During recent WHO (World Health Organization), meetings on the Pandemic Treaty, initially proposed by Chile and the EU,  WHO, postponed any chance of a second round of public comments, originally scheduled for the period of June 16-17, 2022. It’s not clear that they will reschedule.  The aim of the Pandemic Treaty is to override the conflicts of Globalists vs Nationalist and State health regulations. The Pandemic Treaty has caused grave concern that a global pandemic agreement will give too much undemocratic power to Globalists who run and fund WHO,  in conflict with individual countries and their state health decisions, and the personal health choices of sovereign people.

The Pandemic Treaty has been strongly rejected by Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, who declared that ”Brazil will not surrender its sovereignty to the globalist institution”. The Pandemic Treaty was also rejected by the People of Ecuador, a group of people travelled from Ecuador to  Europe, to hand in documents declaring ”A Sovereign Manifesto” to WHO headquarters in Geneva to protect their  sovereignty and independence.

The majority of submissions from the first round of  public hearings from the period of April 22-23, 2022 requested ”that human rights be respected in the process of drafting and negotiating a convention, agreement or other international instrument, including but not limited to the right to bodily autonomy informed by consent, the freedom of information, the freedom from discrimination, and the freedom to choose medical interventions.”

”Several submissions referred to international instruments such as the Nuremberg Code, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Declaration of Helsinki, the Belmont Report, and the Oviedo Convention and its Protocols.” There is also public concern on certain figures in seats of power and decision makers, with political and corporate stakeholders in connection to the Covid vaccines create critical conflict of interest in connection to the Pandemic Treaty and vaccine mandates.

The only other time an event would surrender a country’s sovereignty and power over to an entity, would be during defeat in times of war with the enemy. At the beginning of the pandemic, the French president Macron declared ”We are at war”,  the war appears to be against people and their own personal health choices, not against a virus.

Other organizations raising awareness on the implications of Globalists vs Country States on such decisions,  are  the World Council for Health  which suggests the following elements be addressed during this process:

  1. National and local leadership retain full autonomy, reserving the right to make decisions based on what is best for their own people.
  2. The ability of nations and local municipalities to opt out of any and all portions of the agreement as they see fit, without consequence.
  3. An open and transparent process with the ability for all people of the world to vote on including failsafe measures that will prevent the application of the global agreement in places where a majority of the people do not want it.
  4. Measures that do not allow for influence in the process by any and all pharmaceutical companies or other global health profiteers.

Therefore, if you wish to write to WHO with your concerns on the Pandemic Treaty and their actions to postpone or possibly cancel the next rounds of public comment, see the WHO emails below to correspond to all WHO members. Public participation and pressure needs to be put into action, as it is down to the people not globalists, to protect our rights to our personal health choices. We encourage active campaigning, with fair and just participation in this process. Screenshot your submission on the WHO page (just before you submit it) and Tweet it to let others know how it’s done. Use the hashtag #StopTheTreaty so we can unify our voices, and @WCH_org and @WHO on Twitter.