losing sleep. Babies and kids are woken up. Pets are terrified. Our veterans and others with PTSD are experiencing real harm, and it’s a real fire hazard in our city.”

California’s Alameda County, where San Francisco and Oakland are located, has received complaints about a “higher than normal use” of illegal fireworks, too, according to the Alameda County Sheriff’s Department.

Southern California’s staying up all night, too.

The city of Pasadena said firework complaints are up 400%, and Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies recently seized a truckload of illegal fireworks valued at $10,000, according to CNN affiliate KCBS.

New York’s fireworks problem is among the worst, with residents in all five boroughs losing sleep for over a week.

Nuisance fireworks are not an entirely new issue for the city, Mayor Bill de Blasio said in a Tuesday news conference, but there are “more [fireworks] than we’ve seen” in years past, and they’re being lit up earlier than usual.

“This is a real problem,” de Blasio said. “Not just a quality of life problem and a noise problem, and it’s certainly that. But it can also be dangerous.”

In one example, footage shared by the NYPD’s Sergeants Benevolent Association this week showed a man lighting a firework and throwing it at a homeless man in Brooklyn. The department has asked for the public’s help in identifying the perpetrator.

NYPD Chief of Detectives Rodney Harrison said the firework exploded near the man and burned his back. CNN has reached out to the department to learn more about the man’s condition.

And last weekend, fire officials said that an apartment fire in Yonkers that left six families homeless might’ve been caused by fireworks, too, the Journal News of the Lower Hudson Valley reported.

De Blasio said the NYPD, along with the New York City Sheriff’s Office and fire officials, will create an illegal fireworks task force to crack down on illegal fireworks sales in the city and surrounding states. Participating officers will conduct “sting operations” to locate the supply and cut it off, the mayor said.

In the last two months, New York 411 received at least 4,862 complaints of fireworks. Almost half of them were concentrated in Brooklyn, which received 2,233 complaints, according to the office of Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams.

The light show is more than a nuisance keeping New Yorkers up all night — the explosives are dangerous too.

According to Adams’ office, a Bronx teen was hit in the chest with a firework and hospitalized in stable condition, and a 33-year-old Brooklyn man was hospitalized in critical condition when a firework he set off ricocheted off a window and hit him.

Adams said he doesn’t know how New Yorkers are accessing these fireworks — fireworks of all kinds are banned from the city, and the state only allows sparklers. The fireworks he’s seen more closely resemble display fireworks that are only available to licensed professionals, he said, similar to those used in the Macy’s Fourth of July fireworks show.

“As I stroll around and look at some of these fireworks, they’re extremely sophisticated, beyond the normal scope of what we used as children,” Adams said. “This is definitely not just some firecracker.”

Most of the Brooklynites he encounters tell him they set off the fireworks to blow off steam after being cooped up for most of the spring — New York was for months considered the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic.

“Some said they were in their home for a few months, and this is just their way of having fun,” he said. “Oftentimes, people don’t realize the dangers associated with it.”

And of course, there are the conspiracies hinting at nefarious motives — unproven allegations in the fog of a late-night M-80.

This year could see more ‘backyard fireworks’ than ever

Leaders in the fireworks industry expect the run-up to July 4th to end the lull in sales throughout the winter and early spring. But even they’ve never seen sales soar quite as early as they did this year.

And those are just the legal ones.

Backyard firework use is expected to hit an all-time high this Fourth of July, according to the American Pyrotechnics Association, a trade group for consumer and commercial fireworks retailers.

Bill Weimer is vice president and general counsel at Phantom Fireworks, which brands itself the leading fireworks retailer in the US. In his nearly 30 years in the pyrotechnics business, this is the first season that’s “knocked [him] over.”

Without reviewing specific numbers, the demand and the business we’ve seen so far has been the strongest early fireworks season I’ve seen in my years of involvement in the fireworks business,” he said.

Weimer said more people are buying fireworks from Phantom, and they’re buying them earlier than ever. Weeks before the the usual busy season of mid-June through the Fourth, Phantom locations have seen customers turn into repeat customers.

Around 40% of them are first-time buyers, he said. And because cities are canceling fireworks shows for the Fourth, Weimer suspects residents are taking it on to light up the skies themselves.

“It’s a combination of people getting out, being anxious and having this pent-up energy, and then right around the corner is a quintessential firework holiday,” he said. “Put the two together, consider the fact that there won’t be a lot of fireworks, and suddenly, you have a formula that means people are buying more and more fireworks, and buying them earlier.”
Mayor de Blasio, for his part, is hoping to bring the fireworks to the people. He announced the city will host a traveling, 5-minute fireworks show in each of the five boroughs starting next week, which will culminate in the televised Macy’s Fourth of July fireworks show next month.

