Dear Friends,

We have come to know a lot more of what will be involved in our move to Michigan.  Realizing there is no way we can do it on our own, I am trying my best to seek out every possible resource.

I have been contacting apartment managers all over Michigan. We really can only move if we find a HUD Subsidized property like the one we live in here in Texas.  I have found 4 so far that are taking pre-applications which will get us on their waiting lists if we meet their approval.  The wait time is unpredictable.  Most of these types of properties have a 2 to 7 year waiting period.  But, it all depends on when apartments come available.  There is hope that we could get into an apartment in a very short amount of time. We just missed a few that came open right before we started our search.  So it can happen.  We are standing in Faith that God will open the doors that need to open.  It would be great to get moved before winter hits THIS YEAR!!

Once we find a place that can take us, then the hard work of packing and moving and all the big money expenses begin.  This is a move of big FAITH.  But, my GOD has no limits.

I have started two funding sites.   GoFundMe: https://t.co/khHs099MSu  and
GiveSendGo: https://www.givesendgo.com/G7G6H

If you feel led to help or if you are willing to share the links with others to help us, I can’t even tell you how much it would mean to us.  As far as the funding sites go, it is all about getting your campaign seen.  The more people who visit the site, the better our chances of meeting our goal.

Your prayers and encouragement are greatly appreciated.

I was moved to Texas years ago due to my ex-husband’s job. We divorced. I have raised my children all on my own and it was a tremendously hard life. I have struggled to keep us all safe, happy and fed This was highly complicated by the fact that my youngest was born with Spina Bifida He is confined to a wheelchair and has some neurological issues which make it impossible for him to live without help. Our situation was further complicated by the fact that I had no skills and no education. We often did not know where our next meal was coming from…but we always had what we needed. GOD has been very good to watch over us and provide.
Now, I am old and starting to have physical problems myself. My son is concerned that I will reach the point where I need help that he cannot provide. I am concerned that if something happens to me he will be left with NO ONE, helpless, alone and at the mercy of whoever comes along.
We have some family in Michigan, where I was born and raised. I need to get us relocated to Michigan where there will be some family support. The problem is I live on Social Security Benefits and he lives on SSI. Needless to say, we don’t have money left at the end of the month to put into savings. The move itself is expected to cost at least $5,000 because we have to have someone help us pack, move and unpack. We need application money for housing, a down payment, first month’s payment for rent and utilities, etc. I am not even sure how he and I are going to get to Michigan as I am no longer able to drive such a distance and he cannot drive at all. It is overwhelming. But, I know that God is leading us to make this move. It is the only way my son will be able to function going forward.
We need all the help we can get. We are trusting GOD. He is well able to move on the hearts of those that love HIM.
Texas to Michigan is a big order, but NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH GOD!
Thank you for your kind consideration. HEAVENLY SYMPHONY

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