When you hear the stories of how these Professional Grade Explosives are being detonated around the clock, seven days a week, you have to recognize that no matter what happens or doesn’t happen on the 4th, millions of people will develop post traumatic stress just from this activity alone.   For many Americans RIGHT NOW, life is like a WAR ZONE.   Compounded by the stress of the COVID Pandemic, people are at their breaking point.  
As someone who was an abused spouse, I can testify that when people are constantly under that level of stress, they cannot function.  Your body and mind become so focused on just coping/surviving, that you are not capable of critical thinking, planning or strategizing.  You do not cope well with any added problems, issues, attacks.  You do not take any advice very well.  AND you are not capable of looking out for your own best interest.  
That is the psychology about what is happening in our nation.  The powers that be are ready to make their move, but they want us to be in a condition that makes us most susceptible and leaves us unable to defend ourselves.  Which is also the very same reason they want us divided.   They could not conquer us, if we were united.  

Column: Hearing more pre-Fourth fireworks than usual? You’re not imagining it


Fireworks confiscated by police

Every year, police confiscate illegal fireworks like these, but they continue. 
(Long Beach Police Department)

The explosions begin before dark and extend deep into the night.

Dogs howl. Windows rattle.

It sounds like Los Angeles is at war.

There’s a long tradition of trying to get a jump on the Fourth of July in Southern California, but the nightly explosions of illegal fireworks seem to have arrived earlier and more intensely than usual this year.

I’ve been hearing what sound like battlefield skirmishes since Memorial Day, if not longer. But for the last week or so, it feels as if the whole city is in basic training.

“It’s been going on for three hours, nonstop. Explosions like we are in the path of a bombing raid,”said one social media post this past weekend in Silver Lake.

My dog hasn’t slept in a week,” said another post.

A petition circulating in the neighborhood calls on the police to enforce laws against illegal fireworks and put a stop to the nightly thunder, and it had more than 900 signatures this weekend.

“In the Silverlake/Los Feliz/Echo Park neighborhoods of Los Angeles, illegal fireworks are constantly going off, and our veterans and animals suffer for months on end because of it,” said the petition.

Eastsider LA reported massive increases in complaints about fireworks this year. But it’s not just that part of town that’s affected, nor is it just Los Angeles.

New York Citygot 80 times the number of illegal fireworks complaints in the first half of June as it received for the same period a year ago.

“I think it’s a lot of people who have been pent-up and need to blow off steam,” one resident told the New York Times. “But it’s just adding a whole other layer of anxiety.”

Theories abound as to why this year is different. It could be coronavirus lockdown restlessness. It could be that cancelled official fireworks shows have motivated do-it-yourselfers and flooded the market with pyrotechnic material.

It could be that in California, where anything but low-grade safe and sane fireworks are illegal, people with jobs on hold have time to drive to other states or Mexico and smuggle back explosives. Or they may be purchasing materials online and constructing their own incendiary devices.

In California, busts have been made up and down the state, with Irwindale police confiscating 2,000 pounds of illegal fireworks last week. But this is definitely a game of whack-a-mole, and the moles are winning.

My son lives in Santa Monica, and he said the blasts have been going off nightly there for about a month.

Karen Blackfield says the explosions have rocked her West Los Angeles neighborhood for even longer, and they happen around the clock, not just in the evening.

“Yesterday it was all day long,”Blackfield told me on Monday.

But she said she’s getting cheated out of the light show. Day and night, she hears the blasts but doesn’t see any sis-boom-bah. It sounds like single bombs being detonated one at a time.

Those could be what’s known as M80s, or some derivation of that device, said Bryan Gouge, senior arson and bomb investigator for the state Fire Marshal’s office.

These little bombs, named for military devices that were used to train soldiers for battle, usually consist of cardboard tubes two or three inches long, filled with explosive powder that’s lit by a fuse.

Whether those noisemakers are smuggled into California or made here, it’s not easy to stop the flow.

“It’s like the war on drugs but without funding,” Gouge said. “We do a lot of interdiction, and Cal Fire had large busts last year. Almost 30,000 pounds were taken in. But there’s just a lot out there.

LAPD spokesman Josh Rubenstein said he didn’t have the latest stats, but complaints about fireworks are up, and he said he’s been hearing the explosive evidence himself in his Studio City neighborhood.

It’s hard to investigate such complaints, he said, because by the time police can respond, the show is over, and the responsible party isn’t easy to find. Rather than tie up 911 lines, police encourage people to use an online fireworks complaint form. And Rubinstein said senior lead officers will be told to be more responsive to the issue and that special units are gearing up to investigate cases as Independence Day approaches.

But that could be a touchy subject.

When the petition to end fireworks circulated on social media in Silver Lake — an epicenter of white gentrification — one responder suggested that would lead to more encounters “between police and our neighbors.”

Another respondent said, “most of the folks with the fireworks have probably been here longer than you” and suggested that people “not call the cops on folks who are otherwise good people.”

Resident Christina Vovas, who circulated the petition asking for police action, told me she doesn’t assume she knows who’s detonating all the explosives. She just wants some peace and quiet.

The blasts began before Memorial Day and have escalated ever since, she told me, and at times she’s not sure whether she’s hearing fireworks, gunshots or bombs.

“It’s so loud, it really does sound like bombs,” said Vovas. “It’s relentless. Yesterday was Sunday, and they were starting to go off at 5:30 or 6 p.m.”

She said she didn’t know whether the petition would help, but she didn’t know what else to try.

Ear plugs might be the best bet. July 4 is still a ways off.




Antifa Planning Flag Burning At Gettysburg On July 4th

According to a Facebook page called Left Behind USA, Antifa domestic terrorists are planning to desecrate the Gettysburg National Cemetery and set the American Flag ablaze on Independence Day.

Gettysburg, the site of the bloodiest battle of the Civil War and on American soil, is respected and revered by every sane American. As they have demonstrated since 2016, and in particular since Antifa and BLM have fused into a violent rage mob, the modern progressive and leftist movement has lost all sense of decency and sanity.

The group also claims to be building an armed left-wing movement, as we have seen in places like Seattle’s CHOP Zone, where foreign funded Warlord Raz has handed out AR-15’s to random youth.



It even includes status updates proclaiming that MAGA LIVES DON’T MATTER and that BLUE LIVES DON’T MATTER. They have demanded that no patriots, militia, bikers, or other constitutionally minded people not show up… WONDER WHY! 

Antifa thugs did the same thing in 2017, which TGP reported on.

We will continue to monitor this event and provide updates accordingly.

The hoax about desecration of US Civil War graves

A statue: The Soldiers' National Monument at Gettysburg National Military Park in Pennsylvania. With heightened political tensions in America, rumours are flying about possible vandalism and protests at the siteImage copyrightGETTY IMAGES
Image captionThe Soldiers’ National Monument at Gettysburg National Military Park in Pennsylvania. With heightened political tensions in America, rumours are flying about possible vandalism and protests at the site

Rumours about politically motivated vandals targeting gravestones at the site of the pivotal battle in the US Civil War appear to have started on a hoax Facebook page.

Saturday marks the 154th anniversary of one of the turning points in American history – the start of the Battle of Gettysburg. Over three days, Union troops held off Confederate soldiers, paving the way for the eventual victory of the north over the south and the reunification of the United States.

slate of events will be held at the site of the battle over the weekend. But the political atmosphere in America has given rise to fake rumours about the potential for vandalism and violence at the site. Among the rumours is a report that far-left “antifa” (short for “anti-fascist”) activists are planning to destroy Confederate gravestones.

The rumours initially seem credible, but there’s a problem: although there is a cemetery at Gettysburg, no Confederate graves at the site are marked by stones.

Potent symbol

Gettysburg commemorations have previously prompted rallies by free speech and pro-Confederate protesters, along with counter-protests by their opponents. In March 2016, for instance, a few hundred protesters and counter-protesters gathered at the site. Police kept both sides apart.

This year, multiple blogs and conservative websites indicated that protesters were planning to burn Confederate flags or desecrate Confederate graves. While Gettysburg National Military Park officials are prepared for protests, rally organisers say violence is not expected.

The Confederate flag has long been controversial. Its supporters say it’s a symbol of the region which represents freedom and liberty, while its opponents point out that the Confederacy was built on the slave labour of African-Americans, an issue that was at the heart of the US Civil War.

In the wake of the mass shooting of black churchgoers in Charleston, South Carolina in 2015, a movement emerged to try to get the flag removed from public spaces. In May, New Orleans became the latest city to remove its Confederate statues.

At the same time, clashes involving far-right and far-left protesters have become more common on American streets.


They have been feeding the racial tension for years!  All the movies, TV Shows, SONGS, BOOKS, NEWS COVERAGE has all been designed deliberately to cause ill feelings and hatred toward each other.  DON’T BUY into it.  IT IS WRONG FOR ANY RACE TO ELEVATE THEMSELVES ABOVE ANOTHER.  FOR ANY REASON.  AND VIOLENCE IS WRONG!   We wrestle not with flesh and blood but with Principalities, Powers and Rulers of Wickedness in the Heavenly Realm.  


WHITES AS SLAVES – Creepy Filmmaker Fantasizes About Slavery

Sure to be a wet dream for BLM and Antifa activists, it illustrates how insane the modern progressive movement and Hollywood elite have become. While they bemoan the effects of alleged “systemic racism” and other conspiracy theories aimed at American society, Resteghini’s film will definitely satisfy the violent mob that continues to burn our cities and murder innocent police officers or bystanders.

It presents viewers with the idea of whites being raped and mutilated by BLACK MASTERS. All human lives matter and this film serves as a tool to divide us. While YouTube regularly takes down content from conservatives or anyone to the right of Karl Marx or Vladimir Lenin, they allow this BLM / Antifa smut on their platform. This fetish film is disgusting and sad.

Resteghini’s Twitter account is full of anti-Trump hate, including him sharing a doctored image of PresidentTrump and Adolf Hitler, which was shared by obese CNN host Ana Navarro.

Facebook pulls Trump ad over ‘hate’ policy breach

Jun 19, 2020
Facebook said on Thursday it took down posts and ads run by the re-election campaign of U.S. President Donald Trump for violating its policy against organized hate.



Are you a racist? https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1267634481877454849 

Donald J. Trump


YES! https://twitter.com/TomCottonAR/status/1267448171636174848 

“Cracka doesn’t just tackle racism; it confronts it in a way you can’t possibly imagine. This unique series forces us – as a people, society, and overall a collective human unit – to look past color, look past our fears and pain, and see ourselves as people through the much-needed lens of love.”


Panera Drops Video Editor After He Challenges Reverse Discrimination

Panera has been virtue signaling their support for the BLM and Antifa “protesters” for weeks, but now they have taken it a step further than apologies and woke posts on social media. After an African-American film editor based out of Pasadena, California posted to a Facebook group for editors seeking work, one of the members in the group questioned the post and called it “reverse discrimination,” which it is.

The post was then flooded with nasty comments directed at Nathan Lee Bush, a fellow editor based out of NYC who works with the food chain Panera. Bush held his ground, exposing the discriminatory logic in hiring based on the color of someone’s skin.

According to the LA Times, Bush subsequently apologized that his wording upset people and that he would make an attempt in the future in expressing his opinion in a less incendiary way, because saying that it’s wrong to hire someone based on their race is SO OFFENSIVE.

TRENDING: We Were Right! FBI Confirms ‘Noose’ Found in Bubba Wallace’s NASCAR Stall Was Garage Door Pull Rope – It Was Just Another Hate Hoax

Twitter users pounced on these exchanges and tagged Bush’s client Panera in an effort to get him fired, a tactic often used by BLM and Antifa activists against anyone who dares to question their dangerous and destructive behavior. Let’s call it an economic lynching.

Panera promptly responded that they have cut ties with Bush after being made aware of the comments.

Antifa and BLM agitators want you dead if you speak out against them, and if they can’t achieve that, they want to economically lynch you so that are unable to provide for your family… EVEN IF YOU APOLOGIZE.

Ironically, Bush directed a film about urban poverty and the struggles of a single African-American women in 2016. According to IMDB…

Set amid the harsh realities of urban poverty, Lil Benny is a modern love story gone terribly awry. In a rundown apartment a single mother is enjoying a precious moment of calm when she is startled by the sudden, violent appearance of her ex and baby’s father. Covered in blood and desperate for her help, Benny forces Sonia to grapple with the impossible choice between loyalty and security.

Telling the story of the people who destroyed his life wasn’t even enough to stop them from economically lynching him. Things are going to get a lot worse before they get better.

In closing I would like to make a few suggestions for dealing with the comng events. 

  1. STOP letting yourselves get swept up in this fabricated RACE WAR!  It is totally funded, directed and orchestrated by the Elite who do not care for you no matter the color of our skin.
  2. ) Prepare to defend yourselves, because the police who are worth their pay will be busy fighting fires, and the ones who are not will not be defending you.
  3. ) Love your neighbors and watch out for each other. THERE ARE ONLY TWO KINDS OF PEOPLE,  THE ONES WHO SERVE GOD AND THE ONES WHO SERVE THE DEVIL.    
  4. ) Keep your eyes and ears open.  I know that is hard with the level of the noise.  But, staying alert is the only thing that will save you and/or your neighbors.  We may not be able to stop the fires, but let’s try not to let anyone die in them.  
  5. ) PRAY! PRAY! PRAY! Prayer is the only thing that can change anything, and GOD is the only one who can save anyone.  This is a spiritual war!